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For perspective on the importance of understanding what makes up the Luciferian 'spiritual stuff' and what the Guidelines given from True Source were about,


The LUCIFERIAN Government that has been Running this World, under the 'Order of the Phoenix.'

The Wisdom to understand what makes up the Luciferian (Sirius/Osiris) Energy Stream 'Skill Set' and 'Gifts'.

The ancient scriptures indicate that when an ancient civilization "misused technology" they damaged this entire galaxy.

Earth's North Pole was split into 4 False Directions. Our work has always been telling you about the damage to this planet.

When the beings from that planet arrived on Earth there were 200 of them, all male, and they landed on Mt. Herman in the Middle East. These are the ones who bred with the 'daughters of men' and produced the Nephilim.

They have been in control of this planet and the money system, and they show you who they are.


Watch Video 40 seconds.

They set up the Pyramid Energy System across the planet. When Earth Fell, it opened a few wormhole Portals and energy anomalies on this planet, like Antarctica, Montauk, under the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, and the Bermuda Triangle, and more. The Devil also appears as the Green Man.

People have been programmed to believe that ghosts, spirits and aliens are real, but they never believe that DEMONS are real, or that really everything that is being contacted psychically are demons.

* 'Space aliens' and 'spirit beings' are not that. They are inter-dimensional demonic beings which managed to get into this planet after the damage to the planet was done from the 'Pyramid Free Energy Network'.

Just a thought : Much more has been made known about "interdimensional demons" and has covered :-

1. that tattoos are very often dark things (like skulls and bones etc) that are a kind of branding of ownership by 'dark forces'.

2. that 'psychic skills' even seemingly passed on through generations, is actually a hex from a demon as a form of ownership of that soul, and soul group..

3. the only 'seeding' from the 'stars' that came to this planet is the Luciferian-reptilian bloodline, who interbred with human females to produce their hybrid bloodline.

4. Later they bred human DNA with monkey DNA to create a sub level mankind to be their slaves.

5. The Luciferian/reptoids with the human DNA produced the shapeshifters. For some reason they cannot stop it happening.

6. There is no need for any interfering characters from 'advanced planets' to come here and 'help' humanity. Jesus already did that.


When the Christ came to this planet to remind people about how those on the Higher Realms behave, He, like that Higher World

knew what had happened to cause this planet to be damaged as it is. It should just have a strong North and South Pole that anchors firmly into the 'Upper Universe' Eternal Life Living Energy Source. That is how it 'plugs in'.

The damage to the planet broke that connection, which is an Energy Stream or an Energy Path - path of energy. That has gone. It is broken, gone.

The planet now has several different poles, all leading onto different 'energy paths'. None of them ever return to True Eternal Source. The planet can Ascend out of its Fall - which is the worst and lowest of the several poles - but it is on a cycle and Falls again because it never connects to the Original Energy Stream. It connects to one of several different Pole Alignments, some better than others. This work has always been a Spiritual Work specifically to explain about the correct, energy path. This planet never restores its original alignment. But there are ways that each individual can personally do it, and indeed, the only chance you get to do that is while you are in the body, incarnated.

There are very useful alternative video channels providing useful information and relevant news. But they are not, and never were, 'spiritual guides' for how to get OFF this cycling planet and get to the True Eternal Source. It absolutely does NOT mean other planets in this galaxy! There are no Higher World planets in this fallen, damaged galaxy. The new video featured below provides some great information on this planet and its cycling Pole Shifts.

In case you don't know, the teachings of Jesus Christ say

NOT to take any notice of 'channelling', psychic stuff, magical stuff, and not to do certain oriental exercises and activations, like Kundalini. Don't try to 'clear' bad energies, and 'entities'.

Absolutely don't try to create your reality, or 'manifest' what you think you want because that uses the false energy! Always allow God to guide you to what you want, if it is right for you. You do not know what is required for you to clear your bad karma, and that is what matters. Do not judge others. Discern but do not judge.

Jesus said practice forgiveness, and to love one another, live honourably, keep away from people doing the things warned against, and trust in True God Source - allow God to 'wash away your sins' (karma).

Yet what do we have happening in this world, in the 'truther movement', even as the Earth changes to its Ascending Phase?!


Jesus was a real person. If you remember there was a census taken the night he was born. That is why his parents had to register as staying in a barn that night.

He was actually born 3 years before his official year as declared. It was 3 BC. He was born on 11th September.


The Time When the Earth Stood Still. The Event We May Be Waiting For?

This work has always explained about the Magnetosphere thinning at this time and therefore letting more heat into this planet, which is the reason for "climate change", shamelessly being used by the cabal to make you believe it is because of 'carbons' and an irresponsible, over polutaed planet!.

We have also explained about how the poles shift over time, at specific times in the cycle (such as happening now) and that the event we may currently be waiting for is a time also reported as happening 6,000 years ago, in the Age of Taurus. *It seems to be a pole shift by 90 degrees which happens over a time period of a day or maybe 3 days, and is not destructive, except for possibly some wild weather and presumably movement of the sea levels.



Climate Change, The Great Disaster Cycle, Atlantis & More | The Culture War with Tim Pool

Watch Video 2 hours and 11 minutes.

*We believe Earth moves up and out from what this topic is covering! No catastrophe!

*When they come to the bit on the moon, there has long been information that the moon was created, is hollow and was placed where it is (by an 'ancient civilization'!)

*One of the areas of the planet that is getting more strongly hit (bad) than other parts of the planet, is over South America.

When the astronauts did go to the moon they left a mirror on the Sea of Tranquility from which you can bounce laser beams sent from Earth. This video points out that there were a lot of failed missions before the successful one when the astronauts could not get back. Same for the 'first man in space'. There were many others who went up but did not get back. Yuri Gagarin was the first one who returned to the earth. However it means the lead in to the Moon Landing and the landing was recorded quite a while before the world thought they went there. That is because they had to know it was successful.

This topic continues with short clips on this link. Earth Poles *We have now added the FULL SHOW on this topic. Strongly Recommended.

The planet's acceleration is about 17 miles per hour, per minute. 17.

***It is important to understand that you are not actually Christian or following the Christos (that's Greek for Christ) if you do the things He taught not to do.

Ancient Legends which continues with the topic of this video.

The video above discusses that Earth jumps between its false poles every 6,000 years. The next Pole Shift is a better alignment than the current one.

Just how 'advanced' does 'advanced technology' get?

This seems to be the big deal that denotes some 'advanced civilization' in the galaxy.

So what is 'advanced'?

Superfast spaceships that can travel the galaxy and dimensions in an instant? Yeah, that's a good one! Communication by some kind of telepathy? (Of course, for that one) Machines that can keep the body young and healthy forever? More of this knd of stuff, like shown in Startrek. Travelling aimlessly round the galaxy forever in a spaceship?

But then what? What else really is so great that it is 'advanced technology' presumably used for good?

In fact 'advanced technology' does not denote an 'advanced civiization'. In fact it was 'advanced technology' that split the Earth's North Pole into 4 separate poles as part of an agenda to take this planet - which it will gradually do over time. "Advanced technology" did this -


Earth's 4 Directions

(all false of course.)

This planet has 8 poles. They are false poles because they are Magnetic Poles, except True North.

The current False Axis is Magnetic North to Polaris in the star constellation of Ursa Minor and Major which leads to the star constellation of CANIS the Dog. This gives you the identity of the Children of Cain. The Canaanites. If you do most of the spiritual practices of the last 6,000 years then they align to that system and on to Sirius. This diagram shows the alignment taught by the Healing Tao System of Mantak Chia, who of course became very wealthy from his teachings and has a sanctuary in Thailand. That saucepan shaped thing is The Plough which points to Polaris. The diagram is from Mantak Chia's work.

Through other systems, the most common practice is to activate Kundalini, which because everything is aligned to Polaris is also the energy stream that the Kundalini will follow once activated. This is why you are taught NOT to do it! Too late for those who did, they now are in contact with a 'star god' who to them is 'God'.

The ruling Luciferian Order of today, which finally took complete control after WW2 is the Dark Side of a duality energy stream (the 'Mahesh' means 'DARK' as in the guru name Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) called the Order of the Phoenix (Phoenice). The Light side of this duality is called the Order of the Golden Dawn. Above both of these, perhaps related to the original Sirius C that was believed to have existed before Sirius B went supernova, is the FALSE Order of Melchizadek (not the True one) which is the Order that Hitler and the Nazi's were apparently part of. The Order of the Phoenix is the most evil and fallen. It is also the most reversed.

With the video added above, it explains that the Earth has 4 different polar alignments over its 25,000+ years cycle (wheel, as caused by the damage) The planet is about to change to its next pole alignment. In more simple terms, this is the planet's fallen left side (sin) rising back upwards towards its True Pole alignment. There would be another around 6,000 years from this one, then one at the 12,000 years mark or 12 o'clock. This one is at 6 o'clock, moving from the Iron/Dark Age into a Silver Age.

The one at the 12,000 year mark theoretically would align a Golden Age. That would be the unchanged inner axis which was not damaged, and that would begin to lock onto the ETERNAL LIFE ENERGY STREAM - except that it doesn't because the inner and outer axis clash at that point and the planet misses and begins its FALL phase again. So it does not actually sustain a Golden Age, but begins its fall, thinking it was in a 'Golden Age'.

People simply will not stop their connections to psychic received channelling and energies, and the 'spiritual practices' warned not to do, so they automatically cause themselves to be reborn into the next Fallen descent phase. So 95% or maybe 99% of the planet will return, unless there is a very real understanding and a 'repentence' from having done this. *This section is on this new page Earth's 4 Directions.

Mother of Darkness Jesse Czebotar's videos.

This work is letting Jesse Tell You what is considered Witchcraft and Luciferian. (Not us telling you.)

We are also letting the expert in the new video tell you about the damaged axis and tilt of this planet.

. : . The 'Pyramid Free Energy Network' and how Earth Fell - and opened a few wormhole Portals and energy anomalies on this planet, like Antarctica, Montauk, under the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, and the Bermuda Triangle, and more.

How Do You Choose the Christos Eternal Life Reality?.,,

***As we change and update this page, we have put all the section above onto a sequence of 3 pages.

The Ancient High Tech Civilization who "Misused Technology" Led to an Explosion in the Great Pyramid,

which Tunnelled through the Interiour of the Earth to Antarctica and Led to Earth Going Into Partial Reversal as a Torus (doughnut) in Picture. It was 'one third' of the original Mass which Fell into this.

Even if this was a FREE Energy System, and even if the Catastropic Event Happened in Recent Centuries, it was THIS Energy which Caused the FALL, and the Destruction of Most of the Planet.

The FREE Energy System used across the ancient planet was Luciferian. It was the Sirius 'light bringer'.

The ancient world brought the light from Sirius to power this planet. It was the arrogance of a civilization which chose to go against God and create it's own version of God's System. It is wise to keep this in mind! These are the ones who caused the False Reality.

Remember to go to the NEWS page.

*This work does not have the Earth as a 'flat Earth',

but as a planet that does exist within a much larger 'heavenly body' that is ethereal/etheric or not physical. (Although the human body can be 'physical, as is the higher planet, but at a higher and faster vibration or frequency). So it is kind of like the pictures that look as if the Earth is a flat dome covered reality, but it is a globe, within such a model. besides if you look carefully you will see the 'lands' beyond the 'ice wall' are actually the planets and constellations of the Zodiac, and all of that is within a larger field that is the galaxy. It is just represented differently. Antarctica has been surveyed, firstly it is shown in the copies of the extremely ancient maps of the civilization before the planet tilted. It is shown as a continent. It has also been surveyed by drones. For humans it is difficult because of the high winds, but a drone can do it.

Can People 'Travel' from the Future?

It is possible because the future is the past. It is simply a place on the cycle, and has been the 'future Earth' many times before. The 'Ascended Earth' has happened as many times as the 'Wheel' has existed following the explosion in the Pyramid Energy Network which once covered this planet, drawing in energy from Sirius, yet against the LAW of True God Source. The planet is now at the point where it Ascends its fallen left side (sin) and each time, most of the people think that's it. Some 12,000 years later everything Falls again, because it is the cycle. The FUTURE we move into now has existed before and is basically the same every time. BTW Now this planet is damaged in this way, this is what you have to get free from. Being caught on the 'cycle' that is this planet.

When the Astronauts did go to the Moon they left a mirror on the Sea of Tranquility from which you can bounce laser beams sent from Earth.

However, there were a lot of failed missions before the successful one when the astronauts could not get back. Same for the 'first man in space'. There were many others who went up but did not get back. Yuri Gagarin was the first one who returned to the earth.

Did Princess Diana, on her Honeymoon with Charles - who she thought loved her

and she thought was a real marriage - really do as some suggest and slept with King Juan Carlos of Spain so he woud be the father of her child? William was conceived during the honeymoon. Surely she would have known there were far more than "3 in her marriage" if that had happened? The 3 included Camilla. She did not begin an affair with James Hewitt until after she found out about Camilla, and long after Harry was born (and he looks like his uncle Diana's brother.)

However, the Luciferian plan is to get the devil to impregnate the woman on the wedding night before the husband. Yet Charles was one of the Cain lineage anyway.


Most people can only 'see' as far as the Astral Realms, all the quantum stuff and dimensions. These are the Fallen Universe.

Mother of Darkness Jesse Czebotar's videos.

This work is a 'spiritual work' and covering the True Path.

It is not a 'news service'. But spiritually there is so much out there that we just choose to use a more 'in the background approach' as too many think they are 'masters' and 'special messengers' etc bombarding everyone. All star beings, starseeds, ET's and 'space fleets' belong to the fallen Astral Realm. What they are 'receiving' comes from those realms. You hav to choose if you are following Jesus Christ as a Christian or you are doing something else. You can not truthfully say you are Christian yet are doing other practices and the things that Jesus, the Christos, specifically warned not to do, not to get involved with.

If you want to go with those thingt, then that is your choice. For getting OFF the "Wheel of Rebirth" it is the wrong choice, because it ties you into it. Of course this reality is going into a positive and will be positive. So there are 'downloads received that apply to the positive uplift (ascent) that is happening to the planet. The planet is damaged and that does not change. It does continue with the false cycle it is on. The Eternal Living Source, Tree and Book of Life, is different.

The planet is not going from a 3D reality to a 5D reality. It is changing into a much closer alignment with True Source. But the good side of the false path also still exists, so there is still more to it. Just saying.

Remember to go to the NEWS page.

This planet's damaged axis causes it to access the fallen Astral Universe, a Lower Universe where all the other civilizations in that universe exist. They all pursued developing intellect and technology, using the laws and physics of True God as a way of becoming or replacing God - which they cannot actually do, or replicate, because doing that goes against God's Law!

They misused technology, including the development of AI, and ended up in this universe - which Earth temporarily accesses on it's 'wheel' cycle.

They are not part of the Higher Universe.


Although we are all waiting for the play to reach is conclusion, you may like to consider what you are really looking for.

This planet is always trapped on the cycle of the 'Wheel of Rebirth' and the only real spiritual path is to find out how to no longer be caught in that repeating cycle, and instead get back to one of the living planets within the Eternal Life System.

Consider the 'Wheel' and what it is, and work it out for yourself.

This work does consider it is important to know about the very real evil and its governing structure that has been running this planet. This is because even now, people still want to be part of it.

We are going to let former "Mother of Darkness" JESSIE CZEBOTAR (not us)

explain what comes under the banner of the Luciferian energies and 'witchcraft'.

People will rebel against what she reveals, yet she was part of the 'top of the tree' of the satanic order. When this work tried explaining these things over 10 years ago, we had quite a hard job dealing with some of the responses to it. People saying "that's negative thinking" - which is simply a level of stupidity and low IQ. It is negative, but not about 'thinking'. It was a negative reality which these people who said that kind of thing, made possible to thrive. Duncan Roads at Nexus surprised us the most! Now of course, since the pandemic scam and the information that was revealed from then, people do know about it.

Once you understand the structure of the Luciferian Rulership on and in this planet,

and you understand the almost infinite vastness of what it covers

including psychic contacts and how to enter 'gateways' into human bodies etc, then you begin to see how almost impossible it is to avoid being caught in that system, not only in the physical world, but in the astral, and the world you go to after death - because it is still the Luciferian 'spirit realms' you go to.


JESSIE CZEBOTAR, a former 'Mother of Darkness', born into a Lucifer-worshipping hierarchy family,

now working for the 'white hats', is an important source of information on the entire existence of the Satanic Government which has existed alongside, throughout thousands of years on this planet, and inside this planet. She is credible and presents the information with detachment and intelligence.

HOWEVER, she also discusses the types of occult things that people just can't stop themselves wanting to find out about.

Occult things, and fascinating 'skills' like transforming the body so it can pass through walls, so called magical skills, and 'sovereign' (Luciferian) government projects like Looking Glass, and Voice of God.

All these fascinating things are what attract people onto the Luciferian Path, and then they cannot get out of it. This is how it works! It is how the 'dark side' do it. Please be aware of this!


How the System which has been Running this Planet is Structured.


Watch Video 16 minutes. When it gets to the song it is just the usual ending of these vodeos.

Jesse is an excellent source of Luciferian information. No question about that. She has also stated that pretending to be 'good' and God, and other experiences associated with channelling and 'galactic fleets' etc are THEM fooling you. Jesse has said that.

There is an issue that some people will want to find out about the 'gateways' and portals and things to do with that system - and that means they start to learn and get into that energy stream.

This work suggests you let any desire to do that go. It does not matter. This work has already told you that exiting this body via even the highest 'gateway' of the Luciferian knowledge system, takes you straight into their reality. Astral Projection is the main example, or shamanic journeying. With all due respect from what he has said, David Icke has taken this route. Sorry but that is a fact. It also shows how difficult it is not to get caught.

FYI 'gateways' are taught in the Chinese 'chi kung' system, so we know what they are. Its not important! Work towards the only 'exit point' that gets you to True Eternal God Source. We have always taught that.

Mentioned (by Jesse) of interest. The way Luciferians choose people for certain roles is very similar to how they choose high roles in the Tibetan system, which is based on the ancient religion and not so much actual Buddhism. She also describes the Tarot and some other forms of divination as 'witchcraft'. She describes that there is a Light Side and a Dark Side to the System. The Golden Dawn is the light side of the System, and the dark side is called the Phoenix. The Order of Melchizadek is above both of them. It is the false Order of Melchizadek which did include the Nazis.

Beyond the 3rd degree (recruiting levels) of the Masons are speciality groups, such as magic groups, the Rosicrucians which founded Findhorn in Scotland, and many other named groups like Elks, 'Tall Trees', Hibernians etc and in these circles they are taught either white magic or black magic or grey magic. You also have to be aware of the 'grandmothers' who come forward now. All of it is the same system, and is the false reality. All of it!


Mother of Darkness Jesse Czebotar's videos.

Wake Update Read More on Code, Spells and Witchcraft :

NEW STORY. Celebrities. (Still adding names. Hollywood & Popstar Celebrity Trials/Executions )

NEW. More new names have been added to the celebrity and political figures who have been tried and executed. This is another reason why it is important to reveal about "Paul McCartney" because the replacement will be on this list - and it should not be confused as being the real Paul McCartney. It is unlikely it is the same person now doing shows as 'Paul McCartney'. The 'white hats' DID want the information about the real Paul dying in September 1966 being made known. What Australian celebrities are yet to be added? Cate Blanchett? Chris Hemsworth? Hugh Jackman? Kylie Minogue? Names are added on the Hollywood & Popstar Celebrity Trials/Executions Please be aware that the list includes the royal families.

The real, original Paul McCartney did Die in September 1966.

It appears to have been a forced car accident which led to a satanic, ritual sacrifice. More further down this page.


Having someone from within the system, actually explain the Luciferian System, is a significant help in understanding what each of us, and this planet, has been up against.

This content, and how those thrown out of Egypt went to the Americas, are now on the page Luciferian Government actual structure and agenda. From former 'Mother of Darkness' Jesse Czebotar. The page includes the 'Spells/Code/Witchcraft' link Code, Witchcraft and Spells

The Luciferian 'occult' - which is the false path, false energy stream - offers alien contacts, psychic skills, healing energies with a few magic powers added. And it offers more worldly things to get people that way. Power, Money, Fame, exploits Vanity, Ego, Lust and so on.


The Americas was actually set up as the new land for the Canaanites who were thrown out of Egypt over 3,000 years ago.

They are the 'Children of Cain'.

The Americas has always secretly been 'Israel'. It has always been inhabited - by them - since the time these Luciferians were thrown out of Egypt. People who are worshippers of Satan. This work has covered, long before 2020 when more information came out, it has always covered how these people went to the Americas thousands of years before the 'official' discovery and play act of setting up a free America. (See the Tartaria and Khazarian section a little further down on this page.) The Knights Templar used to trade between the continents during the first millennium after Christ, also taking people across to move there.

As you know, the 'Deep State', the secret government, literally had its offices set up underneath Washington DC (and all across America, and the world!!) It was set up to become the 'new kingdom' after the world apparently supported Israel's current war, with Israeli soldiers on TikTok laughing at killing Gazan babies and children. In fact, most of us know that the Hamas attack was staged and have seen the Israeli soldiers standing by, doing nothing. It is very possible that Salt Lake City in Utah, which is considered to be the real 'Jerusalem' in the Mormon scriptures, is actually the real 'Jerusalem'.


Current News - Healthy Living - Ancient Records- Future Consciousness - The SOUND of Living God. The Sound page is now here. : RECOMMENDED Videos Forbidden History etc : Watch Video 14 minutes. Includes the first ever Bilderberg Meeting. Luciferianism the 'old religion'. : . Mysteries that don't add up about WW2 : Recommended Videos Forbidden History etc : This is the Astral Universe. It is the 4th realm/plane/universe. Continue . : . Rosslyn Chapel's 'witchcraft kids' . : . Previous NEWS page to Jan.2024. . : . New Videos 2024 . : . Hollywood & Popstar Celebrity Trials/Executions . : . Pyramid Energy Network and how Earth Fell. . : . How Do You Choose the Christos Eternal Life Reality?.,,

Featured Quote :

"The whole point to being here, really, is to figure a way to get out."

George Harrison.

True Reality is only Love.

But this world is not True Reality! In this place not everyone is a 'beautiful soul'. It is not so easy to find the Way Out either. The revelations from 2020 onwards have shown there are other forces here. Here, but they are not in True Reality. That is why you have to figure out how to get from here, to True Reality. Most don't figure it out because the deception is so effective. For a start all the absolutely convinced 'new agers' got it wrong. After the initial shock of 2020, a little time passed, then everything returned as before, but under a different label. 'Here' always remains 'here'. It does go into the positive phase for many thousands of years, but that relates to 'here'. It does not provide the way out of here.


It is SO IMPORTANT to understand how massive and deceptive the Satanic Energy Structure actually is.

The 'Seasonal/New Year Message' was written for all of these ones.

Seasonal Message.

This season is the time which serves for us to remember how we should behave all of the time. (This is despite that it didn't start out as being that, for most of us that is how we now interpret it.)

Since 2020 the world has been in the 'End Times' as described in the Bible, in Revelation, and as throughout life, but particularly now at this time, we/you have all been given the opportunity to make a choice for how we/you choose to be and behave. It is the time when you make your final choice for how you are 'marked', as it is now that two separate energy paths separate. One goes on to a better world that is more mature and LOVES. It respects family first and foremost, and then by each of us doing that, we respect other family groups too, which then makes up our communities, and societies, and the civilization becomes loving, caring and respectful of each other.

'Christian' simply means that 2,000 years ago the world was following the teachings in the Talmud to kill, slaughter, sacrifice, practice usury (lending money for interest) and to follow the teachings of a real doctrine called Luciferianism.

Then this person turned up - and said 'NO!' Not that. The Way is to Love, Forgive, and to respect and care about others, and about animals. That is as simple as it was.

To be on the 'right' side of moving into the future means you make that choice. To not do that means you chose the 'other path' that is not Christian, not LOVE.

It is not at all easy to keep to that higher standard of being when you face atrocious behaviour from others. It is hard, and we simply have to grit our teeth and still choose to behave with Love and Respect for others.

It is not easy to do that! We/you don't have to associate with those who cannot behave with dignity and respect, but none of us wants to be as they are. We/you are better than that.

So, for us, that is what Christmas reminds us about.


...NEWS page..

One of the military names in the US military connected to this information is added. At the very least these people are reported daily, by nae, on a website over the last few years and none of them has ever said that the website was committing what would be defamation and worse if not true. General Eric M. Smith. "Eric M. Smith is a United States Marine Corps general who has served as the 39th commandant of the Marine Corps since 22 September 2023. He served as acting commandant of the Marine Corps between 10 July 2023 and 22 September 2023 while awaiting Senate confirmation" You can look him up on your preferred search engine.


And also added on this page a further comment on the bs being claimed about the 'mud flood' 200 years ago. 200 years ago the people in the UK were NOT going round in wooden carts on unsurfaced roads. It was a developed culture with some magnificent architecture and a sophisticated civilization. The people were more developed than the people of today, as the consciousness has regressed. They also built the underground train system in the 1800's. However, as covered in the Tartaria section below, America was inhabited by an equally developed civiization and what is being hidden is that they existed. They were the Canaanite Jews - Children of Cain - who had been thrown out of Egypt over 3,000 years earlier. *But the pre Great Flood Americas was a high level civilization before the time of Noah, because it was the 'misuse of technology' which did destroy that world. It was when the planet began to tilt thus accessing the astral lower iniverse. It was the Children of Darkness who did that, and there had been a battle between them and those of the God Worlds for this planet. If you are unaware how developed the world was 200 years ago, take a look at the new video on the underground city/tunnel system of New York added on the New Videos 2024 page..

This Tik Tok video shows a very real problem for society.

Firstly this ugly creature (2nd one, 'from the UK') would be lucky for any woman to look at him anyway. But there are loads of these videos put out by complete morons who really do think they are funny and super great. Watch Video 20 seconds.

We added some information before November that a source had calculated that the two 'energy streams' which affect this planet for up to 10 or 12,000 years were now about to begin separating.

That was believed to take place in early November 2023. Possibly there is a little wriggle room to make a 'good' choice, perhaps with the spirit of Christmas, but generally it would be that time has basically run out. The 'lower level' energy has run this planet and its level of consciousness, but at this time has to leave. However, a lot of people by their own choices, have unknowingly chosen to remain under the 'rulership' of that which has until now controlled the planet. This video explains what it is, because its actual existence has remained 'occult'.


'Tartaria' and the Khazarian History

There is a current fascination with the loss of buildings supposedly dated from 1890

which mostly all seem to have been demolished in the 1960's. These are buildings in the USA and probably Canada and possibly includes Mexico. It is unlikely they were constructed in the 1890's as claimed, but are indeed much older. In fact, the information that this work has is that the North Americas was inhabited by people who firstly fled Egypt around 3,000 years ago, and then another lot went from Ancient Palestine to the Americas just after the time of Jesus.

There was a developed civilization in the North Americas throughout that time - as developed as anywhere else in the western world

(which was developed and had equally interesting architecture which it still has.) The reason these buildings were demolished is most likely because the Americas was only supposed to have begun being inhabited with the 'Founding Fathers' and Pilgrims, sailing on the Mayflower etc.

But there was an already existing developed civilization there, of 'westerners'. Groups like the Knights Templar, with their many ships, used to sail between Europe and the Americas throughout the first millennium after Christ. This is an ancient history that 'they' were hiding! It also seems to explain why there was such an interest in supporting 'Israel' because it was these Talmud following, Lucifer worshipping people, thrown out of Egypt then Palestine, who went there. Also why 'they' believe 'they' owned America. What 'they' didn't want you to know is that 'they' were there!

They were not any more advanced in their buildings than anywhere else in the developed world. And also please remember the developed world was considerably different and more advanced than many places in the world. China was developed, and the ancient Muslim world was developed, and that includes the only buildings of note in India, both civilizations had excellent architecture. India did not produce any significant architecture. The Taj Mahal, and palaces etc are Muslim. Britain, Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, all had equally advanced architecture which still still exists today. Australia, Africa, were not advanced and did not have any advanced pre-existing buildings (except of course, in Egypt and countries of the Arabian Empire). .

What 'they' absolutely did not want anyone to know or find out was that a civilization equal to the developed western world (which it has been for many hundreds of years) existed in the North Americas.

That is what they were hiding.

Who were these Lucifer worshipping globalists? Obviously they were those 'Israelites' kicked out of Egypt etc, but they originated from Khazakstan, the Khazarian Mafia etc - so people may probably have to think twice about suggesting North America and perhaps the world 'belonged' to the Tartarians. That ancient culture is the 'dark side' who sabotaged this planet and caused the 'Fall' in their quest to take it into the 'lower realm'.

It looks like this 'lost Tartaria' is another ploy of the 'dark side' to claim it owns North America, doesn't it?


The world situation is still playing out, and there isn't necessarily too much reason to keep adding the NEWS here - because we still don't know when the thing we are waiting for is going to happen. However, we are informed that there is going to be some dramatic information made known over the next 120 days.

...NEWS page..

All you have to be aware of is that at some point everything in the world is going to close down for a few days, maybe a week, 10 days or perhaps longer, but it is all okay, and it will turn out okay.

I have added a little on the physics of this planet which make it fall into a 'lower realm' then rise out of it again, as is happening now. A lot of nasties get left behind then, and that is really wonderful. It's not some kind of religious thing, it's actually a real thing. But it is also very important because this is exactly a time when big changes happen, and there is a kind of 'judgement'. It is a truly exciting time for all of us who chose to live by the 'Golden Rule' and as was taught by a very real person named Jesus. Perhaps a surprise that some of us know the 'bigger picture' but there are reasons for that.

Wake Update Read More on Code, Spells and Witchcraft :

Consciousness + Intelligence

This next section is taken from something else, but is useful in providing a bigger picture.

"Basically, the 'dark forces' have ruled on this planet for over 5,000 years, so the question is why? This planet, because of its wobbling cycle (over around 25,000 years so you don't notice it) exists between two realms. A Higher Realm, and a 'lower realm' which is called the 'Fall'. Earth descended into the 'lower realm'. That's what happened, but it also pulls out of it again now at this time, which is called its Ascension.

Two very different realms, with two very different types of humans inhabiting each realm. Those from the Higher Realm can exist in the 'lower realm' but it is hard, and those of the 'lower level' really hate them. When any of us are here in this world, none of us is (usually) shown the full story of what this is. This clearing out of all those who are in major ways part of the 'darkness' and in lesser ways made the wrong choices, is what has been taking place since 2020. We are pretty sure it will all begin to be revealed before the 2024 US election.

It is Higher status souls who win, even though the world has seemed to provide a licence for bad behaviour! It seems to have all been a 'test', and the strangest thing is that those who are 'lower level' do always identify themselves. You would think, just to be smart, they would pretend to be high born souls. But they don''t. The 'High born' souls do 'inherit the Earth' and are not actually 'meek', just the 'higher level'.

Those from the 'lower realm' obviously cannot exist in the Higher Realm - and that is where this planet is now heading. Those who remain in the 'lower realm' have to leave this planet while it is in the Higher Realm and presumably are stuck in the ethers somewhere until they can reincarnate in a human body again - and TRY to EVOLVE!"


Sorry, but the real, original Paul McCartney did Die in September 1966.

I believe this is something very sad, and what he must have gone through if his death was indeed the way Richard Balducci's investigation discovered (a satanic killing) then it is just terrible. So too with what this experience did to John Lennon and George Harrison. I also feel for Paul's girlfriend Jane Asher and the words of at least one of Paul's songs show this was a very sweet, romantic 'true love'. This is one of the 'altered reality stories' that has to be made right.

The person who replaced Paul has said he was asked to join the Beatles. Paul McCartney was a co-founder of The Beatles, he did not 'join'. Yet this person has pretended to be the original. He has made a few mistakes in interviews like this. That is in fact enough evidence to show he is not the original Paul McCartney. The issue is that he has gone all out to make the 'greatest band the world has ever known' - all about HIM. It is in my prayers that this injustice to "John, Paul, George and Ringo" and to Jane Asher, will be made right.

There are a number of excellent research sources, far more in depth than what we did, but we too, have done our best with this. *We did do our own original research, not just copy what others have said.





MUSIC. Here is someone who is using music for POSITIVE change. UK based.'The Vanabond'. MUSIC Watch Video

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This page covers news etc, but the spiritual stuff on How to Get Out is on this page The Eternal Stream SOUND


As time moves on there are going to have to be corrections to the misinformation and outright deception that has been our world history.

People we were told were great heroes, like Winston Churchill, may not have been. People who we were told were evil and committing atrocities may turn out to not be true. People who we loved as entertainers may not be what we thought they were, or may have died and been replaced. There is much that we, as thoughtful humans, will need to make known and make right.

Dec. 19th. The Beatles and George Harrison as a 'spiritual source' and with some info on the 3rd Eye'

read more.

True Reality is only Love.

But this world is not True Reality! In this place not everyone is a 'beautiful soul'. It is not so easy to find the Way Out either. The revelations from 2020 onwards have shown there are other forces here. Here, but they are not in True Reality. That is why you have to figure out how to get from here, to True Reality. Most don't figure it out because the deception is so effective. For a start all the absolutely convinced 'new agers' got it wrong. After the initial shock of 2020, a little time passed, then everything returned as before, but under a different label. 'Here' always remains 'here'. It does go into the positive phase for many thousands of years, but that relates to 'here'. It does not provide the way out of here.

George Harrison provided some very thought provoking quotes, but it is certain he did not choose the right way. He absolutely missed it, yet he did really try to get it right.

For this section, we are looking at the things he did get right.

Just a small quote to start off, but his message to the world was a clear recognition of the insanity that is this world. This should be a planet that LOVES. The world has completely thrown that out, and the question really is "what on earth is wrong with everyone!" The original 3 guys who created and formed the band The Beatles were gifts to this world. Three 'soul brothers' who did come into this world from "Higher Up" who absolutely understood that the only truth is LOVE. That is why they were targeted. It is time to pay attention to what they said.

And override the satanic Mason who is 'replacement Paul' who made himself the dominant influence.

"Replacement Paul" does not represent The Beatles.

'Replacement Paul' is a shallow, sleazy person, who does not have the 'certain something' that the actual Beatles did have. The Beatles have said that they ended the band because this guy wanted to make it his band. That was the first time I heard that from them, but it did seem clear that this guy was trying to run everything from the moment he was asked to join the band.

The real, original Paul McCartney did Die in September 1966.

* The current 'Paul McCartney' has stated in interviews that he is not the original Paul and that there are two 'Paul McCartneys'. Tik Tok a few seconds. He isn't the same person and it is easy to see that in photos once you know about it. But he tells you this. Read More.

The Beatles used non-conventional ways to play, not textbook, and it created a unique sound, along with their voices and harmonies.,

Tthe voices of John and original Paul, George and Paul, or all three of them. They created extremely unique and good harmonies, which could not be recreated with 'replacement Paul'. The harmonies, and their own way of playing their guitars, are important for the SOUND.

The only other band which creates a special level of SOUND is Pink Floyd, and that really means the band members David Gilmour and Richard Wright.

Featuring The Beatles as a spiritual message

'We All Shine On'

Watch Video

We are still featuring The Beatles as a 'spiritual source' - because the three originals, John, real Paul, and George, were Higher Level souls. Not saying they didn't have issues along the way but they did originally stand for GOOD. Only after certain circumstances and the influence of 'Fake Paul' did it all get confusing.

Most of George Harrison's songs were prayers to a 'Higher Source'.

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)

Watch Video


NEWS section follows the Update intro.

The real Paul McCartney.

The news is just coasting along, so until we get to the big change we have been waiting for. Why not use this time productively.

There is a very real controversy about The Beatles, and it continues because the public are not paying attention to what has been said. As with the satanic rituals, and child trafficking etc, a crime has been allowed to be carried out right in front of people.

The current 'Paul McCartney' has stated in interviews that he is NOT the original Paul and that there are two 'Paul McCartneys'. Tik Tok a few seconds.

He appears to have legally changed his name to the same name, and in his original identity, he actually was right alongside The Beatles in Germany (he speaks German possibly quite fluently) and for at least their North America tours since 1965 and probably their first tour there. This means he can legitimately remember back to the 'early days'. This fortunate circumstance may well have been planned from the beginning, because the killing of Paul McCartney was already planned. I cannot help but wonder how involved in this Billy, the replacement, was.

The problem is that the general public take no notice of this and choose to believe he is the same person. For this reason it has made it possible to get away with a massive deception, and a crime. This person has taken over the entire identity of the real Paul, and everything that he owned, making the original Paul almost seem never to have existed.

I do not wish to support anything to do with the 'fake Paul' even though he contributed some good songs. It is clear that the focus has diminished all the original Beatles, and become all about this man, the replacement.

I am not going to ignore the later work of The Beatles from 1967, but I am going to look at the work of the real, original Beatles members, not the replacment. I think their contribution has been diminished by what happened, and deliberately placed secondary to the work of the replacement, and that 'replacemnt Paul' has usurped (taken over) the enormous appeal and success of The Beatles for himself.

Read More.

FEATURED MUSIC : I Me Mine. Watch Video

The project is actually researching a possible murder,

and is going back to when the 'Mind Control' programming for the current world really took off.

Paul McCartney was loved and is an icon. The people need to know that the person they loved died in 1966. Thanks to the research of Richard Balducci, and the autopsy photograph, we know the real Paul McCartney, after the forced car crash, was struck 3 times on the head with a specific Celtic hammer/axe made of silver, as part of a satanic pagan ritual.

WHY is and was there a rumour 'Paul is dead' in the first place? It is not something that began in 1969 - which is when it took off. . It is something that happened in 1966 that was announced on the TV as 'breaking news' in 1966, then the story was not repeated. It was also a magazine article not long afterwards. Then nothing said again.

'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' Lead In to a Murder page.
'Fake Paul' has said in interviews that he is not the original Paul McCartney. Read More.
Introductory link 'John, Paul, George and Ringo'. Did Linda Eastman and Billy (the replacement who she met in 1965) conspire to cheat The Beatles?

* Code, Spells and Symbolism, Witchcraft and Magick.

Wake Update Read More on Spells : 'John, Paul, George and Ringo'. : McCartney Murder page :


We are following the world situation as a guideline for the dates when the expected 'end game' events will transpire - to prepare for the 3-10 days when there are expected blackouts, coms down etc and to have enough food, water, medicine and some cash on hand. The 'Awakening' aspect of CURRENT WORLD NEWS read here.

This page covers the revelations that those called the 'White Hats' want people to know about and to understand, so that the dark forces can be removed from this planet safely and completely.

However, this work teaches how to get to the Eternal, Everlasting, Living Life Source. ....


'Here, There and EverywhereWatch Video 


Watch Video. Laura Aboli is a good and credible presenter of information. She appears to be from the same region as Melania Trump but is very like an Italian lady would be, choosing style and elegance of this type. Italy is not at all a poor country. It is very chic.


Watch Video 1 minute (Dumbing down of America but also Britain, and Western countries in general.)


Watch Video X-Files * I don't care much for Alex Jones' shows but this first bit is informative plus there is more info. This is the plan that was to be implemented, but as soon as the USA Corporation falls, there is something else going to happen. The USA was illegally made into a corporation in 1871, I think, making it a business. This is what is currently crashing. From the 'bad side' the solution is China's Marxist Communist system. From the 'good side' it has been dealt with, just waiting for the US to collapse. The X-Files returns at 21 mins. Definitely Worth Watching.

As seen, the cabal "persuaded" the British to agree to establish what became Israel, in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration.

The cabal needed to remove the Ottoman Empire so the Palestinian land would become 'available' and apparently Laurence of Arabia was the man who persuded the Palestinians to fight and remove the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). But this was not a British plan it is something they were "persuaded" to do, probably blackmail - as shown in the Rothschild video. It is important to have the 'bigger picture' (and this was added to corret some incorrect information given by David Icke.) Watch Video 3 mins.

The British never chose to reduce the British Empire. This was the work of the cabal behind the scenes. They then put the blame on 'the British' for being oh so terrible. But they weren't. It was a very good empire that brought trade and benefits all round. Whoever 'the British' are who became involved in the Luciferian Agenda, they were not the ones who began the Empire. When fake news docos claim that Edward V111th had to be removed for partying and not taking his role seriously, that kind of behaviour was how the cabal elite behaved not Edward V111th even if he did enjoy parties. King Edward supported the National Socialist Movement in Germany which was removing the cabal elite and its Luciferian practices - homosexulaity, transgenderism, orgies, and usuary.

'The universe is plasma'. Anything plasma is also called Ektoplasm. This universe is the fallen Astral and is a lower universe than the Eternal Living Universe which is not made from plasma or Ektoplasm. This is why anything defined with the name Ek refers to the Astral universe.

The over population issue is debatable.

The cabal required the numbers because they needed the numbers. The size of the planet accommodating them is not really an issue at all. It is being able to provide a system that can employ, feed, house these numbers. Sadly it is believed that the expectations for jab related deaths would 2-3 years after getting jabbed. So some sources say the data indicates there may be large numbers succumbing to this in about 8 months time. It had to be the intended jab in order to trace everyone involved, but people were well warned in advance not to do it. Some doctors only gave saline or normal flu shots. It is incredible to see the social media posts of people arrogantly laughing and mocking those who paid attention to the warnings, and then you find they too dropped dead suddenly.

Antartctica has been circumnavigated by drones.

It took forever because of the high winds, but it has been done by drones. Which means it cannot be an ice wall arounf a flat Earth. However, it could be just another continent and something else is out there! There used to be a large island off the coast of the tip of Sth America, which routed the war air flows from the equator down and around what is now the Antarctic continent. This is believed to have been Atlantis. According to Plato the dates that changed was around 11,000 years ago. Although it is said that the Northen Hemispher at that time was under ice, there are also records of a tropical climate in Siberia (and Tartaria) with great Woolly mammoths munching on buttercups on a summer's day, suddenly snap frozen. At that time though, the North Pole - possibly True North - was over Alaska and also known as Ultima Thule,

The Collapse of USA Corporation has to Happen Under Biden.

So he's not going to be arrested yet! All the facets, proof of election fraud etc all have to wait until everything falls. However, arrests and trials are taking place and have been ongoing because there are so many involved. But when the time comes, the arrests and executions will be happening in 'real time'.

The records explain that something happened in the 3rd Eye. The Hydra.

"The cabal operation is also described by the 'white hats' as bringing down the Hydra. We looked for other surviving information on this problem to support this, and found it is the Greek legends. If you check Greek Mythology for an example, you will see that they write about this area - the 3rd eye - being compromised. That some kind of parasite entered in this area. It was called the Hydra." A Hydra is a parasite with many heads. (from one of the pages from this work).



Watch Video 30 seconds. .


Watch Video 1 minute


Watch Video 3 mins. The R. family rake in an annual income in the trillions

Zionists/globalists who control Israel have a 'suitcase nuke' hidden in every country of the world's capital city, and if any country tries to stop Israel, they will activate every nuke that was planted."

*It is understood this is what they had, but most of these have been found in most cases at least, and de-activated. Not all of them are confirmed found though.

New video exploring Forbidden History.


Watch Video 45 mins. Interesting to consider who may have been the ones who calculated and created the 'false spiral', the Fibonacci attempt to equal and replace God.

Homo capensis: presumed hominid with a large brain and an IQ of 180. It would have maintained a world hegemony since ancient times. Researchers like Dr Edward Spencer have exposed archaeological evidence of these hominids with elongated skulls from around the world, evidence from 50,000 years ago in South Africa, and even people like Akhenaten, the Egyptian pharaoh. Many believe that they still live hidden among us (in the Vatican), that they handle world politics, and that they could be alien-human hybrids.

For those looking for the people who once had a civilization across the entire planet, 'Tartaria', these are the ones who had that. Like the planet that was blown up, these people operated entirely from a cold blooded high intellect without empathy, compassion and feeling. It is said they went too far with science and in believing they could be 'god', that they were equal to True God and therefore could create reality, a universe that rivalled and could even replace God's creation. . God's creation is the Eternal Life System which continually renews itself.

How Do You Choose the Christos Eternal Life Reality?


doco. worth watching. Watch Video. RECOMMENDED.


Watch Video : Actual film of the warm area land discovered on Admiral Byrd's expedition.

The writing of the Book of Revelation was at the time of establishing America and the creation of the King James Bible. 1600's The versions from 2,000 years ago were something else entirely

If you have done the practices that the Christos warns not to do, like activating Kundalini, or getting involved with 'channelling' etc then you have chosen the Luciferian Path. These people are not condemned to hell, they will come back again and get another chance when it begins again maybe that's 18,000 years away. Take a look again at what the Talmud teaches. The Jewish religion has two main books the second is the Torah which is in the first 5 books of the Christian Bible. The topic of the Talmud must be on the 'old religion' page link, but basically is this :

"The Bible states that we should love one another as fellow brothers and sisters, that we keep our vows, have high moral and relationship standards, do not have 'temple whores', or condone prostitution, are against sodomy and beastiality and sacrifices, do not lie, or cheat others and do not go round killing others or everyone who is different etc. The Talmud however, teaches that all of these are okay including to deceive and practice usury.


Watch Video. Lots of information from former 'Mother of Darkness' turned informer. Ashes from human sacrifices sold to food companies and as fillers for drugs, plus the structures and names of the Luciferian Shadow Government. 48 mins. Czebotar is a very credible speaker but adding some disinformation, probably unintentionally.

*All references to spiritual, spirit beings, spiritual communications, spirit bodies, and 'spirit realms' etc should be more correctly called Astral.

Otherwise referring to any and all of these makes them sound to actually be 'spiritual' which they are not. Also a reminder that Sirius is the Freemason star, and none of it is 'good'. Polaris, which is taught as an alignment in a very famous and popular 'chi kung' now set up in Thailand, is absolutely the 'false alignment'. Polaris is 'magnetic north' which is the false alignment. Descriptions like 'brotherhood', 'hierarchy' are all terms of the Luciferian Brotherhood. . 


Watch Video. 1 min. 24 seconds.

Something to think about? X Video.

It has always been the plan of the satanic cabal to destroy Russia,

just as they destroyed and broke up the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the British Empire, and waged the war in Bosnia etc. Now they are agitating for war with Russia and it is likely to take off within the oncoming weeks. The man in the picture is Gunther Fehlinger, Head of the Austrian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) connected to the United Nations, showing the West's map of a world without Russia:

Here is a map of how they intended to break up Russia and form Northern Eurasia.

- The Reason the Historic Perspective of the Altered History is Presented is that it identifies the Kazarian cabal in WW2,

and who the Bolsheviks were who overthrew the Russian government and established the Marxist-Communist Soviet Union. There are a number of videos which show you a different and 'Forbidden' History which led to the Zionist control of the world in our current era, and made it possible for them to go for their New World Order. It is important to know about the recent past, to see who was involved with 'black hat' agenda, alongside the important developments that are suggested for the coming Awakening and higher consciousness world. Watch Video. *It looks as if the British royal family was controlled by the cabal from some point in the reign of George V, around WW1, perhaps even from 1914, George V was the father of Edward V111 who had to abdicate, and his brother who then became King George V1 father of Elizabeth.

TOPICS STILL BEING LOOKED INTO. National Socialism and national sovereignty, are the opposite of globalism.

There are definitely questions about what happened at the end of WW2 given the obvious reality that the globaists/ elite/Deep State/ Kazarian cabal have been in full charge of the world since that time! Put another way, the world did not become a world where those using usury and the banking system had been removed from all countries and were in their own designated land which at the time was intended to be Madagascar. This is where all those involved in the 'elder's protocol' agenda were intended to be relocated, and that all other countries would be doing what the BRICS are doing now. For this reason it seems unlikely that there were secret deals with those who were these same globslists, to rescue Hitler and work together from Argentina and Antarctca. That seems like disinformation. Operation Paperclip was not entirely what we have been told it was - bringing key Nazi scientists to the US to work on the A bomb and begin NASA. Obviously there are some key figues who were part of that like Wernher von Braun.

But there is also the question if he was an important 'Nazi scientist' or just represented to be that? The reality is the American and Russian sides gained much technology as the spoils of war, but not necessary the most important scientists. The stories of Hitler and his wife being in Argentina for a 3 day visit at an important hotel are take it or leave information. Most likely they would have remained anonymous. They would have gone to a place prepared for them and assumed other identities. It is probably a certainty that they left Berlin on April 30th 1945, after some appointments with photos earlier that day. We all now know there are and were extensive tunnel systems connecting everywhere, presumably to Portugal and a submarine rendezvous. These tunnels and underground cities were not known at the time, and obviously those connected to the Hitler bunker would have been blown up.

Recently we have learned that Hitler was very aware of brainwashing and Mind Control being developed by the West (those behind the agenda) and used Dr Mengele to find a way to create soldiers who would not be affected by this. The overall information presents a different picture from what we have been told was happening there.

Various members of the British royal family like Edward V111 supported the national socialist movement, as did much of the aristocracy. Were these the ones who were equally worried about the usury and banks?

King Edward was removed from the throne via abdication supposedly because he wanted to marry the divoced Wallis Simpson, yet letters between her and her husband show they (Wallis and her husband) always planned to use her as a stepping stone to importance in the royal circle, not that she ever wanted to marry him. Her letters express that she did not want to marry him! That was orchestrated to remove him from the throne. Interestingly an news article for Sept. 2023 does cover that their marriage was extremely unhappy.

Much of this is covered in some of the recommended videos we have because it is very helpful to have knowledge of what really led to the Kazarian cabal being the real, but hidden winners of WW2. Recommended Videos Forbidden History etc. This topic.

Sept. 2nd.

Centuries ago the colonists in Africa pretended to be the 'voice of the gods' and told the local witchdoctors they needed to kill all their cattle, which they did. Then they had no food and the colonists were able to take over their land. Now, today in 2023, "Bill Gates" is saying we need to cut down all the forests to save the planet.

Sept. 1st.

Even in the Bible, it warns about the banking system with the interest charged- usury, almost like a warning because this had happened before. In fact the Rothschild family make trillions of dollars each year and along with the other few families involved, were easily able to set up what was planned for the world population - and the world's wealth of course, because at this point, everything would have gone to them. There is technology far ahead of what we have and know about today, not just DEW, but space vehicles that can hover over cities and be invisible. It has been in use since the 60's but we only know the level we have been shown to exist. These people no longer control those, or the satellites, or the technology, apart from ground level tech. such as Mobile Directed Energy Weapons, not satellite directed.

When the system actually changes over from the horrors that are still being seen to be introduced, there will be a kind of de-briefing for the people who have been so brainwashed into what they see as reality. The world is now full of hate and egotistical opinions of self-importance and other attitudes which have been programmed. These all have to be de-programmed. Just look at how people behave in this world. They believe marriage and relationships are some kind joke or have no more significance than a night's out entertainment. This has produced decades, of single parent children who never had a stable family environment and probably were passed to the grandparents to look after while the single parent had to work. If you get the picture.

A source who worked in de-programming people for military intelligence has said the songs of a singer named Adam Ant, somewhere around 1980, were used for de-programming. Adam had been thru the programming most of the pop groups had to go thru to become stars (The Beatles were programmed at the Tavistock Institute in London). Anyway Adam broke free of the programming and used his music videos to help others break free from Mind Control (MK Utra and Monarch). So of course, I have looked up Adam Ant and the music. I don't know how the de-briefing like this worked. The music is very much of its time, obviously not what we would listen to now, but it is extremely interesting that military intelligence used it to help people who have been brainwashed, de-programme. It also seems to be in the words, but the source said Adam was very specific about what the videos were symbolically representing. Consciousness, compartmentalized consciousnesss etc I don't know this music, but I am looking now at 'Stand and Deliver' and I can see the use of the mirror, some of the wording "even though you fool your soul, your conscience will be mine" and also people standing without seeing what is happening. This is happening now. There were three specific tracks the source said are/were used for de-briefing and de-prgrogramming actual MK ULtra and Monarch cases. There is a short pdf on Monarch Mind Control 12 pages. Also through pictures, Monarch Mind Control (I haven't read it, it is just a reference). Here is Adam Ant. De-programming video-music.

FREE PDF Cathy O'Brien's book "TRANCE-formation of America".

This is Cathy O'Brien. It has taken 30 years for people to listen and understand this is real. Many, many others also began to come forward and explain what this is about. The George Bush is Bush Snr. This is an old video, and she is much older now so maybe from the early 2000's. I just checked and the book "TRANCE-Formation of America" was published in 1995, and seems to be available as a pdf (available above).

Only 22 minutes . Watch Video.


Watch Video. 10 minutes (finishes by 10 mins).. RECOMMENDED.

As has often been pointed out, a faction of India is very much involved in the cabal agenda.

With the "moon landing" we have India coming to the fore as a "superpower" but also, like the Rothschilds, we have Indians as leaders in 1st world countries, as PM of the UK, Ireland, First Minister of Scotland, and probably on the way to an Indian as US President in 2024 with Vivek Ramaswamy - now exposed as a paid off Obama-like paid for President of the USA, via the corrupted election process. In fact the invader aliens who came to this planet known as Elohim, went to India first and became the devas according to Clif High.


Watch Video Documentary. 25 mins. RECOMMENDED.

5G Just before all the 5G towers were set up, boxes 18" x 22" were made to attach to the towers

which created a magnetic field which changes the frequencies from the harmful 60 hz to the beneficial 432 hertz frequencies. Millions of these boxes were created. They were marked as 'Covid 19'.


Watch Video 48 mins.


12 mins. Watch Video.

Earth Caught In the Path of a Dwarf Star

A Q-info source - the good side, quantum computer, has said in a recent video : Earth is (like it is) part of a binery star system - the sun and a brown dwarf star somewhere else which pulls it off in a sort of oblong shape orbit. Then it straightens up again. This is what we have been explaining for most of the last 20+ years but Earth is not meant to be part of that dead star. But it is pulling on the planet until the planet in its cycle, gets to 'straighten up' again. As it does 'straighten up' - which it does - then the Earth becomes cold again. However,if it was aligned correctly to the 'Living Waters' the Eternal Source, there would not be an 'ice age' or upheavals in 12,000 years time.

The current 'Ascension' of the planet is when it draws away from that oblong orbit which is pulling Earth into the path of a dwarf star. This cycle has happened any number of times before, so this time now is NOT the end of the story. It is just the safer part of the Earth's cycle. That means the planet still returns to that false path/oblong orbit.

Eventually the dwarf/dead star is going to pull this planet entirely into its orbit, at which time those people/souls who are still aligning that way will not be able to get to an 'eternal life' system, but will be drawn into the dead star. That remains at most of the population of this planet. Read More. NEW.

"THE BEATLES CONSPIRACY" FT. MIKE WILLIAMS 8/9/23. Is it or isn't it? Watch Video.

NEW Watch this Twitter Video!

It's true. I watched it Live. When Biden and Harris + spouses had their photos taken on the steps it was completely empty. When I checked the youtube later, there were soldiers added and many people. Biden walking amongst crowds etc to the inauguration place, but when it happened, as watched Live, there was nothing. When his motorcade drove away, there were soldiers and marines etc who turned their backs as the cars drove past, a few units remained facing. What this is, is going to be a shock to most people in the world..

The origin of the 'Freemasons' was in Egypt, during that phase of history.

We are looking into more about the people kicked out of Egypt then Palestine who went to the Americas 3,500 years ago and then 2,000 years ago. Earlier researchers in the info marathon of 2020 was someone called Charlie Freak who presented a great deal of information which identified these ones as an ancient Kazarian nation from near today's Russia and identified these as the 'cabal'. This work covered that these are the ones who went to the Americas 3,500 years ago and basically are a 'secret people' who were the world's 'secret government'. More.


NEW. I have been through our news page on the Biden topic for 2020 and 2021 and the majority of the links have been removed. It is interesting that the Bobulinski press interview pre testimony was still there, and his interview with Tucker Carlson. Hunter's laptop was mostly porn and coke but also he kept emails and files of info on 'business dealings' in case he needed 'protection'. There were graphic and explicit pictures from Hunters laptop which include Malia Obama. These were published by the Chinese G News who also had the laptop hardrive!

NEW. There was a doco titled 'Riding the Red Dragon'.

This doco can be found but no longer at the link I had. Also a news item from 2020 from the Washington Times which also has the youtube full doco. Read More/Watch Video.


The 1800's was not all that long ago. They had beginning movies later in that timeframe which filmed major cities in Europe. Jane Austen lived at the beginning of the 1800's and Charles Dickens lived midway of the 1800's. France and Russia produced exceptional literature during that time, and Russia also produced exceptional music. There is no time link between the 1800's and the building of the pyramids. We all had relatives who lived during this time, who fought in WW1 who were born when Queen Victoria was Queen of England. There is a book and discussion running currently that says a great world civilization was wiped out in the 1800's. There may have been something that happened in the American continent but it was not worldwide. Or at least the UK, Europe, Russia, China and Africa did not experience this. Whatever this story is that is being told, it is not from this current Great Cycle, although might have been 12,000 years ago when the tectonic plates did crash into each other and push up mountain ranges. .


Those fleeing Egypt 3,500 years ago DID go to the Americas as the maps (portolans) existed. (The portolans were the world maps of a great seafaring civilization from before 12,000 years ago, including the land continent of Antarctica without ice.) They also went there after the Diaspora at the beginning of the last millennium 2,000 years ago. The ships of the Knights Templar sailed to the Americas throughout the next thousand years until the great crackdown on the Templars and execution of Jacques de Molay the leader in the 13th century. After that time, the victors of that event gained access to those maps and Columbus etc sailed to 'discover' the Americas. Those putting out this Tartarian story are hiding the existence of who these people really were, and also making them heros.

Actually, it is really interesting that these 'builders' from ancient Egypt did go to the Americas. That was 3,500 years ago and does tie in with the existence of the Mayans, along with carrying out all their savage sacrifices and cutting out live human hearts. According to the video above these ones may have used mercury to produce their electricity. I wonder how many people who have come forward as the leaders in the USA are from families who have lived there for 3,500 years.

Those giving out information now should not be from the ranks of the very uneducated. It comes from many sources but includes the 'Crowhouse' man. If we make this the basis for information then the world will never move forward to a higher state of being. Back earalier in 2020 a person called Charlie Freak did some great videos shpwing the Kazarians were the 'cabal' behind the agenda and protocols of Zion.

The new phase of this planet is not a 'clean slate' where all people from the current consciousness can come up with ideas.

A perfect formula for how a civilization and world can live in harmony and successfully already exists. It is what was targeted and corrupted - successfully because people did not understand that formula. Let those who are advanced be that example, because if people just muddle through they remain mixed up and that means they can be controlled by the 'dark'.Read More.


Watch Video. 1 minute.


The Khazarians aka Freemasons

were kicked out of Greek operated Egypt, which was originally called Khemalot, at the time of the Exodus, around 3,500 years ago This was also the time of Pharaoh Akhenaten and it is believed these early Masons, like those today, always linked their identity to a good source, to hide their own identity. The Khazarians are the identity recently revealed as the cabal behind the depopulation agenda and the CBDC slavery of those remaining. This appears to be what is happening now with the introduction of 'Tartaria'. The Tartars of Russia are by no means unknown. But it looks like the Khazak cabal are representing themselves to be these people. Certainly it was the Khazaks who had all the advanced buildings and civilization, as did the Anunnaki-Reptilians - all the same people who worship the 'goddess' because that is the negative polarity. The Romanov Russian royal family were not bad people. They were brutally murdered by the Bolsheviks in July 1918. The Bolsheviks were the ones behind introducing the Marxist-Communist Order which became the Soviet Union under Lenin. They were helped, and financed by the Khazarian cabal in America. The Romanov's were a mild husband and wife, four daughters in their teens Olga, Tatiana, Marie, and Anastasia and a young son who had a blood disease known as hemophilia. Their murder is one of the saddest stories in true history. They could have been given asylum in Britian but King George V would not allow it. This has to raise questions, that he would allow his cousins to be murdered in this way, because there was no other destiny for them if not given asylum. Read More.

July 29th


Watch Video 38 mins. T

More of the new diversity coming future world. These things think they are cool. What an embarrassment.

Monty Python - Constitutional Peasants Scene From the film 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'. Great sketch. But we think the spiritual side of the existence of this planet raises additional questions. For one thing, the cabal has used the 'ignorant masses' to vote the way they want them too. Look at what happened in Ukraine, as an example.

Do you know why it is so hot, and getting hotter?

It is because over the last decades the Magnetosphere which surrounds this planet and blocks the heat, has been getting thinner and thinner and therefore letting in more heat. It does this when the planet is about to reverse its poles. That is about to happen, then the Magnetosphere rebuilds to what it was.

This natural process of the planet has been used by those wanting to introduce a new Marxist-communist system under the banner of 'climate change'. That system includes the 'social credit score', basic universal income, 15 minute cities, and the digital currency that is not gold or asset backed, but is entirely fiat currency - numbers added from thin air. THIS is what has been STOPPED from happening and is the war that is still currently in place, and publically began with covid. Now we are seeing a gradual and natural seeming transition playing out. Surely better than the Marxist-Communist slavery planned? For those unaware of that plan, what these monsters wanted is being introduced but it is running alongside the 'good agenda' which is gradually taking place, so when everything collapses and all looks bad, the new system (which includes the BRICS) will be in place, and ready to go with an answer that 'saves the day'. .

More news from 'alternative sources' on the 'lost history'. At last we now know that the Cherokee Indians of North America were the real Romans.

So it was the Cherokees who invaded Britain 2,000 years ago and built those amazing straight roads, the most famous of which was the Watling Street. And all those 'Roman' artifacts we used to dig up, and coins with emperors and the language of Latin (an extremely complex language incidentally as anyone who has ever learned it knows) were all from the Cherokees. They showed what they looked like with their statues and artwork (mosaics) but so too were the mumified bodies from the Roman town of Pompeii after the volcanic eruption destroyed it. Just think, they also built the Colosseum in Rome and produced the entire culture of that time. Like the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius', and also had control of Ancient Palestine at the time of Jesus. It was the Cherokee Indians after all. Watch Video.

This is what the ancient "Cherokee Indians" looked like! (Apparently).. New Link.


Said to be real. Obama's Kenyan passport.


To lighten up things a bit, it can be commented on how in at least this part of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta,

so many women are out in public wearing shapewear as outer wear (it is underwear.) The saucer shaped pads the underwear has to make the bottom look more 'pert' does not stay in place as expected. It sticks out like two saucers at odd angles.

There is also the number of women of all ages, wearing almost transparent, thin leggings as if they are outerwear. They are not outerwear unless made specifically as outerwear. No matter how comfortable they feel, they look grotesque. I walked behind one older lady in her 50's in a shopping mall. She had a massive, shapeless backside and the leggings which may have looked a kind of cream colour in their unworn state, once on looked completely transparent,. Goodness knows what was on show from the front, but from behind she looked like she had just stepped out of the shower and forgotten to put clothes on. These women seem to have no basic level of awareness.


This work has links on the 'Upper Universe' page to Antarctica and the Nazi technology which the plans existed for in the BOOKS kept in the Austrian Secret Societies as well as kept by the Hapsburg rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - a very significant empire which was successfully removed by WW1. In the 1940's only the Germans had a base in Antarctica and they continued after the end of the war to build high tech ET type craft. There were two US missions to Antarctica led by Admiral Byrd, one in the late 40's and one a few years later in the 50's said to include battle with Nazis who were there AND had vastly superior craft coming out of the water then flying, using high tech weaponry that clearly Project Paperclip did not have. These are what were captured by the Americans and reverse engineered. From this, they have gone to the Cabal side. The Germans are not at all the only base in Antarctica now. It has been controlled by the Cabal - and that is not the Nazis. I have met Admiral Byrd's grandson and attended a very interesting presentation he made.


The term foo fighter was used by Allied aircraft pilots during World War II to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over both the European and Pacific theaters of operations


'Synthetic human embryos' were created using stem cells. What are they, and why were they made?


News article : https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2023-06-21/synthetic-embryo-explainer-stem-cell-based-model/100014926 Posted to ABC News website on June 20th but the video on this story was uploaded to youtube 2 years ago.

It looks like the story is promoting a way for these embryos to be legally developed into --what? The law currently only allows for them to exist for 14 days. In reality, they are already developig humans bred in this way...........as shown in the film Matrix and as it was in 'Brave New World'. Not requiring a biological mother and father. Som people now want this to be legal.


NEW Agenda 21 Explained in 2 MinutesRECOMMENDED.


And the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 Paperback




Also known as the 'Anu' and 'Anus'. and probably also those known as Elohim. Basically those from the blown up planet who came here, those who had gone into reverse, which is what was happening on that planet - Maldek. Not everyone on the planet had gone into reverse. Once they realized they had separated from their soul level and broken the connection, they then understood that there was no way back. That is why they want the HUMAN DNA and biology. They wanted to create bodies they could use to get a soul back and return to 'Eternal Life'.

*Remember to scroll down to see the pictures of the fake "coronation".


https://www.bitchute.com/video/A8e29K25fL4/ 1 min. Its funny, we are humans! Why do these nutjobs (even famous ones) think that all this instant knowledge stuff is better? Like scientists, even Stephen Hawking who thought going into the portal to the 'black hole (that we have mentioned) was good. These ones thought this was going to be great for everyone, the planet or what?

Christian & 'Ashram' Organizations Requiring the Jab.

It is well known that most of the Christian fundamentalist organizations told their people to get the jab. It was believed that the leaders in many cases were part of the agenda. A quick search= has also shown that many Indian based ashrams or places where westerners used to go for the 'ashram' were also requiring a jab, and for the 2023 visit schedule of one I looked at still require the jab. As far as we know the information on the intention of the jab has been for Depopulation. It has created ssterility, infertitilty, more miscarriages and still births, and people suddenly dying. Why those who have 'died suddenly' were the ones affected that way is perhaps unknown. Why those ones and not others? Or not others yet? The fact is, these are the results of the jab. This is what has happened. But not in the massive numbers we all expected. The dropping dead happens over a longer period of time, and the number of deaths increase as the numbers of humans on the planet decrease. Question is, why did these spiritual organizations require the jab? Did they not know, or were they part of it? Neither answer is a good one! Maybe you can check with any spiritual organization you are with and see if they required the jab?


- Elon Musk is incorrect when he says the world is underpopulated and the new births are not replacing the numbers. There never were as many people on the planet as there are now, so it is not a matter of replacing the numbers.


- At this point in the planet's 25,000+ year cycle it passes very near to a portal into the supermassive Black Hole at the centre of this galaxy. This is the danger. The Black Hole is a strong MAGNETIC force and the force to pull the planet into the portal is magnetic. This is a problem until Earth changes to positive. The planet is currently passed most of that danger and is pulling upward, away and out of it. This portal is located (seen from) near Antarctica.

Those who were in control of the planet would have navigated the planet into that portal. However the 'good side' took control from 2017 and are keeping the planet on its correct route which is upward and away from the portal. Once out of this negative reverse energy level, the planet will become the 'positive' charge and eventually rotate its correct way which is clockwise. This is being navigated right now. Buckminster Fuller once described the Earth as 'spaceship Earth'.

- The 4th Universe, the Astral,

is something like a computer and you can use your mind to control that computer and create realities. This is the problem. Being stuck in a universe where you can do that! This ability is the reason souls became trapped here.  There were a number of scenarios that were to happen at the 'End Times'. One of them was the 'space visitors' arrival. Like everything else that was activated for this time, those schooled or experientially programmed for that are now coming forward and preparing for it.  

You would NEVER see a Grenadier Guard - one of the royal guards dressed in red with the busby hats - walking about outside the palace even without the hat. The one that happened to pass in an unrelated video that I saw, is an actor/extra who went out still in costume. They are called crisis actors. The ones you see on TV news stories and think they are real news stories.

May 12th

The 'Grim Reaper' at the "Coronation" - it's called 'Taking the Piss'

This ceremony is the work of those now in control, trying to Wake Up the mind controlled masses. They are probably in hysterics about the made up scripts and that people are not questioning it. There would NEVER be a 'verger' crossing like this, nor would there be 'soldiers' marching about in the nave. The royal Grim Reaper. Above is a stage set. This picture below is the real Westminster Abbey.

And look at that floor.....Next picture is a Verger's robe for Westminster Abbey. Can have colours but no hood.



May 10th

There are 5 universes. The one You are in is the 4th - The Astral.

The one this planet never actually reaches is the 5th Universe - a Higher Level. The planet was supposed to be in the 5th Universe but after it's axis was broken it slipped into the 4th, the Astral Universe. The planet does not ever reach the 5th universe by its 'Ascending' as you know it falls again and continues its cycle.


The Astral Universe is a different physical structure, so can have multiple dimensions and 'omni universes' but they are part of the 4th Universe. The Astral Universe. There are also many different alien races in this universe as the star systems can be inhabted. Most of them are ;highly developed' with technology because they use the eitr the 'black poison' energy from the black hole to create their technology. That is why they are in the Astral Universe and also why it is called the energy stream or Path of the Intellect. It is filled with AI.The spiritual path is to get out of the Astral Universe. The 5th Universe is not filled with myriad forms of star beings with 'advanced technology'



May 5th

The UK now has King Charles and "Queen" Camilla

who by rights should correctly be the Queen Consort not the Queen which makes this the crowning of one of the 'royal mistresses' from a lineage of 'royal mistresses'! The BBC does not have the story of this coronation on the World News, but is on the UK BBC. The only person who should, and was correct to be 'Queen' here, is Diana. This is a farce, surely not accepted by the 'British people' as indicated. Mind you, there are no longer many actual 'British people' who exist in Britain. If Camilla was actually crowned a Queen then she would have had to take one of the traditional and acceptable names for a Queen. For example, King Edward V!!!'s name was David.


May 2nd


https://www.bitchute.com/video/HLwjebmiPp2X/ * This person is not unlike many others




May 1st.


https://www.bitchute.com/video/Htfr2YENIkW8/ 1 minute 43 seconds,


https://www.bitchute.com/video/aBQuchi6o5Xr/ "The understanding is, there is a recording of Hitler talking in a conversational voice and that voice recording was plugged into the AI, then translated the speech to English and this is the result of how the AI calculated Hitler would sound speaking perfect English." There surely have to be questions about what was really intended. The Nazis were definitely against the cabal. It is hardly likely that Angela Merkle was his daughter unless she turned against her father.

April 15th

It is recommended to go onto the Starlink satellites for the internet.

When the blackouts happen everything will go, but the Starlink satellites will still be running, so information can be communicated throughout the 10 - 30 days when everything has gone dark. This is expected 'very soon'.

"You can lead a dumb ass to water, but you cannot make him think".

NEW 'AMERICA IS GOING THROUGH PUBERTY' https://www.bitchute.com/video/pQKqQEj_Tr0/ 49 seconds.


April 5th


https://www.bitchute.com/video/0p8-c_54HTA/ Also good comments from Tim about being able to 'think for yourself' and more.

Both video clips.

More from Matt Walsh - good comments.

First listen to these observant comments : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6xN0z0SsJY 'Sam Smith's Disgusting New Video. 'April 5th

Another name for the Luciferian religion is 'Sirius'.

The Glass-Steagall Act.

(March 23rd)The Glass-Steagall Act, part of the Banking Act of 1933, was landmark banking legislation that separated Wall Street from Main Street by offering protection to people who entrust their savings to commercial banks. Millions of Americans lost their jobs in the Great Depression, and one in four lost their life savings after more than 4,000 U.S. banks shut down between 1929 and 1933, leaving depositors with nearly $400 million in losses. The Glass-Steagall Act prohibited bankers from using depositors’ money to pursue high-risk investments. The Glass-Steagall Act set up a firewall between commercial banks, which accept deposits and issue loans, and investment banks that negotiate the sale of bonds and stocks.The act was effectively undercut by looser restrictions in the deregulatory environment of the 1980s and 1990s. It was repealed in 1999. This is what allowed Wall Street to use the money of normal everyday depositors. This set the stage for the final economic collapse.

Coming off the Gold Standard

Another help towards the coming collapse was the US dollar being taken off the gold standard. .Currency is fiat money, not backed by gold. It is magical numbers manufactured from thin air. In 1971, then President Nixen took the US off the gold standard, supposedly temporarily, but it has remained like that. That means the money you have in the banks is basically worthless - it is not backed by any valuable commodity.

During the time of Nixen's presidency, is also when Kissenger secretly went to China to meet with Mao Tse Tung, and an arrangement was made for China to flourish and become the 'success model' for a new communist system for the USA, and the world, following a planned economic crash. This was part of what the Great Reset was to be.



(2018 remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6losoE1s4c

Average Humans are basically like sheep.

They wait to be told or shown what is happening in their world. They get shaken up a bit - find they are on the way to the slaughterhouse, and panic - then that changes, so they get complacent again, and pretend to themselves there never was anything that shook them in the first place! If they took note of what shook them up and researched the whole story, they would have a much clearer perspective than pretending there was nothing and waiting for it to surprise them again! But thats the weird thing. They don't research. They just wait. *The economists of the world are saying the banks are in trouble. 

The mRNA Jab Can Target Specific Gene Sequences.

like those with a positive MEF2A genetic marker are susceptable to myocardial infarction. Other things in the death cocktail can target other genetic markers, like cancers etc. It looks like this jab targets various gene sequences which are positive to develop these serious conditions in those who have the markers. This could explain why the deaths are happening as they are.

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, while RNA is ribonucleic acid. Although DNA and RNA both carry genetic information, there are quite a few differences between them

“Current levels by laboratory analysis shows 3% RNA and 0.3% DNA in Chlorellannnwhich would make Chlorella one of the highest known food substances in nucleic acids. Used regularly Chlorella would assist in the repair of damaged genetic material in human cells, protecting our health and slowing down the aging process….When our RNA and DNA are in good repair and able to function most efficiently, our bodies get rid of toxins and avoid disease. Cells are able to repair themselves, and the energy level and vitality of the whole body is raised….Chlorella has 5 times the RNA and DNA of canned sardines.” – Dr Bernard Jensen, D.O., Ph.D.



https://www.bitchute.com/video/bpHeUavSYSQj/ March 10 th

There was No 'Science' that backed up the "Jab"


Even an official medical notice at the bus stop here in Mexico where they didn't need to get it, says that it doesn't protect anyone from 'covid'.

Anyone Embracing Solstices and Equinoxes has Completely Not Understood Why the Earth is Fallen and On a 'False Path'.

Solstices and Equinoxes exist because of the fault that is the Fall which has aligned the planet with the Path of Duality and is therefore worshipped by the Luciferians etc because the existence of Solstices and Equinoxes gives them power and the ability to be here. So simple to understand this so why don't most people know it? Whether understood or not, ignore them. In the world/planet aligned to 'True' they do not and cannot exist.Those who cannot understand something as simple as this is are going to remain on the 'Wheel of Rebirth' a very long time! 

Also people seem unaware that the only spiritual goal is to get out of this damaged 'false reality' and find the True Reality. This reality will always be part of the 'false reality' meaning both sides of the duality are always false.

The recurring problem of returning to the 'Wheel of Rebirth and thus encountering the Path of Death again, could easily have been solved via the information this work gave out since the 2000's. What we did notice though just as there is now a consciousness that thinks it can dismiss actual FACTS as being an opinion, people seemed to think they could also dismiss FACTS and choose a 'belief' or storyline that appealed to them, and make that their belief!

It is extremely SIMPLE to understand the problem that has occurred with this planet, but no-one is saying it is simple to get free from that problem and the ties into that lower realm energy stream. It is very hard to do so. If anyone has had the privilege of being shown why the problem exists, then it pretty much borders on stupidity to not understand it! Sorry, but it is. *This is explained again on our front page SOUND project.

(This topic came up again because Sacha Stone is presenting an online conference on the day of the Summer Sostice in June.)



https://www.bitchute.com/video/ACulWYF1D1UX/ 45 seconds showing Buckingham Palace in London is empty and boarded up. There are also more videos showing this from 2 and 3 years ago. There are some kind of Gurkha guards but the actual guards should be the ones in this photograph and every day there used to be an elaborate ceremony for the 'changing of the guard'. This emptiness NEVER happens and shows something that has not been made known publically has taken place, probably from 2019. There are films from the 1890's which show this has NEVER happened. Like Washington DC's emptiness and the White House also empty since January 2021. We were told that the world would be watching a 'movie' for the years from Jan. 2021 until the world system actually crashes. The Vatican in Rome has been cleared out too. The 3 places running the world were the City of London (an area within London) Washington DC, and the Vatican. This all took place from 2017 and the US is currently under a military government.

Earth has been 'switched OFF' but is about to change and 'switch ON'.

Earth is a battery. It runs on an electrical circuit which basically and for the intent of this description, runs downwards for around 12,500 years, then changes and the current runs upwards for around 12,500 years.

Right now at this time, the planet is about to make that change from running downwards to upwards.

"Earth's core may have started to spin in the other direction."

This work considers that the coming changes are awaiting the planet's electrical change to 'positive'. The news item heading above is from 2 hours ago of adding this Jan. 25th 2023. It looks like this may be about to happen. That is, 'soon', likely not months but weeks away.

This would lead to the expected shutdown, blackouts, and the emergency broadcast.



https://www.bitchute.com/video/YBFxiN4ysep3/ Jan.18th.

The Unfolding Plan Comes from the Supercomputer.

Donald Trump is only one of the players, not the architect of the plan.

The ‘Digital Age’ is NOT the future. It is the PAST.


The 'Voluntary Euthanasia Programme' - via Mind Control

The cabal want people to go out and kill themselves - which they have done in the millions, but not as many as who would have done. Those who are well and truly mind controlled say things like 'I don't want to hear any more about covid' - as if it is so overwhelming they simply cannot take it; then things like 'let's party and forget everything' or tune into their cell phones and 'switch off'. This is MIND CONTROLLED thinking and very unnatural, and the key is in the sense that it is all 'too overwhelming' for them to think about - and that becomes successful Mind Control.

They say this nonsense because they are controlled. No-one thinking normally and for themselves says things like these examples. These ones have undertaken 'Voluntary Euthanasia', that is, killed themselves. It takes 3 - 5 years before they too will just drop dead. Other successful 'Thought Control' is 'that's negative thinking, I only think happy positive thoughts' - as said by my friend Joanne 4 times jabbed and ready to drop dead, although she does not believe it. What is a belief anyway but something that has no factual basis to it but is defended as if it is real? The numbers of people in the SADS category - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome will increase over time to millions. Then they will begin to notice.


"'We are seeing a society with a lot more people of lower IQ and a lot fewer people of higher IQ,

in other words a dumbing down of society.....The more dumbed down people are, without them being aware of it, the more the cult can get away with it."

Dumbing down through the music industry.

Current music is sound and also a frequency used to entrain a particular - low level - brainwave pattern.

Previous NEWS page.




A Look at The Pleiades

also known as The Seven Sisters, Messier 45 (Messiah - M'Essiah/Isaiah) is an open star cluster. "It derives its English name from Greek legend. The Pleiades are the seven daughters of the Titan god Atlas and the ocean nymph Pleione. During an ancient war, Atlas rebelled against Zeus, the king of the gods, who sentenced his foe to forever hold up the heavens on his shoulders." No other constellation in the sky has been subjected to so many myths, legends, and folklore in almost every culture on the planet, and this constellation lies closest to Earth which is considered as once being the 8th sister star.

In fact the etheric sphere that became part of this unique planet Earth - unique because it ascends out of the 'false reality' then returns again so more souls can get out - may have been one of the higher level spheres which came here from another higher realm without any fault as happened in this galaxy. This galaxy has a fault. Most people will go off on other side paths within the illusion, and some will find the only way to get out - but remember. the standards are high! A Higher Consciousness understands how to relate in the world in ways that are respectful and considerate of others.


'True' God is not asleep.




Eternal God is LIFE......

and when the Eternal GOD sings or laughs those who are aligned will move according to that Sound.

This is why we give some specific music as an aid to develop your hearing of sound through the right side.



Recent Videos from this news page.

Climate-Metaverse - the Black Hole New Reality and Lure.




Vaccine info page.
The NUREMBERG Code . PANDEMIC DEPOPULATION PLAYBOOK: OPERATION LOCKSTEP https://realnewsuk.com/2021/Rockefeller.pdf
Graphene Oxide - in the jab. 1 min. Teslaphoresis


Democrat Strategy to 'Steal the Election' - A Coup d'etat - copy of the document.


Information, film, audio, documents, and photos from Hunter (Joe's son) Biden's laptop.

Solar Activity
Intro to The the Dark Plan Named Covid.


Plus :


10 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/737ho478Danf/

Non compliance advice - Get them to sign if giving the vaccine'.

UK: VACCINE PASSPORT EXEMPTION 1 minute : https://www.bitchute.com/video/HnUIAsmQLUlR/

'Get them to sign if giving the vaccine'. https://www.bitchute.com/video/D9Isb6FBPCco/ 1 min.

The NUREMBERG Code also new video on your legal and medical rights on Vaccine info page.

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Solar Flare Updates Solar Activity . : Know your Common Law rights. http://www.soul-search.org/common.law.html . Vaccine . Covid page + ingredients in ' vaccine' : Covid-Vaccine link. PANDEMIC DEPOPULATION PLAYBOOK: OPERATION LOCKSTEP https://realnewsuk.com/2021/Rockefeller.pdf
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