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National Socialism and national sovereignty are the opposite of globalism.

There are definitely questions about what happened at the end of WW2 given the obvious reality that the globaists/ elite/Deep State/ Kazarian cabal have been in full charge of the world since that time! Put another way, the world did not become a world where those using usury and the banking system had been removed from all countries and were in their own designated land which at the time was intended to be Madagascar. This is where all those involved in the 'elder's protocol' agenda were intended to be relocated, and that all other countries would be doing what the BRICS are doing now. For this reason it seems unlikely that there were secret deals with those who were these same globslists, to rescue Hitler and work together from Argentina and Antarctca. That seems like disinformation. Operation Paperclip was not entirely what we have been told it was - bringing key Nazi scientists to the US to work on the A bomb and begin NASA. Obviously there are some key figues who were part of that like Wernher von Braun.

But there is also the question if he was an important 'Nazi scientist' or just represented to be that? The reality is the American and Russian sides gained much technology as the spoils of war, but not necessary the most important scientists. The stories of Hitler and his wife being in Argentina for a 3 day visit at an important hotel are take it or leave information. Most likely they would have remained anonymous. They would gone to a place prepared for them and assumed other identities. It is probably a certainty that they left Berlin on April 30th 1945, after some appointments with photos earlier that day. We all now know there are and were extensive tunnel systems connecting everywhere, presumably to Portugal and a submarine rendezvous. These tunnels and underground cities were not known at the time, and obviously those connected to the Hitler bunker would have been blown up.

Recently we have learned that Hitler was very aware of brainwashing and Mind Control being developed by the West (those behind the agenda) and used Dr Mengele to find a way to create soldiers who would not be affected by this. The overall information presents a different picture from what we have been told was happening there.

Various members of the British royal family like Edward V111 supported the national socialist movement, as did much of the aristocracy. Were these the ones who were equally worried about the usury and banks?

Germany was once divided into Prussia, Hesse, Hanoverians of Saxony etc and Austria was once the magnificent Austro-Hungarian Empire. Were there allegiances in one of those differing groups that were with the Bolsheviks and Kazarians, but the rest were not?

Hitler, from Austria, was not one of the blood sucking satanists and was highly cultured as were most of his highest commanders - supporters of opera, classical music, art and brilliant architecture etc and absolutely against the Marxist communisim of Russia, as well as Zionism and globalism. They closed down all the debauched 'Hollyweird' stuff like today's Hollywood that was happening in big cities like Berlin. If National Socialism supported all that is happening now to remove the 'cabal' - which it did - was it actually as it has been represented?

King Edward was removed from the throne via abdication supposedly because he wanted to marry the divoced Wallis Simpson, yet letters between her and her husband show they (Wallis and her husband) always planned to use her as a stepping stone to importance in the royal circle, not that she ever wanted to marry him. Her letters express that she did not want to marry him! That was orchestrated to remove him from the throne. Interestingly an news article for Sept. 2023 does cover that their marriage was extremely unhappy.

Much of this is covered in some of the recommended videos we have because it is very helpful to have knowledge of what really led to the Kazarian cabal being the real, but hidden winners of WW2.


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