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Some 4.5 billion years ago, the solar system was a giant game of cosmic pinball. During those early ages, a planetary body the size of Mars slammed into the still-forming Earth.

(Some sources say 3.8 billion years ago). The collision was so powerful, it broke apart that impacting protoplanet, and sent huge amounts of material into orbit around Earth—material that eventually coalesced into the moon. A new study suggests that during this impact, it left some of its material at the surface of the still-forming Earth, and that debris sank into our planet. (National Geographic.)

*This is very close to the information we had, but this planet was not 'still forming'. It was, and still is, a higher level 'etheric' planet which is why it was called Thera. The planet which hit here was part of the blown up planet (where the civilization blew it up through technology). It is believed that it was through this or through the winged beings who came to this planet from the exploded planet, who caused the tilted rotation of the physical density that is the planet you see as 'Earth'. Yet it is actually part of the higher level etheric, much larger planet.

The winged beings who came who came here, generally called 'reptilians', could enter this world because of the angle of the fall. They weren't 'angels', they were angles - and who in their right mind would call these beings angels? They are the Luciferians, and their underworld 'religion' is what ruled on Earth, and rules on Earth until this planet goes into its rising phase. However, the planet is like a 'wheel;' and it does fall again in about 12,000 years. The religion that always ruled on the fallen planet has been Luciferianism/satanism. They want their chunk of blown up planet to return to its 'black hole' destination, but it became part of a Higher Realm planet which won't let that happen. All the 'ancient religions' were Luciferian, including their 'temple whores'. Only when the Christ came did much of the world change to Love and Forgiveness, gentleness, honour and truthfullness. Someone DID actually bring these Teachings to this planet.

While the Bible states that we should love one another as fellow brothers and sisters,

that we keep our vows, are against sodomy and beastiality and sacrifices, do not lie, and do not go round killing others or everyone who is different etc, the Talmud states that all of these are okay, also okay to cheat and deceive and practice usury. All these things are also part of the actual practices of Luciferiansim too, and Freemasonry, at least in the form of 'Secret Orders' with requirements for going through 'degrees'.

Does the idea of 'God's people' (chosen people) also sound like a 'royal class' alongside people who do not matter, who can be used for sacrifices etc, and after sacrifice and cremation the ashes be used for fillers in food and allopathic medicine, or Sai Baba's vibhuti (because that is what it was)? "Vibhuti, also called bhasma or tirunīru, is sacred ash made of burnt dried wood, burnt cow dung and/or cremated bodies used in Agamic rituals."

There are the Christ Teachings - which do exist in other forms because they began from the same persecuted origin - but anything else is Luciferian. That is, anything that tells you to behave in uncaring, devious, or sexually explicit ways, is part of the 'old religion'.

The Christos Teaching / The Christ Teachings say explicitly to keep away from anything to do with 'channelling', so called spirit contacts, astral travel (it enters the wrong universe) and anything 'magic' - these are all part of the 'old religion'. They also say all the things that this work explained NOT to do.

Our current world is Luciferian, almost following it to the letter.

The previous 'old world' did extend across the planet, and has giant structures with giant sized doors etc. As you know, an ancient civilization also links back to 'Kazaria' in the region of Russia as its foundation. These people were technologically advanced, and their religion was the same one they practice today. Today, they are the 'cabal elite'.

This planet is damaged with a bent axis (or rod which is the backbone running through the central mass of the planet). This angle gives the access to the 'fallen universe (astral realm). As the planet fell off its axis, there was, obviously, a worldwide flood. It is also said everything became much smaller. Perhaps that was 12,000 years ago, or perhaps it took a few thousand years to actually tilt over. That is why and how 'this world' did begin 6,000 years ago, when the alignment was with Taurus.

Mankind, as it is now, was 'created' at that time, 6,000 years ago, possibly because the now fallen, tilted over planet did need rebuilding? The world/planet before that tilt (and resultant flood) happened, was using the 'eitr' - the 'black poison' - and was not obeying 'True, Eternal God'. However, that may in fact be the story of how it was on the planet which blew up, then a fragment hit here. and it began again. However, the 25,000 year cycle of this planet here in the location of having hit and blended with part of a different, Higher Realm planet, offers the opportunity for souls to choose that Higher Reality.

***Vast numbers of the people incarnated now and for recent generations are souls from the blown up, fallen planet. Few have questioned the way people behave in 'this world' and vast numbers have embraced it. They are the same fallen souls who have not progressed. They are called Indigos. It refers to the 'darkness' that mysteriously exists in the region of the 3rd Eye - yet also explained and warned about in ancient literature. They knew, but today people don't know this.

The teachings and beliefs that belong with this 'darkness' are the Luciferian Religion, which people genuinely believed to be the the real thing. They somehow contacted the 'dark god' and mistook it for God. It does want death and sacrifices etc. This is the 'god' which instructed the Talmud as just one ancient documented source of everything that goes with the same 'elite cabal's' beliefs. And they came from a country located in today's Russia, including Siberia.

The topic of Luciferian Programming

Those who have progressed and evolved will find they question what this current world is, and want to look further. Most will easily be distracted by stories of connections to ancient aliens within this astral universe.

Human souls are NOT 'the collective' or the 'hive' and the 'new age' was 'Anu Age' because the Ascension of the planet is not called anything but the planet's Ascension Phase. Some, in far fewer numbers, will be those who are from the Higher World anyway, and they definitely question what this world is.




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