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Spells, Magic & Witchcraft in the Music & Entertainment Industry

Code and symbolism are important aspects of the 'secret arts' of witchcraft and magic.

A few decades ago the CODE in the Bible was cracked.

That was how information was passed on to the future world which is our time now. There was a Bible Code (good code).. As an example, the Bible code wrote of Princess Diana and the date she would die. Human bodies are a Genetic Code, and DNA is a code. For this reason altered code can be added into the body and humans could become something else, for example no longer biological humans, but Transhumans - biological-machines (cyborgs).

Witchcraft requires Rituals which work on a subconscious level.

People think they are simply at a music concert but the stage show is actually a literal satanic ritual which looks like a stage show.

Face painting just a fun thing, or crazy stage make up? No, these are a Symbolic language with meaning. and an important part of casting spells.

Recent examples of actual rituals, have been Sam Smith at the 2023 Grammys, also Beyonce, and Taylor Swift shows. The list is endless. For the Luciferians it is literally to bring in their 'dark forces' (like in voodoo etc) but it is good for them if they can get masses of people involved in a ritual without them knowing they they are. For example the Travis Scott concert a few years ago where a number of people died, was a satanic ritual.

Some intro info : The agenda is pushing transgenderism and clowns are an ancient thing related to summoning up demons and today represent part of child sex trafficking and sacrifice. Disney was about this and pedophilia.

This video is a production, quite short, about the use of pop music for casting the spells of satanism and witchcraft. It's not too bad, ok to start at the beginning but it may take a few minutes to move beyond being what looks like could be a very average look at this subject. It does move on to tell you actual realities. It shows some of Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, he was originally the drummer with Nirvana. It shows Taylor Swift who was originally a country and western singer on stage with a guitar, but had a huge hit with 'Shake it Up' and she was then repackaged as shown.

The topic is literally the Luciferian religion - a real and wide spread religion - and how it operates. It is not conjecture, it is how it IS doing this because it is now known. All these beliefs are written in the Jewish Talmud - these are their beliefs and religion BUT ordinary, everyday Jews are not that belief and follow the Torah not the Talmud.


Tells you a lot about what all 'young people' are experiencing thru the music industry etc (kids being under 10 into early 20's but also happening for the last 30+ years especially). mentions Helter Skelter which is Babylonian Magic (its a Beatle song). This production is observant, and I think it is helpful in understanding the 'dream' level that all of this is happening. No need to be confused once you 'get it'. Its all been programming.

Watch Video

Another name for working on the subconscious level is Mind Control.

An example of human sacrifice is Paul McCartney a massively loved person across the entire world and a force for good, who was replaced by a 'Judas' - one of theirs, probably an initiate of Aleister Crowley, but nevertheless, part of one of their 'secret orders'. This is what the entertainment industry is about, and it is especially potent for casting spells through pop music and concerts.

For the SOUND PROJECT notice how people are, behave, and what they experience with current concerts.

Then notice that with the Pink Floyd concerts the comments are that there was absolute silence as people left as if they had just had a spiritual experience. This is completely different, and positive.


Two things to notice about the post 1966 version of 'Paul McCartney' In an interview he says he was asked to join the band which was already formed. This is true because in September 1966 this person went with his girlfriend maggie to Paris to meet with Brian Epstein where he was asked to replace Paul who had died about a week earlier in a car crash. Theese details given here are from a published article at that time. Secondly, he says in another interview that he felt he contributed to the work of the later Beatles and that 'they produced some good work together'. Which they did. But he was referring to his contribution from after 1966. When he was with the band he did contribute to some good work. The issue is that he is not the original Paul McCartney.

Did Paul McCartney die in 1966?

We now know there was a 'breaking news' announcement on American TV on Sept. 12th 1966 saying one of The Beatles had been killed in a car crash. This was never again repeated on the news. British Intelligence advised that this should be kept quiet because of the danger that unknown numbers of grief stricken fans might commit suicide. It is also understood that this was then discussed with the surviving Beatles, and separately with John Lennon in a meeting in Paris on Sept. 18th 1966, (he was making a film in Germany).

They all agreed that they should continue on as if everything was normal, not for the money but because of the fans. They would only do studio albums and they would accept a Paul lookalike, a musician who had been Paul's double, recruited for their US tour in 1965. The replacement was meant to look as if it was still Paul, and then eventually, they would retire and fade away. But the replacement 'Fake Paul' did not fade away. He was successully accepted as Paul by the public. The Beatles continued to 1969 but the Fake Paul continued and created a career as 'Paul McCartney'. There was nothing anyone could say, because they had gone along with it, and they had signed the Official Secrets Act. The reason they had agreed had been to save lives.

Thereafter the replacement was in the position to use that to his advantage. This can clearly be seen with the first interview on December 20th 1966. The video link is on the 'McCartney' page.

There is a free audio book that can be downloaded. Go to McCartney page More is added towards the end just above the references, under 'Some More Anomalies' - you can also see the fake Paul's first appearance 3 months after the real McCartney died.

In real Paul's last interviews just 4 months earlier he says he likes all the screaming girls even though it is loud. Its okay. Fake Paul says something different in this first interview, and his personality is very serious. But with this video the real information is in seeing how the other Beatles are, plus they don't know what is planned for their future and Ringo thinks they may be doing their own thing. In reality, this is when 'Fake Paul' already had the concept for a fictional band Sgt. peppers' and had most of the songs written. The video is only a couple of minutes. Worth a look.

Fake Paul's next interview is recorded in January 1967 for British TV and it aired in March. He is still this very different character, and his personality is again very serious.. By August and The Beatles visit to the Maharishi guru his appearance is improved. There is also a short video showing the real Paul - who is definitely cute and appealing with a good personality, and the dour replacement.(Faul does improve after this time.) Also worth a look, as is the one of 'Paul' wearing a mask, hopefully still there as I had to search for another copy after the one I had was removed.

By the way, the Mick Jagger in the 'Spell' video doco is not Jagger, that is a mask.

Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness'

The real issue with 'Paul McCartney' is that this is a talented musician and could be the real Paul McCartney,

yet it is not at all implausible that there was a car accident and a person died. It happens.

But not usually to a massively famous young man, with millions of female fans literally in love with him, and at the height of his career.

It is that he was successfully replaced and everyone believed it was still him. That is the reason it is questioned, or not believed."

Yet someone, or even the other Beatles have tried, and someone is still trying to get this information known. This is what Mind Control does, it decieves and makes it that you cannot see what has happened. Such as what they planned for humanity.

We now know there was a 'breaking news' announcement on American TV on Sept. 12th 1966 saying one of The Beatles had been killed in a car crash. This was never again repeated on the news. At the very least British Intelligence would have advised that this should be kept quiet because of the danger of unknown numbers of fans being so grief stricken they would commit suicide.

It is also understood that this was discussed with the surviving Beatles who agreed that they should continue on as if everything was normal,

but only doing studio albums and they would accept a Paul lookalike, a musician who had been Paul's double, recruited for their US tour in 1965. The replacement was meant to look as if it was still Paul, and then eventually, they would retire and fade away. But the replacement 'Fake Paul' did not fade away. He was successully accepted as Paul by the public. The Beatles continued to 1969 but the Fake Paul continued and created a career as 'Paul McCartney'. There was nothing anyone could say, because they had gone along with it - but the reason for that had been to save lives.

This interview is with ITV (British TV) Tuesday Dec. 20th /1966.

It is 3 months after Paul died (or maybe 6 weeks) and this is now 'Faul'. The news is that The Beatles might be splitting up or going their own ways. It seems like a prepared interview, they are expecting it, and you can see how they each do this.

(Including John's response that 'we all get on very well' which is an odd thing to say. From the way he says that, they clearly weren't.)

Incidentally, an article was published just weeks after this interview saying that Paul had died, and it had first been mentioned in the autumn of 1966, and obviously a lot of people knew about it. After that, nothing more was said, and nothing mentioned until a song by Terry Knight is released in Spring 1969 after he had been to Apple Corps about a contract. He returned with a song that seems to say they had been trying to tell the world this is not the same Paul, but the world keeps missing it.

On Sgt Pepper' the opening song introduces 'Billy'. Billy Shears means 'Billy's here'.

Go to page These videos are added towards the end just above the references, under 'Some More Anomalies'

It seems Billy was there, near The Beatles from their days in Hamburg Germany, and this person speaks excellent German. ***It looks to us as if 'Billy Shears' - a real person - worked for British Intelligence. (And that's the McCartney you see today who has just days ago held shows in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Australia!)


I have always had an interest in things like the code breaking of the German's Enigma Code

during WW2 which took place as a secret operation at Bletchley Park. It was still under the 'Official Secrets Act' until about the 1990's. In an interview "Paul McCartney" says that his uncle used to create the crosswords for major newspapers. In WW2 'Military Intelligence' then known as the SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) needed everyone who could break codes and/or write code. If William's uncle could write crosswords (and be employed by top newspapers after the war) then he undoubtedly would have worked in that capacity during the war. William was already connected to the MI-5 and MI-6 intelligence world.

Below is the intro to a strange autobiography 'Memoirs of Billy Shears' first released 9/9/09 which is a first person account of how Billy replaced the member of a fantastically famous Liverpool band when one of the members was killed in 1966. He is the Billy Shears introduced by Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, on that album. Billy Shears means 'Billy's here'.

For the book of the 'Memoirs' below, this was written as a book as a first person narrative. This book was published first in 2009 and to this day it is still speculation about the real, original Paul. But someone is going to a great deal of effort to make this known - there is a free download audio book of this which I am soon going to get - and it isn't 'Billy' who is trying to make this known.

** More NEW added under 'Billy Pepper and the Pepperpots'.

Was the iconic 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' written by British Intelligence agent William Shepherd?

The Amazon intro to buy the book : 'Memoirs of Billy Shears' :

"This is the old version of the full unabridged version of the unique book that set world records: The Memoirs of Billy Shears. Some people have found it meaningful to read this old version first to form questions, opinions, and attitudes that are then answered and expanded by advancing to the blue book. This transition from red to blue brings the reader through the experience of learning by degrees--an approach used in some mystery schools.

Letting the world in on secrets concealed since the Sixties, The Memoirs of Billy Shears reveals infallible proofs and other overwhelming evidence to finally prove, all these decades later, that Paul McCartney really died in 1966.From verifiable facts in this book, you will be sure of it, and will know how to easily prove to others that Paul was replaced by William Shepherd “Billy Shears.” William has been playing the part of Paul, recording and performing, since Paul’s fatal automobile accident all those years ago.Just as Beatles albums contained hundreds of clues about Paul’s death and replacement (with hints in their lyrics, cover art, and video performances), and in keeping with that same secret creative expression of sympathy for the loss of Paul, friends in other bands also made “Paul is Dead” songs. Among others, The Rolling Stones, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band (“The Bonzos”), The Who, Donavon, and Elton John all sing about Paul’s death. This book discusses some of their songs, as well as some by “Paul,” John, George, and Ringo that were made beyond their Beatles Years.

The Memoirs of Billy Shears uses over two hundred songs to explain the Paul switch (including the torment it caused before and after Paul’s death), to establish the historical context, and to add support, richness, and texture to the book’s concepts. Those musical enhancements add warmth and a depth of feeling to the cold hard facts, giving you insider empathy for all involved.Fittingly for a book of Paul-clue decoding, The Memoirs of Billy Shears is itself fully encoded. Providing a new reading experience, readers will not only be able to decode Paul songs, but can also break the acrostical code within this book! The first letter in every other line combines to spell secret messages--adding up to be the world’s longest acrostic--that the reader will love to decode."

Go to page. There is also a free audio book that can be downloaded and which I plan to look into.(the link is added)

MUSIC : Paul McCartney was famous for being a left-handed guitar player. In this video clip 'Paul' is playing right-handed. Why?

Sound quality is not good. Revolution *This is a live performance at the Savoy in 1968 but there is no live performance listed for the Beatles in 1968. Have just noticed today Nov. 15th, that they are all wearing what they wore for the famous and controversial cover of Abbey Road. (The church minister, the funeral director, the corpse with no shoes, and the grave digger.) Another clue.

*People in the comments don't seem to have noticed that 'Paul' is playing right handed, and no-one seems to have ever noticed what they are wearing.


This has just been pointed out. Look at 'Paul M's' eyes as he comments on hearing about John Lennon's murder. Watch Video. Look at the eyes.

McCartney Murder page

Additional information from the autopsy photo and from the 'George Harrison' cassette tape (which is mostly verifiably inaccurate but with some accurate details).

Causing a car accident is one of the methods of 'ritual murders'. Firstly they took out Paul's eye. Then they used the axe to smash his skull. Neither of these things happen in a car accident.

(To be honest, my prayers are that there will be justice.)


Recent information indicates another race of human looking people who are not humans but called Homo Capensis, with elongated skulls, still co-exist with us on this planet.

*This connects to the biblical references to those called the Nefilim (described as giants with big skulls). * They may be connected to the unfortunate things that have happened including the jab (see video 'Died Suddenly' to see the actual stuff that has been found growing in people's veins.)

. DIED SUDDENLY Watch Video.

China Now Ready to Promote It's Vision for the World.

"China has a sweeping vision to reshape the world — and countries are listening." "Xi Jinping has a plan for how the world should work, and one year into his norm-shattering third term as Chinese leader, he’s escalating his push to challenge America’s global leadership — and put his vision front and center." CNN.CNN article. You can easily see the formula in action here - Problem, Reaction, Solution. The western world is in a mess, but China has an answer. How about that! Looks like the China model might be the best way to run the world.

Back in the '70's America's Kissenger secretly visited a very closed and secret Communist China and made a deal with Chairman Mao. That was a deal in partnership with the globalists to bring down the USA and for China to become the new global superpower, with a world adopting the CCP's (Chinese Communist Party) seen to be 'successful' system. Since then China and East Asia have raced ahead giving the impression that communisim is the answer to the world's needs. Even the success of K-Pop, which is about to replace western pop culture, is part of this. Apparently people have thrived under communism! This was the deal - the USA would collapse and China would step in as having the answer. This also indicates we are getting near to the collapse of the US petro dollar and of the American led Western culture - which has dismally failed.


Watch Video 1 min.


Watch Video 3 mins. The R. family rake in an annual income in the trillions

Those who control Israel have a plan to create 'Greater Israel'.

(They were happy to kill off the Israeli citizens so it is not the same people) Those in control want to drill for oil off the coast of Gaza and Lebanon to become the main supplier to Europe - having sabotaged the existing pipeline. They also planned for the Ben Gurian Canal to rival the Suez. Currently they are carpet bombing Gaza then going in with bulldozers to clear the land for their planned development. If you check the 'news page' there is the link showing the IDF soldiers standing down as Hamas' somehow 'took Israel by surprise' a few weeks ago.

"Zionist/globalists who control Israel have a 'suitcase nuke' hidden in every country of the world's capital city, and if any country tries to stop Israel, they will activate every nuke that was planted."

*It is understood this is what they had, but most of these have been found in most cases at least, and de-activated. Not all of them are confirmed found though.

McCartney page


The recommended music to clear 'darkness' is here. Pink Floyd. Contact  




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