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*Updated Nov. 19th 2023. Much more information and more detail.

As time moves on there are going to have to be corrections to the misinformation and outright deception that has been our world history. People we were told were great heroes, like Winston Churchill, may not have been. People who we were told were evil and committing atrocities may turn out to not be true. People who we loved as entertainers may not be what we thought they were, or may have died and been replaced. There is much that we, as thoughtful humans, will need to make known and make right.

.The first thing to ask is WHY is and was there a rumour 'Paul is dead' in the first place? It is not something that began in 1969 - when it took off - because someone at a uni looked at an album cover. It is something that happened in 1966 that was announced on the TV news in 1966, then the story was not repeated. It was also a magazine article not long afterwards. Then nothing said again. There is a bizarre album cover that looks as if Paul died, but nobody says that, and there was no reaction like that. So why was it announced in 1966?

............Justice for the Real Paul McCartney?

.........The Secret Societies' Intro to The New Age of Horus.

Intro notes. The existence of The Beatles is all about code. Hidden messages.

Please note. In a TV interrview decades ago, the replacement 'Paul' says his uncle used to write the crosswords for major newspapers. The code used in the book 'Memoirs of Billy Shears' is the first letter of every other line. Replacement paul's uncle used to create the crosswords for various newspapers like the Guardian (in England). That is not an ordinary 'working class background', but more like someone who may have worked for British Intelligence during WW2.

This page has been updated. New aspects are still being researched, discovered and added, so let's start with this interview from 1982 since the question is, "Is today's Paul McCartney' the original one?"

Today, we know about the literal 'Mission Impossible' style masks people can wear. No-one knew this in the '80's though. Go to 4.58 on this video of this interview. It is actually a good interview. BUT our famous person being interviewed here is surely wearing a mask..The video link was made unavailable about 2 days after adding it Here's a replacement copy. Watch it before it is made 'Private'! Watch Video Go to 4.58.

In addition we have the live performance of Revolution where replacement Paul plays a right hand guitar, and they are dressed as they were dressed for the Abbey Road cover (Faul with no shoes). The audience is in 'in' on this secret.

Also a video of "Paul McCartney" for a track called 1882 does flash through all this guy's occult and Freemason connection, The young Aleister Crowley (the most famous satanist in the world) did not look like Paul McCartney. The occult gear photos are of Billy. Plus, it shows Freemason ceremonies where he is getting commendations. He also chooses to flash a photo of Paul McCartney's autopsy. To show what he and they successfully got away with. Where did he even get it? You can see this on a link given at the end with a strong warning that this photo comes up unexpectedly.

His head was split apart like breaking open a walnut. And also know this. These Luciferian nutjobs are also called 'God Eaters'. They believe eating the "3rd Eye Master Gland and Pineal" gives them the power of the person they have just murdered. By accepting this person who was meant to only stand in for a short while so that grief stricken fans would not commit suicide, is preventing the real Paul - who is/was truly lovely - from getting the respect due for his own identity, and justice for what happened to him.


The Sacrificial Assassination of Paul McCartney of The Beatles in 1966?

I have been doing more research into the death of Paul McCartney of The Beatles in 1966.

Was he replaced or was it the original Paul who betrayed and cheated the other Beatles?

It is very distressing and disturbing either way. Was he killed and his replacement did this, or did he, as the original Paul, choose to what appears to be, cheat and betray the Beatles?

As for the stories of his death, there are autopsy photos (although when these were discussed I did not look at the video.) .Firstly there is the replacement 'Paul' who first appeared in 1967 with the 'Sgt.Peppers' album and all of them having radically changed how they looked, their music was all about drugs and death, and the album cover also bizarre. There is an autobiography by the replacement, William Shepherd and film of him in the studio as 'Paul' speaking to a producer who says 'oh, hello William'.

The book is very revealing, published over a decade ago but I have not read it, only about it. The reality is those who are currently clearing out the DUMBs (called the 'good side') do have all the film and photos of every single thing these satanists did. It is not only these things though, there is the artwork of Paul's head injury drawn by John Lennon, and also the words in songs, AND that some of the autopsy or death scene photos were included as a very brief flash in certain 'McCartney' song videos. Even if this was some kind of bizarre gimmick, this is nothing like the Beatles were up until1966, and something did drastically change them and their style.

Many of the large number of youtube videos on The Beatles are AI produced and very possibly fake. In a genuine interview with Paul McCartney around 1965 he seems very happy with the money they were making and is talking about his ambition to retire. Also to write more songs, but to retire. The story is about some kind of symbolic ritual for which the fame of The Beatles was used.

The same source which released the autopsy photos etc

also indicated that The Beatles were a project of the Tavistock Institute. That means they had to follow intructions as required of them. It also means that part of their pathway to success did involve dealings with the 'secret occult orders' and the projects for 'behavioural programming' of the masses. They have the many photos that all music and film industry people have had to make in order to get the work. Photos of them with occult and definitely satanic hand signals, and also with dolls representing dead and decapitated babies as in real ritual sacrifices. This was a very real thing.

Everyone knows The Beatles but both Paul (apparently) and John Lennon were assassinated (John was shot from the front not the back so there is a different story there) and someone stabbed George Harrison in a failed murder attempt. Paul McCartney was famous for being a left-handed guitar player. In this video clip 'Paul' is playing right-handed. Why?

Sound quality is not good. Revolution *This is a live performance at the Savoy in 1968 but there is no live performance listed for the Beatles in 1968. Have just noticed that they are all wearing what they wore for the famous and controversial cover of Abbey Road. (The church minister, the funeral director, the corpse with no shoes, and the grave digger.) Another clue. ***This audience appear to have been 'in' on the secret.

There are similarities between the two and differences. The 'new' Paul does some good interviews, and is a talented musician. But is he Paul McCartney?

One thing The Beatles did stunningly were the harmonies, which came easily and naturally and can be heard in many live performances. yet these never happened again after 1966 and 'Paul' in an interview claimed they had been hard to do - though clearly not the case. This does look like a sacrificial murder with similarities to what happened with Diana, and it also links to MI5 British Intelligence.

For similarities, in an early interview Paul states his height is 5' 11" and that is still the listed height for the current 'Paul'. In early Beatles concerts he does seem to be about an inch taller than Harrison. But he does look taller than Harrison on the 'Sgt. Peppers' album cover. Also there are similarities in the personality type of his girlfriend Jane Asher and then Linda who he married. Paul's trip to India in 1968 was with Jane Asher, the longtime girlfriend still there in 1968? Surely a question if this is not the same Paul?

Although Paul had been living at the house of the Asher family, he had moved out in 1966, because he says he was living by himself while writing songs for 'Sgt. Peppers'. He officially met Linda in May 1967 at a nightclub, and the accounts were that they instantly fell head over heels in love, at that first meeting. Also the business 'Apple Corp' was begun in 1968 in January, and a video comments on Paul contacting Linda Eastman's father - Leopold Epstein, an attorney (who changed his name to Lee Eastman) - to be connected with running 'Apple Corps' with comments on this likely being his future father-in-law.

Yet he gets engaged to Jane Asher in December 1967 but at the engagement party spends all his time with Linda. Then he goes to India with Jane Asher in February 1968? This looks as if the trip to India had to appear as if Jane was still the girlfriend? Paul and Linda married in March 1969, but it is also noted that when they first met (1967) Linda apparently said "I know you are not Paul, when did you join the band?" By the way, it is said that everyone in that music and entertainment world knew about what allegedly happened to Paul, and it served as a warning to all of them.

In 1967 'Paul' dramatically changed his look, in several ways but mostly my growing a mustache - but the mustache also appears with the person shown in the home movie footage of the trip to Kenya in late 1966. In an interview saying the first interview with Faul (which has to have been after August 1967 because it shows the Beatles with their Indian guru, although that may have been added later - but no mustache) he again does have the mustache look, but what is different about him is that his eyebrows are much thicker and different. Possibly his eyes are too, but it could be make-up. If this was Faul the replacement, one of the things they would and could change to match the original Paul, was the teeth.

He seems to give some good interviews saying things like 'they had tremendous influence which they could have used for satanic purposes (which is a very strange thing to say). But they didn't, they chose Love (All You Need is Love)'. However, they absolutely DID massively use their influence promoting the satanic agenda, and heralded in the entire basis of the culture we have today. The culture in the late 1960's ihat emerged was nothing in any way, about Love. There is not a single example of the world or people, or the youth, or anyone becoming more loving. It was about rebellion and indiscrimminate sex..

After The Beatles broke up, this McCartney formed a band called 'Wings' and this is very much symbolic of representing Lucifer who is always shown with wings. (As mentioned, the person claimed to be the replacement is known to be associated with this occult religion.)

When the later Paul was arrested in Japan, his fingerprints did not match those on file. Original Paul had a 'love child' daughter (Michelle) - it is said - but the DNA did not match.

In the recent video on this, the autopsy and researched investigations appear to confirm that the real Paul McCartney, 24 years old, and 13 days after the Beatles' last concert in the USA, was in a car crash minutes before midnight on Sept. 11th 1966.

(This date could also be Nov. 9th. The English would write that as 9.11.66 but to an American that would be Sept.11th). A photo shows him hanging upside down out the side of the car, an Austin Healy (not an Astin Martin) apparently with a broken arm at the shoulder. Someone took this photo. It was an organized crash and the people there are satanists and the ritual murder is then carried out using an old style symbolic Celtic 'hammer' with 3 massive blows to the head, splitting the skull and much worst, which is shown with the autopsy photo. It is proven that this particular hammer caused the injuries.

This kind of sacrifice is absolutely part of the satanic belief system. Here was the most popular and loved young guy in the world, and they sacrificed him and replaced him without the public noticing. The music world Messiah, switched. Except, some people did notice. Paul also looked like some photos of the young Aleister Crowley, whose photo is on the Sgt. Peppers album cover. The most well known satanist also called 'the Beast' and hero of guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Crowley created the Thelema Society that UK PM Rishi Sunak is a member of. Crowley was also with MI5 British Intelligence, which is why there is a connection with Ian Flemming's creation of the James Bond books. (Obviously there is considerable back up information on all of these points.)

Updated Nov. 19th.

The 'Melody Maker Music Awards' actually took place on Sept. 6th which now fits in with the timeline date for Sept.11th. There is also an article dated September 16th 1966 with the headline that 'Lennon, McCartney and Epstein meet in Paris'. John was filming in Germany the article said. I had some trouble finding out how that worked in with filming in Spain, but that was proved correct.

The 'Paul' who went to Paris was Billy along with his girlfriend Maggie McGivern who is in some photographs. This is made known under 'new evidence' added to youtube in August 2023. She is a girlfriend to 1968, which would mean it was Faul/Billy. But it is also known or said, that she was one of many such girlfriends - that Beatle lookalike Billy had!

This photo is Maggie, but the man is Billy.

The meeting taking place in 1966 places Lennon and Epstein as knowing Faul, which they did because he was one of Paul's doubles, and maybe there was some reason for that article headline. The researcher Balducci (who made the 2021 videos) says that this is when Epstein went to Germany to tell Lennon that Paul had been killed. Lennon was filming in Spain but apparently was briefly in Germany on a break at that time. Beyond that, Paul is not seen again in public for 3 months - the December 20th 1966 interview. .

NEW I was of the opinion that the evidence leaned towards this alleged death happened in November 1966. However, then I found this " I was a kid, but I remember watching "The Monkees" for the first time on NBC TV. I believe it was their first broadcast episode so the date would have been Monday September 12, 1966. As I recall, during the broadcast, a news bulletin was scrolled across the screen reporting that one of the Beatles had been in an automobile accident and that more information would be provided when it became available. I remember hoping that whoever it was would be ok. From what I understand, the message scrolled to viewers in the western US specifically reported that it was Paul McCartney who had been involved in the accident and that he had in fact been killed. There was never any follow up on the report." This is a comment on this information presented in a video. A couple of others say they remember it too. But there is also someone live in a TV audience circa mid-late 1960's saying there was an announcement broadcast then nothing more. Announced, then hushed up? (for the reasons given.)


This is the timeline of what happened.

29 August 1966 Live: Candlestick Park, San Francisco: The Beatles’ final concert

30 August 1966 Travel: Los Angeles to London

05 September 1966 John Lennon flies to Hanover, Germany

06 September 1966 Paul and Ringo were present at Melody Maker event (This event is erroneously presented on some sites as taking place on September 13th)

11 September 1966 Paul McCartney died in car accident, just minutes before midnight.

13 September 1966 Paul McCartney was buried in London - Highgate Cemetery, under a different name. George and Ringo were present in disguise. John wasn't present.

14 September 1966 George and Pattie Harrison travel to India

16 September 1966 John Lennon, William Shepherd (Faul) and Brian Epstein meet in Paris, for John to accept Paul's replacement

18 September 1966 John Lennon travels to Carboneras, Spain

19 September 1966 John Lennon films How I Won The War in Spain

19 September 1966 George and Pattie Harrison hold a press conference in India

26 September 1966 Brian Epstein is hospitalised in London for depression and anxiety

03 October 1966 Brian Epstein denies The Beatles’ split and announced The Beatles will never play live again

04 October 1966 Ringo Starr joins John Lennon in Spain to support him after Paul's death

09 October 1966 John Lennon celebrates his 26th birthday in Spain

22 October 1966 George and Pattie Harrison leave India

06 November 1966 John Lennon returns to England from Spain

06 November 1966 William Shepherd (Faul) flies to France

07 November 1966 John Lennon meets Yoko Ono

12 November 1966 William Shepherd (Faul) meets Mal Evans in Bordeaux, France, before flying to Kenya for several surgeries, to look like Paul. They stayed 6 days in Nairobi

19 November 1966 William Shepherd (Faul) and Mal Evans flew from Nairobi back to London

20 November is the first interview with Billy as 'Paul'.

This interview is with ITV (British TV) Tuesday Dec. 20th 1966. It is now 3 months after Paul died and this is now 'Faul'. The news is that The Beatles might be splitting up or going their own ways.

You can see that at this point they have just discovered they have been screwed, and the replacement guy is now in charge.

NEW Watch Video.

Whatever happened as far as 'Paul' is concerned, it is clear in this interview there are some significant issues of differences,

and during their holiday break from September 1966 to December 20th 1966, from John's remark, they were not getting on very well, enough for there to be talk of going their own ways.

NEW. Paul to Faul 1966 - 1967 Watch Video.

Paul is definitely cute. (in the photo) Faul isn't, even when he improved on his look.


After the alleged death of Paul in 1966, the manager Brian Epstein died by 'suicide' in August 1967. Jane Asher's father committed suicide in 1969, at the family home. The roadie Mal Evans was shot dead in 1976. John Lennon was shot dead in 1980. There was an attempt on George Harrison's life in the late 1990's, and Faul's 2nd wife Heather says she has a box of evidence hidden and if anyone tries to kill her that will be made public.

Basically there are two videos from 2021 of excellent research which covers a great deal of the satanic/occult geometry that this macabre religion operates by. Plus the photos were clearly made available. The first video also covers the assassinations of JFK and Bobby Kennedy. The research is good, but I don't agree with some of the interpretations.

Lennon was specifically introduced to the controversial book 'The Passover Plot' which led to his comments in early 1966 about The Beatles being more popular than Jesus. It is one of the main goals of Luciferianism to discredit and debunk 'Jesus' and his teachings. That is what was being replaced with the 'social revolution' supposedly taking place in the late 1960's.

The Symbolic Power of a Ritual Sacrifice.

In 1966, McCartney was one of the most popular and loved people in the world and his apparent ritual murder and replacement with someone known to be associated with the 'satanic church' would have been of massive symbolic significance. It was done, and the people apparently didn't notice. In fact it preceded the first stages of them introducing their intended New World Order and Age (of all that is about trickery, illusion and in reverse).

Indications are that he was 'marked' for this long before, making it a long planned satanic act of great significance (to these nutjobs) and McCartney was marked out from either the beginning or very early on. The most compelling researcher on this (Balducci) has pointed out how Paul is the only Beatle standing on a black hexagram during the song 'And I Love Her' and once that is pointed out, it definitely is kind of spookey to see. There is also a great deal of information given on 'sacred beetles' and their meaning to occultists, the star Betelguese, and ancient Egyptian Magic, and it is all very relevant. Symbolically though, this was a much loved person replaced, (by all accounts replaced with one of 'theirs') and continued on as if the same person. ***You may understand that this was the lead-in time to the 'return of Christ' but their 'new age and world order' was false and in reverse.

Everything for preparing the way for the coming 'age of Lucifer' took off in the 60's and it is important to know what that religion involves. It is very much about Occult Geometry, the angles of stars, the zodiac and the nature spirits and astral world entities these produced on the altered Earth. Findhorn in Scotland was another facet of this. Little spirit devas etc helping to grow giant cabbages, seem kind of cute, but they, like the phases of the moon used for planting seeds, are still part of it. The reseacher in the video raises an important point about the cycle of the moon matching that of Saturn, also called the 'black sun' and associated with darkness. It is also said from way back, that the moon was placed where it is for this reason. These are topics for later.

More will be added here. I can clearly see the charm of The Beatles from their early years, but not with their later stuff. And talented or not, for some reason I do not care for today's version of McCartney especially after watching him on stage, upstaging everyone else.

This has been a very troubling topic to look into. It brings home how evil these Luciferians really are. Every single person who has been caught in this web of 'opportunity' - offered "sex, drugs and rock and roll", offered the chance to go to rich parties and meet very rich and important people as those who are recruited for 'yacht parties' and were for Jeffrey Epstein's network - eventually discovers what they have got themselves into. Some do not mind. Some of the recruited party girls for Epstein became recruiters themselves. For most of the pop stars, they become very wealthy, successful and famous, and once a bit older, fully realise what they got themselves into. All recruited and signing their 'deals with the devil' when young and 'stupid'. They then see others in a never ending story of those who are still 'young and stupid' being recruited, exploited and signing their lives away. There is never anything anyone can say because "the young" never find this out until it is too late. Some of the contracts request that those behind this 'own their soul throughout eternity'. Hugely funny and meaningless to most 'young' - whether those who become rich and famous, or those in everyday life. Clueless, until they are a bit older and looking for answers in alcohol and drugs.

This topic of 'Paul McCartney' has highlighted this and been very unsettling. The person known as 'Paul' today seems an ego driven individual who likes being the 'best' Beatle and perhaps the only one. There is a lot to this story, how he secretly bought the bulk of the shares to control their 'Apple Corps' business, perhaps the reason why in their last interview he is sitting high up, next to Lennon on a low chair, in an extraordinary, yet symbolic show of the situation. Also how at a concert with all the big names probably for some cause, there is "Paul McCartney" climbing up on a piano to make himself higher than anyone else on that packed stage, waving his arms and making sure he is the one you see.

NEW addition. It is mentioned that there is a photo of Paul after the car accident - which is shown in the video - but it is not just photos. These events are filmed. There are details now available that can only come from having access to records such as of this made available, so it can gradually be introduced into public knowledge.

As a ritual satanic sacrificial murder, there were a group of satanists there, dressed in their robes. A detail was that as this happened Paul was screaming, and these creatures also scream along with the victim who is dying.

The person who carried out the 3 hammer blows to the head was named Maxwell, and the hammer was silver. This is shown and known, because a 'silver hammer' of this ancient kind, is "sacred" to some groups. Maxwell was head of British Intelligence. Amongst that group of satanists present for this ritual sacrifice, it is likely that the replacement Paul (called Faul for False Paul) was one of them witnessing this. It is a practice to capture the soul of the dying person, a soul transference, so it is very likely this person was there.

It is also mentioned that some of this is in the artwork of John Lennon - because he was shown a photograph when his manager Brian Epstein went to where Lennon apparently was filming in Almeria Spain, to tell him this terrible thing. Lennon did not believe it and thought it was a joke at first, a silly prank. Or he actually had to identify the body but that would mean it was November after he had been filming in Spain. It is also in symbolisim in their records cover for Sgt. Peppers, and in the film 'Magical Mystery Tour' etc, and in the words of many of their songs. 'Day in the Life' for example about 'his brains blown out in a car'. But also a "McCartney" song 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' (bang, bang Maxwell's Silver Hammer - hit on the head - made sure s/he was dead'. These are bizarre lyrics, but also, how did he know that a 'silver hammer' is an occult symbol?

In film of the rehearsals for these later recordings 'Paul' absolutely dominates over everyone.

The whole story is truly horrible, and disturbing.

Whatever the story is, the album Sgt. Peppers is about death and drugs and the cover includes satanism and Crowley. There is no explanation for any of that other that is what they were told to do, or for a reason that makes The Beatles the antithesis of what they were before, or what had made them successful. The song 'Hey Jude' is about shooting up heroin, but the explanation given is that it was for John's son Julian. As a researcher pointed out, the lyrics make no sense for that to be the case. As an additional note there is a great deal of complexity that went into the assassination of John Lennon, including that he was shot from the front, so more than one shooter. It is believed it was to make the song 'Imagine' an anthem for the 'new satanic age' as it describes the Marxist communist world. It is believed the lyrics were actually written by Yoka Ono.

Aleister  Crowley  died in 1947 - '20 years ago today' from the date of the 'Sgt. Peppers' 1967 album. Aleister Crowley was known as the most evil man in the world. He was a satanist who spent 6 months of every year sacrificing children. He owned a house in Scotland - for his 'occult' practices (later bought by Jimmy Page) - and he fathered endless children in his 'sex magick' rites. He is described as "an English occultist, and ceremonial magician who founded the religion of Thelema, identifying himself as the prophet entrusted with guiding humanity into the Æon of Horus in the early 20th." And there is the question, were Paul McCartney and 'William' both children of Crowley, conceived during rituals? Both did look like the young Crowley.

A version of John Lennon's song 'Now and Then' was released and available on Nov. 2nd. *This song was written by John and when the demo was first given to the producer it had a sticky note on it which said 'For Paul'.

There is plenty of material available including the live studio recordings of The Beatles rehearsals for 'Get Back' which led to their final rooftop show. So anyone can check out those actual recordings, listen to commentary on them, and there is the Peter Jackson film of these tapes. There is also a doco series entitled The Winged Beatle, with many very plausible links given. Links to a satanic church that is.

Also there is the "Paul MCCartney" interview on a show called Letterman sometime in the '80's when he comments on his bare feet on the very famous 'Abbey Road' album cover. This photo is considered symbolically also showing that "Paul is dead", the bare feet indicating the corpse. Is that a stretch? Not to those who understand symbolism apparently. But there is this that "McCartney" said on that Letterman show to explain it. He turned up that day wearing flip flops, and because it was 'such a hot day' he took them off. That is the reason he is barefoot. No-one else felt a need to take off their shoes, and wouldn't flip fops be as cool as it gets for footwear? The reason given is ridiculous.

In the film 'Magical Mystery Tour' the 'Fab Four' have a dance number in the Fred Astaire style and each is wearing a carnation. The carnations (or roses) are red except for 'Paul's' which is black. This again, is odd. So much with 'Paul' shown as 'darkness'. Like the explanation for kicking off his flip flops, this explanation is ridiculous. He says "They had run out of red carnations, so I said okay I'll have black." Run out of red carnations! Four simple little flowers but in a major film project? The colours of carnations all have meanings, but a black carnation is not listed at all.

Another thing recently noticed. There is a photo of the 4 of them in this TV movie with 'Paul' at the front dressed as a walrus, and the 3 others behind him. It is John on the left as we look at it, in a white weird animal suit but with a red T shirt underneath that looks like a blooded hole over his heart. So I looked for the release dates associated with this, because like the Paul in the black hexagram this looked suspicious. The EP was issued in the UK on 8 December 1967. This is exactly 13 years before John was shot - and it was the heart because it is now known he was shot from the front, an expert marksman shot.


There are references to Lennon's drug taking, and use of heroin. It should be noted though, that this was from 1967 to 1969 (related to the commentary) covering those specific two years. Why wouldn't he have turned to heroin after what happened, and the photos he was said to have been shown?

'The Winged Beatle' Documentary Watch Video

Not a nice look at The Beatles!

Lots of stuff played backwards, annoying to listen to, and who knows if that was what it was saying? So we have the real Paul missing for about 3 months from the second week of September. In October 'Paul' and his roadie Mal Evans take a circuitous route, driving to Spain to get a flight to Kenya, where eventually 'Paul' needs to go into hospital. It seems very obvious that the man in the personal film (home movies) taken during that trip, is not Paul McCartney.

Definitely worth watching because there are very interesting things covered, which possibly 'Paul's' second wife Heather Mills discovered. Definitely worth putting up with this production to get these very specific insights. Is this really the original Paul? Probably not?


The Beatles were a project of the Tavistock Institute in London & British intelligence

and it was a project for Mind Programming and altering consciousness into the 'Luciferian Age/Agenda' and the coming 'New Age of Horus'. Possibly the entire concept was a project after all. Create this phenomenon? There was certainly indications of a plan involved because Mal Evans was their roadie from 1963, and he would have known The Beatles from their Hamburg days from 1960 to 1962, and later it becomes apparent that that is significant.

However, it seems genuine that The Beatles were signed up by their manager Brian Epstein, followed his recommendations, and even though they had the same 'deal with the devil' that every musician and entertainer needed in order to make a career. They genuinely rocked the world, but the 'deal' gave them the exposure and bookings to do that. We have to keep in mind that Brian Epstein was removed in August 1967 - highly unlikely that it was suicide.

It is very clear The Beatles were under instructions from the satanic run music industry and on the album cover 'Help' from a film in 1965 they are shown standing with each of them doing arm positions from one of Crowley's satanic books. It looks like semaphore but is not.

The abrupt change into the 'Sgt. Peppers' era did herald in a change in consciousness, and it followed from Lennon's comments debunking Christianity and Jesus - which has always been the prime objective of the Luciferian Agenda and should be regarded as serious. Christianity was the powerful opposite of Satanism.

'Sgt. Peppers' was about a fictional band - or a different band -

Maybe in that fiction their 'pretty boy' star 'Paul' did die. Or maybe it is a different band because Paul did die. It follows on from the time when Lennon had come across the book 'The Passover Plot' (no accident there, it was intended he read that book) and the band had had the controversy in the USA over lennon's remarks which basically led to eventually 'Paul will be like Jesus'. Well, Jesus was crucified.

They or Paul, may have gone with an idea of what would happen if they did lose Paul. But does Sgt. Pepper's even suggest that? It doesn't. It comes up in clues and allusions, and then in the book released in 9/9/09 written by and describing the story of the person who replaced him. (At the end of this page you can look at the original Beathles with 3 songs and then consider if this is the same Paul singing 'Hey Jude'.)

The cover indicates he died, and the replacement was Billy. If the 'Paul' is the same 'Paul' then he is a very real satanist. I was greatly surprised even to see the photos of the band doing the satanic hand symbolism (all people signed into the music or entertainment industry, have to have these photos taken) and the photos with dead and beheaded babies (dolls). There is no reason at all to have a photo of satanist Aleister Crowley on the cover of Sgt. Pepper..

There are equally damning photos of Justin Beiber and everyone, and these photos were all kept secret because they were used to hold the artists to their 'deal with the devil'. The fact that they have been released shows that someone else did get access to all those secret films. There is analogue film of some of these 'stars' doing ritual sacrifices and so on. This is what they did to become rich and famous. All of them - except Pink Floyd who rejected it and succeeded anyway, but very few who rejected the 'deal' succeeded. The photos include everyone you have never heard of who is famous in his/her own country, including Louis Miguel in Mexico.

Given that another source does now have all these photos and films then it has to be mentioned, that that source has said the real McCartney did die, and it was a satanic ritual sacrifice. The real Paul did not want to go along with the ongoing requirements of the satanic agenda

He appears to have been 'marked', or his identity highlighted, at least from the time of the song 'And I Love Her' in the film 'A Hard Day's Night' in 1964, where he is standing in the black hexagon as mentioned before. This is an earlier version of the same black carnation and death theme. 'And I Love Her' is a McCartney song but Lennon created the middle section. In the McCartney version of The Beatles story which came out as the Anthology in 1995 the middle section/the break/chorus has been removed.

The current release of John Lennon's 'Now and Then' also leaves out the important middle section ('I don't want to lose you') and to me, that was a very strong feature, and I do wonder why it was left out. It is of course all a Lennon song, but made just a little bit less by omitting that.

Then I found that McCartney has done exactly the same thing on other remixed tracks. I have now listened to 'And I Love Her' on the Anthology and it is nowhere near as good as the original. I really do wonder why 'McCartney' did this.

Was the iconic 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' written by musician, William Shepherd?

Plus more 'NEW' added at How "Paul" Caused the Breakup of The Beatles.

What is clear is that when The Beatles decided to create a business called 'Apple Corps', sometime around the beginning of 1968

and just before they all went on a very publicised visit to India to learn with the shonkey guru 'Maharishi Mahesh Yogi', 'Paul McCartney' secretly somehow gained the controlling majority shares of the company and thus had control over the band. (This is in one of the videos with Paul metaphorically shrugging his shoulders about it.) He had also done something which brought in, or wanted to bring in his future father-in law, the father of Linda Eastman (Leopold Epstein) to be the attorney for the business. Perhaps this is how he and perhaps Linda had the controlling interest and ownership of The Beatles.

However, he connected with this man nearly a year after he and Linda claimed they first met (in May 1967 at a club in London) yet there is the pretense of an engagement to longtime girlfriend Jane Asher in December of that year, and she accompanies him to India in Februrary 1968. This seems to hide the connection to Linda Eastman and her father's role in the new business Apple Corps.

But it does confirm what is revealed later, that 'Paul' went behind everyone's back and did some dirty deals. He basically betrayed the other Beatles. This also does not mean the real 'Paul' was not replaced.

'Paul' does say he did this in some interviews, but the connection with Linda Eastman's father in Jan. 1968 and the appearance that he is still with Jane Asher do show a deception. This control or ownership of The Beatles' work means he gained control of something to do with The Beatles'.. Supposedly the original company 'Northern Songs' owned by Lennon and McCartney and their manager Brian Epstein became a public company in 1965 which made it possible to be taken over by ATV - which screwed The Beatles out of their royalties. This catalogue was eventually sold to Michael Jackson in 1985. Paul McCartney regained control of these in 2017. Paul had somehow gone on to become a billionaire - and receiving royalties would appear to be the only way he could have done that. There is also an issue that the 'roadie' Mal Evans co-wrote the later McCartney songs for Wings and that is covered at the end of the 'Winged Beatle' video.

John Lennon has a song 'How Do You Sleep' which is about this. Video

*Still adding more photos.

These are positions are from a Magick/Witchcraft book by Aleister Crowley.

Quick info - For those who may not know this very, very famous satanist. it might be good to do a little research. Like the 'Canbridge 5' the MI-5 Soviet spies recruited at Cambridge University, Crowley was also at Cambridge. *Also to notice - ANY time you see a pop star with 'angel wings' it represents Lucifer.

There are other photos with Freemason symbols (hidden hand etc) and of course the dead babies (it is almost always Paul and John) and other satanic symbols - because these have all been released since 2020 in the expose of the 'deal with the devil' all artists have to do with the 'music industry'. I had never seen or heard of this album but apparently it was something released in the USA. The symbolism is about the sacrifice of babies - it is the Luciferian religion - and their blood. Sorry, but that is what it is about.

Although some commentaries say The Beatles did seem to use the theme or play into the idea that 'Paul is dead'. no-one actually noticed that or thought about it until about 2 years later when someone thought they saw that. So they were not supporting a rumour, and 'did not create that myth' - and indeed they and the manager call it 'crazy ideas' and freaks. BUT it was in their work from before anyone thought that. In 'Glass Onion' in 1968 there are the words 'here is another clue for you all'. Clue for what, if they weren't saying 'Paul is dead'? "The clue is 'the walrus is Paul'" and the walrus is a symbol of death. This song has the word sounds 'goo goo' which is the name of 'Mexwell's' actual favourite pet bird. Now it looks like maybe they were saying this.

Another possible clue?

The Lennon song we linked just above the photos 'How Do You Sleep' says Sgt. Pepper 'surprised Paul'.

The lyrics also appear to say that what Paul did was 'yesterday' - not the later or current compositions because that was someone else (replacement Paul). The lyrics then say, 'and since you're gone' it's just another day' '- A Day in the Life'.

In an interview from 'Paul McCartney' Paul or Faul, says he was coming back in a plane during the time of those missing 3 months from Sept. to Nov. 1966 with his roadie Mal Evans (whose controversial fate is covered at the end of the 'Winged Beatle' - he was shot dead 4 hours after making a phone call about a book he had written about being the co-author of songs for Wings.) and 'Paul/Faul' recounts that his roadie said 'pass the salt and pepper' and he (Paul) thought he said 'Sgt, Pepper' which sounded interesting for a concept album. This can't really be true can it! Its a bit like saying it was hard to do the harmonies they used to do live, when clearly it came easily...........

This 'pass the salt and pepper' sounding like 'Sgt. Pepper' stuff is about as silly as saying he kicked off his flip flops for the Abbey Road cover because it was a 'hot day', or the stuff about 'running out of carnations or roses' so he had a black one. **Also to note, the Sgt. Pepper's intro words say 'the one and only Billy Shears which means 'Billy's Here'. And also the idea for the concept of this album was 'Paul's'. (The Mind Control agenda detailed elsewhere, did require an album pushing a 'change in consciousness'.)

Certainly the album is a concept album promoting drugs and death and thus the main work of the one promoting that agenda as per the wishes of the 'elite', and he is introducing himself, Billy. But according to Lennon's song, 'Paul' was for some reason 'surprised' by the song that became 'Sgt. Pepper'. Other comments are that 'Paul' is actually Sgt. Pepper himself and is the band leader (or has become the leader now). There was a car crash in autumn 1966 which was the man who apparently had introduced Paul to LSD. However, there was no big deal that 'Paul was dead' during the entire time from 1966, 1967 etc.

The rumours that people took notice of began in 1969. But that was a reactivation of this idea. The first report apparently was in January 1967, and a mention of it in the Autumn of 1966. Despite these, there was at that time no reaction to this until it took off as a 'crazy rumour' in 1969.

However, the fact that is was said in around October 1966 does make it significant.

It makes it look like two things. The Beatles did want to give clues that this had happened (yet they could never actually say it) and also that the clues were required to be presented as a request by those who had killed and replaced him, which is something these nutjobs do do. Either way, even in later works it does seem that remaining Beatles did want to say something that they could never say, and would never be permitted to say.

New section below added November 15th.

Billy Pepper and the Pepper Pots - a Merseybeat group headed by William Shepherd.

'Pepper' was supposed to have been another band of the time, also from Liverpool, and also played in Hamburg when the Beatles did, and there is some kind of connection between this 'Billy Pepper and the Pepperpots'. The Beatles were in Hamburg, Germany from 1960 to 1962. So were 'Billy Pepper and the Pepperpots'.

Billy has already been linked (by other research) to 'secret societies', Freemasonry etc and this is intimately connected to British Intelligence and as mentioned the current Paul /Faul has mentioned his uncle created the crosswords for important, high end newspapers which sounds like someone who may have worked for British Intelligence during WW2. There were many uses for code breakers in WW2 including breaking the German's Enigma Code which they did as a secret operation at Bletchley Park. is it possible that The Beatles were noticed from that time, as having a special charisma? Observed by Billy perhaps?

'Billy Pepper and the Pepperpots' did do a cover of 'She Loves You' in 1964 (The Beatles released it in 1963). You can do an internet search, but if you want pictures and film etc then you will go to a blank page and you can only go further by signing in. I have not done that, but I have played their version of 'She Loves You'. All of their work was basically cover versions of mainly The Beatles. So, did they mimic The Beatles like a cover band, and did this guy look similar to Paul?

Actually in photographs, he did. His name was William Wallace Shepherd, a Liverpudlian but born in Scotland, near a town called Campbelltown, a real person, and at times he worked as one of Paul's doubles (all The Beatles used doubles to arrive at venues first). Professionally he was Billy Pepper and interestingly, it is reported that Linda Eastman met Billy in 1965. Of interest is that he does look like the 'Paul' in the home movie film, who was supposed to be in Kenya in 1966 with Mal Evans. . Also of interest is that The Beatles roadie Mal Evans, who went with 'Paul' to Kenya in late 1966 had been in the band 'Billy Pepper and the Pepperpots'.

It is mentioned that Linda suddenly decided to go to London (from New York) and become a groupie photographer (often without any film in her camera) around the 2 years before she officially met 'Paul' in 1967. Most likely she had been to one of The Beatles' North American concerts in 1964. She was a groupie during those 2 years. But maybe Billy was there too, with a job as a double? At the time she had decided to move to London she had said she had decided that she was going to marry Paul McCartney. (Interesting in light of meeting Billy in 1965).

NEW. McCartney bought his farm in Scotland in June 1966.

It is located near the town of Campbelltown, Kintyre. In June of 1966. Paul's financial advisor found it and suggested he buy it as an investment. The Beatles were also recording, and writing the songs for the album 'Revolver'. which they recorded through April, May and into June.. On June 17th they were recording 'Here There and Everywhere' working from 7pm to 1.30am. It was the 32nd day of recording 'Revolver' which they completed within one month. All at the same time as purchasing the farm which was also done on June 17th. And it was also the same time when he moved into his London house in St. John's Wood.

In August they did their last live shows in the USA. Paul does mention buying this farm in an interview on August 18th. They completed that at the end of August, and they then had a break for 3 months. This was in 1966. The real Paul and Jane Asher had made a flying visit (literally) to see it in June 1966 before Paul purchased it. Obviously a private visit and Jane was his girlfriend. The tennant living there agreed to move out in November 1966 which was just before The Beatles got together again in London for 'Paul's' Sgt. Pepper idea - with the name Sgt. Pepper coming from the 'plane trip with Mal Evans who asked for the 'salt and pepper'.. No-one moved in to the now vacated farm.

In December 1967 Paul and Jane, together with an Old English Sheepdog named Martha (this is a big fluffy dog not a working sheepdog) spend 9 days there. Lots of photos with them and the dog, and a reporter from a music magazine so the story is very public. They were also said to have become engaged in December at the party where Paul spent all this time with Linda Eastman whom he officially met in May 1967 (and it was 'love at first sight'). The Beatles were about to start their own business Apple Corps with Linda's father Leopold Epstein (who had changed his name to Lee Eastman) as Paul's attorney.

However, given that Billy appears to have replaced the original Paul in October/November 1966 and Linda met Billy in 1965, might the 'financial advisor' have some connections there but obviously not known to the real Paul? Billy Shepherd was born in Campbelltown, Kintyre, Scotland.

The Beatles were under the control of the Tavistock Institute probably from their beginning of fame.

At least becoming of specific interest when their fame became such that they had the 'power to influence the world'. They have witchcraft symbols in work at least from 1965, Paul is shown with symbols of the 'dark' even from 1964 (the black hexagram) the original Paul possibly replaced in 1966, and their manager Brian Epstein dies unexpectedly at 32 in August 1967.

In their earlier interviews they were always very level headed.

They were far more savvy and aware than today's very well controlled 'pop stars'. They would say outright if they thought something was bs. The later interviews after 1967 seem more cynical. But here is a good example of what they put up with and they countered it. Watch Video 40 seconds. Have to say, the 'Fab Four' gave really good interviews, often very witty, but also taking no nonsense. They were very creative and did try more studio orientated music in 1966 and there is a vast body of material available to go through, of interviews, band rehearsals etc. It is true, there is no-one, and there never will anyone ever again like The Beatles.

It does not explain why the chorus/break/middle section has been removed from songs including the new version of 'Now and Then'. It remains inexplicable. because so much is lost. Why do it? Who did it perhaps?

So, What Did Happen Where "Paul" Caused the Breakup of The Beatles?

Paul McCartney recounts that there was a time when Lennon came into the studio and told them he was leaving the group. Which would technically seem to answer that question.

So, once again, first noting how 'Paul' has removed the middle chorus from John's newly released 'Now and Then' we see here, 'Paul' saying it was John who broke up the band.

There were a number of circumstances and factors that led to him wanting to leave.

Both George and Ringo had walked out in earlier times because they weren't doing what 'Paul' wanted. In many instances all of them look unhappy with their roles, which even in the video link to 'Hey Jude' near the end of this page, looks like they are just back up to 'Paul'. Even if 'Paul' was trying to make everyone 'work', why is he in the position to do that? Certainly John was with Yoko but that does not mean he would want to leave a band he loves, or enjoys working with. There is also the extraordinary interveiw with John and Paul on their Apple Corps venture, where Paul is sitting on a chair high above John.

The story looks to be like this. Paul and Linda Eastman, from a wealthy family in New York began a relationship sometime by early 1967 (at least) but seem to be presenting to everyone that Paul is still with Jane Asher at least until around Spring 1968. After 1966 Jane was the 'cover story' girlfriend and 'Paul' does say in an interview that he was out on the town as a bachelor but successfully managed to keep that quiet.

The real Paul McCartney was already'marked' by the black hexagram (in the song 'And I Love Her' as in the film 'A Hard Days Night' in 1964.

The point of this is to sacrifice and remove a figure everyone loves, and replace that person with one of their own, so that everyone would be tricked into loving that person instead. It is reported that Billy was part of the 'satanic church' into parphysics also called metaphysics and he met Linda in 1965. It was known from 1964 that Paul had a marked destiny and it was scheduled for 1966, his replacement already prepared and waiting.

Linda met Billy in 1965 and he is the one she loved and married. It just so happens they also got to own and live in the farm in Scotland near the toen he was born in. So may be some of the 'financial advice' to buy that property in June 1966 came from those who had other interests in that property.

Lew Grade

Paul seems to have had some business deal with Linda's wealthy father in January 1968. The previous Beatles' Company 'Northern Songs' has been persuaded to go public (1965) which led to a takeover by a company called ATV owned by Lew Grade who in 1969 ended up with 57% of the shares by buying out another shareholder for less than what The Beatles had offered. Both John and Paul only had 15% each of the shares in the company - but 31% belonged to other unnamed shareholder. It seems that someoe wanted Lew Grade to have those shares, and perhaps they knew he was going to lose (or there was a way he was going to lose) control of his own companies in the oncoming future.

Those controlling shares were sold to Lew Grade for LESS than The Beatles offered. He mysteriously lost his own company at sometime afterwards - and clearly it was unexpected and one of those 'manipulations'. But was it all part of a bigger plan to get those shares to Grade and then take down that company? Certainly an attorney would know all about how to do that.

The Beatles lost the control in 1969, but clearly there were 'business problems' and they had already started Apple Corps in 1968 presumably to produce many new songs and have control. Meanwhile Northern Songs belonged to Lew Grade.

It was McCartney who told Michael Jackson about buying music catalogues and then was unable to outbid Jackson for the ownership of Northern Songs in the '80's when Jackson paid $47,000,000 to acquire that.

Yet Linda McCartney was from a wealthy family and when she died she left Paul $200,000,000. Perhaps Jackson was only a front for who really owned it? A complex set of owners from the time Lew Grade was enabled to buy it for much less than The Beatles offered, and then after a decent while, he lost his entire business.


So, is it the same 'Paul'. did he and Linda already know each other before 1967, and the name 'Apple Corps' is linked to the satanic agenda just as Apple computers was. It's a 'bite of the apple in the Garden of Eden' - that is its symbolism. *The Illuminati like to use the apple as a symbol.

It ended up with The Beatles losing the rights to the royalties from their own songs. It is not really possible to know how Paul became a billionaire, but the real issue is whay he had such control over The Beatles after 1966.

It is unclear who really owned 'Northern Songs' because the powerful Lew Grade's business suddenly collapsed, then in the '80's it was suggested that Michael Jackson appear to buy the Beatles catalogue for $47,000,000 and then eventually it went back into the ownership of 'Paul McCartney'. However, it looks like some dirty deals went on and 'Paul' had the control from the time the company was taken over after going public. *It does always appear that the 'Paul and Linda' romance was genuine.

Wouldn't you be asking "How do you sleep?" How do you live with yourself, after doing that? Video

There is plenty of evidence that John Lennon was set up to meet Yoko Ono at her 'art exhibition' in November 1966.

This is covered in the documentary 'The Winged Beatle' but also his son Julian has said this too. It was a set up.

Indica Gallery.

The timing of the meeting of Lennon and Ono was November 1966, just when all the members of the remaining Beatles were meeting up again. If this was the replacement 'Paul', then John was vulnerable after what happened to Paul (which the manager had apparently flown to Germany where John was filming, to tell him about). This could possibly have diverted his attention from the Faul.

Ono was already an initiate of the Illuminati. Below is a photo of here with the young Hillary C. who she had an affair with - they are always required to have gay relationships. But it shows her already existing connections to the 'agenda'. The gallery where Lennon met Ono was the Indica Gallery. The 'Winged Beatle' documentary is very mysterious about this, but the Indica Gallery was started by John Dunbar, Barry Miles, and Peter Asher who was the brother of Paul McCartney's girlfriend Jane Asher. Paul actually lived with Jane Asher, a former child actress. He lived in their family home in Wimpole Street, London, with a flat in the attic, so the parents had no issues about the affair with their teenage daughter in 1964 to 1966. It can absolutely be said that this kind of set up, parents behaving like this, was highly unusual for the normal world of the early 1960's, but then, this was Paul McCartney and it did keep it private.

However, the existence of a 'steady girlfriend' in Jane Asher did provide an image of Paul acceptable to the public, when in fact he was living a bachelor life out and about in London. Or was it Faul, because he does say he successfully managed to keep his life private. Paul was in a genuine relationship with Jane and when he left the recording studio in a hurry at the end of recording 'Revolver' in June 1966, it was not in anger, but a rush to get up to Scotland, along with Jane, to see the farm he was buying. They were there just a few hours.

There are quite strong reasons to tentatively deduce that the Asher family might have been part of the 'elite' and 'secret orders' but that can be covered later. (It is possible, that even though the father was the son of a reverend. Paul wrote songs for Peter Asher who had some hits with his act 'Peter and Gordon', but it means that Paul McCartney was connected to the Indica Gallery

The Indica Gallery was also reported as owned by someone whose name appears on the handwritten lyrics to The Beatles' 'Paperback Writer' Ian Iachamoe, but also identified as a secret alias for 'Paul McCartney'. But 'Ian Iachamoe' was associated with the satanic church.

Lennon had been to the Indica Gallery with McCartney earlier before recording 'Tomorrow Never Knows' in April 1966. The title came from a book John had acquired at the Indica Gallery. This song reflected the first experiences of John and George and then Ringo with LSD, in 1965. This was also the time that Lennon was introduced to the book 'The Passover Plot' - which basically debunks Jesus and Chritianity and is the prime objective of the 'satanic elite'. This was the ultimate aim.. .

The meeting of John Lennon and Yoko Ono - who has been identified as associated with a young Hillary Clinton and all that that connection leads into (covered elsewhere) - does show a connection to the Luciferian Religion. Their apparently random meeting takes place as a 'new' Paul appears after a 3 month absence with about 20 songs written for a concept album which ended up as Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' which all 3 of the other Beatles, George, Ringo and John say they did not really care for. November of 1966 definitely sees some life changing directions happening - but were they organized by the 'agenda'?


NEW added Nov. 15th. Conclusion.

I have not read the book 'Memoirs of Billy Shears' but it does seem that the whole thing of The Beatles was a 'psychological intelligence operation'. Even when all of this is explained in this book, we still don't believe Billy Shepherd is Paul McCartney. The 'secret code' that is presented has continued at least from 1967. Research shows there is 'Billy' associated and nearby even from the early days of the Cavern and working in Hamburg. There is a video of Faul (Paul/Billy) where he is speaking German very fkuently. I'll add it after this book intro.

It is all about code. Hidden messages. The code used in the book is the first letter of every other line. In a TV interview a few decades back, Faul (Paul/Billy) says his uncle used to create the crosswords for various newspapers like the Guardian (in England). That is not an ordinary working class background, but more like someone who may have worked for British Intelligence during WW2.

It really looks as if Billy worked for British Intelligence, and as an accomplished musician, worked in a Merseybeat band which happened to play in the same venues as The Beatles.

From the Amazon intro to buy the book : 'Memoirs of Billy Shears' :

"This is the old version of the full unabridged version of the unique book that set world records: The Memoirs of Billy Shears. Some people have found it meaningful to read this old version first to form questions, opinions, and attitudes that are then answered and expanded by advancing to the blue book. This transition from red to blue brings the reader through the experience of learning by degrees--an approach used in some mystery schools.

Letting the world in on secrets concealed since the Sixties, The Memoirs of Billy Shears reveals infallible proofs and other overwhelming evidence to finally prove, all these decades later, that Paul McCartney really died in 1966.From verifiable facts in this book, you will be sure of it, and will know how to easily prove to others that Paul was replaced by William Shepherd “Billy Shears.” William has been playing the part of Paul, recording and performing, since Paul’s fatal automobile accident all those years ago.Just as Beatles albums contained hundreds of clues about Paul’s death and replacement (with hints in their lyrics, cover art, and video performances), and in keeping with that same secret creative expression of sympathy for the loss of Paul, friends in other bands also made “Paul is Dead” songs. Among others, The Rolling Stones, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band (“The Bonzos”), The Who, Donavon, and Elton John all sing about Paul’s death. This book discusses some of their songs, as well as some by “Paul,” John, George, and Ringo that were made beyond their Beatles Years.

The Memoirs of Billy Shears uses over two hundred songs to explain the Paul switch (including the torment it caused before and after Paul’s death), to establish the historical context, and to add support, richness, and texture to the book’s concepts. Those musical enhancements add warmth and a depth of feeling to the cold hard facts, giving you insider empathy for all involved.Fittingly for a book of Paul-clue decoding, The Memoirs of Billy Shears is itself fully encoded. Providing a new reading experience, readers will not only be able to decode Paul songs, but can also break the acrostical code within this book! The first letter in every other line combines to spell secret messages--adding up to be the world’s longest acrostic--that the reader will love to decode."


Some more anomalies.

For sure, the research is now looking for anomalies. Obviously all the 'Indian guru' stuff was part of the created image of a 'consciousness shift'.

There is an interview with 'Paul' apparently recorded in Jan. 1967 and aired in March 1967 and it shows film of The Beatles meeting the Maharishi guru. But their first meeting with this guru took place in August 1967 so maybe this was added later.

News item : "On August 24, 1967, the Beatles met the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Only a few days later, their beloved manager Brian Epstein passed away............After a couple of days spent working on “Your Mother Should Know,” another track for their upcoming Magical Mystery Tour project (late 1967), John, Cynthia, Paul, Jane, George, and Pattie went to the Hilton Hotel in London to hear a lecture given by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on Thursday, August 19." "The Beatles met the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for the first time in the year 1967 in London.............The group that went to India included actress Mia Farrow, Donovan, Cynthia Lennon and Jane Asher."

This seems odd doesn't it, since John was with Yoko Ono then. Lennon met Yoko Ono in November 1966, and 'Paul' met Linda in May 1967 and 'instantly fell in love', yet for all the Maharishi stuff John is with Cynthia, and 'Paul' is with Jane.

The person most noted as being in a car crash is Paul's friend Tara Browne heir to the Guinness fortune, who died .on Dec. 18th 1966. He did have a girlfriend in the car who survived. That was 2 days before this next interview. It does not account for the first talk about Paul's death earlier that autumn (which could have Sept. or November) and John, George and Ringo were already clearly unsure of what their future was going to be. Actually, only 'Faul' knew he had an idea for a fictional band, and that he had already written most of the songs for Sgt. Peppers.

Incidentally, an article was published just weeks after the December 1966 interview saying that Paul had died,

and it had first been mentioned in the autumn of 1966, and obviously a lot of people knew. After that, nothing more was said, and nothing mentioned.

...........Until it resurfaced in later 1969. Interestingly there is a single track vinyl record by Terry Knight, an American who went to Apple Corps in early 1969 about a record contract. It didn't happen but before he left he either wrote or someone else wrote a track and gave it to him, called 'St. Paul' which is about Paul not being the real deal, and that someone had been trying to tell the world that but the world keeps missing it. The song released in Spring 1969 was only a moderate regional hit, but did precede the take off of the 'Paul is dead' rumours of 1969. The track is later credited as a McCartney/Lennon track (MacLen Records).

Saint Paul - Terry Knight Play Video

'Paul's' second wife Heather Mills said in TV interviews that she found out something

and she has it hidden. If anything should happen to her, there are instructions for it to be released. She said on TV that she had a box of evidence and "if a certain person tried to top her (means have her killed) the truth would come out'. She is now 53, doing fine and in 2023 re-married, to her boyfriend who is 36. .

Looking closely at the film of 'Paul's' reaction to John's murder, at the time it first happened, in 1980 it looks like he has a smirk in his eyes - film shown in the 'George Harrison Lost Testimony' commented on below. The production is full of nonsensical things with dates that do not add up, including that Heather Mills, now 53, was the girl in the car the night the real Pul died in 1966. If so, she would be at least 73 and in all the glamorous pictures when she married 'Paul' would have been fifty something and her daughter born in 2003. So it is full of outright nonsense - but some interesting things. The film of that reaction being interesting.

Look at 'Paul's' eyes as he comments on hearing about John Lennon's murder. Watch Video. Look at the eyes.

Mal Evans the roadie for the band since 1963 did help Paul write some of the songs. This is actually shown in the documentary 'Get Back' yet he did not receive any of the credit or royalties for that. He was in fact a writer, poet and a musician. It was 4 hours after he made a phone call to a friend saying that Paul had finally agreed to give him credit and thus payment for some of the songs he helped write, and that he had left specific documents, evidence of this in a case, that he was shot dead by police.

His son has produced a new book released Nov. 2023. Mal Evans' remaining diaries were returned in 1988.

Linda Eastman moved to the UK as a groupie and photographer for 2 years before she officially met 'Paul', after saying she was going to marry Paul McCartney (said around 1965) it looks like she already knew what was happening.

In the early videos of interviews etc Paul almost always holds his cigarette in the left hand. he said that the only thing he could not change was doing everything with the left hand.

The issue of McCartney being ritually murdered in 1966 and replaced is a very hard topic to cover.

However, why did Fake Paul do the strange video for the song 1882 and include the photo that is the autopsy of the real Paul (and how did he get it?) and also showed quick flashes of himself as a Freemason and as a follower of Aleister Crowley - who created the 'religion' of Thelema. Why do any of that? And again, where did he get the other 'mystery, secret order' film footage. *That video is on the link for Richard Balducci is added in the references below. If you go to the short video at the end '1882' it shows flashes of a definite "Paul McCartney" (Billy) and be warned, it also flashes the autopsy photo.

As mentioned, the source which gained access to all the secret and hidden films from the 'Illuminati' which recorded all these to blackmail or have control over those who had ended up with a 'deal with the devil' - which is the ONLY way 99.9% of people can become rich and famous - indicate that it did happen. They have the photos and the filming of it.

People say the new Paul is/was more talented than the original but I flat out do not agree with that. It is also a stupid and very flippant comment because no matter how good this unknown person might be, the point is, if correct, he is not Paul McCartney. That is fraud, impersonation,and other criminal offenses.

As for the much loved Paul, early film footage shows great creativity and playing various instruments etc. But there is also his personality and especially the charismatic charm that clearly shows in the tracks added further down 'She Loves You', 'A Hard Days Night' and 'We Can Work It Out' as examples. Does the later version of Paul have this particular charisma? The charisma is in all their work up to 1966.


George Harrison's Last Testimony.

When this came out, around the early 2000's I didn't pay too much attention. It was supposedly a cassette tape recorded message from George, but it obviously was not his voice or accent. This story had Paul dying in a car crash. He had 'stormed out' of a recording session with the other Beatles (not true) and because it was raining had stopped to pick up a fan who went crazy once she realized who it was. This is why he died, according to this version of the story. her name was Rita, but elsewhere it is Donna and she also died. This version does have details like the Austin Healy, and that his head had been split and some other details in the Richard Balducci research - but not the date or the circumstances. There is a police officer called Maxwell - which "George" keeps pronouncing as Moxwell, - who goes on to be part of MI-5 and an operation to keep this quiet.

That MI-5 would be involved in keeping this quiet is very correct, because there would indeed have been many suicides across the world if this was known. However, the rest of the accident narrative is different. Then the next day they arrange for a competition for a lookalike on a TV show in America - so an American lookalike..His name is William Campbell. So, let's hope he can play guitar, look like Paul, AND speak as a Liverpudlian! Whoever produced the alleged Harrison tape cannot even sound like a Liverpudlian! By the way, it is claimed this person gave an interview for an obscure magazine telling his story, which if true would mean the interviewer was talking to today's 'Paul McCartney' who was saying this.

Now it is mid November and this William has gone through quite a bit of plastic surgery which miraculously has healed up very well because there is the December 20th 1966 interview shown above. His plastic surgery has healed perfectly within 4 weeks and he has a Liverpudlian accent. And this is not very plausible, is it.

From there onwards the tape says 'Rubber Soul' was the first album without Paul and was named 'Rubber Soul' for some reasons which can be discounted because it was released on 3 December 1965 and Paul's death was in 1966. That means this 'Last Testimony' is a fake (it looks like that). Plus whoever did it, did not do his/her research properly. Besides it includes 'We Can Work It Out' which we have featured above. They recorded it in October 1965 in one month and it was released in December. A former sound engineer said Paul was difficult during the recordings, especially for George but only 10 weeks later Paul is Best Man at George's wedding and his wife Patti comments on the strong bond they had, like they were family and who communicated with their own language. In reality, the 'difficulties' were during much later albums and George walked out and left The Beatles because of it. It was not 'Rubber Soul'. Also the first 'lookalike' competition was in 1966 not 1965.

To show you how ridiculous this story is (or appears) it includes almost all the songs and live performances that made The Beatles the legends they were - so 'fake Paul' really did do a great job!! According to the film, the song 'Yesterday' was one of the clues about Paul. So here is William Campbell apparently, singing Yesterday.. (It isn't, this is the real Paul!)

Newly added Nov. 19th.

However, it might be that Billy did write that song. In Lennon's 'How Do You Sleep' he does say the words "the only thing you did was 'Yesterday'."

Interestingly, the blatant inaccuracies in this, might have information/clues being disguised in this way. Perhaps those who sent the tape, as per the wishes of George? This film does show us a photo of when 'Paul McCartney' was on the cover of a British music magazine called Disco Magazine in the early 1970's, and he is playing the guitar right handed. So far I have not been able to find this picture with internet searches.

It might mean that Billy became Paul's double in 1965 and was somewhere around during the making of Rubber Soul (October 1965). In fact The Beatles staged their second concert tour of the United States in the late summer of 1965 and they had had issues of dangerous behaviour from fans, serious stuff, on the their previous tour so wanted to have doubles as decoys. In fact Linda Eastman, already a groupie photographer but in NY, met Billy in 1965. Around that time she said she was going to marry Paul McCartney. Then she moved to London.

The film also mentions that the figure of "Paul" on the cover of'Sgt. Pepper' was a cardboard cut out (a fake person). Also that in the name Beatles has an award of Paul's inserted between the L and the E making the name Beat Lies.

Harrison mentions that 'Paul' was looking a bit old by 1969 so he had grown a beard. Billy is actually 5 years older than Paul and was born in 1937. This makes him 86 in 2023 for his Australian concerts. In the 1982 interview, aged almost 40 (and wearing a face mask as shown in the video link) he said he wanted to continue doing this forever. In 1964 aged 23 in an interview, the Real Paul said he planned to retire but still write songs. he mentioned retiring a few times.

There is a TV interview with George in the '90's where he refers to Paul as Faul at least twice. Also in an interview with Ray Martin on the Midday Show in Australia shown on this film, it clearly sounds like he refers to Paul as Faul, but in checking that interview on youtube, it is clearly Paul - so one of those versions has been altered.

The Beatles took a break after their final North America tour which completed at the end of August. In the following weeks John went to Europe for about 5 weeks to make a film. In their December interview they don't know what their future plans are, and it doesn't seem they were in the studio recording anything during November. 'Paul' is not seen at all after Sept.6th and a Music Award appearance until the December interview. but he does mention elsewhere that he was on a plane somewhere and the 'salt and pepper' led to the name 'Sgt Pepper'. That trip was to Kenya because there is home movie footage. The time when Paul did leave the recording studio in a hurry was in June when recording 'Revolver'. He and his girlfriend Jane were off on a flying visit to Scotland to see the farm he was buying.

Many lives were ruined when this happened. It was not only Paul's life gone at 24, or how it affected the other 3 Beatles. .

There was also his girlfriend of 3 years Jane Asher, then aged 20. They had just bought the farmhouse in Scotland.

It is certain, as already pointed out, that the real Paul was marked from the beginning. Such as standing in the black hexagram. Album covers that look like Paul is facing an opposite way etc may very well have been 'secret signs' known to those involved. There appear to be indications of lennon being marked for later, and possibly something for George Harrison who survived a near fatal stabbig attack.

I was surprised to see that The Beatles were moving into the desired direction as early as in 1966. There performances and interviews seem consistent with their best image which made them famous.

The Luciferian Agenda was and is, always to 'kill Jesus' and Christianity, and to indoctrinate all people into Luciferianism (by whatever name). For The Beatles 1966 saw Lennon purposefully introduced to the book debunking the existence of Jesus (The Passover Plot). Harrison is introduced to the sitar. They do the obscene cover for an American release for 'Yesterday', which was never seen in the UK, and they record Revolver which introduces Hindu music and eastern ideas. The objective of the satanists was to influence people away from Christianity and into Indian and Tibetan religions in their worst aspects which most people are unaware of, and turn western Christian countries into multi religion countries as the stepping stone towards accepting Luciferianism (which exists in various guises). At the same time Britain was beginning a controversial immigration policy - which is another way of carrying out indirect warfare.


Some Reference material and a Free Audio book to download.

No matter how good this guy is and has been over the last decades, it isn't Paul McCartney! He can be good, but he should be known as who he is not by the name of a legend from the early 1960's. It is Paul McCartney who had all the charisma, not the replacement, and I for one have never had any interest in 'Wings'. I know some of the songs, but have no interest. Nor in 'Hey Jude', 'Let It Be' or 'Long and Winding Road' etc. But more than that, Paul McCartney didn't just die in an accident - it was a ritual killing.

Probably the Peter Jackson recently released documentary 'Get Back' helps provide some answers about the Beatles.

Excerpts from the doco show McCartney in a good light, and it also shows the process of how the Beatles created their songs. Its not clear who owned all this unseen footage, or perhaps commisioned Jackson to make this documentary. Since 1980 'McCartney' has been in the position to to control how Beatle History is presented. .


Also included here is the link to Richard Balducci's work with the quick view of 'McCartney's' 1882 video which shows the autopsy photo.

I have not been through any part of these videos except the 1882 at the end. They are here for anyone who wants to take a look at this darker side of the research. There is a paragraph at the beginning intro but Lennon was shot 8/12 not 10. : Access webpage.

***Please remember that if you go to the short video at the end 1882 it shows flashes of a definite "Paul McCartney" (Billy) involved in 'secret orders' but also it flashes the autopsy - and this is awful to see.

Apparently The Beatles in the current updating, following Anthology etc which is all revised and handled by 'Paul McCartney' who can now shape how The Beatles are remembered and perceived, there is a Red Album and then a Blue Album.

This is also some kind of Freemason or 'secret society' symbolism, the red going to blue. Quite possibly its the reverse symbolism of what happened to this planet as red denotes the lower chakra. Earth went into reverse. I personally did not know that there were these two albums, and I read about the symbolism in something else.

This 'Tavistock Institute' Beatles Project has covered a time period of over 60 years, and maybe it is just Faul doing it, or maybe others are involved. George Martin seems to have been a key addition to the process and maybe his son has continued too? He does write a foreward to the 'Memoirs' books and there is a free audio version you can download. Some of this exposure may well be part of the 'White Hat' operation.

. Free audio version of 'The Memoirs of Billy Shears'.

George Harrison's 'Last Testimony' film Video. Absolutely fake/inaccurate but does have a few interesting points.

The reality is 'Faul' can be a good entertainer, be likeable, give good interviews, look the way he does, and be the person known as Paul McCartney for over 50 years BUT that does not mean he is Paul McCartney.

And if he is the replacement after the absolute legend Paul was killed, who continued when it was only meant to be for a while, then we are looking at a very real criminal

The first interview by Faul was recorded at a TV studio in January 1967 and aired in March 1967. What is odd is that it shows all the footage of The Beatles, wives and girlfriends meeting the Maharishi guru which did not happen until August 1967. That was their first meeting with this guru. So for some reason it has been added to the January 1967 interview. I wondered if perhaps that meeting had been recorded in 1966 instead but both John and George give an interview from that guru meeting in August 1967 when their manager Brian Epstein died. He was about to join them to be initiated too. However, this interview was recorded in January 1967. At this time 'Paul McCartney looks different from the one on their last North American tour, and also different from this first Faul interview.

In this his eyebrows are much thicker and his eyes (and eyelids) are different, which could be make-up used this way for some reason.

Faul's (Billy's) first interview for a BBC TV documentary "So Far Out It's Straight Down" to be aired in March 1967. Watch


The Beatles in recording 'Revolver' were creating music and sounds different from their last North America.

It was recorded in April, May and June 1966 and released on Aug. 5th 1966, just before their North America tour. It has some influences towards eastern religion and follows the comments made by Lennon in March (he had recently been introduced to The Passover Plot) saying that 'The Beatles were more popular than Jesus, and in some years Paul will be like a Jesus' - meaning people were literally going crazy and idolizing them. Like all in the music industry they had an agreement to promotoe what the industry contract required them to do, and the actual agenda is always to 'kill off Christianity' and lead everyone to eastern religions (and drug created 'awakenings'.) That was the entire agenda required of The Beatles.


The SOUND Project, has been about sounds missing and being removed from music, but they are HIGHER level sound.

Has "Paul McCartney" systematically been removing the contribution of Lennon and Harrison from remixing Beatles songs?

New Beatles song 'Now and Then'. New release version no middle section but better film of the 'Fab Four'. The film is good (added to Bichute). There is more than one film.

When "McCartney" released the altered version of 'Now and Then' leaving out the middle section, the original copy of that was removed from the internet.

Thankfully a dog named 'Esau Lennon' opened a youtube account

and immediately uploaded the intended version of John Lennon's 'Now and Then'.. Version with the middle section. *The biblical story of Esau is about a man who took the identity and inheritance of someone else.


There is no logic to removing the chrorus/break/mid-section of the song, it is part of the structure of a good song, and in this song it is definitely reaching some meaningful levels of sound.

'McCartney' also did this with the song 'And I Love Her' removing the chorus/mid section. I only found this out by chance. There was no lead in to finding out about this new release, I just happened to want to check some research on the 'McCartney died' info. Quite possibly he, or this person, has altered any number of the early tracks. "Paul McCartney Butchered John Lennon's Now And Then." Watch Video. Much like I said. Btw it's cool to like The Beatles now.

.*There will never be anything like The Beatles because there was something extraordinary in their harmonies (and energy) of the first part of their career. If I play their early stuff I can actually 'feel' it - and it is in the sound.

* Some sources question that they wrote all their songs, but they did or there would be issues of the royalties going to others. It is the royalties that make the big bucks.

***Lennon and McCartney were indeed prolific and amazing song writers, they really were.

After they broke up and Led Zeppelin became the amazing band they were, they said the difference now was because 'it's all about the music', not personalities. But The Beatles were all about the creation of great songs, the art of song writing. Led Zeppelin were great artists and musicians but never wrote great songs.

Part of the uniqueness of The Beatles is they were the first band to be writing their own songs - so that became a royalties issue when their business Northern Songs went public. 'She Loves You' Watch Video. They began with performances like this, then started to make more unusual and creative videos where it was no longer the traditional film of a band playing. They were the first to ever do this. So, I am adding a second one, because I think these capture the charm and the energy and great use of the camera. 'A Hard Days Night' Watch Video. In the 1995 (or something) Anthology Paul McCartney says the harmonies were hard to do. These tracks and live performances show the harmonies were not at all hard to do. In fact it is an amazing blend of voices, a really unique sound So here is 'We Can Work It Out'. Its not live, but it is their unique harmonies and great stage presence and use of the camera. Watch Video.

Now here in 'Hey Jude' a song that is understood to be about shooting up with heroin (which is totally in character and the message wanted by their controllers, and Judas was the dark betrayer of Jesus. We cannot ignore the possibilities for symbolism because 'they' do deliberately do this right in front of you.)

Still a 'pretty boy' but Is this the same stage presence and charisma? Watch Video They are messing about at the beginning.

I am going through the album 'Revolver' which is the last album with Paul. He may have written and they recorded other tracks that were kept for later albums, he also may have recorded some that were not put on the albums but used in later albums.


I can only imagine what the remaining 3 Beatles went through with this experience. Most likely they thought it the best idea to do this secret replacement because millions of fans loved Paul and would be devastated. There were observations that some may actually kill themselves because of it. When they brought Billy in, they thought Paul had died in a car accident. Later, they found out it wasn't an accident.

By December 1966 they were not at all sure what was going to happen and in the interview of December 20th 1966 it appears they expected it to end except for maybe song writing. However, after their private meeting that evening, they began work on Sgt. Peppers' which was the "Paul" project, and it was also the entire mission of the Tavistock Institute to bring about a 'social revolution', so we might surmise they were informed about it that evening. From the interview, they obviously were not working on a new album.They may also have discovered at that same meeting, that bringing William into the band had not been simply a random solution someone came up with.

It is also clear that the this new person began to take over, take control of, the band - what could they say? There was nothing they could do about it, until the time when they could break up. In interviews the 3 remaining Beatles all distanced themselves from 'Sgt.Peppers'.

Why the 3 remaining real Beatles did not want to work with the 'fake Paul'

Introduction and Overview to this important information 'John, Paul, George and Ringo'.

SOUND Project. The Beatles









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