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Pink Floyd tracks to Clear 'Darkness'. Original list. More Pink Floyd + albums :

The Project to Clear 'Darkness' continues here:-

SOUND to clear 'darkness', 'dark moods', negative thinking, and more.

The Endless Stream : The Eternal Stream.


This page was taken from a larger page and made "the Pink Floyd page". It has not been edited yet, and is still under construction.


What Shall We Do Now?

3 mins.

Unreleased track from: Pink Floyd The Wall - (also added to the Brick in the Wall section.) Play LOUD.


This 'PROGRESSIVE ROCK' is about creative music, art, complex composition and FREQUENCIES because the planet is changing from 'dying' to 'Living'.

It is not about 'pop', not rap, not metal, nor beat and rhythm, which is fun, but is not complex composition and is a different genre of music - mostly originating from West Africa and adapted by the Americas - which is part of the 'dead' muertos.

This page is featuring David Gilmour/Pink Floyd specifically, and featuring the genre of progressive rock. It is about complex composition, and especially about stunning, soul filled guitar solos. David Gilmour's mission has been a very special one, for these times right now.

It is also exciting.

David Gilmour

You can see the effect of this SOUND in the eyes and in the smiles

of these superb, high integrity, musicians who know how blessed they are to be part of the sound they are creating.


You will be 'touching' Eternal God Source.

"This isn‘t just music, this is art. The melodies , the composition of instruments, the inclusion of sounds…this is art!"

"During Gilmour’s solo people in that audience are mesmerized as if hit by a stun gun. Remarkable."

5 days ago. "Why’s everyone discovering this (music) now, wtf?"


"When the show ended after 2 hours in outer space, the silence in the 100,000 person crowd was so thick no-one dared to whisper, afraid to break this religious experience."

This comment was for the PULSE concert which included 'One of These Days'.



This world has been under a 'dying god' for over 5,000 years, one with practices which have slowly been putting you to sleep.

If the planet did not change now, then it would be on the path into a Black Hole. That's why the 'god' is shown sleeping. It is death. The religion of the dead.

"A team of astronomers from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and other institutes has discovered a black hole lying just 1000 light-years from Earth. The black hole is closer to our Solar System than any other found to date and forms part of a triple system that can be seen with the naked eye." ( The black hole can be seen in the night skies off the coast of Antarctica (as the Earth shifts in its cycle during the fall.)

Listening to this SOUND helps raise the frequencies of the entire planet out of the 'dead'. The path of 'the dead' is a real energy stream.

The planet's current change is to a different energy stream of Life. Living energy.

Remember, this is about SOUND to clear the dark energy.



to make you sit up and take notice - pumping with LIFE energy, and to

WAKE UP from the Dream Spell.

God is NOT asleep!


This one.

NEW added Oct. 2022.

.*Even better with extra bass.

Pink Floyd - One Of These Days (PULSE)

In the improvised section with just the bass, do you, like us, think it seems to sound like saying 'happy people'?

" All I can say is that this concert was as close to a religious experience or being abducted by aliens. Out of the f n world. Best concert I have ever been to."

"I've seen them 3 times & you are spot on you dont NEED drugs or booze, the music takes you there."

"One of the most brutal Bass lines ever."

"OK, we love THE BEATLES, QUEEN, LED ZEPPELIN, BLACK SABBATH, THE DOORS, DEEP PURPLE, RADIOHEAD (and a whole lot more. Stones, Iron Maiden, Nirvana etc)... BUT PINK FLOYD... PINK FLOYD is something very special!!! they gave me the best feelings of my life "

"For me there are no words to describe the way this hits my brain. I've watched this video full throttle on mushrooms, I've gotten baked and just veg out to it. I've listened to it in the morning the afternoon. All kinds of mindsets and every time its the awesome." (3 months ago.)

Love the work done when Roger was part of the band, but he left. He remained political and aggressive which is still obvious in his 2022 shows. Pink Floyd evolved to a considerably higher standard of stunningly professional musicianship, and also into some kind of mystical, cosmic, legendary status. The SOUND to activate awakening is in their Later Years work.

This track is my daily meditation music.

* Can get good bass through the headphones but needs 'extra bass' speakers.


More comments:

"Right NOW, My Holy and Most Almighty God,

I AM taking your advice and I AM getting high(er than You),

I AM not watching the news (or the TV in general) and I AM loving and appreciating You through, not specifically Your music, but the music I grew to LOVE."


Pink Floyd Astronomy Domine From PULSE

"I'm 16 years old I started listening to Pink Floyd 8-10 months ago and I'm sure it's gonna go with me for the rest of my life."

*Listen to Nick Mason's drumming.

"They opened with this (Astronomy Domine) when I saw them the first time -  5th row Vancouver.  

The drums coming in out of the dark like they were calling forth the apocalypse, thinking OMG it's actually Floyd in the shadows, steps away from me.

And then Rick's steady English voice taming it so beautifully...and the lights went up...and there they were. God bless you, Rick."

Picture of Richard Wright.


Then this


'Welcome to the Machine' 2019 remix

'"What did you dream? It's alright we told you what to dream." That line in this song still gives me chills.' 11 months ago.

"The song describes the band's disillusionment with the music industry as a money-making machine rather than a forum of artistic expression. The plot centers on an aspiring musician getting signed by a seedy executive to the music industry (the "Machine"). The voice predicts all of his seemingly rebellious ideas ("You bought a guitar to punish your ma / You didn't like school / And you know you're nobody's fool"). His illusions of personal identity are further crushed with lines such as 'What did you dream? / It's all right, we told you what to dream'." Comment on the satanic run 'music industry'.

David Gilmour really knows how to create great arrangements. So many additional sounds hidden in there. We think this is better than the original and with more groove. ]



This one

Pink Floyd - Yet Another Movie Remastered Later Years 2019 -

notice the young guitarist Guy's eyes because this sound can change your eyes.


'"Yet Another Movie" by Pink Floyd is one of the most mystical songs ever created! Every time I listen to it, my hair in the back of my neck just stands up!'

"I have to say Pink Floyd come from another planet." "No, they come from beyond the event horizon of this universe."

"This song literally gives me goose bumps." This music is from a higher universe.

"I grew up with Pink Floyd, it's simply the healing wave for my life. So different from any other sound in this world....".


Tracks added are transcendent, and also those which really rock.

David Gilmour

'Run Like Hell'

David Gilmour (2016 show) - Run Like Hell (Live At Pompeii)

"What a fitting song for the city of Pompeii." (For those who don't know, it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption of Versuvius nearly 2,000 years ago. I have been to Pompeii and also inside the crater of Versuvius.)

"I've seen Pink Floyd live and have to say this is the best performance of Run I have ever heard. David is on point as usual but he sure knows how to pick musicians and singers."

"Every musician from this concert did an outstanding job!"

Venue is an ancient Roman amphitheatre with heritage restrictions.



The Most Recommended Pink Floyd Track for a 'Darkness Clearing Experience' is :-

This is an OBE - Out of Body Experience. You can hear a heartbeat on re-entering the body. You are not the physical body. The body dies. You are the soul-spirit within the body.


When You Are Ready -


- David Gilmour Live in Gdansk. ... 25 mins.

Note the amazing amount of sound produced.

"It's unf,,,,,,,,,,,believable how much sound Gilmour gets from his guitar."

"If everyone on this planet would be listening to this song every day, the world would be a better place!"

"NOTHING can compare with Pink Floyd’s “Echoes“ and David and Richard’s spiritual connection together when performing it, for there is NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT! ... “Echoes” is a thought-provoking, emotion-evoking GIFT to mankind that FLOWED to us through the souls of those who crafted it. It is indeed a True and Timeless MASTERPIECE the likes of which has never been experienced before, nor ever will be again."

"I'm not a religious or spiritual man and had never had a spiritual experience until I saw this man play live in Belgium in 1994, one of the greatest days of my life."


"Words can't describe how I feel about music like this... Just chills.... chills running through my body."

"One of the finest instrumentals ever written. We shall never again see a band anywhere near as good as Pink Floyd".

"Finest moments of humanity."



Hey You 4 mins .

Gilmour's guitar work again.

From the album Pink Floyd The Wall so it is part of the entire theme. * The original on the album is great too.


"Words can't describe how I feel about music like this... Just chills.... chills running through my body."

"One of the finest instrumentals ever written. We shall never again see a band anywhere near as good as Pink Floyd".

"Finest moments of humanity."


It is interesting to see film footage of the beginnings of Pink Floyd - mostly in France - with Syd Barrett and then David Gilmour. Some of it is a riot to see, with everyone including the dancing audience trying to be in some totally out of it trance like bliss, which they thought was what it was all about in those days, but you also see how splendidly Pink Floyd kept to what they wanted to do, and within about a year it is very clear that Gilmour's guitar playing is something special. Their songs show how they developed to 'Careful with that Axe Eugene' and then quite soon they produce 'Dark Side of the Moon' - on the charts for nearly 20 years (maybe more now, the figures appear to be from a 2020 report.) It’s the only one by far, ever to do so. It is still good stuff. It will be magnificent forever.

"Pink Floyd has made history with their musical masterpiece “The Dark Side of the Moon” once again. Over four decades after its release, it’s back on the US Billboard 200. ..........."


Shine on You Crazy Diamond

'Syd' Barrett - original band member/co-founder, good looking, vivacious and charismatic. Syd is the 'crazy diamond' who overdid the drugs experience. had brain damage, and died.

"This is epic, perfect, the best version of this song ever! I've got no words to describe how deeply this touches my soul."

".....Who wishes his great-grandfather rocked the sax the way the old man did!"

"This isn't really a song you listen to, this is a song you feel every note."

"I literally don’t know where I would be without Floyd. It has helped me through some of the hardest of times."

More Comments :

"Hopes, fears, love and loss. Goose bumps, shivers, tears, warmth, intense joy. How 1 piece of musical perfection call pull that off amazes me still. Thank you Pink Floyd for allowing me to feel all the feels."

"I listen to this song at least once a day. It's part of what keeps me healed."

"Some music just hits your soul. This is one of those." (Ref: High Hopes- (Later Years Pink Floyd.)

".This is what MUSIC is meant to be."



WAKE UP From the Dream Time

..........the Spell that sent everyone to Sleep!

Many, including us, feel a 'need' to hear some of these sound frequencies each day, as a 'meditation'.



David Gilmour - Sorrow (Live At Pompeii)

Best improvisation ever. From the 2016 show which also includes 'One of These Days'. . Video added to youtube in 2019.

The venue is an ancient Roman amphitheatre with heritage restrictions.

"This is the best version of Sorrow ever made, superior to the original and the newest remix, better than any other live performance. David's playing here is out of this world and you can hear the wisdom in his voice from him, absolute harmony" (I agree, its the best version.)

"The last to join Pink Floyd, yet made it legendary. Not to take away anything from Waters, but... this is God like." (1 year ago.)


David Gilmour!


'Us And Them' and 'Any Colour You Like' (**Extra Bass.)

"...something about Gilmour's voice is transcendent, ethereal, no words can describe." There is something that is really haunting (to me) about this track 'Us and Them' and now my headphones are providing extra bass. This link also includes 'Any Colour You Like', 'Brain Damage', 'Eclipse' which all blend seamlessly together. This was on the charts in 2020. It is kind of like this came in from a different star system "hey planet Earth, remember who you are." How did they produce this so many years ago?

Dark Side of the Moon

- full album." In 2012, it was selected for preservation in the United States National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress for being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".


Pink Floyd - 'Dogs'

[2018 Remix] 17 mins. These lyrics are so dark, its hysterical.

A later album than 'Dark Side of the Moon' this is from 'Animals'.


Another Brick in the Wall This is an excellent new version of the very well known classic,

This is short, and the solos begin at around 3:45. with Tim Renwick doing the last solo. This was live and they improvised most nights for around 6 years This version was outstanding. 7 mins.

"I'm 20 years old and recently started listening to Pink Floyd a few months back. my dad,,, and he absolutely loved Pink Floyd, and he's from rural Greece! I ended up finding them on my own and have fallen in love with them just as my dad did...." (one month ago).



Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Live At Pompeii 2016 Remix)


Echoes (Live At Pompeii 2016 Show)

Very different from the Gdansk version. Slower pace. Use headphones.

This is from the 2016 show at Pompeii.



2 Shows.

SOUND to clear the dark energy from yourself, and this planet.


NEW added Nov. 4th

Pink Floyd - PULSE SHOW Remastered 2019.

.................................. Includes a different version of the track 'Sorrow' added a couple of links further down. There is a second part to be added if we can find it.

Love the work done when Roger was part of the band, but he left and remained political and aggressive which is still obvious in his 2022 shows. Pink Floyd evolved to a considerably higher standard of stunningly professional musicianship, and also into some kind of mystical, cosmic, legendary status. The SOUND to activate awakening is in their Later Years work.

"What a beautiful sound! Impossible to make a Strat sound better. Thanks Mr. Leo Fender." (Comment 3 weeks ago.)

"Sound magic, these guys did sound magic that makes you fly. And not once or three or five, they did it for decades, entire universes. Unique."

(Comment 4 weeks ago.)


"The best musical concert in the history of humanity, from the second 0 to the end you are obliged to feel and transport yourself, who knows where we are going at those moments, but is the closest thing to elevating us there is no doubt, thank God for giving me the opportunity that not everyone has to open my soul so much." (5 months ago.)


Pink Floyd - "Delicate Sound of Thunder" New 4k Edition Full Concert. Uploaded in 2022.

Comments :

"If this does not give you goose bumps a time or two then you will never get it. THIS, yes THIS is music."

"... These guys are legendary in the universe of music and what they did for 'live' concerts. Damn." (2 months ago.)

"It doesn't matter how many times I listen and see a Pink Floyd concert, I am simply blown away every single time!!" (3 months ago.)

"The best group of musicians in the world." (2 days ago.)

"To me, their music feels like it came from Earth's conception. It lives and flows from every micro organism and every soul that has ever existed and will continue until the end of time itself." (2 months ago.


Pink Floyd - A New Machine/ "Terminal Frost" (Live Remix 2019)



Oct. 6th 2022.

While having to be here in one of those towns called a 'God's Waiting Room'

went into a local cafe and they were playing Pink Floyd. The19 or 20 year old girl was a big fan & worried that she'd have to turn it off as most people don't know or understand good music. Usually the music here, everywhere, along the sea front and at the marina, is ancient 'pop' stuff from Kiss, Michael Jackson and so on.. Nothing new,. it is all geared for 'old' (in mind) people and 'sheeple' tourists both young & old but all ASLEEP - just watch them on the promenade.

And those who just seem to spend the entire time sitting around with their phones, are waiting for someone, or the cell phone, to tell them what to do!

Right now, going through the tracks the PF fan in the coffee shop chose, and adding them, into the overall mix..

The next track sums up the experience of being in Mexico!

Comfortably Numb (Original version.)

"Best guitar solo for me, it is ethereal but so so beautiful."

"During Gilmour’s solo people in that audience are mesmerized as if hit by a stun gun. Remarkable." (From the version at the Royal Albert Hall, London.)


More tracks added below.


*We are actually 'new' to the music versions here and PF's 'later years', having only discovered these in 2022.

'Discovered' David Gilmour and later works in early 2018 - despite that my boyfriend, a musician, did play on stage with Pink Floyd, but not filmed. Not knowing this work is a good thing because it is all new, and it is very much SOUND for this time of transition for the planet.

All tracks are considered the best versions of PF's very extensive work.

There are many live versions and PF improvised nightly. Many of the PULSE works were only released onto the internet just before 'covid'. They had not been available before. Their music was phenomenally successful, but much of their music - like 'Animals' - was never promoted by the 'satanic music industry' because they did not conform to 'requirements', and their tracks were long - so many people did not get to hear it..

For anyone who is a musician or dancer etc then they MUST have music and dance in their lives, it is life blood, because the sound moves through them.


If you think in terms of 'Time' then you will restrict your reality.


Newly added. Sept. 2022.

Pink Floyd - Dogs [2018 Remix]

newly released

"This is insanely good, if this (Dogs) is anything like the rest of the album this will definitely become the greatest Pink Floyd album ever". (2 months ago.)

'Pink Floyd - Dogs [2018 Remix]' 17 mins. These lyrics are so dark, its hysterical.

* Listen to Rick Wright's keyboard.

2018 Remix Full Album - Pink Floyd - Animals - Released Sept. 16th 2022.

"What an album! This is a staggering work of genius," (7 days ago.) "This is one of the greatest rock albums ever made." (1 hour ago.)

'Sheep' 29:58 great lyrics for the 'covid vaxx era'.

"The first thing that jumps out to me is NICK MASON IS A GREAT DRUMMER !!!" (3 weeks ago)

Comments : "Not one of the darkest of Pink Floyd songs, but one of the darkest of all songs. Still gives me chills....". (2 months ago.) "This is adapted from Animal Farm,such a great dystopian novel." (1 month ago.) "I asked myself once (as I'm a sound engineer) how would Pink Floyd sound, with all the possibilities today...??? this EXCEPTIONAL release answers perfectly...... ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;nothing sounds like them...they're definitely from another world..." (8 days ago.)

"To think that such conceptual music of this proportion will never be produced ever again is quite disturbing to be honest.". (2 weeks ago.)

"My 11 and 13 year old girls LOVE this album and they love Pink Floyd! (I must be doing something right as a parent!)" 9 days ago.

"I feel extremely sad for people who have never listened to Pink Floyd." (3 days ago.)


Wish You Were Here -

The girl in the cafe also chose 'Shine on You Crazy Diamond' which is already listed.



Mystical Sound - for our time Now - and the shift to Light.


The music of this band - now remastered and with new versions for the 2020's - was so cosmic that people assumed they were on a drug trip to produce anything so 'heavy'. In reality it was produced by 4 superb musicians and composers who were light years ahead in where their sound was reaching. In the early days they of course, were exploring dope etc and they said as much, but it was not an image they wanted if they were to go forward.

Pink Floyd are English.

4 students who weren't actually studying anything, from Cambridge, intelligent, super cool without question but not drugged out low IQ partying types smashing up hotel rooms, nor involved in the 'music industry machine' as run by satanists. Waters who left the band but continues with shows, is not Pink Floyd. Gilmour won the rights to continue with the name. Sadly many people do not know this so missed seeing Pink Floyd. We too only recently discovered that Pink Floyd had continued and produced all this superb work featured in this section. 'Discovered' David Gilmour around 2018 but so wish we had known long before that.


Those who can't 'wake up' may soon find they are on the wrong planet.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are now so brain altered that they are not going to 'wake up'. Just can't see it happening.

Translation of that : Like the sun, the Earth is a 'battery' currently running on the negative polarity

which it fell into several thousand years ago. But now, it is about to switch back to a positive polarity, and that is what was called the 'Dividing of the Ways'. Some people have changed to a positive polarity and will be okay when the planet changes. Others are fixed in the negative polarity and have a lot of resistance - and we really don't know what happens to them when this planet switches over. What happens with an electrical circuit? The supercomputer monitors this and it seems like some kind of 'planetary event' is expected.

This is the person playing the guitar and singing.

The human body does not last very long but THIS is the person even though the body is now old.

We have fallen in love with the gorgeous David Gilmour - but several decades too late, this is when he was young!

Probably the most good looking man ever to walk the Earth! Certainly a truly beautiful soul with an amazing gift. The world is so lucky that he is still on this planet with us.

"A man who sold a house for £3m and gave the money to a homeless London charity. Legend, my musical hero and a gentleman."

"And 130 instruments including his famous Black Strat for more than 21m USD and gave all to save the earth's environment that we destroyed :) All my respects."

"He is the most beautiful & handsome guy on this planet, now & then!"

"Yes, he is. Easily and by far. Sorry but Jim Morrison shouldn't even be listed." (Just added, by me.)

"I don't know if Gilmour and the others realise that their music is like therapy to some of us - It makes me calmer and stay in the present moment."

"In 4-5 hundred years from now people are going to look back on David Gilmour, and Pink Floyd in general, the way we currently look back on Wagner or Mozart.".

"These guys are just on another level....." (3 days ago.)

A soul-spirit such as David Gilmour, who does originate from a 'higher realm' often has difficulty remaining in such a low frequency place as this world is. It is hard to be on this low level, but the purpose is to raise this place to higher.

Comments :

"This band should be considered a world treasure!"

"David Gilmour and Richard Wright will always be remembered,as two of the most prolific composers of the last half century. Along with Roger Waters while together. Their legacy and legend will remain, to be studied and marveled, as a testament to the highest form of expression through music. Simply remarkable. Bravo gentleman! It’s been a privilege to witness, for these many decades".

"A New Machine pt. 1 and 2 are remarkable meditations about life and death with the use of the vocoder. Very interesting use of it by David Gilmour. And Terminal Frost, impressionistic instrumental which concluded this suite, amazing. Excellent performance indeed, especially of great saxophonist Scott Page. A Momentary Lapse Of Reason is a very mature work too."

"Looking at the comments, it's beautiful to see how Pink Floyd still brings people together, irregardless of age or nationality or language or gender A testament to Gilmour's and Wright's timeless mastery over their craft, and our love as a community, for what they have created." 8 months ago.

"God damn. I've been revisiting this album lately and in particular Echoes and Fat Old Sun. This performance of Echoes that defies almost all classic rock legacy performances of classic material - it got better over the years. This is more explosive and sonically huge than any Pink Floyd performance. It's un,,,,,,,,,,, believable how much sound Gilmour gets from his guitar." 6 months ago.

There is plenty of good music in different genres, great guitarists, and modern pop is also fun to listen to, but this music is a whole different story, something else entirely. It is sound for the 'future world' and the consciousness of a higher universe.


More Pink Floyd + albums


Dumbing down through the music industry.

TODAY'S MUSIC INDUSTRY and satanism. >

The world has not only been dumbed down, but deliberately made less civilized

- and that is considered 'the way it is now'. This means that some societies that were civilized are now no longer civilized societies. Both of these are powerful ways to undermine and control societies.

It should be normal for there to be the basic civility of saying hello, or 'how are you' for everyone

not just an accepted standard apparently only known to those who come from a higher status.


This work is about how to be a BETTER HUMAN and creating a BETTER WORLD.

"Be kind, be respectful of the rights of others, be polite, LEARN to be polite, and LEARN how to behave so you do not spoil things for others."




There are levels of guitar playing ability;






Virtuoso Legend,

Guitar God,

David that order

There are no 'bests', and lists of 'rankings' are a nonsense way of thinking. Appreciation of guitar work is subjective.

Judging an artist's work is not decided by a democracy.


Guidelines for Humans to be Better at Being Human.

- as You Would Hope it to be in a More Aware World.

Time only exists because Earth travels a cycle, therefore 'the future' already exists and Earth is on a journey to where that is. So, those from 'that future' are light years ahead - but so can you be if you awaken and expand your consciousness!.



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