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Dumbing down through the music industry.

"We are seeing a society with a lot more people of lower IQ and a lot fewer people of higher IQ, in other words a dumbing down of society.....

The more dumbed down people are, without them being aware of it, the more the cult can get away with it."

Music over the last 2 decades is very much about sound and frequency used specifically to limit range and to entrain a particular - low level - brainwave pattern. It is part of Behavioural Programming. Music videos are all about that.

Despite being English from a very culturally developed country, and working in a sophisticated, upmarket, worldly London, with a career in TV and theatre - as a full Blue Card British Actor's Equity member - a career full of musicians and celebrities, I did not know about the existence of this.


Stay beyond the intro which may come across as a bit extreme/crazy (perhaps) and he is not presenting it well BUT he is sincere and the info is accurate.

We are not 'religious' and in this video he does use those kinds of terms, but what he is telling you is factual. The people he is talking about do consider you to be a 'Sheep'. Focus on content beyond this intro - it is followed by vast numbers of pics of celebrities involved in what has been discussed and much more.

Jay Z, Beyonce, Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, Adele, Katy Perry, Mick Jagger, Bono, Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, Sia, Zayn Malik and so on for every pop star and celebrity in every country.


(The link is not a recommendation for the website.)

This work does not condemn all musicians of the past because of what was required to get a record contract. It is not at all so clear about artists and music over the last 20 years though.

For another perspective, this is an interview with Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) on his interest in mysticsm.


The Passover Plot

By Hugh Schonfield. Wording from the sales page : "The scholars deplore that I have spilled the beans to the public. Several of them have said to me, 'You ought to have kept this just among ourselves, you know.'"

What he did to "spill the beans" was present historical evidence suggesting that Jesus was a mortal man, a young genius who believed himself to be the Messiah and deliberately and brilliantly planned his entire ministry according to the Old Testament prophecies--even to the extent of plotting his own arrest, crucifixion and resurrection.

Since Schonfield's death in 1988, his popularity and the interest in his prodigious work, which included over 40 books, has drawn increasing attention, particularly outside Judaism. In fact, it is probably fair to say that his contribution to the Gentile understanding of Jewish aspirations among those within the Christian cultural framework has been without parallel. In true Christian tradition, he has also been the cause of much contention".

The theme of 'The Passover Plot' is quite similar to the theme of the movie the 'Life of Brian'. (A Monty Python movie.)

Much as so many love 'Monty Python', and the wonderful film classic 'A Fish Called Wanda', we do know that at least John Cleese is a Freemason, and they contributed to the satanic agenda. Possibly it was about idealism and doubts about what they were taught to believe.

Fallen Beatles with the reported to be replacement Paul McCartney giving the Illuminati sign for 666 or of the 'eye'.

Because there are so many fans from even the beginning of the 'Beatles', and they are so famous and still so loved, the possibly true information about Paul McCartney was introduced carefully in a film series by director Peter Weir. If it is correct, then it is really very sad, and is going to be sad for many people who were fans. We have included this here because it is part of the topic of the video on the 'Music Industry'. 12 mins. The Winged Beatle II : VI

Apparently the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club album cover is full of symbolism including a picture of Aleister Crowley, and the date that appears on the drum is written as I ONE IX HE DIE. It is believed to indicate the day Paul died in a car crash around October or November 1966.

The person who replaced him, known as 'Paul McCartney' was part of the satanic church. Indications are that it was a satanic sacrifice set up long before it happened, involving a 'white car' the same as with Diana, also a sacrifice. The replacement may have been a son of well known satanist Aleister Crowley, or there was some switching of the actual people involved? The Paul; in this music video is the replacement. Said to be something well known in the music industry but no-one would ever say anything because they have taken the satanic oaths so they could have their careers.

Points that people have made :

Paul McCartney's hair was always a thick straight mop like in the first photo. It remained like that while running onto stadium stages and so on. The new guy - 'Faul' - does have different hair. It always naturally parts on the right side. The photos are Faul (who it is believed is Billy Shepherd from Liverpool). The harmonies of the three front men, really was special and unique and could never be repeated. They had an energy and a presence that was electric. This chemistry was never again experienced when they became a studio band. Why not?

However, there seems to be a similarity with the left eye which is not noticeable in the middle picture, but is a difference in other photos of him older. In fact there are/were several people involved who looked similar to Paul (maybe a 'Boys from Brasil' scenario of Aleister Crowley offspirings?) Also his girfriend from 1963 was actress Jane Asher who had very similar type of 'sullen' personality to the Linda Eastman Paul married. Don't know if that is eneough to debunk the story but the Paul after the early Beatles is not as likeable as how he was in the first years. Maybe he changed in some way after the motor accident he did have?

This is a never released track. The lyrics were written by John Lennon, and about 'Paul' who it is said, did die in a car crash in 1966, It just seems very sad to see this. All of the topic of The Beatles, seems extremely sad on first listening. The real Paul a sacrifice? And John Lennon was targetted long before for his death - meant to make the song 'Imagine' an anthem for the satanic coming age. .

Perhaps it is like this was 4 working class guys from Liverpool who never realized what they were getting in to. *This track may lower your energy. I find it poignantly haunting especially in the context of if Paul died. I like the track.

3 mins

The 'Luciferians' totally control the music industry. For everything they do, they always have something that shows you the real story, though most people take no notice. Paul McCartney was left handed, but this recording was done with him - or whoever became 'Paul - playing with his right hand. 'Revolution' recorded around June 1966. This was live at the Savoy. Wikipedia lists all their live performances but there is not one at the Savoy Theatre. It is also a very small audience (you can hear that) which is unusual for a band as big as The Beatles in 1966. 




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