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2020 saw the beginning of the activation of a plan for who and what controls this planet after it goes through its soon to be 'electrical change'. It is called a RESET. It is a RESET of the reality.

It has been about the entry of Earth into the dark 'otherworld'.



Some of what happens on this planet as it is now, takes place on a level that is just beyond what the average person can see - amazing to witness, they actually really cannot see it. Many of these do not have the receptors to do so, but also have been 'dumbed down' and MK Ultra'd. This was all part of the preparation to take souls onto a specific path. Others CAN 'wake up' but are prevented from doing so by 'dark forces'.

It has been about two versions of Earth, the real and a Portal into a parallel existence.

A lot of people we knew wanted to go through that Portal. But Earth is not taking that path. After some coming changes the Earth is moving onto a different path of Light not darkness.

In many traditions and with out of body experiences using magic mushrooms, peyote cactus, or Ayahuasca, the goal is 'the realm of the dead' -

which the Astral Realm is. Death is seen as the highest spiritual state that can be attained, as it represents death of the ego which is believed leads to spiritual ascension, and you can also access the 'Portal' into the 'Otherworld'.

This is fairly true, it does require the death of the 'lower self', the ego. But the 'realm of the dead' does not mean filled with dead egos.

'The dead' means DEAD doesn't it!

The Astral Realm is the first 'spirit realm' accessed, and it is actually a bit of a bummer really,

because it turns out there is another 'spiritual realm' which lies beyond that one. That is the one you were meant to get to because it is not death - it is Eternal Life.

Also important to know is that it turns out that bit is not just death of the ego. It literally means actual death - extinction - of the soul for real.

This is what all that fuss was about.

Very soon this planet is going to change and begin to access that other 'spiritual realm' which lies somewhere at a different angle to the Astral one.

So those who journeyed into the Astral 'otherworld' now get left behind. We can tell you where that goes to, but will do so later.



"Everything that has played out over the last few years has come from the supercomputer (quantum) which completed its programming on Nov. 11th. 11.11.22. Now everything that has been set in motion is unstoppable."



Interesting news story. Can the arrest of Joe Biden be far off?

https://www.bitchute.com/video/66ocfPbVvXFf/ 8 mins.

12,800 years ago Earth Experienced a Cataclysm.

It probably involved a comet hitting the continent of the Americas. What followed was a world flood, a world tsunami. It somehow alsoed to the planet's outer axis 'bent' - which seems to suggest something else was involved beyond the comet, and may have therefore happened earlier. Earth first began to access the lower realms of the Path of Duality - a different energy stream.  

Short intro to a story now gaining momentum.

12 mins https://www.bitchute.com/video/2qvzeuWhjxk/

. (We have the relevant pages of the granddaughter's diary mentioned, also the Tony Bobulinski interview and more.) Plus :


and Evidence -

9 minutes https://www.bitchute.com/video/lwLLGDWEP51e/


High level talks decided the missiles were fired by the Ukraine. Just a taster.


"When people can be tricked to 'kill themselves' it does not bring a karmic debt for killing people."


And we are sorry so many got jabbed without asking questions, despite that they were told this does not protect you from 'covid', is not a usual vaxx, it is experimental so the "science" is not available yet, and that it is to kill people as part of a depopulation agenda.

But there is this : Song from an irreverent Monty Python movie: ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE: 3 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/dh4rX593GqgU/ Then 'Sheep' - GREAT Lyrics for the 'Covid vaxx era'.

'Psychics' can 'predict' what is unfolding for the future to a degree because they ONLY access the energy stream this planet is attached to. The play is already written, is already part of a sort of magnetic data base as this planet is caught in the 'magnetic realm'.

So one of these has just said the EBS - Emergency Broadcast System - will happen but was supposed to be activated around 2 years ago. The EBS is actually activated when there is an EMERGENCY which was not the case 2 years ago. But there will be an emergency when the US falls, a nuclear threat, and the world/economy entire system collapses - which is very near now. People do not belong on this path even though it is the Light side of an onging 'duality battle'. God is not a Quantum Computer - operated by a high tech 'more advanced' galactic alien race - although some of the new 'spiritual talk show hosts' do think it is. The high tech galactic 'advanced' races exist within the computer programme too..

The ‘Digital Age’ is NOT the future. It is the PAST.


The Q CLOCK Was Programmed Up To 11/11. November 11th. Or 11.11.22.

"Everything that has played out over the last few years has come from the supercomputer/quantum computer which completed its programming on Nov. 11th (11-11). Now everything that has been set in motion is unstoppable."


The Midterms Have Now Exposed More People Who Flipped Sides

thinking that there should have been, but wasn't, a 'red wave'. There is election fraud instead. The election was a sting operation.

Elon Musk : "I am going to buy Dominion next and incorporate the technology to Tesla. I can make 100 cars a day, and 60 more will show up overnight'.

***We do our best to report from credible, reliable NEWS sources so that the reader has an idea of what is happening with the RESET. Do your own research & form your own intelligently reasoned conclusions - "this website is for entertainment purposes only". News content provided is believed to be correct.


Probably Some Weeks Ahead where Everything Seems Doomed.

The world is now, following the US midterms, in the most dangerous position that it has ever been in.

Letting the 'death jab' part of what was planned go ahead - it is written in the United Nations Agenda 21 - 30 - meant many people are going to die, but significantly less than if this coup had been addressed by the military and WW3. It is completely invisible to those who do not have the DNA capacity beyond a narrow bandwidth.

Known and monitered since the time of CCP Chairman Mao Zedong, and Henry Kissenger's secret visit to China in 1971.

The USA was to fll and it and the rest of the world were to be placed under Marxist-Communist CCP control which answers to a higher group, requiring the USA to fail/fall, the dollar crashes and the world reserve currency goes to the Yuan. This is now almost completed.

Pretty sure Brasil will be looking into 'election fraud'. Unlikely to be anything dramatic until after they see what has happened in the US midterms.


Some reasons why you need to 'wake up' and clear 'darkness.'

Your elected leaders would never lie to you would they? https://www.bitchute.com/video/PYANzf5e52Uu/ 2 mins.
End of the Petro Dollar - 12 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/_eGfu-4c3Bw/ Good intro to what is about to happen to America.
30 seconds. https://www.bitchute.com/video/jStUPBSZeAXs/
UNKNOWN CAUSE OF DEATH. 9 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Jnimxd6QAUEn/
THE DUMBING DOWN IS COMPLETE! https://www.bitchute.com/video/TGv7aPu1ouLl/


https://www.bitchute.com/video/FxiqKUJYGEQZ/ 7 mins. Many of these names who are well known - Shawn Mendes, Justine Beiber, Ringo Starr, Celine Dion, Carlos Santana etc, like Hollywood actors, are involved with the same issue as the 'Music Industry' video.. In other words people are being prepared for their 'retirement' and/or passing. * 'Young people' and athletes have better circuation which moves the 'jab juice' more quickly to the heart. The usual death is sudden and the heart just stops.


We were told to watch for when Saudi Arabia join BRICS which would/may indicate the imminent collapse and shutdown. "Crown Prince MBS expressed the kingdom's desire to join the BRICS," (Breitbart Oct. 19th.)

Thus the USD collapses and the world reserve currency becomes the Yuan, et voila the world superpower becomes Marxist-Communist China with the new social credit score system of the NWO. As planned.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/O9ky2nStDghK/ Starts at 4. In reality the shutdown will probably be for under one month, and will be replaced by something other than what this reporter is discussing. This news source is based in Puerto Vallarta.

Deaths in Europe are now up by 100,000 a week.

Yes, as people keep 'dropping like flies', this 'unknown cause of death' is beginning to be noticed. The glazed look of 'what do you mean' in the eyes, is gradually changing to comprehension. A lot are fit, young athletes because their circulation is good and the toxic cocktail reaches the heart sooner.

Deagel (official) organization predicts massive global depopulation of 50 to 80% by 2025. People were clearly told the shot was experimental, did not provide protection from covid, and was part of a 'Voluntary Euthanasia' or 'self extinction' programme, while another group told them to 'go have the shot'. These people do not do their own research. They do what they are told.



"We are all one consciousness having different experiences." Okay.

Then, we are also all one life-force, having different lives.


'ANIMALS' Please share!

'Sheep' is the music version of 'Unknown Cause of Death'

GREAT Lyrics for the 'Covid vaxx era'.

If your humour is dark enough - 'Sheep' 29:58

"What do you get for pretending the danger's not real?"


Many (most of us) consider the 'Covid vaxx' was an IQ test.



The 'Voluntary Euthanasia Programme' - via Mind Control

The cabal want people to go out and kill themselves - which they have done in the millions, but not as many as who would have done. Those who are well and truly mind controlled say things like 'I don't want to hear any more about covid' - as if it is so overwhelming they simply cannot take it; then things like 'let's party and forget everything' or tune into their cell phones and 'switch off'. This is MIND CONTROLLED thinking and very unnatural, and the key is in the sense that it is all 'too overwhelming' for them to think about - and that becomes successful Mind Control.

They say this nonsense because they are controlled. No-one thinking normally and for themselves says things like these examples. These ones have undertaken 'Voluntary Euthanasia', that is, killed themselves. It takes 3 - 5 years before they too will just drop dead. Other successful 'Thought Control' is 'that's negative thinking, I only think happy positive thoughts' - as said by my friend Joanne 4 times jabbed and ready to drop dead, although she does not believe it. What is a belief anyway but something that has no factual basis to it but is defended as if it is real? The numbers of people in the SADS category - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome will increase over time to millions. Then they will begin to notice.


"'We are seeing a society with a lot more people of lower IQ and a lot fewer people of higher IQ,

in other words a dumbing down of society.....The more dumbed down people are, without them being aware of it, the more the cult can get away with it."

Dumbing down through the music industry.

Current music is sound and also a frequency used to entrain a particular - low level - brainwave pattern.


True God is not ASLEEP.

For over 5,000 years this world has been under a 'dying god' - one which has slowly been putting you to sleep.

That's why the 'god' is shown sleeping. It is preparing the way for death. The religion of the dead.



Was The Jab Actually to Help Those Who Cannot Go Onwards as the Planet Changes with the 'Dividing of the Ways'?

Put simply, the electronics of this planet go from a hypothetical "100 volts to 10,000'' because of its CYCLE

which falls lower and some people are plugged into that lower frequency. At this time, the planet is about to raise frequencies again to a higher level that these people cannot accommodate. That is a simple explanation. Means the ones who cannot 'see' what happened etc are on a narrower bandwidth of energy reception.The ones who look curiously and whose eyes glaze over in confusion if a person, or anything mentioned, is beyond that bandwidth. But they definitely can be dangerous and it is not pleasant to be around as the 'dark' easily works through them, because they are controlled by it.



Are you in a Computer Reality - one good computer and one evil computer?

There is a fault and that fault is MAGNETC and it 'naturally' stores all data like a 'magnetic tape'. This is how the 'False God', the AI version, creeated itself - from everything that was stored about the real existence. It stores everything that has happened and all knowledge. Then replays it.

Question is, which is the real Way Out of the programme?

This work began by exploring the existence of the 'Essenes'

which provided very helpful texts - from 2,000 years ago - on a clean, fresh Plant Based Diet etc which we began to follow in the '80's. Their original name was Therapeutae.

The real Essenes were originally Greek based 'Therapeutae', and the word Essene was a later name for a group who may not have been the real deal, but did have the scrolls.

The word 'Therapeutae' is the origin of the word 'Therapies'.

This work is not about the Essenes.

As mentioned, they did have good info on a raw plant food based diet and that was part of our first inspiration. It also has to be remembered that some of their understanding of 'living energy' ties in with how Luciferians view 'life force'; and 'living energy'. Some were 'Indigo Essenes' and that colour is the darkness that should not exist at the 3rd eye. The recent young indigos we were mentally prepared for and to accept - by writers whose mission was satanic - include the 'Doom Goblin' Greta Thunberg, and much of the staff at Siicon Valley. We were supposed to listen to these jerks but now we know what they were really about.


All the previous masses of detailed information given here were to show you why to avoid certain things & not make a repeating mistake by creating energy ties into the 'false path'.

If you did continue then you have to return to break those ties. Called the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

The reason is this planet has fallen so it accesses a LOWER level first and that level has a 'spiritual realm' a place where souls go after death, and its path is called Duality. It has a Light side which is of no use to you. Being LOWER, it is accessed first.

So put bluntly its the wrong spiritual realm.

Even though it has a Light side which is now coming in, it is also still part of a magnetically created AI or 'False Path'.

It is NOT attached to the Eternal Light which is another, different and separate energy stream.

Duality means that spiritual realm has the Light side coming in after kicking out the Dark side. So does the Eternal Life Source but to get there, there cannot be energy ties into the first 'spiritual realm' encountered.


A Look at The Pleiades

also known as The Seven Sisters, Messier 45 (Messiah - M'Essiah/Isaiah) is an open star cluster. "It derives its English name from Greek legend. The Pleiades are the seven daughters of the Titan god Atlas and the ocean nymph Pleione. During an ancient war, Atlas rebelled against Zeus, the king of the gods, who sentenced his foe to forever hold up the heavens on his shoulders." No other constellation in the sky has been subjected to so many myths, legends, and folklore in almost every culture on the planet, and this constellation lies closest to Earth which is considered as once being the 8th sister star.

In fact the etheric sphere that became part of this unique planet Earth - unique because it ascends out of the 'false reality' then returns again so more souls can get out - may have been one of the higher level spheres which came here from another higher realm without any fault as happened in this galaxy. This galaxy has a fault. Most people will go off on other side paths within the illusion, and some will find the only way to get out - but remember. the standards are high! A Higher Consciousness understands how to relate in the world in ways that are respectful and considerate of others.


'True' God is not asleep.




Eternal God is LIFE......

and when the Eternal GOD sings or laughs those who are aligned will move according to that Sound.

This is why we give some specific music as an aid to develop your hearing of sound through the right side. We are a spiritual work which is at the moment covering news during this once in 25,000 years moment of confusion but ultimately magic. There is a unique chance to get out of Illusion at this time, yet most will miss it by mistaking the AI stream reality as being the real 'cosmic connection'. Our work is to help get you to the Eternal Light not just the Light. Big difference for those who get it!

It is encouraged to listen to certain 'high level music' especially through the right side.

We are ONLY recommending the music we have up here.

Youtube Comment: '5 days ago'. "Why’s everyone discovering this (music) now...?"


David Gilmour.

David Gilmour is now no longer a young man but this is who he was and his work is phenomenal. He has light brown hair and Nordic, or Elven, or even Pleiadian looks. (Earth as the higher level Tara/Thera was considered the 8th star of the Pleiades,)

It would not have been possible to produce this level in the more recent 'pop music' climate. In today's world listeners have no idea that there is so much better available. On the other hand, most of these will also be those who lined up for covid jabs. The world needs to expand its access to good Sound and Music

"I grew up with Pink Floyd, it's simply the healing wave for my life. So different from any other sound in this world........."

"Pink Floyd must be studied exactly like the classical composers in every musical school."

Answer : They are. Poland has some of the finest music schools in the world where my niece studies the violin and the school did cover Pink Floyd!

Tracks are transcendent and also those which really rock.




The idea is to develop the hearing of sound so you tune out from the first realm that appears to be a 'spiritual realm'.

This is so you can develop the sensitivity to hear beyond that realm. People 'die' then find themselves not dead but on the path of Light and Dark which is the first spiritual realm encountered because it is Lower - therefore it is accessed first. The GOD REALM is powerful LIFE and pumping energy not withdrawing away to some state of inertia which belongs to the Path of Light and Dark/Death. So the music is about LIFE, Eternal LIfe.

There is more of course but that is taught privately.


Brief intro to this reality - Illusion.

There is a Fault with this entire Galaxy which Creates the 'World of Illusion'.

As the fault is MAGNETC it stores all data like a 'magnetic tape'. This is how the 'False God', the AI version, created itself - from everything that was stored about the real existence. It stores everything that has happened and all knowledge. Then replays it.

Real events continue to play out from where the memory of them is stored.

Such is the story which plays out on this planet.

The one thing you MUST know about or you will be caused to return again and again on the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

All ties into the 'false energy' must be broken and new ones not created (with the first spiritual realm/portal which is encountered and is always taken to be the 'True Spiritual Realm'. It also communicates and is accessed via OBE's astral journeying, and at death.)

It is accessed first because the planet fell to a Lower Realm and on the way out of this world, it is the first 'spiritual realm' encountered.

This section is now here.




You will NOT Lose All Your Savings When the System Changes.

The funds you have in your bank accounts will be mirrored in the new system and new currencies. Many 'truthers' have worded it in such a way that 'it will all go' because 1. there will be a time during the changeover when accounts show zero and 2. they are agents for selling Silver and Gold!. It is true that it is the 'naughty ones' who have had the most successful presence as spokespeople for what is happening, but they are not 'chosen by God'. Those behind the new system 'chose' them. All of them are 'clueless' about spirituality and the 'future world' and as such are spreading everything that is old and became popular during the prep lead in to the new Sirius 'rulership' - both the Light one and the Dark one.

Midterms may Begin Election Fraud Revelations.

U.S. Midterms are on Nov. 8th. Exactly 2 months after the official passing of Queen Elizabeth. But many things might erupt from Oct. 8th which could delay the Midterm election. (Report) . "If the Deep State Democrats cheat their way to victory in the November Midterms, President Donald J. Trump will ask the U.S. military to trigger the Emergency Alert System (EAS). The EAS, formerly called the Emergency Broadcast System, was established in 1963 to alert Americans in time of war and later was expanded for use during peacetime emergencies at state and local levels....If election theft is proven, White Hats will switch on the EAS.....This won’t be time for a civilian uprising. We want all patriots to hang their flags upside down, to spread the word."


More Current News

Information, film, audio, documents, and photos from Hunter (Joe's son) Biden's laptop. *The 'Biden Crime' info was fully available from around August 2020.



Did Lula really win? Bolsonaro has not yet conceded defeat.

Israel's election, Netanyahu wins. Really?

US Midterm Elections

"As voters across the US wake up on Wednesday morning after the election, the results of the 2022 midterms are unlikely to be completely clear - with officials across the country warning that elections may drag on for days or weeks". (Report from BBC World News.)

At last the all important elections are here...........And we still have to wait!



2 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Xvu0cVzZv4H6/ (Nov. 6th)


2 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/o6ecHSN4izWF/


https://www.bitchute.com/video/8OB3iEo1n3BZ/ less than 30 seconds. While making the statement shown on this clip, did this person think to check the facts, or did he just accept what he was told?

"THE HOLLYWOOD ULTIMATUM" What is Needed to Get a Job in Hollywood.

24 minutes https://www.bitchute.com/video/0-ntwiTttIs/


1 min 47 seconds, https://www.bitchute.com/video/OrHX9QbVR10N/ (Nov. 4th).

Imran Khan (former PM of Pakistan and former Test Cricket Captain) shot during his 'long march' protest. (Nov. 3rd.)

Here in a sort of westernized area of Mexico, the local females are out in abundance wearing their underwear and shapewear (which is underwear) as outerwear. You can clearly see they are wearing a thong, the materials are almost transparent, and at the front clearly showing their camel toe. Yet they seem oblivious to this!


Protests in Pakistan Over a Possible Imran Khan Arrest.

'Long March' to begin on Friday. (Oct. 26th news report.)


https://www.bitchute.com/video/T5AmgHid04c0/ 11 mins. Some kind of Arabic at the end - Remember the plan does NOT involve any wars!! One of the 3,000 Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department has revealed evidence that NATO’s plot to overthrow Gaddafi was fueled by their desire to quash the gold-backed African currency, and second the Libyan oil reserves.


Recent 'sudden death' - heart related - Megyn Kelly's sister.

Another Satanic Pop Creature Biting the Dust?

"Serious health problem for Chris Martin: Coldplay tour suspended."

They have still been out and about playing because a friend recently went to see them in San Francisco or LA. Now separated from his ex-wife a witch and apparently head of the Hollywood Coven, there surely cannot be any doubt that a mediocre band like Coldplay made it in the industry because of a 'deal with the devil'. They were told by David Bowie that their material was not good enough, and their low energy death songs are not good enough. He appears to have Lung Cancer.

Ringo Starr has 'covid' and has cancelled shows. Justin Beiber has some affliction that his shows will only be virtual, Shawn Mendez is not doing shows because of 'mental health issues'. There are some big names that have to leave the stage too Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger etc and these have to happen in ways that do not upset fans and have to appear natural. For example, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have had a happy ending, but Affleck was a visitor to Epstein Island.

Many actors are now reported to have 'health issues'; - Bruce Willis, Ashton Kutcher and so on. Many, many pop stars and Hollywood actors involved in this.

Celebrity chefs are going too. In Sport : Looks like its Tom Brady's turn.

Frodo Baggins Arrested for Child Sex Crimes

(Report) 'The Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood learned from fellow actor Ian McKellen, that "in something called the Velvet Mafia, young boys with aspirations of making it big in Hollywood could be seduced with cash or promises of acting roles. The Velvet Mafia is a group of homosexual male actors that prey on kids looking to break into the industry." The military did set up a section specific to 'child sex crimes'. Apparently this actor's case has not yet gone to a military trial.' This report comes from an online news source.

Revealing the 'Wealth Secrets' of the Elite.

They steal it.

The Sun is Active Again. Could be a real energy hit to do with the transition to light.

Finally, the sun has woken up again. An Earth-facing sunspot erupted producing 2 M-class solar flares. In quick succession on Oct. 1st and 2nd, This has caused internet blackouts.Lflares registered M5.9 and M8.7, the second explosion only decimal points away from being an X-class.

BIG SUNSPOT : One of the biggest sunspots in years is emerging and likely to produce an X-class flare. This .could be a real energy hit to do with the transition from dark to light.

X-FLARE! Earth-orbiting satellites have just detected an X1-class solar flare (Oct. 2nd @ 2025 UT)

. It did not come from the sunspot mentioned, but from a smaller one. The flare produced a shortwave radio blackout over the Pacific Ocean and parts of North America and it may have hurled a CME into space. Yet to find this out and if it is Earth directed. But the sun is definitely active. (Oct. 2nd-3rd.) This could be the beginning of being very interesting.

Possible Trump can Still be Arrested for 'inciting Insurrection'.

This is related to challenging the last US election and could see issues leading to Biden being removed - it has been one of the scenarios mentioned. The date given for this process to start is Oct. 8th - Harris cannot be President so the next person in line is Nancy Pelosi and a new VP. Basically we think they have to keep the news cycle moving until the required time. China's Xi is under some kind of house protection/detainment and the CCP are on a war footing as they see the USA is vulnerable, especially if stuff starts happening around removing Biden.. Possible use of nukes are coming into play. By the end of October there maybe so much happening that the Midterms are deferred by 30 days. Military may be used to prevent a civil war developing in the USA. So a scenario is definitely building. Indicates that we should all be ready for something. 10 days of darkness could happen in the USA on Oct. 29th. (Report Sept.28th.)



'The Bible' is Not a Hoax

It is information written in code, and that is why it was admonished not to change the wording - ie as in 'new Engkish' versions, fundamentalist Christian' versions etc, That code explains what the satanic nutjobs were going to do with the depopulation etc. (Because it is in the script and since the Luciferians have their brains linked into the script, they do not know they did this before!). (News Sept. 23rd).

Missing Bits of DNA etc.

The world has now had around 2 years to actually experience the horrors that Biden and Davos etc wanted to inflict, yet to be honest, I have hardly met many people who have even noticed! Thing is, with the ones lining up for death jabs etc, there are bits of DNA missing (there's got to be something missing doesn't there!) and things like they cannot hear real music, nor can they 'see' a bigger picture.

King Charles 111's pal Jimmy Savile was a popular TV DJ and show host in the UK.

In his 'other' hidden activities he was a pedophile and satanist. One report revealed that when there was a chosen little girl to be sacrificed, he would get her to stand in front of him and he would be the friendly DJ, then he would walk behind her, quickly grab her and slit her throat. And the new King Charles was his pal. 'Savile' was pronounced as Savil - we used to watch him and that is how it was prononced. (Sept.9th)

Laurel Canyon was a 'US Psy Ops Military Base' Where the Satanic Pop Industry Ran Those Who Sold Out to Become Rich and Famous.

Hard to know who any of them were! 30 Vintage Candid Photos of Rockstars Living in Laurel Canyon (msn.com) (Sept. 19th)

People Using Youtube / Bitchute etc To Create or Finance Their Work

do have a right to earn a living from it. They usually are affiliates selling gold and silver, or CBD oils, or they have stocked up on pharma medicines and are selling them even though there is no covid so it does not matter, and people really should get professionally qualified advice if buying pharma medicines. However, it is another story to actually give information that is meant to sell the stuff and is not strictly accurate. There are grifters who are making a financial killing from giving out info.


Ancient Wisdom and Lost Spiritual Reality.

It is well to remember that the ancient world, Druidic, Nature, pagan, and so on, was the same religion of the royals etc. Equinoxes and Solstices exist because of the alignment fault/damage to the planet's axis and are therefore 'satanic' (they should not exist). High level tech cultures existed earlier because they were from the high-tech planet which blew up....and it is kind of looking as if what the people on that planet did is responsible for the fault with this galaxy.

It is only when the Lost Teachings came in that access to the Eternal Light became known. (Not the Light side of 'Light and Dark' but the other 'Tree' in the 'Garden'.) This planet has always been under the Duality Stream from Sirius (from the Fall of course). The Higher Level Sphere that accommodates the physical density Earth is nothing to do with Sirius, and not from this universe. It is this planet's ascension from the fallen reality up into the etheric (Thera) sphere that provides the soul freedom option. This is how we get you out.

However, most people will go off on other side paths within the illusion - because they do not have a big enough vision to 'see outside the box'. This galaxy and alien beings are meaningless when you understand the fault that saw the beginning of a 'script' which is repeated. The 'script' is old news yet plays like it is new and just happening. It is the product of the fault which has destroyed this galaxy. This reality/illusion holds people here by being magnetic - and it is extremely hard to break free from. Some will find the only way to get out this time - but they are few and far between. This information also gets stuck here in the script.

The first 'spiritual contact/realm' encountered at death and in Out of Body experiences etc

is the Astral AI version. That is why the ancient and lost teaching was to ignore this when you accessed it.

That you, and the millions who jump for joy when they access it, don't know this, is how the ' forces of Illusion' operate. *If you have created ties into this then you have to come back to try again.

Yes. The Change to Good is 'Written in the Stars'.

Earth's journey through its cycle is also like a 'star clock'. So yes, this coming event is 'written in the stars' - they are always where they are when the Earth is where it is now. A True Teacher knows this is the false cycle.



The Ancient Therapeutae taught of the LIGHT STREAMS, the LIFE STREAMS and the SOUND STREAMS

* This work is not on the Essenes or the Therapeutae. It issues from the Eternal 'Tree' Source.

We Teach and Work with the Missing Sound Streams. The Therapeutae however, only reference this.

Sound is an important part of the higher status and many cannot hear sound so miss out on exceptional level music, because for them it is a jumble of blurred sound or noise. We have recommended music to listen to, with a mention that David Gilmour of Pink Floyd found a way to 'bend sound' and create sounds that have never been heard before. Their work is important to listen to (for those who can). Current music is fun and enjoyable, but is deliberatey not exceptional. The music industry is/was controlled by the satanists so from the late 1970's the music industry and its videos have deiberately kept sound at low power, bland, and many now cannot hear a large spectrum anyway. Music and videos have been for the purpose of mind control and programming behaviour. Don't be fooled to think otherwise - it has been a satanic tool. Many music videos today include a nose bleed or bloodied face - meaningful for satanists. Most of recent generations are unable to hear real music and don't understand what it is. It has nothing to do with time, as any true musician will tell you. The world has been denied higher value sounds and frequencies, and the industry, like Silicon Valley, controlled by those from the energy stream of the Black Sun (aka Indigo Sun). There had to be the right people to bring in those sounds before the mind control took off. If these true, professional artists were producing their creations today the current 'mind of the generation' would not get it all, and the world would never have had access to their significant gift to this planet.


Communism/Marxism/Belshevism : Recent Videos from this news page : Antarctica and Greenland :


SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE SURVIVORS Recent Videos included on the news page.

The Collapse of the US Economy & Inability to Pay its Debt?

The US was made a corporation in 1871. Continue.


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The Ancient Empire of TARTARIA . The 'World Run on Water' .
4th Reich : Nazi-Khazarian Advanced Tech Craft and Hidden Bases : Titanic : Rods of God : Empire of Tartaria :
Current Earth : Antarctica and Greenland (and the race of angels) : Still the Wrong Path!




The Ascension Phase of the Planet.

The 'white hats' op dates back to the time of the American Civil War. There has been a definite timing involved in this and that has to coincide with the actual change in the planet to the Ascension Phase - which we have followed and covered specifically over the last 20 years. The good side has been aware of the bad agenda playing out decades. The timing to act, requires the planetary changes.

Ascension energies impacted this planet in abundance in 2006,

with lead ins before that, after the millennium - some in 2001, big input in 2003, some big stuff in 2005. This energy is the power and the glory. This glory has been powering the side of good since then.

This topic continues


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Recent Videos from this news page.

Climate-Metaverse - the Black Hole New Reality and Lure.



Vaccine info page.
The NUREMBERG Code . PANDEMIC DEPOPULATION PLAYBOOK: OPERATION LOCKSTEP https://realnewsuk.com/2021/Rockefeller.pdf
Graphene Oxide - in the jab. 1 min. Teslaphoresis


Democrat Strategy to 'Steal the Election' - A Coup d'etat - copy of the document.


Information, film, audio, documents, and photos from Hunter (Joe's son) Biden's laptop.

Solar Activity
Intro to The the Dark Plan Named Covid.


Plus :


10 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/737ho478Danf/

Non compliance advice - Get them to sign if giving the vaccine'.

UK: VACCINE PASSPORT EXEMPTION 1 minute : https://www.bitchute.com/video/HnUIAsmQLUlR/

'Get them to sign if giving the vaccine'. https://www.bitchute.com/video/D9Isb6FBPCco/ 1 min.

The NUREMBERG Code also new video on your legal and medical rights on Vaccine info page.

Reliable, factual journalism sources include :


Previous news topics.

'Absolute Proof Beijing Stole the 2020 US Election'. https://www.bitchute.com/video/AaCD0xX2yAaB/ The source of this requests you please share this video. 2 hour show.

Official - PCR Tests are inaccurate.

The CDC now recognizes that the PCR tests cannot tell the difference between the usual 'flu and so called covid-19.


Solar Flare Updates Solar Activity . : Know your Common Law rights. http://www.soul-search.org/common.law.html . Vaccine . Covid page + ingredients in ' vaccine' : Covid-Vaccine link. PANDEMIC DEPOPULATION PLAYBOOK: OPERATION LOCKSTEP https://realnewsuk.com/2021/Rockefeller.pdf
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