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Let us here on this simple website, step back from all the revelations for a moment, and look at what really matters to create a HAPPY WORLD.


Welcome to our website.

This part of the website is devoted to the SOUL LEVEL. It is a simple website, and this is simply an introduction.

The purpose is to stay focussed on what is going to matter.

A better world is going to require de-programming from the Mind Control of the last decades.

So let us here on this website, look at what really matters to create a HAPPY WORLD.

That definitely starts with a happy, loving family for children to grow up in.

Another quality that matters, is 'learning how to behave' because when you do, you become far more considerate of others and indeed how they might feel. You think before you speak, you don't presume to know their life or age, you don't ask them awkward or embarrassing questions that are none of your business. You are kind, and do not sit in judgment, They will be trying to be considerate and striving for a better world too.

These are things you, we, all have to work on personally, regardless of whether there is great technology or beings from other planets exist, or that you could gain abilities that possibly help you become some kind of magician.

In addition, it is good to keep in mind that the Bible warned us to beware of those introducing a banking system with interest charged - called usury. Almost warned as if it had happened before........!

It also said that those on this planet get caught and confused between two different energy streams.

Please don't think that the planet's Ascension out of its 'Fallen Phase' does everything for you.

But the website also covers healthy living which is according to the Way, and also related topics of interest and the current news. That is because the world is in the middle of a rare, but massive change on this planet, and we all experienced the 'act of war' that was the 'plandemic' and the lockdowns.

This work is for those who wish to align into the consciousness of their SOUL LEVEL.

If you seek healing, inspiration, wisdom, a better standard for the world, loving relationships with family, and ultimately to live in an eternal, everlasting world which is SOUL aligned.


Let's start with some nice music to inspire the soul.

Pink Floyd - Surfacing

3 mins. This track has a very uplifting video.

For those who are truly looking for the Eternal Living Source, also called the 'Living Waters', there will be a burning need deep within. Others may be drawn to psychic phenomena, space aliens, advanced technology etc, and if that is you, then this part of the True Work is not for you! You may find our articles of interest though because we do cover all that, and also the incredible benefits for HEALTH and REJUVENATION of a natural, plant based diet with some additional know how.

There are 'rules' which are guidelines for how to keep to the Way. Here is a basic intro:

Always be kind and considerate to others. Also to animals. .

Do not sit in judgment of others. That doesn't mean accept it all, but turn the other cheek.

Overcome negative emotions and issues like jealousy, lust, ego agrandisement, vanity, greed, gluttonly and slothfulness etc.

Keep to a vegetarian, and reduced dairy diet where possible.

A little wine with a meal is okay, but keep away from alcohol and drugs!

Respect your meaningful relationships with those who are in your life and part of your family.

Your life goes on into old age and into times when you may need those who love you to be there for you. Make having those who truly love you important to your life. Finding the right partner is important, and the qualities of that life partner should include respect for the relationship that will take you both through to old age. The idea of taking vows before God is not 'old fashioned' - the vows state your intention to the universe, and to 'Higher Up' to support you to achieve a relationship that continues through to the end. What may seem goes on forever when you are 20, will provide less and less opportunities for you as you grow older, including even the right to earn money. Even by mid-way through your life you may suddenly realise that a lot of doors have closed to you.

If life has done that for other reasons, no need to give up - there are other Ways to keep those doors open and still create a life with people who love you as part of it.

It is 'Hollywood' that began the promotion of getting divorced as glamorous and a fashionable thing. Before that very real agenda began, people made an effort with their marriage vows, which starts with a mission to find the right partner for you. MK Ultra and other behavioural control programmes conditioned you to forget that, and think other things were more important. Youth does not last very long though and the majority start to look old or less attractive by their 30's, especially given the life they have been encouraged and programmed to follow. What you look for in finding that 'right person' is honourable, high level attritbutes because then the person will respect the relationship and respect you, which is especially important if you are female.

There are a few things to actively keep away from which may seem to present as being an 'alternative choice'. What they are is not an 'alternative choice' because they are not the Way to the True, Eternal, Living God Source. They are the way to something else. We will cover these later. .

Male and female are equal, but that does not mean that females have to be like men! Females are equal by being female and feminine, not by being masculine. Male and female are complementary. Again this has been 'behavioural programming' designed to ruin relationships. What seems like a freedom and whatever else it seems like, it is in fact the reverse. Do you really not want a man to be fascinated and enchanted by you being a woman? Do you not want him to open the door for you? This is what a man is for, he is there to be entranced by you as a woman! Or do you want men to be so wrongly programmed that they are assessing whether you are 'worth doing'? Have some self respect, and respect yourself as a woman. For men, after the horrors of growing up in a western world where females 'open their legs' as easily as a whore in the 'red light district', there is a learning curve ahead to learn to respect and value women again. But it is the females who have caused this problem.

We are not saying women should not have a career, but most women will want to have a family and bringing up children correctly and responsibly is important for the Future World. The children should not be passed on for the grandmother to have to look after. Most women probably do NOT want to have to keep working at 50, or during menopause, etc, so consider these things. Let men be the men. There is nothing more revolting than seeing females trying to act and move like men, spitting on their 'football' field and so on, being aggressive because that is how men are in sport. So much to unpack on this one. If you want to do this kind of sport, do it in private, just like you would do your gym dance classes, but wouldn't do that stuff in public. Do you know that no-one bought tickets to see the 'women's football world cup', the tickets had to be given away, This work will cover more on the topic of women being feminine and valuable.


Introductory Guidelines

This is an exciting time in Earth's damaged rotation Great Cycle of 25,000+ years. Now the planet lifts out of its Fall, and back into Light.

Our focus though, will not be so much on creating the much better new Earth, but on the Way to the 'Tree of Eternal Life'.

Our work speaks of the Living God Source, and the Light Streams but also the Sound Streams

Rumi Where All Is Music. 2 mins. Mystic poems of Rumi.


Introductory, complimentary SOUL ACTIVATION COURSE.


This work speaks of the Living God Source.

It is not duality.

The world has lost high level expression of the arts, so we will be including more than music. The planet needs to get back on track!


We use items that inspire, are high energy, raise frequencies, are informative, are about 'dreams', are fun, or are beautiful.

Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' Higher Frequency sound to Clear 'Darkness' : Guidelines : Health Intro : Herbs & Plant Healing : CURRENT WORLD NEWS ***NEWS page.




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