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"All worthwhile information requires an attention span longer than a '20 second sound byte'!"

NEW additions are always added further down from this intro section.

"Best example of an actual 'spiritual' person is those who live as a 'Good Samaritan'.

Hypocritical 'spiritual' people are negative, and can be encountered anywhere. Bullies are this. So are people who 'sit in judgment of others' which is also bullying."


An 'out of body' experience does not prove you have eternal life.

......It proves you continue to exist outside the body.

...........It does not show you whether where that is, is a good place or an ultimately bad place.

..../////....There are two energy streams. One is 'Eternal Life'. The other is 'Life and Death'.


When Earth changes polarity to positive it is still on the Path of Duality.

Be aware, because that is what people miss. It isn't actually the '5th Realm'. You still have things you have to know about and to do to get there! It is many thousands of years more before the Earth lines up with the other energy stream which is Eternal Life.


Please follow the information on this page for more on the secrets of the world, and go to the NEWS page for what is taking place currently in the world. We do expect the 'shutdown' to be within weeks (seems to be September) and the stage is set for the revelations AND the tribunals. Plus we have a couple of sell out 'satan promoter' pop stars up there.

The website pages are to keep relevant information in focus. We don't have a 'show' where we have to keep creating content.

We don't have to keep creating content because we don't have to do it. The pictures are to link to short articles but we no longer have the template that enabled us to set that up in a better looking news format. We'll work on that.

All NEW for July always added further down from the intro section above.


NEW Are all Humans Human?

Updated July 12th 2024.

Biological Human Robots. Are all people actually real or are they biological human-like, created thousands of years ago? They are biological and they do reproduce.

Look at the picture. Haven't you seen plenty of these 'little sh...ts' around! (newly updated.)


Here is music from my friend Nakeisha, from the Virgin Islands, who has a tour in Costa Rica coming up at the end of the year. She is a real person and she exists.

Nakeisha Godzone. This is her music. 'Love You Me'.


The world you see, exists because your brain 'decodes' frequencies.


This work has provided basic information on the reality of this reality, which clearly shows why there was a Teacher as Jesus was, who came here to show the Way out of the problems. We have also provided guidelines for how to do that. When the 'end game' is over we will provide more in the way of resources to help get to the True Eternal Living System.

This reality whether the Earth is in Ascent or Descent is ALWAYS the 2nd energy stream which is the Path of Duality. Not knowing that is the mistake that keeps everyone returning to the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

......Reincarnation does not prove 'Eternal Life'.

............ It proves you are reborn into this world. It also proves you had continuing existence after leaving the body at death.

.................... BUT it does not prove that where the soul went to was the Eternal Life System.

....................................There are two energy stream recorded in Genesis.

....................................................This one is the Path of Duality, Life and Death, Good and Evil.


ON THIS PAGE. Different topics are linked from the pictures. As said, we don't have a better template yet!.

NEW July 20th

The 'conscious community' idea is still the old hippie thing, and that thing began under the direction of the Tavistock Institute

and Laurel Canyon military base. It also began because of the Harvard professors who were researching LSD which became a popular drug in the 1960's but its popularity was not by coincidence. This all kicked off the psychedelic 'swinging sixties' era which took off in 'Swinging London', home of the Tavistock Institute, and importantly - because this is VERY important to how successful it was - the replacement "Paul McCartney" of the pop group the Beatles, was promoting LSD and famously said 'I saw God'. This was a Tavistock Institute operation.

He more recently said he took Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) doing so at the counterculture art gallery called the  Indica Bookshop. This bookshop and gallery was deeply associated with the satanic church. The Indica bookstore and gallery was essential to the Tavistock plan. It was the replacement "Paul" who helped arrange the art exhibition for Yoko Ono (seen in early photos involved in an affair with Hillary Clinton). This exhibition led to "Paul" inviting John Lennon to her exhibition. John Lennon was set up. The original Paul McCartney's popularity was essential to the entire 'consciousness shift' plan of the Tavistock Institute.

The US side of the operation was Laurel Canyon. Woodstock was a famous intro to the normalization of the lpractices of satanism, as part of the whole bs 'consciousness revolution'. It was the Luciferian dream! The extended article is included here. Continue.

Tavistock Institute - Mind Control Watch Video

We came across this video above, several days after we had done the new sections below. talk about good timing! It also explains why the initial Moon landings were faked.


Even today, the old hippie vibe still continues, and in this promo video we have Derrik with his hair down as the sales pitch image! Tacky! Then after it shows his girlfriend in the audience, it goes to the UK blurb as it is being held in Bath. I don't like this promo or how he looks (the presentation of whatever they intended to convey) or his girlfriend for that matter! But see what you think..Watch

There are about 150 new media and podcast influencers who are being funded by 'dark money'. They apparently are being flushed out. Certainly this work has commented on aspects of 'fake news' and 'careless news'. We have a new section for comments on this, and general 'fake news' etc which is not saying the more stupid news comes from those who are funded by 'dark money'. But it was interesting to hear that military intelligence is doing something about it. NEW Comments on'Alternative Media' sources. >>

Same link :- More Fake News through the 'alternative NEWS' providers? The source which we commented on, on the news page has said in the current video for July 20th that he was told Queen Elizabeth had Princess Grace of Monaco killed because of jealousy. Hmmm! Fake News from the 'Alternative Media' sources. >>


Definitely RECOMMENDED. Higher SOUND Frequencies to De-programme.

Pink Floyd - One Of These Days (PULSE) PLAY


The world is now into the gradually more public face of the military's Operation Storm,

a military operation with worldwide co-operation. It seems the most important phase is the 90 days beginning from July.

NEWSROOM. What Makes America the Greatest Country in the World? The answer 'America ISN't the great country'.This was from the TV show Newsroom.


On Tuesday June 18th the news was,

NATO today warned the world is on the brink of a nuclear World War 3,

and announced it is taking nuclear weapons out of storage in  Europe to confront Russia in Ukraine.

General Interest Videos for Today's NEWS includes controversies about David Icke, Russell Brand (who really is a disgusting sleaze yet continues with his online show and escaped prosecution) and more.


We apologize that our website has been somewhat jumbled but is now being sorted out!

The Spiritual side is on the previous page. The 'spiritual path' is not what most think. Ascension is part of the natural rotation cycle of the planet. But the planet is slowly being pulled away from the 'Tree of Life' and into the energy stream of a dying star. Getting OUT of this trap, and back to the Eternal Life System is what matters. The Spiritual Project. 'Wheel of Rebirth'.


* Anunnaki is not an actual name for an alien race. Using ancient Egyptian records which describe the creation the Positive Side was called Nun pronounced more between non and nun rather than like a Catholic nun. Its opposite was Anun. Mostly the term Anunnaki is associated with Mesopotamian, ancient Sumerian records of creation 'Epic of Gilgamesh'. "The ancient Sumerians created one of humanity’s first great civilizations. Their homeland in Mesopotamia, called Sumer, emerged roughly 6,000 years ago along the floodplains between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in present-day Iraq and Syria." In Genesis, it does indicate that there were 'true humans' before the creation of mankind in the 'garden'.

* Whenever you see 'An' or Anu, it indicates the opposite of what it is attached to. Sat-an is the opposite of True which is Sat.

Satanisim is uncivilized.

It is not the New World Order,

it is the

Anu World Order.

The Luciferians have always had their own world map that is very different from the countries we know as our world map. This is why we have the wars. NATO is their vehicle for those wars.

Luciferianism requires an uncivilized world, therefore it has had to destroy the CIVILIZED world.

It has done this by bringing in large numbers of uncivilized people into civilized countries. It uses uncivilized people for its Music Industry and through Hollywood, in order to promote uncivilized behaviour by uncivilized people, and make it seem modern and fashionable.


It is extremely important that as we go into the Future World as a Higher Consciousness world, we have people who are capable of thinking for themselves, and will help raise the standard.

If the planet is to move into the '5th Realm' then the entire conciousness on the planet has to be '5th Realm'. It at least has to become the Consciousness of Light.

Thing is, hundreds of millions of people in the world have embraced and do live the Luciferian reality. That is the everyday programming that has been run from the negative which includes how people are brought up to see the world values, something which some people do step back from and question , but most do not. It is their level of consciousness, and that level is the negative path which is expected to be ending.

If this planet is indeed going to move into a much higher level of consciousness and 'better world', then none of these people can be part of it. If they were, it would not be a higher level and better world!

This means there can be only two alternatives - two paths ahead.

The planet really is going to move up into a 'higher level' world and these millions and millions of people cannot be part of it.

Or the planet does not move into a 'higher level' world.

Earth Dividing into Two Paths.


The terms 3D and 5D are used to describe what are basically different 'wavelengths' like picking up radio stations or TV channels.

Soon this planet is going to change to a 'different bandwidth',

like a different 'TV channel', which those in the 'lower self' consciousness currently cannot see.

Someone asked the question about 'religion'. Satanism is a religion and it controls 3D level people - who maybe the race called mankind as opposed to those who are humankind - which satanism also seeks to control. Both satanism and a 'Dark Force' issue from the supermassive Black Hole in this galaxy, and it has intelligence, much like a computer or AI.

'Lower self' level people are very easy to Mind Control. They are like 'sitting duck' targets (but usually quite stupid too, as far as understanding reality goes.) Those who are Higher level bandwidth may indeed suffer, be ripped off, and quite possibly die, but they will not go into the realms of ongoing 'satanic control'.

The animated picture above shows you the 25,000+ years cycle of this planet through the zodiac. tt does this because its axis was damaged and this circle you see should not happening. That is why the Zodiac and astrology are 'false'. They exist, but they shouldn't exist. That cycle is also the 'Wheel of Rebirth' and with Earth like this, it becomes under the control of the 'fallen ones'.

Earth as it was 12,000 years ago.

July 10th 2024. This planet is mostly on the 2nd energy stream that was described in Genesisi - the Path, or Tree, of Duality. Light and Dark. When the planet moves out of its Fall into the 'reverse of life' (i.e. Death) it switches to the positive polarity. Those who are completely dark and evil (reverse of live) cannot take that electrical change, but it isn't as clear as originally thought who else can tolerate that change. But that change is is still the 4D path. 'Path' is an energy stream or 'tree'.

When this world came into existence 6,000 years ago - when Earth went into the negative - it was possible to create the race called mankind. 'Man' actually means Mind and 'kind' is children, so the children created from the MIND which any good Buddhist will tell you is the 4th realm. Unfortunately Buddhism does not go beyond the 4th realm, but it does give principles that are of Light and goodness to live by. The creation of mankind was a 'false creation' and represented as a 'twin' of True creation'. As covered, they are biological bodies which reproduce, but the brain is only what is programmed into it. Listen to the sound created by the masses at a soccer match, observe the thinking-speech of those who only accept what they have been told by 'the science' or the 'government' or by the well presented politician who looks like what should be.

The existence of the world that is Dulaity - a particular and different energy stream from the Eternal Life System - runs on two competing programmes. Light and Dark. Life and AI. It does seem that when the planet switches polarity is it a great experience but does not become a non-physical planet. It remains in the positive for 12,000 years in an increasing Ascent, then begins its Descent which eventually Falls into the reverse. For maps of the Earth prior to its last Fall, there are some differences which might actually take place again now at this time.

For example, Earth is experiencing some extreme weather conditions, even if some of these are through 'weather war'. One possibility is that will be some events that create California as an island, separated from the mainland - as it was before the Fall aka the 'antediluvian' world. Could the programme recreate this in our near future?

The ancient sea maps survived, and the sea maps in the possession of 15th century mariners attributed to those navigators of many centuries ago were copies of ancient maps. In fact the Knights Templar had these same maps and used them to travel to the Americas throughout the 1st millennium of the current age (AD). Their Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, said to have been founded in 1446, shows carving of the the corn/maize plant that was only known to exist in the Americas.

This work has said that the Austro-Hungarian Empire was a very civilized society, as was the British which was deliberately infiltrated. In the libraries of the Austro-Hungarian Empire they kept the records of the technology which had existed as long ago as the sea maps of the pre-Flood world. That pre-Fall world was the ascent the Earth is currently moving back into, the side of Light on the Path of Duality. These are the records the Nazis had access to and were trying to establish the pre-Fall world again. They also were used, infiltrated and betrayed because the 'Dark Side' wanted those records so they could take control of the planet and ensure it did not switch to the Light side. It is clear that they are the side which won WW2. (*This section is also on the linked page here continue.)


The planet is believed to be about to move into a different energy on its long cycle

(the 25,000 + year cycle) and that involves a polarity change from the negative world it currently is, to 'positive'. This seems to be not necessarily connected to the current military operation on the planet which has been clearing out and removing the corrupt system which had been running this planet. However, that may time in with the expected planetary change. This has been described as the 'dividing of the two paths'.

This world reality now is the negative-reverse polarity.

It is the reverse of 'Life and Light' so its big thing is death. Earth entered into the reverse about 6,000 years ago at the beginning of the Age of Taurus, which follows the sign of Gemini which faces positive and negative so appears to be the changeover point. The reverse is when Earth dips downwards (descends) on its damaged axis and for 6,000 years travels the 'underworld'.

Very soon Earth changes polarity because it moves out of this reality. Its journey on its cycle goes upwards and again goes through a 'cosmic event' and changes polarity. It then appears in a different reality. Another word for its progression 'upwards' is its ascent, or ascension. Some describe it as when it resurrects from the 'realm of the dead' which is the reverse and negative reality. This continues here.

What we do know is that very soon Earth is going to be plunged into '10 Days of Darkness'.

'10 Days of Darkness'

It doesn't look as if the expected shutdown is because of the planetary change. Spiritually we are awaiting that, but this 'Darkness' event may be happening before that and for military reasons. Be prepared with food, water, supplies, medicines, pet food, flashlights, alternative power and so on for 10 days of no internet, no TV or radio (except some ham radios)/

Go to this page.Continue. This is for the video interview which covers 5G and the shutdown, and is not a recommendation for other videos which may follow on.

This is in addition to having the links to specific pages on the topic of Forbidden History.

THIS page covers more on how you and we all, have been given False History,

FAKE images, false information and false impressions of reality and of people.

This does not mean trying to prove the moon landings were faked. It most likely is that that was not faked. and a 'white hat' spokeperson has said that. What they did was pre-record scenes in case communications failed when they did actually do it. There are some other issues though and we will have to wait to see. However, the original people of the cabal who came here already had a MOONBASE.

It is faked history that matters more, including the already existing, very ancient MOONBASE - which maybe they don't want you to find out about. Proving the 'moon landings' were fake is not really significant.

Hiding an already existing ancient MOONBASE and / or an ancient MARS BASE, might be significant.

It is about the FAKE REALITY the currrent generation and world citizenship has about its identity - which is a lie so big most things pale into insignificance. First part is that some people are far higher DNA than has been made known. It is also that a great many are NOT as high level as has been promoted (which was part of the strategy to bring down the 5D humans).

Much of the lies we are still looking into but we are presenting topics as part of an open minded research. After all, none of us really wants to 'sit in judgment' based on narratives provided by the very people who were in control of the world. Those who win the war are the ones who write the history. That also can apply to the winners of the war against the cabal! .It is even possible to witness the so called 'truthers' laying it on too.

A great many of the alternative 'shows' are from presenters who either are in the catagory of not really being aware of the 'operation' or they have been exploiting the sensational stories to fuel their shows. The spiritual reality still remains that around 95% of the people will be returning to the 'wheel of rebirth' with more lifetimes on this planet. It is always that way.

***More to be added about the Moon Base, off planet beings

who came here but operate and also exist in the 4th dimensional realms (astral) They are experts in Mind Control because they work from the 4th dimension, while most people here are 3rd dimensional.

***Ayahuasca and 'sacred medicine' journeying

sends people further into the 'realms of death' - the journeying - which is the path of death. So it is sending them firstly into areas where 'dark forces' can attach to them (despite that they might appear as light beings, or plant devas etc) and then onwards on a path that may be a billion years but is ultimately into the Black Hole which permanently extinguishes their existence. "It takes a 1000 years of taking the 'sacred medicine plants' to realize what has happened." So no, those retreats will not be allowed to continue with the new system.


The coming 'shutdown' of '10 Days of Darkness' is a military operation and not to do with the planet's switch to 'Positive' although it may be timed to coincide. Or that may happen later. 'New Age' was 4th realm but lower than the Luciferians who are upper 4th realm. Higher than that is the lower 5th realm but it remains vulnerable. It is about.........

10 days when all power will be turned off, and ALL satellites down.

Mostly this is to make sure that no cabal sateliite or communication system survives. Anything then brought back into function will be completely clear of the satanic systems. Also during that time, the military across the world will be out 'cleaning up' so it will be dangerous to go out of your house during the time until the power systems come back on.


From June onwards the 'end game' BEGINS to become public.

Current World NEWS page.. for daily updated NEWS.

The 'end game' is now going public. Last few years have been a play. It has been playing out what the monsters were doing, and some of their plans were horrendous. But this work is not looking at what 'they' had planned for us, because 'they' were taken out. This page of this work is looking at where we the people have been given false narratives, and where Mind Control and Behavioral Programming have been in play.


TARTARIA. There is wide eyed amazement at the magnificence of buildings which new researchers insist could not have been built with the technology available in the 19th century. Most are unaware that it is not a 'mysterious advanced civilization that was lost in a mud flood', but was in fact the 'old world'. It is 'amazing' because they thought everything started with the wild west style wood houses and towns the pioneers built, and that they, America, then brought the world the high level architecture. And that viewpoint was what the cabal wanted people to think. This is why the banker cabal set out to destroy the high level civilization that was the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Russian Empire, and also the British Empire, so that people would never know how highly developed and civilized the world once was. Today's world is not civilized, it is a programmed Luciferian culture. This of course is to be corrected with the new system. The Romanovs of Russia are an important story to know about, as was the amazing culture of Russia for music and arts and architecture, as was Vienna, and Budapest. The cabal had plans for the new colony America from the start. They already had cities established there for over 3,000 years and the buildings were gradually destroyed by 'fires' to be rebuilt as if part of the 'great development'.


Watch Video 5 mins. One of the most horrific and despicable murders in history took place in 1918 carried out by the Bolsheviks.

One of the big questions appears to be about WW2. WW2 is a good place to start when we take in a reality based view of how 'we the people' have been lied to and given a false history.

The German side were National Socialists which as far as can be determined meant looking after Germany as a soivereign nation and making sure its assests and wealth went to the German people. It was not a communist approach and definitely not Marxist. National Socialist became the word Nazi, and there were good Nazi's and these were then targeted by the cabal by bad Nazi's who were working for the cabal, and it is the cabal which won that war. In fact the 'white hat' op tell us that war did not actually end, so does that mean the good Nazi's went metaphorically underground? There has also been a massive slander campaign against the ones who once led Britain which was a highly developed civilization as was the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Russian Empire. Simply look at how highly developed their arts and sciences were, their standards of appreciation of art and culture, and their sophisticated understanding of how to behave to others with civility to avoid conflict. All undermined and deliberately destroyed by the cabal! Our once high level world has been under attack on many fronts over a long period of time, but specifically from the latter part of the 19th century, late 1800's. *This is a new video link for May 29th which we will add to the others soon.

Continues as a topic to research. The world which developed from this considerable takeover led to establishments like the Tavistock Institute and projects for Mind Control and Behavioural Programming et cetera.


*The Tavistock Institute think tanks (and others) had a number of scenarios which could play out, including the Prince Harry rival for the British throne one. This is why we are seeing pretty much all of them showing in some way, including the 'alien invasion' with the 'aliens' appearing in Miami! That one was going to be a mass ET invasion and the world would unite against them thus bringing in the New World Order. Also transhumanism, cyborgs, depopulation and so on. But we are 'seeing' all of them, so it can be confusing.

The 'event' as mentioned in the story below, is the announcement that the USA Corporation is bankrupt. But also going is the EU and the Euro. The UK and Europe have been targeted with illegal immigration and like in the USA the tax payers are funding these illegals, paying for their 4 or 5 star hotel stays, health care, debit cards and so on. All from the tax payers who don't want these people there anyway. They are not refugees, they are actually be helped to become illegal immigramts. None of the countries involved can afford all they are paying out, so the 'refugees' will still find themselves without work and in a bankrupt country - bankrupted partly by them. It is a strategy of war.

But the average 'sheeple' don't notice this either! This is why the new system will be republics not actual democracies, and they are not democracies now. Each person should indeed have a right to have his/her concerns heard. But it not such a bad idea to have a 'Father' overseeing the country so long as it is someone/people of the highest integrity and ethics, and the people still would have a way for their concerns to be heard. There is no way the new system is not going to be something of that kind, even if the 'sheeple' don't get to see it. 'The people are the majority sheeple who were jabbed and are still asleep.

*** The 'agenda' required destroying the highest levels of the civilized world and destroying the empires which upheld those highest levels of development, IQ, the ethics of 'gentlemen' people whose 'word was their bond'. This had to be destroyed in order for today's greatly inferior world to come to be. Keep in mind that humanity is being trained to think illitierate mannerisms are hip and cool. There is a reason for this.

WW1 began with the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Germany and Britain were 'family' and there was nothing wrong with the 'Battenbergs' changing their name to Mountbatten because of that shocking and manipulated WW1. On Steve Bannon's Warroom show in the lead up to the USA's Memorial Day 2024, they talk about how most of the British aristocracy, knights, Dukes and so on, were slaughtered deliberately to remove them. They mention that Burke's Peerage which annually lists all the peers of the realm had to be delayed for a year because so many had been slaughtered. Thereafter the world did see far lesser people in command and unfit 'commanders', but that is because the true ones had been killed off. The rest of this story was to make every one of the 'high level' look like spoilt fools. That was Mind Control. It should be remembered just how much was done to destroy the civilized world. Video 8 minutes

The Advanced Civilization of Russia. A World Powered by Water.

A look at Tartaria and 'royal Russia'. This page may be revised. Continue.



We have it on reliable authority that Earth is round. It is entirely realistic though that in the 4th dimension it is part of something bigger. But as for this realm it is a round, like an atom, and there are 'shields' around the planet. Watch Video 2 minutes. Also useful Play Video 2 mins. In ancient times the 'Sea Kings' who produced famous 'sea maps' also wished to deter others from exploring the oceans. They promoted the story that the Earth was flat, and if they sailed too far they would go over the edge.

This was to stop people sailing far enough to discover the Americas. The Americas was known to the Phoenecians (Sea Kings) they knew it was inhabited and they traded there. Their people lived there, plus primitive indigenous tribes who took care of the planet. After the Earth tilted and the Flood happened everything on the planet went back to the Stone Age.

When the first people from Europe moved to the new 'America' it was because the 'Freemasons' wanted that.

Their predecessors the Knights Templar had lived in the Americas for 3,000 years, they knew about its existence before the Flood and damage which sent the world back into the Stone Age. They had maps. This is why there are ancient maps (copied from much earlier very ancient maps) which showed Tasmania connected to Australia, and california as an island. The maps were dated in more recent centuries but they were copies from older maps from 12,000 years ago. The Freemason plan was always to bring the people to the Americas and pretend it was a newly colonized land. It was part of the stepping stone process to creating the Anu World Order.

As for July 4th. An interview with various Americans showed they didn't know what the celebration was for, or who the USA gained independence from. Thing is, DID the American side actually defeat the British to gain 'independence'? Or was it something planned?

Others involved in creating the Constitution intended it to be what patriots are upholding now. Picture is a US flag from 1776 that you don't often see.

A great many 'alternative media' sites are into selling gold and silver, giving the reason that the banks are going to collapse and people will have their savings 'disappear'.

However they also know and say that this is a temporary thing before the new system comes in, so that means people won't really lose their savings. Gold and silver are going up so much because the economy is going down. That is going to change and the reality is the new system has all the gold and silver in existence, so the big profit seen at the moment appears likely to change downwards.

Some people feel as we do, that it is somewhat tacky and not authentic to be using this momentous historic situation on the planet, to make lots of profit, including from the re-evaluation of currencies. So too how some people are making huge profits by presenting 'spiritual garbage' of the kind that people want to hear, or all of a sudden becoming experts in herbal medicine and producing their own products? What happens to all those who held out to present true honest journalism, or have been negatively impacted, or wiped out by what has happened?

Current World NEWS page.

If the attempt to completely end humanity and make it part of the 'internet of everything' was to actually happen,

then it would mean the Luciferians had succeeded in taking the planet. That means its all over. Something we already know is going to happen but a long way off in the future, would have happened now instead. This planet would be remaining with the second path that goes to the Dwarf Brown Star. The ONLY option you have to avoid that, if that was happening, is to know how to get to the Path of the Eternal Life Source. Your soul has to be able to get off this planet and just leaving the body does not do that. Once the planet breaks away from the True Source, that is when all life and human souls go into dissolution (as we have covered continually over the last 20 years.)

That energy path does have a good side which is positive, it just isn't the Eternal Life System. But it is the spiritual path that people keep going to if they are involved with any of the things the guidelines warn not to do. That is what Jesus and the Christian churches also did uphold in teaching not to do. That is why Christianity has been targeted for ridicule and removal. The planet is going to move out of it this time, but many people have already again established ties into that same source, so will be forced back onto the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

***This continues with a NEW article May 12th.


There is another new video out on the 'advanced civilization' that was the Old World, and it is usually under the banner of Tartaria. These videos feature people astounded by the level of architecture in a world they thought of as their own pioneering 'New World' which to them, began with wooden wild west type shacks then suddenly began building massive constructions of advanced architecture from the late 1800's.

America as the 'New World' was not the start of everything. Europe and Russia as the Old World were the advanced civilization the people who went to the 'New World' left. Our 'Old World' buildings were built long before the late 1800's. We've had great architecture for a very long time. The ruins in Ancient Greece 2,500 years ago show that.

The real issue is that those in the 'New World' apparently didn't know very much, but that also goes for the level of education in other places like Australia. 'America' did not lead the world forward into a higher level. This work does feature the high level civilized world that was the Austro-Hungarian Empire which was destroyed by WW1. Russia was a high level civilized country before the Khazarian led Marxist revolution which destroyed it. What is funny though, are these videos where people are surprised to learn about this. This work also aims to reteach the high level of civilized society which once existed, because it certainly is not the current day western world.

We do agree that America did have a hidden high level civilization which began to go there after the Exodus from Egypt 3,500 years ago. The elitist bankers who gained control DID hide that. *The picture above left is of the Imperial captial of Russia, St. Petersberg. The Russia that was destroyed by the cabal in 1917. (The links to this will be added as soon as we find them again.) Art and Culture Continue

TODAY'S WORLD NEWS read here . : .

When the Earth reaches the point in its cycle where it comes out of the 'fall' phase,

changes polarity and raises in frequency, this is the time called in ancient legends as coming out of the DREAM. The 'waking up' happens as the planet comes out of the dream. Does that mean that no matter how badly anyone behaved in the world as it is now, they 'wake up' realise how badly they behaved, say 'oops, sorry' and everything becomes ticketyboo (good) - and we have a wonderful, positive new Earth? Is that the way it works? Is it that people really can 'do as thou wilt' which is the Alistair Crowley satanic belief that you can do whatever you like and it doesn't matter?

The awaited 'event' - as we were told - is the collapse of America and the West, and that in a deal made in the '70's, it all goes to the CCP/Chinese Communist Party.

A great many people are mainly focused on the revaluation of currencies. To us, that does not seem to be the main point. Others are saying it will be after the election. But the RV revaluation is not the main issue. We think it would be more than just being the US election because that does not in any way show what these Luciferians were planning to do, and that was treason. People should know about that. Also the big thing is the Planetary change which not too many people seem to know about.

In the '70's Henry Kissenger made a secret visit to China under Mao Tse Tong and an arrangement was made that China would gradually begin to flourish (which it has) while America and the West would gradually decline, which they have. The follow on to the planned BLM riots that were happening in 2020, and the rest of what was planned, was to be the introduction of the clearly successful Chinese model of government as the answer to 'save' America and the West. It involves the participation of prominent leaders and figures. We also received plenty of education on what the Marxist-Communist ideology really was. This deal may also now provide an explanation for why 'they' wanted people to be jabbed for the so called 'covid'. The second point is that only 25% of the land in America and the world, will be allowed for the remaining population under the UN's Agenda 21 (see video below).

May 12th. We have been checking some additional sources in an interview from Alex Jones who we have never considered an adequate spokesperson of exposes and so on. For this reason we decided not to include the interview. However, please keep checking in!

We wanted to include the interviews of Pascal Najadi who is a credible source but does not present his information in a credible way. He also makes glaring mistakes which tend to make him appear not credible. Therefore at this point in time we are not using his information videos. However, he does provide the official WH documents and/or the links to them, which show that America is in a state of war. One document, the official one, shows there is a No Fly Zone over Mar-a-Lago so his information is credible. His link is Neutral Swiss.

Forbidden and Rewritten History links. RECOMMENDED Videos Forbidden History etc . : .. RECOMMENDED ... Zeppelins and Hidden History ... Playboy Mansion in LA ... Advanced Nazi Technology ... WW2 'Foo Fighters' ... Antarctica


Americans should be grateful that the USA is a Republic not a democracy.

Even now, with so much of what the plan was, clearly shown out in the open, vast numbers of Americans, mostly with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) are falling over themselves to get Biden re-elected, remaining absolutely clueless about what Biden's policies are doing. The video below explains it very well. "President Biden" is handing over the USA to the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party

'This is How the Chinese Communist Party Plans to Take Down America'.

Watch Video 8 minutes.


Have you seen this?

Watch Video 12 minutes 50% of America to be off limits to humans, 25% allocated to the population. OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY

- This work acknowledges that Jesse Czebotar, former Mother of Darkness and satanist alleged to have turned to Christianity, has provided good information. But it is also clear that she is providing false information, which suggests that something else is in play here. Signed legal testimonies and so on mean nothing of themselves, they just sound impressive. She is providing some false information added into the mix, but it is very worthwhile paying attention to the real information she has provided.

- This work has not verified yet what Hitler and his government were truly part of. He did not kill 3 million + German soldiers in camps, the American Eisenhower did.

- Forbidden History would indicate that Hitler had shills who sabotaged his real intentions, and were part of the Khazarian-cabal plan along with Roosevelt and Churchill.

- President JFK who was assassinated in 1963 is not still alive. He was born in 1917 which would make him 106 years old on May 29th 2024. His son JFK jnr most likely is alive.

- It has to be considered that everyone who received the jab was at that time 'marked' negative.

- This section of the website is to cover (hopefully cover) how the current world story is unfolding as we await a planetary change of frequency and polarity, as well as cover the bigger picture of the REAL 'spiritual situation' which is the 'Wheel of Rebirth', as well as covering 'forbidden history' showing that we the people probably have been lied to, and more spicey news like the British royals etc. But mostly we want to show the 'bigger reality'.

- Talk about the endless 'false flags' and trusted 'sources' providing information that seems to be at last leading to something happening and then doesn't.

We do have a current news page in an attempt to keep track of what's happening. That is because whatever is in the news is filling in time and then we will finally know where we are and what lies ahead for the future. Currently it is the Agenda 21/30 system being set up, but that will go. WORLD NEWS read here


The Paul McCartney we have today is not the original Paul McCartney.

Look at the face and 'feel' the personality. Despite that we have researchers measuring the face and so on, this remains an area that people don't consider proof enough.

And if you ever got a 'feel' for how all the other Beatles would respond to a jerk whose agreement was to be seen as Paul, get to do his own songs, but not go into a solo career using that name, then isn't all of it exactly as you would expect? They loathed him, and it shows. Yet with the real original Paul, they were as happy as in this picture. They, others involved, and Jane Asher, could not say anything, not ever. It was all under the 'Official Secrets Act'.

The Beatles were discovered by Brian Epstein who was also murdered in August 1967. They were special because of their infectious personalities, not leasst of which being how attractive Paul McCartney was for the girls. This is why they used by the Tavistock Institute - but not created by them. Paul was marked from the start but absolutely necessary that he and they all first took off to super-stardom as the band they were. Thereafter, they were to be used for the satanic purposes.

It is not at all impossible that Paul simply dies in a car crash in September 1966 after the Beatles had finished their US Tour at the end of August. But it was a problem to make this news public because it could lead to untold numbers of female fans committing suicide. Even MI-5 stepped in on this. It was better and safer to bring in a lookalike musician and change everything about the group, no more live tours etc, and change all their appearances, and reappear with their work almost a year later. The deal was to produce more studio work and then the group retire and 'Paul' quietly retire. What really proves that this is not the same Paul, is that the car accident was announced on US TV as 'breaking news' then after that not repeated again.

Big clues include that the new Paul does not play the chords for 'Yesterday' in the same, unusual way that the original Paul did. A few days after his death the Beatles manager met with John Lennon in Paris to see if he was okay with the new Paul. The new Paul replacement attended with his girlfriend Maggie, and this was reported in a news item of the time. Maggie also wrote about this meeting in her book. Additionally she provides photos of them together, showing a tall. long bodied 'Paul' who does not really look as attractive as the original. Maggie thought she was dating Paul McCartney, this same man had also already met Linda Eastman. But Paul's girlfriend was still the actress Jane Asher and he and she had recently been up to see the house he had just bought in Scotland. The new Paul first appears in December 1966 and then in a horrible interview recorded in January 1967. neither of these really look like Paul or sound like his personality. Nothing of the attractive Paul who knew how to work his charm, but with a level head. The guy in these interviews is a serious bore.

If you look at all the early Beatles performances up to the end of the US tour in 1966, Paul McCartney has a gleam in his eyes, a cheeky charm. radiates a kind of chemistry and none of this is apparent, not ever, in the later 'Paul'.

This work also agrees that the original Paul was not just killed in a car accident but that it was a similar set up to what happened to Diana and he was murdered so that the replacement could take over once The Beatles had become the phenomenon they were. This is what was needed. The replacement is a talented songwriter and musician but without the charm of the original. What is also really bad here is that he continued with his own career under that name and identity of the original Paul. There have been additional unusual deaths like the shooting of long time roadie Mal Evans who knew everything about what happened and kept a diary in a suitcase which second wife Heather found - and freaked out about, using it as security if anyone should try to kill her. .

A photo of the dead Paul flashes on a video for the new Paul's 1882 along with his connection to satanic churches, Freemasonry and dressed as a wizard. The photo is from the autopsy and his head has been sliced in the style of 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer'. This is all covered in a video linked on the McCartney pages. I had not intended to look at the photo but it flashed up unexpectedly.

The new Paul McCartney and the Tavistock Agenda for Mind Control .

The new Paul McCartney and the Tavistock Agenda for Mind Control .. : .. 2nd intro on the Beatles and the Tavistock Agenda for Deception.


Now the world had the existence of the 'death cult' revealed

when the lockdowns began in 2020, we do have to acknowledge that there are complexities to spirituality.

True God may be everything, but there are other things in there that make up 'everything'. It is not the only reality. It is the only reality that is REAL. That is a difference.

After '2000' energies did start triggering into this planet for it to begin its Ascending Phase. That is why the Luciferians have been removed from 2017 onward. Previously there was a consciousness that would not acknowledge that that existed. But it DID exist. It exists in this reality which is one of the 'God Worlds' gone wrong. There have been a few blowouts and accidents as you can see from what happened in the 'Worlds in Collision' scenario. That is why there has always been a mission to get people OUT of this damaged reality.

It was a big wake up call when the lockdowns and depopulation agenda were made public knowledge, and everything quietened down. But it was soon replaced by the same consciousness starting up again.


The 'death cult' people exist in the 4th realm and are higher than the 'good side' of the path Earth's second sun that the planet is caught in.

However, the death cult and evil cannot exist on this planet when it changes to POSITIVE. The consciousness of the 'lesser light' where most spiritual paths go to, and those who could not see the presence of the 'evil' (whose answer was 'that is negative thinking') can exist here when Earth changes to the positive because they are positive, just at a lower level. When the Earth changes polarity, the dominant 'evil' side switches to become dominat positive.

But they are all 4th Realm.

This world is going to be in big trouble if the future is 'governed by the people' and it's a 'level playing field' as suggested by a RESET!

Now why would anyone say that? Continue.



These links below are the important and recommended things to understand about the topic of SPIRITUALITY.

This is a 'spiritual' work but by the Grace of God, has access to the much 'bigger picture'.

Dwarf Brown Star.... 'Collision of Planets' ... Earth Frequency Shift to a Higher Realm . : . Magical Mexican Maya Dream Spell . : . Continue to the next new page >>


It is hoped that when we get to the new reality with Earth at a higher frequency we will see an end to people getting 'channelled' information.

Either an end because the frequency change moves far enough out of that level where the 'communications' take place, or that it is stopped by law.

It is beyond an immense tragedy that it happens, yet it happens as part of the energy path of the Dwarf Brown Star. NONE of the people are 'talking to God'.

It has to be mentioned that Kate Middleton was on the Gitmo lists, and that was well before late 2023. She was also promoting the jab.

However, it is said that she was trying to get a message out asking for 'Help'. A note saying this is said to have been passed by the princess to a comedian she was meeting. If this is true then it does raise questions. On the other hand, 2023 is well into the 'white hat agenda' which removed the royal family before that time. But this section is actually about rather silly but sensational things being 'channelled'. It is doubted that any of the royals were still around to be in the position of trying to remove Kate in a similar to Diana situation because the royals were removed long before that. But we will check it.

Princess Diana had NOT fulfilled her purpose though.

Her job was intended to go on. It was she who rebelled against it and wanted to expose the satanism. That was the problem there. Kate also has not fulfilled her purpose. She has/had also never rebelled against the family and was not trying to expose the Luciferian connection.

The current misleading and sensational stuff is about Kate Middleton having been killed off as Diana was, by the British Royal Family, and the questionable stuff is that she is back in a cloned body. The British Royals - as all people who are truly aware know (which the psychic giving out this information is clearly not aware) - were removed and have received their verdict from tribunals, from at least around 2021. The numbers of them now diagnosed with cancer is to explain how they have gone, which has been allowed to be in a natural seeming manner. The female psych/channeller giving this idiotic information will undoubtedly add to an already huge income that these people make, because all these things drown out the REAL INFORMATION.

Okay, so what is the 'real information' you may ask.

It is that this planet is being pulled into the path of the Dwarf Brown Star.

Earth gets a reprieve when in reaches the time of, and during the time it is in its Ascending Phase. It is a CYCLE. The planet is on a CYCLE. When it is finally pulled into the path of the Dwarf Brown Star it breaks away completely from the ETRERNAL LIFE SYSTEM and this is why each person has to understand the need to get off the 'wheel of rebirth'. At that stage there is no way back. The chanelled stuff is a tragedy for those on this planet.

There is only one way to get out of this false reality, and it is not via galactic fleets. No spaceship is going to come in and save you.


For the last many decades each generation has been slowly indoctrinated into

the (Marxist) degradation and debasement of the human being which is clearly evident in pop music videos. The ideas have been to reduce humans to gutter level, to behave basically as animals behave. This is the consciousness of today, and the last 30 years at least, always there, but always becoming more widespread and accepted, to what it is today. It is a very significant 'negative charge'.

Which comes to the topic of the imminent 'planetary change' when this planet changes polarity from negative to positive. This is in part why it is thought the operation of the last known 4 years was about more than the jabs and covid. That did prepare us for people dropping dead in the streets in large numbers. That didn't happen. Many have died, though not as many as was expected. But the preparation for that happening may have related to something else about to happen.

When the planet changes polarity and its 'voltage' increases, this by rights should be such a significant change that those who chose to be a 'negative charge' - indoctrinated into living a debased view of life - should in theory, instantly keel over and die. A 'negative' should not be able to instantly adapt to a positive frequency/voltage. If this happened, it would be in huge numbers. maybe 90% of the Western population is 'negative'.


Who are 'they'?

Recommended videos

Emotion Over Logic: The Legacy Media Tool for Narrative Control

Watch Video 6 minutes.

Metaphysics, Spirituality & Forgotten Nature of Socialism

Watch Video - Warning - it is intelligent!


Not Just Kate Middleton, but Her Parents are Missing Too.

The Gitmo tribunal lists show that Kate was executed for treason, presumably the family was involved too, especially as apparently the parents were in a serious car accident which also explained their disappearance.

Although we have been told that the Queen Mum was a shapeshifting lizard, and no-one wants to disregard the testimonies of people who have been involved in ritual abuse, there is not all that much that proves she was that.

Obviously a large number of 'royals' are those infiltrated by the satanic agenda. Charles and his 'friendship' with Jimmy Savile proves that, as does the alleged behaviour of Prince Harry being involved in P. Diddy's sex trafficking parties. Princess Margaret also was beyond a disgrace (the late Queen's younger sister) and many others. It has been considered that Edward V111 was forced to abdicate so the crown would go eventually to Elizabeth, but George V1, her father, did not seem a bad person, leaving his wife, the later Queen Mum likely to be the one who did pass on the 'faulty' genes. We do also know that the Rothschilds did marry into the royal family via nefarious means and there is a distinct family likeness with Prince Michael of Kent who is a Freemason Grand Master and top of the heap Masonic person.

There is also the issue of the murder of the Romanov family in Russia during the vicious Soviet 'revolution'. Why did they need to murder this by all accounts (from private diaries etc) nice and honourable Christian family? And why did Britain's King George V, a cousin to the Tsar, not allow them exile in Britain which then ensured their murder? So they were strategically removed, and so was Britain's Edward V111.

Continue with Royal Replacements.



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It has taken them only about 150 years to reduce the level of development of civilization,

and in today's world by far the majority have no idea how evolved and developed the '1st world' was. Having technology only provides the illusion of 'advancing forward'. Continue


Forced jabs and lockdowns are finished and life seems 'normal' but in reality the systems for Agenda 21/30 are being set up across the world making travel more and more restricted.

This is in preparation for the eventual 'need' for 15 Minute Cities and permission, requesting a permit, to be able travel beyond a 15 minute journey from where you live.

This is being set up quietly and almost unnoticeably unless you happen to be someone who was living in a country that was not your own, and now have deal with new conditions in place. This is why I am in Mexico, because at least they let you be here for 6 months, and within that time it is hoped the world will get to the shutdown and the various reset agendas removed.

The UN Agenda 21/30 is being set up across the world right now.

What it is goes right over the heads of the average person who is deliberately kept occupied with pop culture, music and so called celebrities, and with sport, so that they do not take notice of what is being done. Given that those mega rich sports stars, like popstars, actors, celebrity chefs etc ONLY get to be the superstars they are because they make the contract with 'the devil'.

It is quite easy to keep people's attention diverted, and the things mentioned above are MIND CONTROL.

It is the same kind of thing as not noticing the glitch in the matrix that would have a 'Grim Reaper' suddenly walk by in the background at 'King Charles' coronation. Watch Video 20 seconds.

Agenda 21 Explained in 2 Minutes -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08IXIu0arOI


There will be places in the world which are satanic and have to be removed, presumably over time, because there are so many satanic places.

It has to be remembered that the society the western world has is the programming of the Luciferians. Places in the UK like Balmoral Castle are now being opened to the public. This is most likely what will happen to Buckingham Palace.

But North America is full of satanic places. Las Vegas was created to be 'anti-God'. Then there are ares like Miami, and Los Angeles, or California in general which may be why they are now becoming derelict areas and areas for derelicts. This has to be said for the 'resort areas' in Mexico too which are a thing that belongs to that same Americanized satanic consciousness.

Not earthquakes in Taiwan but removal of the underground bases and tunnels used for human trafficking etc.

'A report has come out by British Media outlet "In Touch" claiming King Charles III has Pancreatic Cancer and only two years to live.

According to the In Touch story, “King Charles is much sicker than the palace lets on and simply isn’t up to the job of running his family, the crown’s business interests and fulfilling the daily duties of the monarchy,” the member of the royal inner circle revealed in early March. “His cancer is eating him alive. He’s very frail. The situation is desperate.” King Charles III has only been Britain’s reigning monarch for 18 months.'

This is the public story for those who missed what happened to the world during the last few years. The British (and other European royals) were involved in the Treason for a world coup, part of which is the Agenda 21/30 travel issues currently being set up. They were informed in 2019, arrested and received trials. Since then prominent members have left the world stage in a natural seeming manner, and the monarchy will fade into non existence. In reality even with all this there would in normal circmstances, not be any threat to the survivial of the monarchy. It would easily continue. It is being presented as 'under threat' because it has been removed.


There have been reports that King Charles 11 is dead. They are right. He died in 1685. However the reports were referring to King Charles 111.


The British monarchy is not at all 'outdated'. That is the kind of thing unaware people say. Britain is not 'ruled' by them and it is not some kind of feudal system. The monarchy were seen to be the public face of a certain 'standard'. Just as the Kardashions are also public figures but represent garbage. The monarchy gives us Princes and Princesses and a lot of really spectacular ceremonies like with the Royal Guards etc. It's fabulous stuff. They don't receive all that much from 'the public' in fact most of the public money is being given to refugees to house them and provide them with cars etc. Unfortunatelly royalty has betrayed us by being involved in treason, satanism and a few other things. But royalty itself is great to have.

As royals, the marriages are always official marriages and they don't need to get divorces to marry someone else or because of 'marriage problems' etc.

The marriage is a royal role. What happened with Diana was unusual. 'They' did not want Diana in the role. There is an occult related reason why kate Middleton was William's bride. For the purpose of unfolding information to explain why the British royals are gone, there are silly stories for the 'common folk' (those who would say 'dearie' in earlier times) covering marriage problems for William and Kate, mistresses et cetera. This royals are a role and do not respond to these things as the 'commoners' do. They know these things happen, but they still carry out their roles, their job. Most of the dumbo level 'commoner' gossip videos are from people like this.


Watch Video 30 seconds. This video is under a series called 'retards on Tik Tok'. .

Art and Culture Continue



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