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How do you choose?

It is in how you behave and if you keep to the rules for the Christos Spiral (shown) which forever renews, while the Fibonacci does not. It is the Luciferian path. So it is about keeping to the Christos Rules. Those girls who have decided to put themselves on Only Fans, like the one in a recent video saying she is going to make $1,000,000 this year because of the men paying for what they see, these girls and the guys have chosen the Luciferian path. Those who behave as so many do and have been trained to behave by the Luciferians, have also chosen the Luciferian Path. A few will question how they have been 'trained', or if they ventured onto the 'new path'. These ones will be okay.

If you have done the practices that the Christos warns not to do, like activating Kundalini, or getting involved with 'channelling' etc then you have chosen the Luciferian Path. These people are not condemned to hell, they will come back again and get another chance when it begins again maybe that's 18,000 years away. Take a look again at what the Talmud teaches. The Jewish religion has two main books the second is the Torah which is in the first 5 books of the Christian Bible. The topic of the Talmud must be on the 'old religion' page link, but basically is this :

"The Bible states that we should love one another as fellow brothers and sisters, that we keep our vows, have high moral and relationship standards, do not have 'temple whores', or condone prostitution, are against sodomy and beastiality and sacrifices, do not lie, or cheat others and do not go round killing others or everyone who is different etc. The Talmud however, teaches that all of these are okay including to deceive and practice usury. All these things are also part of the actual practices of Luciferiansim too, and Freemasonry, at least in the form of 'Secret Orders' with requirements for going through 'degrees'."

The 'spirals' which overlap at the point designated Nov. 8th/9th 2023 are the perfect, eternal Golden mean, and the Fibonacci which cannot renew itself forever.

At the point they overlap, reality divides into two paths of reality.

The paths remain alongside each other for quite a while then separate. Most people will be on the GOOD side of the Fibonacci. Very few choose or chose the Eternal Life - which you can see from social behaviours and also from the multitude of 'spiritual' videos which are describing any number of aspects that actually go against the Christos Teachings. Yes, it matters! These other things are not aspects that were 'added later' or just were missed out.

'Old religion'.






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