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Long Ago in this Galaxy, a 'Collision of Planets' Took Place.

It is unclear what made up the solar system originally but a planet existed here that was part of the 'Eternal Life System'. It was connected correctly to the Tree of Life.

Eternal Life has also been written as Everlasting Life' and Perpetual Motion.

Then a disaster happened where a destabilized planet (probably Nibiru) came charging through this system along with remnants from an exploded planet, possibly an exploded star too, but the result of this was like a pool table or billiard table with the balls hit by the first shot.

All the planets in this system are tilted, and like Earth, are caught in the orbit of a different star from the lower frequency band, which means dying, and this is the 'second star' called a Dwarf Brown Star.

The story is provided from sources that are two different perspectives. The original Eternal Life planet that is now called Earth was part of a Living Perpetual Life System. There was the current star we have as the sun, but the number of other planets in the system may differ.

The other perspective comes from those whose planet was blown up and part of the massive debris which charged through this solar system. For their perspective, some of the parts of their blown up planet and blown up solar system did remain in this solar system forming the current solar system and also the planetary debris in the 'Asteroid Belt' between Mars and Jupiter. There are asteroids and planetoids there along with debris, but not enough to be the blown up planet. For them, this is a different sun to their sun.

This is the more important knowledge to be aware of. That THIS planet, Earth is being drawn into the orbit of the Dwarf Brown Star. It is this which causes earth's cycle, the Great Age of 25,000+ years and the 12 'ages' of the Zodiac, along with the knowledge of the zodiac and science of Astrology. All of that is a very different path of existence and more, than knowledge of the exitence of the OTHER system which this planet should belong to, which is a perpetual motion Eternal Life System.

The damage to the planet caused the cycle which is also called the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

So what is this existence? In fact to live life on a God World planet you must be born into a physical body, and through that physical body and brain you experience the world which is frequency in form. That is also how it is on this planet which is now attracted over into a false alignment with the Brown Dwarf Star. Eventually that massive force is going to pull the Earth into it.

No matter how perfectly all the conscious thought on Earth may create the reality here, the planet will still eventually be pulled into the orbit of the Dwarf Brown Star

which is a lower frequency and is dying. Anyone with a reasonable level of inteligence should now be able to work out what a 'spiritual path' is for.

Continues with the Dwarf Brown Star.




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