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The brown star is lower down the frequency scale than where this planet originally belonged.

Over time, and maybe that is a million years or whatever, but over time, the force from the second sun that is 'attached' to this planet, is going to pull this planet into it's energy field, and at that time Earth will break the former connection which was to what is called 'Eternal Life' - a system of that is 'perpetual motion' and therefore 'everlasting'. The Earth then goes through the process of returning to basic matter, 'space dust'. What is happening now is the first part of that process.

So, the purpose of an 'inner awakening' or spiritual path is not actually to create a wonderful life here. It is to understand and find how to get out of here and back to a system that is producing perpetual, ongoing life.

This is where the people who are currently being removed from the planet, come into the picture. Their goal has been to take this planet fully into the path of the Dwarf Brown Star. That is what the agenda which took off in 2020 was intended to be part of.

There are many people on this planet, everyday people, who have long been aware that this was going on, but there is and was no way everyday people could stop it. Thankfully, there have been people in the right kind of places, who are in the right positions to have addressed this.

This is why the world is going to see certain things play out that relates to the defeat of the 'bad agenda'.

An attempt to take the planet fully into the orbit of the brown star, happens every time the Earth's cycle enters the phase called the 'Fall' which is when the cycle dips into a lower frequency range and those who belong to that lower frequency can get in here. They are of a higher intelligence than the average human, and also devious and pure evil, so have no difficulty in doing what it takes to easily gain control, which began by having control of the economy. This is even why in the Bible there is a massive warning to watch out for this, and particularly about usury. Usury is loaning money for interest. Despite this, usury did in fact flourish, starting with money lent to kings and governments.

The Earth is still at this time in the final stages of the operation that is an energy 'battle' about which orbit this planet will be in (put simply).

We have used the term 3D and 5D people. That is those who are asleep and believing the world is what they think they see, and those who are a bit further along than that. It was easy beyond words for those who wanted to take this planet because the masses of people ARE 3D. Anything can be done in front of these ones and they will not be able to see it.

But there are higher level people who are trapped in their own 3D level self.

There is something very wonderful when a person begins to see or show their 5D self - if they are indeed part of that reality. The 3D level is something else though, and many, many do not have a 5D level.

'Collision of Planets'




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