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Earth's Change to a Higher Frequency

***This work assumes that the timing still coincides with the actual Planetary Change of Axis, Polarity and Frequency (and its rotation) but if not, then that is still something yet to happen.

The planet's upcoming change of frequency, would seem to be the big event awaited for thousands of years. It is being monitored of course. This is not limited to the Schumann Resonance, it is much more significant than that and includes an axis shift.

It 'should' be the coming change to the planet that leads to the 'shutdown'.

Actually not strictly true, because the information we were told is that there will be the 'unexpected' or 'unforeseen' collapse of America AND the solution is that it is replaced by the CCP model. The Chinese Communist Party.

(New addition on June 10th. The USD has been backed by Saudi Oil and that agreement ends around now. It looks like this is happening smoothly and changing to the asset backing of the new system. The traumatic 'collapse' will be 'acted out' and looks like it will take place but in reality everything has already changed to the new system.)

The CCP deal was done in the '70's when Henry Kissenger made a secret visit to China under Mao Tse Tong and an arrangement was made that China would gradually begin to flourish (which it has) while America and the West would gradually decline, which they have. The follow on to the planned BLM riots that were happening in 2020, and the rest of what was planned, was to be the introduction of the clearly successful Chinese model of government as the answer to 'save' America and the West.  Achieving this involves the participation of prominent leaders and figures. That's called treason.

This deal may also now provide an explanation for why 'they' wanted people to be jabbed for the so called 'covid'. The second point is that only 25% of the land in America will be allowed for the remaining population under the UN's Agendas 21/30. Most of the planet is to be parkland, and remaining humans reduced considerably and kept in small zones (15 minute cities). There are of course, also the issues of altering human biology into part computer and all linked to a 'mainframe'.

But the Way Out of that actually happening will be something that 'Come's from God' - and that can only be the Planetary Change. (We would think it would be.)

The crash of the economy, the USD, and of the illegally set up USA Incorporated (passed into law in 1861 and achieved after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln) is probably something which they can pull the plug on any time. It is not the imminent war scenario for WW3 with Iran attacking Israel etc, this also can get the go ahead at anytime, although right now, it is beyond simmering and ready to boil. These are the two main world situations in play, but it now seems clear, or likely, that what 'they' are waiting for is the planet itself to shift into the new higher frequency. That is the hold up.

It is unknown what kind of chaos this could cause, as it is a frequency shift for the Earth, and it should be a significant increase in frequency with accompanying changes. Any technologies the 'dark side' had will not work when Earth changes.

What happens will be 'seen in the sky'.

This is the reason for the 'shutdown' we have discussed, and the need to stock up with food, water and some cash for an unknown period of time but from what could be 3 days to up to a month. Also the expected Emergency Broadcast which covers worldwide. Obviously, there could not be aircraft in the skies for example, or even people away from their homes, as it would not be safe for them. This is also why there has been talk of shutdowns for new versions of 'covid' like 'Disease X'.

The people who have been bleeding the planet dry of all its wealth, along with their Canaanite religion of drinking the blood of children, and of human sacrifice, exist on the lower frequency and cannot survive here once the frequency raises. It is indeed possible that some of these have left the planet in vehicles, as reported happening from Antarctica last week. *Don't forget, the USA government does have a 'Space Force' - and it has it for a reason.

More importantly is how it affects the remaining people on the planet who did not maintain a 'high frequency' themselves. There are literally millions and millions of people who are following the degenerate lifestyle. The 'Sodom and Gomorrah' lifestyle and this does not, and should not be compatible with the significant change in frequency.

It is suggested that this may be the time when the world could see what was predicted to happen with 'covid'

with people literally dropping dead in the streets, and also what was predicted for those who were jabbed, I have worked with so many people who fit this category.

Presumably those who were just 'asleep' will have a veil lifted from their eyes. It is AMAZING how many people spend their lives absorbed watching sport or pop culture etc and have very minimal knowledge of major things happening in their world yet they will argue blind that anything that is different from the narrative about what was being done in this world was 'conspiracy theory' yet they themselves don't even know whether it was Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi who was found in a tunnel.

However, the main point is that the time of this significant change in Earth's frequency could see what was projected for those who had 'covid' and was shown on TV as people simply keeling over and dying.

No-one actually knows what will happen as it involves a significant change in frequency, an axis shift, and a possible magnetic reversal as our reality moves into the POSITIVE spiral and towards its correct alignment.This is why the 'good side' operation which is monitoring the planet as it moves into this change, has provided a great deal of information on higher values, the importance of the family, healthy living etc.

The experience expected has been described as an awakening kundalini for the planet - but to its correct alignment - an energy flash, and the 'rapture' which involves some kind of magnetic attraction for some people into the sky that is not a good thing, and so on. Those aligned into the positive side of the path aligned to the Dwarf Brown Star should also be okay as they are not 'negative'. Its a good spirituality, its just not the Eternal Life System.

Most of the population on this planet have been 'asleep' and have no idea how close they came to losing this planet. Now they have officially mentioned about the coming change in frequency we must have passed any remaining vulnerable times because in theory the cabal could still have taken the planet (through a portal) almost until the time the planet actually reached its shift.

Earth Frequency Shift to a Higher Realm.

Dwarf Brown Star.

'Collision of Planets'





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