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When the Christ came to this planet to remind people about how those on the Higher Realms behave, He, like that Higher World

knew what had happened to cause this planet to be damaged as it is. It should just have a strong North and South Pole that anchors firmly into the 'Upper Universe' Eternal Life Living Energy Source. That is how it 'plugs in'.

The damage to the planet broke that connection, which is an Energy Stream or an Energy Path - path of energy. That has gone. It is broken, gone.

The planet now has several different poles, all leading onto different 'energy paths'. None of them ever return to True Eternal Source. The planet can Ascend out of its Fall - which is the worst and lowest of the several poles - but it is on a cycle and Falls again because it never connects to the Original Energy Stream. It connects to one of several different Pole Alignments, some better than others. This work has always been a Spiritual Work specifically to explain about the correct, energy path. This planet never restores its original alignment. But there are ways that each individual can personally do it, and indeed, the only chance you get to do that is while you are in the body, incarnated.

There are very useful alternative video channels providing useful information and relevant news. But they are not, and never were, 'spiritual guides' for how to get OFF this cycling planet and get to the True Eternal Source. It absolutely does NOT mean other planets in this galaxy! There are no Higher World planets in this fallen, damaged galaxy. The new video featured below provides some great information on this planet and its cycling Pole Shifts.

In case you don't know, the teachings of Jesus Christ say

NOT to take any notice of 'channelling', psychic stuff, magical stuff, and not to do certain oriental exercises and activations, like Kundalini. Don't try to 'clear' bad energies, and 'entities'.

Absolutely don't try to create your reality, or 'manifest' what you think you want because that uses the false energy! Always allow God to guide you to what you want, if it is right for you. You do not know what is required for you to clear your bad karma, and that is what matters. Do not judge others. Discern but do not judge.

Jesus said practice forgiveness, and to love one another, live honourably, keep away from people doing the things warned against, and trust in True God Source - allow God to 'wash away your sins' (karma).





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