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Future Timelines, Sound Frequencies and Missing SOUND Frequencies. Future Earth, Future Consciousness, Lost Chord.


For perspective on the importance of understanding what makes up the Luciferian 'spiritual stuff' and what the Guidelines given from True Source were about,


The LUCIFERIAN Government that has been Running this World, under the 'Order of the Phoenix.'

The Wisdom to understand what makes up the Luciferian (Sirius/Osiris) Energy Stream 'Skill Set' and 'Gifts'.

The ancient scriptures indicate that when an ancient civilization "misused technology" they damaged this entire galaxy.

Earth's North Pole was split into 4 False Directions. Our work has always been telling you about the damage to this planet.

When the beings from that planet arrived on Earth there were 200 of them, all male, and they landed on Mt. Hermon in the Middle East. These are the ones who bred with the 'daughters of men' and produced the Nephilim.


They have been in control of this planet and the money system, and they show you who they are.


Watch Video 40 seconds.

They set up the Pyramid Energy System across the planet. When Earth Fell, it opened a few wormhole Portals and energy anomalies on this planet, like Antarctica, Montauk, under the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, and the Bermuda Triangle, and more. The Devil also appears as the Green Man.

People have been programmed to believe that ghosts, spirits and aliens are real, but they never believe that DEMONS are real, or that really everything that is being contacted psychically are demons.

* 'Space aliens' and 'spirit beings' are not that. They are inter-dimensional demonic beings which managed to get into this planet after the damage to the planet was done from the 'Pyramid Free Energy Network'.

Just a thought : Much more has been made known about "interdimensional demons" and has covered :-

1. that tattoos are very often dark things (like skulls and bones etc) that are a kind of branding of ownership by 'dark forces'.

2. that 'psychic skills' even seemingly passed on through generations, is actually a hex from a demon as a form of ownership of that soul, and soul group..

3. the only 'seeding' from the 'stars' that came to this planet is the Luciferian-reptilian bloodline, who interbred with human females to produce their hybrid bloodline.

4. Later they bred human DNA with monkey DNA to create a sub level mankind to be their slaves.

5. The Luciferian/reptoids with the human DNA produced the shapeshifters. For some reason they cannot stop it happening.

6. There is no need for any interfering characters from 'advanced planets' or starseeds, to come here and 'help' humanity. Jesus already did that.

Christ's Teaching


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