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This is a very interesting video and these guys are bringing up all kinds of out there thought provoking ideas to explain how humans got to this planet, that the moon is a space base, as suggested in the Netflix sci-fi mentioned, 'Moonfall', and so on.

In fact there is ancient information that the Moon was placed where it is, and that it is hollow.

Ancient Legends

translated from information written on stone and clay tablets (used to preserve the information over millennia) say that long ago a technically advanced planet in a fairly nearby constellation did misuse technology and blew up their planet.

There is scientific evidence that there was once a 'worlds in collision' event that ripped through this Solar System like a ball in a game of what Americans call Pool, and the British call Snooker.

The explosion broke that world into 14 pieces, and they made up the body of 'Osiris'. One of the pieces landed here on Earth, as possibly the entire landmass because this planet was more ethereal/plasma/prana and water. The people who escaped the blown up planet, in their space technology craft or space stations etc came to where the piece of their planet which landed here was. That planet was called Maldek and they are associated with the ancient Egyptians. It is said the headgear they wore was shaped as it was because it covered the shape of their skulls. Apparently, the 200 hundred of them (all male) landed on Mt. Herman in the Middle East.

In fact another piece went to Mars first and that was their first stop, then they came to this planet. They went to Egypt and built the Pyramid Free Energy System. They are associated with having been on Mars first because that is what the records indicate, but the ancient name for Cairo, Egypt's captial city, was El Kahira which means Mars.

That worldwide pyramid system used an energy from 'galactic centre' via the star Sirius (which has two stars one Dead (Death Star) and the other Light. There was an explosion in the system caused by that massive galactic energy, which took place within the Great Pyramid and tunnelled into the Earth causing the tilt that is discussed in this video. Now this planet has 4 different North Poles for the outer Earth axis, and periodically it jumps from the then current pole, to another one. This speaker says every 6,000 years. We are at one of those marker times, and this is known as the Pole Shift. The current North Pole alignment is a false North Pole, it is a magnetic north, not the True North. This video discusses these different poles that the planet has, eg. once it was over the Hudson River, and once over Alaska as examples.

Those who came here are called 'fallen ones' and are the coneheads we showed in a video on the Rothschilds and the Balfour Declaration which allowed Israel to be established ( on the "Codes Spells, Witchcraft" link). They are the 'bad agenda' on this planet who worship satan, are Luciferians. You can see they have been in control, hidden in plain sight, and shown in the geometric layouts of cities like Washington DC which follows a pattern, includes symbols 'sacred' to satanism, and most of all there are the obelisks which represent Osiris. (The earlier name for Egypt was Khemu, and Khemalot, and it was a Greek colony. These in the picture, are the ones who were thrown out.

You can see it was these ones thrown out, from the statue of Pharaoh Akhenaten husband of Nefertiti, who was thrown out.)

Many sci-fi and other movies are made to tell some of their story - lost their planet, the journey to Earth

- like Battlestar Gallactica, except that they were not 'good guys', they blew up and destroyed their planet. In the series they used these headdresses. Another TV series that was of this kind was V, especially the earlier version. They did have to live on this planet alongside the humans who as higher beings from a Higher Status, allowed then to do that. However, they were constantly causing problems like the ones who were thrown out of Egypt around 3,500 years ago, and most went to the Americas as the Canaanites, while others moved to Palestine - where they were again kicked out by the Romans around 1,500 years later - for causing problems! They hate humans and don't want them. They want the physical planet. At this time of 'Pole Shift' they wanted to take the planet further into the existing Pole alignment because that is the alignment they exist on and it was that which gave them the control. 'They' are the satan worshipping freaks who do breed and steal human children for their sacrifices and rituals. And they do work through showbiz as an extension of their religion.

This group of guys discussing this in the video come up with some really thought provoking things to think about. However, the ancient scriptures and stones, do flesh that out into identities that are not well meaning towards humans. I would also say that we as people in this world are not identified by some kind of timeframe called Gen Z or something. We most identify in groups of people types . Those who got jabbed and the general masses make up one kind of 'group'. Asleep, do what they are told, believe what they are told to believe through the news media, and do not think for themselves. The guys discussing this topic are people who do think for themselves, so this type of person is a very different type and much better to identify oneself as being part of!

The guest speaker is a very qualfied scientist who has gone out on his own with this information, and that information does tie in with what we also know is currently taking place on a cosmic scale. Those who chose to be awake, and live from the True Self/Higher Self will only experience a shift into a better world where all the outright evil and sordid consciousness is gone. Those who were not that, very well might experience something that means they can no longer exist on this planet.

His information may relate to what we wrote on the 'Dividing of the Ways' but that that might be a really big deal. One of the 'two ways' it divides into could be a 'Disaster Event' as discussed by the actual scientist in these videos. The other path appears to relate to those who would be a 'higher vibration' or frequency and chose that (the Higher Self) which goes to an ongoing world. This topic is quite something. I may add the video of the full show. *I now have added it.

The Time When the Earth Stood Still. The Event We May Be Waiting For?


Climate Change, The Great Disaster Cycle, Atlantis & More | with Tim Pool

Watch Video 2 hours and 11 minutes.

*We believe Earth moves up and out from what this topic is covering! No catastrophe!

*One of the areas of the planet that is getting more strongly hit (bad) than other parts of the planet, is over South America - Brazil, Argentin area, but I have seen this shown in something else I was looking at. Will try to find that..

*When they come to the bit on the moon, there has long been information that the moon was created, is hollow and was placed where it is (by an 'ancient civilization'!)





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