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Future Timelines, Sound Frequencies and Missing SOUND Frequencies. Future Earth, Future Consciousness, Lost Chord.


Earth's North Pole was split into "4 Directions" - each of them 'false alignments'.

The actual True Alignment - which this planet never reaches because it returns to another Pole Shift between the '4 false poles' - is the missing 5th Direction.

This is another way of writing 5D - direction, not dimension.

(And 'Directon' means something significantly more than 'dimension.) The Ascension of this planet is a description of the planet naturally correcting its fallen part. It is of course a better quality consciousness, but it is not an evolutionary change. The 5th Direction bypasses the astral (stars) of this galaxy, and so long as you keep to the Guidance provided by Jesus Christ - who provided all that was necessary to know - then that is how you can get to the True Eternal Living God Source.

*The North Pole actually wanders to each of the "4 Directions" then locks on to a new magnetic star and is stable for around 6,000 years. It is what makes up this planet's false and satanic Zodiac cycle aka its Great Cycles of 4 Ages. It is not 4 neat points around the centre. It is 4 misalignments that dip DOWNWARDS then ASCEND upwards again. The descending part is called the "Left Hand Path" which is sin in Latin. The Ascension is called RA - the Right Ascension.

The 4 misalignments all anchor into stars in the Astral Universe, this galaxy, so regardless of there being other civilizations there, they are all in the Fallen Universe. This is also where ALL people doing 'Astral Travel' OBE's, Shamanic and Ayahuasca induced 'journey' go to - the Astral Realms.

The planet is full of people who have done this, travel and contact with the Astral.


Earth's 4 Directions.




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