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No matter how perfectly all the 'conscious thought' on Earth may create the reality here after the Ascension -

the planet will still eventually be pulled into the orbit of the Dwarf Brown Star


The links below, are the more important sources of information which relate to understanding why Earth is caught on the 'Wheel of Rebirth' and its people not returning to the Eternal Life System,


***The LOST Spiritual Path is the Tree of Eternal Life.

A lost and missing knowledge, and also the Way to get there.

Our work is and was to cover about the difference between Ascension and the existence of the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

There is another path of 'Light' and it is the one the planet is aligned into right now and has been for 6,000 years.. It is Positive and it is Good, but it isn't the Eternal Life System. There was a narrow 'window of opportunity' when people on this planet could break the ties with that other path.

These are important links that are related to understanding the Eternal Life System and the need to get off the 'Wheel of Rebirth'


This star and magnetic force, is causing Earth's '2nd path'

Dwarf Brown Star....

Long Ago in this Galaxy, a 'Collision of Planets' Took Place.

This is what ;knocked' Earth towards the '2nd Path' (of Duality, Good and Evil et cetara.

'Collision of Planets' .

.. Earth's Change to a Higher Frequency

Earth Frequency Shift to a Higher Realm

The coming changes to how the planet is run is first on the list. The planet's actual physical Ascension may or may not tie in with it, but is a separate thing and very important. The planet begins to align into the 'Tree of Life' BUT also is still connected to the '2nd Tree/Energy Path'. If the individual continued with the practices JESES taught NOT to do, then that individual still has energy ties into the 2nd 'Tree' and that is what brings a soul back on the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.


There is nothing 'wrong' with religion, particularly the Bible.

The western world particularly has been the target of MIND CONTROL. Very sophisticated and subtle undermining of values important to a the survivial of a high level civilization. They have been undermined in subtle ways, such as part of 'new and more enlightened' teachings when they are in fact Mind Control.



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Earth is Caught In the Path of a Dwarf Star

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