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August 2022. Spiritual content, and News Updates. News section further below.



Sound for Earthbound Mystics

We are sure you know enough not to listen on your cell phones! This is not computer generated sound. To listen properly use the computer with good speakers if you can, and full screen when appropriate. Real music, real musicians, true art, and from the future consciouness for those fortunate enough to get it. Not everyone can hear music properly and it comes across as noise - however, this SOUND is needed for the awakening of those who can awaken.

5 days ago. "Why’s everyone discovering this (music) now...."

Eternal God is LIFE......

and when the Eternal GOD sings or laughs those who are aligned will move according to that Sound. This is why we give some specific music as an aid to develop your hearing of sound through the right side. We are a spiritual work which is at the moment covering news during this once in 25,000 years moment of confusion but ultimately magic. Our work is to help get you to the Eternal Light not just the Light. Big difference for those who get it!

The idea is to develop the hearing of sound so you tune out from the first realm that appears to be a 'spiritual realm'. This is so you can develop the sensitivity to hear beyond that realm. People 'die' then find themselves not dead but on the path of Light and Dark which is the first spiritual realm encountered because it is Lower - therefore it is accessed first. The GOD REALM is powerful LIFE and pumping energy not withdrawing away to some state of inertia which belongs to the Path of Light and Dark. So the music is about LIFE, Eternal LIfe. More in the 'spiritual section'.

Mystical Sound - for our time Now - and the shift to Light.

Comments. '"Yet Another Movie" by Pink Floyd is one of the most mystical songs ever created! Every time I listen to it, my hair in the back of my neck just stands up!' "I have to say Pink Floyd come from another planet." "No, they come from beyond the event horizon of this universe.""This song literally gives me goose bumps." This music is from a higher universe! For those who are okay with cosmic rock,. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaroBsuvKb4 It is encouraged to listen to certain 'high level music' especially through the right side. Music for 2022 - for our time now - and the shift to Light. (Pink Floyd - 4 well spoken upper middle class guys from Cambridge, England who did not promote taking drugs to achieve a 'high'.or enlightenment.) Continue with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tv4Io-cuxA This complete album is undoubtedly their finest work, after 'Dark Side of the Moon' and 'The Wall', it is as people say 'a masterpiece' and truly was created for a 'future Earth'. An absolute gift to an awakening humanity and we are in awe of it. Absolutey blown away!

Comments: "Words can't describe how I feel about music like this... Just chills.... chills running through my body." "One of the finest instrumentals ever written. We shall never again see a band anywhere near as a good as Pink Floyd". "Finest moments of humanity." "A New Machine pt. 1 and 2 are remarkable meditations about life and death with the use of the vocoder. Very interesting use of it by David Gilmour. And Terminal Frost, impressionistic instrumental which concluded this suite, amazing. Excellent performance indeed, especially of great saxophonist Scott Page. A Momentary Lapse Of Reason is a very mature work too."

There is plenty of good music in different genres, great guitarists, and modern pop is also fun to listen to, but this music is a whole different story, something else entirely. It is sound for the 'future world' and the consciousness of a higher universe.



"What did you dream? It's alright we told you what to dream."

"Welcome to the Machine.". Pink Floyd.


22 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/vyiCwoX1vODF/

1000 a day are dying - "sudden adult death syndrome".

Remember to be prepared!

The intel is now stopped for many of the sources, which is interpreted to indicate its all about to take off. Still the waiting. However the news sources are preparing people for the passing of Queen Elizabeth. That maybe in the finale mix also because it goes to Project London Bridge. Expect a Cuban Missile Crisis situation/WW3 scenario.. Aug. 13th

The 'Movie'

The schedule for the movie does appear to be as it would be, with 2022 being the finale (we think and hope!) and not earlier than what this is. The dominoes fall as and when they fall, but the fall of the dominoes can be p[anned to fall at the required time. The market crash has to happen and a world situation similar to the 'Cuban Missile Crisis' when the world did come to the brink of nuclear war. The timing could not really have been different. It also requires 80% of Americans to be awake and on the same side - that is the number needed so that people don't start civil war and being against each other.

Space Force aka Space Command refers to cyber space.

Plus a fantastic amount of information is about to be released in the next few days from McAfee. The world is now in a 'Cuban missile crisis' type of situation.

The movie is playing the intended plan of the 'Green New Deal' and Great Reset

as it would have been.. Sources are saying that August is going to be big month and they expect to get to the WW3 USA against China 'brink of nuclear war' stage. Also the economic crash. The Pelosi visit to Taiwan is believed to be the trigger.

The reveals will take place after these events and with solutions in place because ready or not, that is the following phase. July 29th

No-one knows the timing of how the plan unfolds.

It will undoubtedly come as a surprise because for the humans here, something pulls the rug from under then and then they react, but ss soon as everything settles down they act as if everything is okay - it never happened. Then the rug is pulled from under them again.

When it does happen , be warned, (it is believed) savings accounts will become zero -presumed will happen at the time of the crash. Could be August as some say but Sept seems likely. The Taiwan issue could be the trigger 'Will Pelosi Spark War with China Over Taiwan?. US has built up its military presence in the China Straits. . Some projections are that August is going to be the month for a time of reckoning for the USA. September or October seem more likely though. Intel is that we do go to the 'brink of war' and there is a financial crash, 'Hand of God steps in'.

Intel Sources

As we get near the finale of the 'TV networks news show' experienced since 2020. As stated, the US military is in charge of the US. The head of the US provisional government is Christopher Charles Miller, an American retired United States Army Special Forces colonel. You may notice his last position ended on Jan 20th 2021 - inauguration day. You have been watching the show of what the cabal intended. Biden has been dead for 3 years. If it had not been carried out this way, there would have been civil war and worse. Many, many people are just too brain controlled to have accepted the reality - they have to experience it, then have it confirmed for them by the news sources they turn to. People have been 'behaviourally programmed' to go to a 'supermind source' for information anything on the internet is considered 'true', use 'grammerly' as some kind of helpful tool from the 'computer god' to help them write better (all what education used to mean) and also so they can get their 'degrees' etc, For world news they go to the TV news channels, and the same for 'spirituality' - all obediently accepted 'authority sources'.

Current World News and Intel Continue Beneath this next section -

'Spiritual Reality News'.

This work accessed Ancient Records and learned that this Planet

may have been altered in a way that damaged its axis and made it fall towards a lower realm - yet because of its cycle does also correct itself - Ascends - until it falls again. Those who did that to this planet are the same ones who have also just tried to reduce the world population and align this planet into demonic portals.

When Holy Poets wrote their Beautiful works of LOVE,

did they ever even mention 'advanced technology' as being an attribute of True Source?

FREE PDF recommended book.

Access here .


The Guidelines and Inspiration to find True God Source.

Remember what really matters. This universe is the Realm of Illusions. Be aware that the Path of SOUL Freedom which escapes the Realm of Illusion, is not the same thing as the change to positive which has thrown out evil and darkness from this planet. We keep to the path of SOUL Freedom. However, we do also look at Health & Regeneration, Healthy Living, and interesting information about this universe or ancient mysteries etc - but we are never saying they are the path to SOUL FREEDOM.

Also, another very big clue.......

"The Kingdom of Heaven is within."


Okay, a second big clue....portals, stargates, plasma spaceships and so on are not 'within'.

Communication from 'other realms' seems to be within but are received from the fallen angle which has caused all the trouble, and been the source of pretty much every known religion, 'new consciousness', or 'spiritual journeying'. That is the mistake that has continued for many millennia.

And a third clue....

The entire universe is also a hologram within your head.


This Work will and does supply what you need to know to find and return to True Source as a free SOUL.

It also covers topics of interest but does not suggest that any of that will achieve SOUL Freedom.


The actual Way out of this universe of Illusion given here, is correct and leads to SOUL Freedom. It is not the same path as Light and Dark with Light winning over Dark. It is also not at all the same thing as uncovering information on the past. We have had to work at interpreting the distant past like anyone else. For this reason the Living Source page is being revised.

When we began writing the book 'Earthspell' shortly before the 9/11 event in 2001, we were wide eyed innocent in believing that all people deep inside wanted to find Love, Truth, Beauty and God. The increased access to what people are really like which came with the internet etc soon revealed that that is not the case! Then after the book was out, and we were in communication with people, we were amazed, to discover that some people did not know basic things, far, far more than we had ever realized (and the covid/vax issue has shown this too) - we really didn't know that! We assumed everyone had a deep need to find Truth, was basically educated and genuinely looking for answers which we intended to provide.

Having a basic knowledge of reality was kind of basic to setting the backstory we wanted to give to what happened in this world to bring it into the realms of darkness and light. Of course we have had to work at interpreting records and 'ancient intel', but we hoped a 'backstory' would lead people to a better understanding of the need to 'escape Illusion' and why the 'key' to it was 'lost'.

Mostly these were people who labelled themselves as 'spiritual' and 'more aware' than others. Most of these wanted to hear and believe what they wanted to hear and believe. This type of consciousness is not going to help anyone find Truth. And anyone can now see how savvy business people - and those of the Luciferian religion - were making an absolute killing out of these ones!

This Work will give you the reality. It will also look into ancient mysteries, healthy living, and remaining young and youthful. They are NOT the same thing.

The reality is that to return to True God Source you must find the Way out of a 'Realm of Illusions'. It is a missing KEY that turns a LOCK, the barrel of which has been twisted out of place. This is why 99% of people always go to the 'false spiritual realm'.


Eternal God is LIFE......

and when the Eternal GOD sings or laughs those who are aligned will move according to that Sound. This is why we give some specific music as an aid to develop your hearing of sound through the right side. We are a spiritual work but at this time covering news during this once in 25,000 years moment of confusion but ultimately magic. Our work is to help get you to the Eternal Light not just the Light. Big difference for those who get it!

The idea is to develop the hearing of sound so you tune out from the first realm that appears to be a 'spiritual realm'. This is so you can develop the sensitivity to hear beyond that realm. People 'die' then find themselves not dead but on the path of Light and Dark which is the first spiritual realm encountered because it is Lower - therefore it is accessed first. The GOD REALM is powerful LIFE and pumping energy not withdrawing away to some state of inertia which belongs to the Path of Light and Dark. So the music is about LIFE, Eternal LIfe. More in the 'spiritual section'.

Mystical Sound - for our time Now & the shift to Light.

Comments. '"Yet Another Movie" by Pink Floyd is one of the most mystical songs ever created! Every time I listen to it, my hair in the back of my neck just stands up!' "I have to say Pink Floyd come from another planet." "No, they come from beyond the event horizon of this universe.""This song literally gives me goose bumps." This music is from a higher universe! For those who are okay with cosmic rock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaroBsuvKb4 . It is encouraged to listen to certain 'high level music' especially through the right side. Music for 2022 - for our time now - and the shift to Light.

This album is also recommended. It is mostly unknown but it was recorded for the future, for this time now - now is it's time. It was actually #1. We understand that there are many wonderful genres of music but if you are okay with 'cosmic' this is definitely recommended - it is in a class of its own. Their work evolved from an already excellent base, and this is amongst their best work especially from a spiritual perspective, moving to a whole new level. This is where they needed to get to.

A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

(Full Album) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEf0iT6r7z4&t=2563s

Comments: "Right NOW, My Holy and Most Almighty God, I AM taking your advice and I AM getting high(er than You), I AM not watching the news (or the TV in general) and I AM loving and appreciating You through, not specifically Your music, but the music I grew to LOVE." 5 days ago "Incredible music!" "Thanks for Life's meaning, yeah." "Words can't describe how I feel about music like this... Just chills.... chills running through my body." 5 days ago. "Why’s everyone discovering this now wtf."

The Mayan Glyph for the Centre of this Galaxy - the Hunab Ku -

The Maya lived in Mexico and Guatemala. They built magnificent and complex pyramids and had a sophisticated system for calculation which produced the end date of 2012. The word Maya means Illusion. This galaxy is considered to be a 'cannibal galaxy' absorbing ('eating') a number of smaller galaxies and presumably a threat to any other galaxies nearby. The Mayan glyph also informs us that there is a Serious Fault with the Nucleus of this Galaxy. It is twisted to the side! ...and everything in the galaxy is a hologram.......Continues : Maya. ... .

The Planet's Realignment Towards True Source Takes Place in Your Head.

Everything in this universe is a hologram - which means even the tiniest fragment has the whole picture. So too does the human brain.

This planet fell/descended to align with the Lower Realm, not in a vertical descent but a circular descent because of the cycle. Now it is a natural progression of that same circular cycle to ASCEND back upwards again - towards where it fell from. This reality, like the galactic nucleus that is shown in the Mayan Glyph has moved away and fallen from its rightful place. So too has the human brain. During that time the consciousness that is this planet has been deeply infiltrated by dark forces and because of the holographic pattern of everything in this universe....continues

It is Known that People can reach the 'highest' Spiritual heights

- but then fall again. This is known knowledge. Indeed the planet does also reach almost to True Source, but because of its cycle, it does Fall again. This informs you that finding True Source is not achieved by the planet's Ascension - great as it absolutely is.

Luciferian Records.

The Middle East was an important area for mining of precious metals - gold, silver etc. In fact early in the Old Testament of the Bible there is mention of the 'metal workers'. It was a massive industry even still mentioned for the time of Jesus. It is also said that those who came to this planet in the distant past were 'mining for gold' because the gold had properties that could 'save their planet' (which by then had already blown up many eons before.) Having physical workers to do most of this work is a reason reported in their own Luciferian Records, that a race of workers/slaves was genetically created from a suitable primate (ape). That race was Neanderthals which is actually not the same as humans. That primate (ape) was an end result from the earlier very large reptiles and the 'reptile brain' is still part of the current human brain. Continue.

For a long time, NASA has been investigating a number of space rocks - in space - in the search for a connection with the same space rock which 'star' seeded life on Earth.

The most likely timing of the explosion which brought such a rock here is when the dinosaurs which existed on that planet became extinct. The DNA of one of the giant creatures of eons past, eventually became the early primate/ape and the prototype - says science - for the one which developed into today's human. Descended from the extinct reptiles of another planet.

Because of its Ascending phase, this Planet itself, provides the chance for SOUL FREEDOM from the Illusion.

The Planet's Ascending Phase Can be Your Ticket Out of Here! You are already in the universe you see, the other planets and stars, and the same one accessed through the first 'spiritual realm' encountered on an inner jouney - and shown to you on the Mayan Glyph below.

Only this planet crosses into a Higher Universe. Because this planet corrects its Fall into the dark side of this galaxy the only chance in this entire galaxy for the SOUL to escape is via this planet and by being in human form. Everything in the Astral reality is part of the ILLUSION and the False Path/Energy Stream known as Light & Dark - Good & Evil etc.

Ancient words of wisdom tell us that the body and brain are the TOMB of the SOUL.

Like being in an avatar in a world you now cannot find the way out of. No matter what fascinating things exist in this reality - which include this galaxy - the spiritual goal is to find the way for the SOUL to get free of all of it. Perhaps being in this 'tomb' could indeed be likened to being in an avatar body within the Metaverse........ How do you get out?

Is the Dark Side of this Galaxy a Quantum Computer System?

This Mayan glyph depicting the centre of this galaxy. The galaxy comunicates within itself - on the dark side - via suns which fire up, like neurons in the brain fire up, and send messages and instructions to other planets. It is like a giant wired communication system. A brain or Mind. Each planet and star within this system, is a holographic pattern, and behaves and operates like a battery or magnet.


The Metaverse? Were we being prepped for full entry? continues

The Real Reality .:. Path of Duality and Ascending .:. Is this Galaxy a Quantum Computer? .:. Maya. .:. The Galactic Centre Mayan Glyph .:. The Planetary Event - front page .:. Mexico .:. NEW VIDEOS for JULY continue .:. Intro to SOUL FREEDOM .:. The Great Work .:. Guidelines.

Yes. The Change to Good is 'Written in the Stars'.

Earth's journey through its cycle is also like a 'star clock'. So yes, this coming event is 'written in the stars' - they are always where they are when the Earth is where it is now.




+ Intel

Information, film, audio, documents, and photos from Hunter (Joe's son) Biden's laptop. *The 'Biden Crime' info was fully available from around August 2020.



Sources Providing 'White Hat' Information

It can become tiresome to be explaining the 'RESET' situation and have the person 'not believe' you, yet they have done no research or investigation themselves, only formed a 'belief'. The unfolding reality of the years since 2017 is as given here on this website.'These sources are mentioned from other sources and are believed to be correct'. Cheyenne Mountain US Air Force base and HQ of Space Command has people who provide relevant info directly to alternative news 'shows' and to chosen online news services, most of which are professional journalists who did not wish to continue with corrupted news networks and now have their own platforms. The US Navy have long been a source of intel, and also are the ones conducting tribunals at Gitmo. Military and private jet air traffic into Gitmo has been independently monitored by ex military personnel showing exactly the level of traffic consistent with massive numbers of arrests. The method of execution was originally hanging but then changed to gunshot to the head.The office of the commander of the US Marine Corp also issues information and is cited as the source so if it wasn't, presumably there would have been legal action involved.The military has been in charge of the US and much of the current information on trials, executions etc comes 'from the office of General David H. Berger' who is a United States Marine Corps four-star general currently serving as the 38th Commandant of the United States Marine Corps. (Google bio.)


https://www.bitchute.com/video/C5lODJhHcQfV/ Aug. 6th

On Aug. 4th an Atlas V rocket carrying a missile-warning satellite for the U.S. Space Force was launched.

Many Leaders Have Been Removed from Office this Year.

For sure Boris was changed when he 'had covid' right at the beginning. But it can also be a little sad to think about possibilities. Arrested, quickly taken to a short trial with so much obvious evidence that the verdict is Treason and then taken outside and executed all within a short space of time. Did this happen to cricket legend Imran Khan? He was PM of Pakistan until April 2022. He was talking about the 'Green New Deal' like the rest of them?

Observations on how thick and stupid huge numbers of people are.

It is true! From Martin Brodel 48 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/U7uowNVmv7Wc/

MI5/MI6 and US 3 Letter Agencies

were using computer systems and ready for satellite intel in the early 1950's. Raises questions about all the big name computer pioneers 'developing the computer' in the '80's 'in their garages' when they were already developed and being used 30 years earlier. Also, in case you didn't already know, Darpa created Facebook specifically as a surveillance operation and Zuckerberg was just the front for it.

(CNN) US Secretary of State Antony Blinken  

said Thursday that he "(hopes) very much that Beijing will not manufacture a crisis or seek a pretense to increase its aggressive military action" as China fired missiles towards waters near Taiwan as part of exercises near the self-governing island in the wake of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit there." Aug 3rd

Pelosi Flew Into Taiwan Airspace Aug. 2nd

Reports are that four Chinese Chengdu J-20 5th generation fighters from Huian Airbase scrambled to intercept and purportedly with orders to destroy the C-32 she was on.  U.S.  F-35 Lightning IIs from the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan were mobilized. The US and Chinese fighters were less than a minute from merging when Xi Jinping was informed it was a Pelosi body double and the mission was aborted.  Maybe that was as dramatic as the 'brink of war' gets. Seems a silly news report but is supposed to be a reliable source.

Get Ready! The biggest military operation in the history of the world.

The crash is going to happen. There will be an emergency broadcast (confirmed by military). The blackouts will be rolling, not all at the same time across the world (safety). In the USA many states have already de-certified the 2020 US election results, and the election itself has been overturned by the Supreme Court but this has not been announced yet - presumably will be after the crash.

The indictments will become public as will all of it. This has been the biggest military operation in the history of the world and most of the world citizens have successfully been kept quiet and blissfully unaware! Of course nobody believes that because it is not on the mainstream news.. July 29th.


11 mins.https://www.bitchute.com/video/6WuEGG1HarEl/ Good observations on the orchestrated degradation of society and the ruin of our countries' identities..July 26th.

We Named the Bad Guys Back in 2011 - How about that!!

We saw that bad stuff was going on in 2011 (with the Arab Spring comedy show) and listed the people we saw doing it - Obama, Hillary McCain and so on. The funniest thing was Gaddafi's interview in a fish restaurant in Tripoli with 3 major journalists (including Christian Amanpour and the BBC's Jeremy Bowen). The restaurant gave a clear panoramic view of Tripoli where there were supposed to be riots etc and there was nothing happening! Next thing was a panic meeting called for TV comments from Hillary and Susan Rice who had clearly both been asleep in bed because they both had not been able to do their hair. We didn't know about all the satanic stuff but it sure was all the same people involved.

Rather Easy for 'Prophecies' to be Given when these things actually took place in 2020 or before.

We Are Getting Near to the Financial Crash.

At such time, the supercomputer that runs the world will shut down. It would seem that this is when there would be an 'emergeny broadcast' and the '10 days of darkness' - because the world has shutdown. The NWO might announce its takeover but only briefly. Then will come the revelations from Hunter Biden's laptop etc and very public high profile arrests & people will be 'somewhat miffed' by the crash and losing all their savings.. We believe this will all take place before the US mid-terms - which will be a 'Red Wave'! (As was the real 2020 US election result.)

Insects for Food - the Next Intended Outcome of the Great Reset.

Not happening, but promoted on TV with surely that's not Stephen Colbert, and definitely not Robert Downy Jnr.

Rishi Sunek is a Satanist, follower of Aleister Crowley and Britain's Next PM?

His Thelemist connections were reported in 2020 on this website and researched by UK Column. His wife Akshata Murty, is worth billions of $'s. July 28th

Wasp Venom Found in Child Covid Shots

The U.S. military has found the drug Scopolamine in Covid-19 vaccines destined to reach the arms of children.

Scopolamine is known by several names including “the Zombie Drug.”Derived from nightshade plants, it gained notoriety in Columbia where the criminal element uses it to drug naïve, careless tourists. On the internet stories abound of bar-hopping tourists chatting up local ladies, passing out, and waking up 3 days later—only to find they were robbed, and their bank accounts drained. Some never regain consciousness."

The U.S. Military continues to find unacceptable ingredients in Covid-19 vaccines manufacturered by Pfizer and Moderna manufactured said to be for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old, surreptitiously confiscated vaccine vials for chemical analysis.

Tunnels Under the Temple in Jerusalem

Some of the new voices are giving out a lot of informationn most of us have known for a long time. Now the Dome on the Rock mosque but long ago the Temple of Soloman, tunnels and rooms were built deep beneath that Temple of Soloman in Jerusalem and this was used by those who preceded the later Knights Templar to move out treasures, books and records during the Diaspora in the 1st century AD. It included treasures from Akhenaten's palace and generallyy taken from Egypt and taken too the Americas because these ones had the maps! It was the Knights Templar later Freemasons and the ones who built the Church at Rosslyn which included carvings of the maize plant only found in the Americas which was not supposed to be known about when the church was built. This work has covered this in previous years because some of these were caught clearing treasures from the Temple, and they fit the description of those called Essenes. It includes the wearing of little aprons a la Freemasons. This is the reason this work went back to their initial and original identity as Therapeutae.

Military Convicts Denis McDonough former US Secretary of Veteran Affairs

 Guilty of treason. McDonough spoke of secret meetings where Obama, and the heads of all US intelligence agencies plotted the collapse of America, as we know it. Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall presented his defense. Method of execution at Gitmo is now (since 2019) a single gunshot to the head, not firing squad as we initially reported. **Darse Earle Crandall Jr. is a United States Navy vice admiral who serves as the 45th Judge Advocate General of the Navy since August 18, 2021. He most recently served as the Deputy Judge Advocate General of the Navy and Commander of the Naval Legal Service Command. (Google bio.) July 27th.

PM's & Other Leaders Caught in the Trap? Reveal Their Allegiance - then have to Resign.


Looks likr more cabal traitors reveal their alliances and are then removed. The universal punishment for treason iis death. 8 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Q4FSvA4l4rx8/ Newsom did not actually visit the White House because that building is not being used. 'The USD reached parity with the Euro' - does not mean the USD has fallen because the Euro was worth more than dollar before. The collapse of the world economy has to happen as it also shows people what these creeps were planning. However, after the collapse and the confusion that follows, it will be the 'good side' new system. Also good info on Libya and what it was about. July 25th


2 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/gPvUqSh70E8Q/ . Includes Ben Affleck who supposedly just married Jennifer Lopez. Probably a nice happy ending story to cover their exit from public life, sadly. . Celebs were dealt with in 2020.

Rather Easy for 'Prophecies' to be Given

when these things actually took place in 2020 or before. What is rolling out now is the public movie show in a way people can tolerate. Soon it should be that there will be truth revealed about Charlize Theron and her/his lifestyle. These are not God's prophecies and what is happening is done by the military - but it is good stuff. . Hollywood and Bollywood and pop stars etc were dealt with in 2020. People like Alec Baldwin of course, and it raises questions that Justin Beiber's 'world tour' is now a VR tour, and Shawn Mendez is now 'stepping back' from public appearances. Interesting about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, maybe the story that could have been? Lopez was one of the artists at the fake Biden inauguration with a performance that became quite comical by suddenly going into Spanish about the US being the land of freedom for everyone (for more illegal immigrants!) The whole inauguration was comical.


https://www.bitchute.com/video/tL0bKz8JnfiM/ 8 mins. David Icke. So true what he says nearer the end. It will never be the majority that brings a regime down. It is the few, then the majority eventually tags along. Same with spirituality. The majority just follow the crowd which is currently diverted to space brothers and contact etc and of course the forthcoming abundance'. Oh yeah all the work by those who brought the cabal down (mostly the military) was not about removing a controlling evil from the planet; it was so you can 'manifest abundance' - which you won't be doing by the way. It is part of the new system.


First 13 mins https://www.bitchute.com/video/7KV2QOJjrdjs/ + Australian government says a 4th booster vax is now ready for Australians! (Will they be lining up like for the Monkeypox vax?) While target Western countries still have 'the virus' 3rd world countries are all okay, and no covid in Mexico, Costa Rica, and a host of other countries. Amazing isn't it!

Ivana Trump Requested extra Covid Vax and Monkeypox Vax.

Unbelieveable but reported as factual. She reportedly received a second Covid-19 booster shot and a Monkeypox vaccination as a precautionary measure in advance of a vacation to St. Tropez. Apparently she had been fearful of the 'plandemic' right from its beginning. July 18th.

Ivana Trump 'Accidental Fall' Down the Stairs in her NYC Apartment.

At first the death certificate said 'coronary' ,but the ME amended her death certificate, now attributing her demise to blunt force trauma to the torso. Her torso was covered in deep contusions, the result of an “accidental fall,” Dr. Graham wrote. CNN did report it as 'blunt force trauma'. Even more bewildering are reports that Ivana Trump had had Covid shots, and possibly a fourth one the day before she died. (And a story that looks like a diversion?) July 17th.

There have been a few explosions and fires in 'Luciferian' Places

happening to Georgia Guidestones, Vatican and Rome, New York City etc in the days after the 'White Hats' re-activated the CERN Hadron Collider in Switzerland which had previously been aligning to demonic portals.


2 mins.https://www.bitchute.com/video/LTXEUy09up19/


US Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Denis McDonough

who was arrested on charges of treason in Vegas Sunday morning, now at Gitmo, admitted he had given $63bn of the VA’s $300bn annual budget to “assets” in Petro Poroshenko’s government in Ukraine. He said, to the best of his knowledge, the payouts were supposed to reach Ukrainian hospitals in Kyiv, Odessa, and the Donbass region but he had no way of knowing if any of the $63m actually reached hospitals. He said, “I know I stole money from servicemen and veterans, but I genuinely believe it was for a worthy cause.”

McDonough also said he had a predilection for young children. Had Special Forces found him a night earlier, he said, they would have found in the company of a 15-year-old girl named Anna, whom he had paid $2500 to spend the night with him. Straight-faced, he said he fed her alcohol and Oxycontin, “banged her,” and gave her enough cash to ensure her silence.

The Real 'White House' Has Large Blocking Screen in Front

completely blocking the building. It looks like something very new is being built behind this!

'Inflation is now higher than Hunter Biden'.

Just be aware that - 'The World Economic Collapse is Close'.

It is suggested to be prepared with food and money to cover a number of weeks. Signs its about to happen are Putin has cleared up Ukraine, and Saudi Arabia joins the BRICS. July 9th/10th.

It is understood the Luciferian cabal was taken down in the years 2017 - 2020.

What is playing out now is what had been intended, and also those who were playing for the wrong team and had not been identified have now obliged by believing the Dark Plan was still on and doing what they had agreed to do. The Davos Great Reset was to have no governments, no police forces, but also apparently, no real humans! All almost beyond belief, and so many people in the world would never have believed it was real if it was simply explained to them. This way they are experiencing it, and it is definitely important that information gets out. Soon there will be the economic collapse, rumblings of WW3 including war issues with the CCP/China, public arrests, and eventually a 'miraculous answer' to the economic and food shortage dilemmas! Other than that, all sorts of new projects are being prepared for the future, whether shonkey or of high integrity at least they are available, and the tide is turning with people becoming more aware.


11 mins.https://www.bitchute.com/video/RUvh0IRunjw/ plus

HUNTER BIDEN FILMS HIMSELF WEIGHING HIS CRACK 2 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/iOLHgxk2EpYL/ *Anything that is hacked cannot be used as evidence, but the info on the laptop was legitimately acquired and is evidence. July 11th.

35 FBI Agents in the British Houses of Parliament.

Lots of resignations there, including Boris. Other resignations in other countries. Nevertheless, it is far more likely that the economic crash will happen before big things happen and everything becomes public.

Fires in Rome including some of the tunnels used for nefarious activities. Several obelisks (Luciferian phallic symbols) have also blown up, like the Georgia Guidestones. We are sad about Shinzo Abe but earlier it was said he was sadly playing for the wrong team, so may be a death he was permitted.


52 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Vnomrvod4KhS/

Epstein's 'Little Black Book' Includes These Names

Liz Hurley, George Hamilton, Dustin Hoffman, Ralph Fiennes, Lauren Hutton, Mick Jagger, Phil Collins, Barbara Walters, Joan Rivers, Christy Turlington, Vera Wang, Simon Le Bon, Tom Ford, Koo Stark. In interviews these celebs always praise Michelle (Michael) Obama and say something derogatory about President Trump which is needed by these hypocrites to further their careers. Like in an obnoxious interview from 2017 with a cocky Indian actress trying for Hollywood, but decided not to put it here! July 9th.


13 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/yXxWmQyBnCZu/ - July 10th. Follows activation of CERN?

Reports that the Supreme Court Has Overturned the 2020 Election.

Obviously not publicised. Looks like first we are going to see an economic collapse, possible declaration of the NWO, then the election overturn becomes news and then public arrests - at that stage it will have been on the regular TV news so all people will know there was indeed a plan to bring in the NWO. After this sequence and real panic, a real rescue plan, then comes the intro of NESARA/GESARA. It is suggested to be prepared with food and money to cover a number of weeks. Signs its about to happen are Putin has cleared up Ukraine, and Saudi Arabia joins the BRICS. July 9th/10th.


15 mins https://www.bitchute.com/video/WDbsjDxtDKAA

Australian dollar on the slide - indication of planned world collapse

One of the first signposts for slower Australian economic growth is the Australian dollar. This week the Australian dollar fell below US68 cents and moved towards a two-year low as commodities prices tumbled.

New Australian PM wants more of the killshot boosters available to kill and maim more Australians. Clearly the recent election only replaced one traitor with another!

Yes, there are sad things happening in this world especially with shootings.


11 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/jK9YlvRaEKUm/

The Georgia Guidestones Destroyed! Depopulation Number

were targeted for destruction early Wednesday by someone who apparently set off a bomb at the site in a rural area north of Elberton.
Later in the day, a backhoe toppled what remained of the Guidestones as Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents looked on. One agent said the explosion left the stones that remained standing too unstable.

Quantum Loans Going to People Who Already Had Worldly Careers & Wealth

It is interesting how many people in successful careers in finance, banking etc, have now become 'spiritual teachers' with herbal product ranges etc and received funding from one of the internet 'charlies' to do so. Huge amounts of money from the QFS was made available to finance such projects for the 'good of humanity' yet curious to see who became eligible. Maybe this multi million development in Mexico that we discussed earlier was also one of the recipients of this? It looks like it. It makes anyone lose hope.

It is true that very everyday people have to 'wake up' so who do they go to but an everyday type of source, but the most successful internet source of this is not anything enlightened and is unknowingly promoting all the old false path consciousness. Perhaps this is why people remain stuck on the 'Wheel'? Average people will go to the best promoted and well known business savvy presenters. These are savvy business people! Perhaps this loan thing is also a trap?


NEONS - Virtual People

Different from Deep Fakes, these fake humans are expected to become TV anchor persons, spokespeople, actors etc. Perhaps in the reality simuation. And what if this reality is indeed 'Flat Earth' or the 'Truman Show' surrounded by a Dome that is the Firmament?


1 min. https://www.bitchute.com/video/R0OcKT416AC7/

Q is back, asking 'do you want to play a game again?'

17 months after the last transmission. "Q is 6 Military Agencies." President Kennedy and President Lincoln also both had a Q team.

Something is happening at CERN on July 5th.

Some think it might be the 'Space Alien Invasion'. Or it is friendly 'galactic family' contact. Space Command based at the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base does have off planet tech and bases. But there is info that looks like a 'space brother' scenario is building.

Military Tribunals Continue.

JAG recently changed the method of execution. Guam uses the firing squad but GITMO previously used hangings now changed to gunshot.


12 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/ez8eUWLTPe4/


Read the first picture that precedes this video. 4 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/ejU1ba8GcbkQ/


8 mins https://www.bitchute.com/video/YGYuu7czTaDj/ July 1st.

Is the World's Electricity About to be Used for a Project from CERN - HADRON COLLIDER? July 5th CERN event.

On July 5th CERN in Switzerland is firing up for something. Some think it might be the 'Space Alien Invasion'. Worth remembering that electrical grids in some countries have been holding back energy. CERN was associated with opening a Dark Portal to bring demonic energy into this planet. It is now reported to be under 'White Hat' control but the intended event may appear to play out.

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jennifer Dillon Executed.

On 20 June, Dillon was executed by gunshot in accordance with JAG’s recent directive to change the method of execution. Guam uses the firing squad but GITMO previously used hangings.

More Engineered Weather to 'Prove' Climate Change as

Sydneysiders told to prepare for heavy rainfall, flooding. Bureau issues severe weather alert. July 1st.

Christian Fundamentalist Ministers Told Their Followers to Get Jabbed.

This looks like those who did this were part of the agenda and therefore commited treason or murder? When things start to be revealed, we may see some of these well known names appear on the arrest lists.

"Prince Charles accepted suitcase with 1 million euros from Qatari sheikh, Sunday Times reports."

2 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/B0B5NnZT6gb5/


New QFS currency is about to go into ATMs.

In the USA and maybe other western countries too.

"Worldwide Market Collapse Gaining Momentum".

June 17th

Stockmarket Meltdown in Progress. Crypto falling.

This has been in progress for a few days now.


13 mins https://www.bitchute.com/video/DZT5ToWPCYcc/

Crypto Currencies are Falling.

Pop singer Justin Beiber is not doing his 'world tour' promoted as beginning late May, because he has facial paralysis from the jab. His recent youtube video may be cgi and the info that he was one of the many celebs who faced execution in 2020, may, after all, still be valid information.


A growing sunspot exploded on June 13th. It was an M3 class.

Public Arrests to Wait until the Results of the US mid-terms are in.

This is what has been reported, issued from President Trump to the military which of course knows that foreign interference has happened in US elections for more than 20 years. Once foreign interference has been established - which it was - the Constitution allows for the military to have control.

Happier Vibe!

Someone added a 'Suave' video on Bitchute. The singer who is unnamed on this upload, is Louis Miguel a top Mexican singer!

5 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/MSs4o6Itrv94/


It is aways significant when solar flare activity increases, particularly strong eruptions like X and M class. It means things are getting activated. An X1.3-class solar flare erupted on March 30th from an active sunspot. This sunspot has already released 2 CMEs toward Earth this week. The observed CME hit Earth's magnetic field March 31st. People are getting excited about geomagnetic storms, but really it is the strong CME's that are of interest, and of course they do interact with the Earth's magnetic field.

Military tribunals and executions continue at GITMO.

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The Ancient Therapeutae taught of the LIGHT STREAMS, the LIFE STREAMS and the SOUND STREAMS

*We Teach and Work with the Missing Sound Streams.
Sound is an important part of the higher status and many cannot hear sound so miss out on exceptional level music, because for them it is a jumble of blurred sound or noise. We have recommended music to listen to, with a mention that David Gilmour of Pink Floyd found a way to 'bend sound' and create sounds that have never been heard before. Their work is important to listen to (for those who can).

Current music is fun and enjoyable, but is deliberatey not exceptional. The music industry is/was controlled by the satanists so from the late 1970's the music industry and its videos have deiberately kept sound at low power, bland, and many now cannot hear a large spectrum anyway. Music and videos have been for the purpose of mind control and programming behaviour. Don't be fooled to think otherwise - it has been a satanic tool. Many music videos today include a nose bleed or bloodied face - meaningful for satanists. Most of recent generations are unable to hear real music and don't understand what it is.

It has nothing to do with time, as any true musician will tell you. The world has been denied higher value sounds and frequencies, and the industry, like Silicon Valley, controlled by those from the energy stream of the Black Sun (aka Indigo Sun). There had to be the right people to bring in those sounds before the mind control took off.

If these true, professional artists were producing their creations today the current 'mind of the generation' would not get it all, and the world would never have had access to their significant gift to this planet.


Communism/Marxism/Belshevism : Recent Videos from this news page : Antarctica and Greenland :

As the planet moves into its Ascending Phase - it changes position,

therefore altering climates in various regions - and we all want this Ascending Phase! It is moving into a new summer for some, and a new winter for other regions.'Current Earth'.

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The Collapse of the US Economy & Inability to Pay its Debt?

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The Ascension Phase of the Planet.

The 'white hats' op dates back to the time of the American Civil War. There has been a definite timing involved in this and that has to coincide with the actual change in the planet to the Ascension Phase - which we have followed and covered specifically over the last 20 years. The good side has been aware of the bad agenda playing out decades. The timing to act, requires the planetary changes.

Ascension energies impacted this planet in abundance in 2006,

with lead ins before that, after the millennium - some in 2001, big input in 2003, some big stuff in 2005. This energy is the power and the glory. This glory has been powering the side of good since then.

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Democrat Strategy to 'Steal the Election' - A Coup d'etat - copy of the document.


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10 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/737ho478Danf/

Non compliance advice - Get them to sign if giving the vaccine'.

UK: VACCINE PASSPORT EXEMPTION 1 minute : https://www.bitchute.com/video/HnUIAsmQLUlR/

'Get them to sign if giving the vaccine'. https://www.bitchute.com/video/D9Isb6FBPCco/ 1 min.

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'Absolute Proof Beijing Stole the 2020 US Election'. https://www.bitchute.com/video/AaCD0xX2yAaB/ The source of this requests you please share this video. 2 hour show.

Official - PCR Tests are inaccurate.

The CDC now recognizes that the PCR tests cannot tell the difference between the usual 'flu and so called covid-19.


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