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...........................Earth is About to Change its Polarity


.........................................The Maya 'Dream Spell'.

Maya means 'Illusion'. Entering the 'dreamspell' (covered further below) means entering ILLUSION.

Earth is about to change polarity. It is currently negative. The positive polarity rotates clockwise. The negative polarity rotates anti-clockwise - left to right.

As the Earth prepares for this change, the shields around the planet which protect it from allowing in too much heat and cosmic rays etc, reduce to a very thin protection, therefore the Earth experiences far more heat. That shield is called the Magnetosphere. The increased heat and changed weather patterns are only 'climate change' because of the reduced shield. After the polarity changes to positive, the shield rebuilds very quickly to its normal state. Of course, not providing this information can be used to suggest it is something else causing the heat, which can be used to the benefit of some and detriment of others.

Around 6,000 years ago, in the Age of Taurus, indigenous cultures report that the Earth stood still for 3 days and nights, and then began to rotate the opposite way. The way it currently rotates. This is what the Australian aborigines describe as when Earth 'entered the Dream Time'. Most of the indigenous cutlures in their legends, say that this time now is when the Earth comes out of that 'Dream Time'. The time when the Earth awakens again.

The planet does go through a 25,000+ years cycle and this change in polarity is expected and being monitored by today's science. This is why it is thought we are approaching a time when, as that polarity shifts from negative to positive, the planet may stop its rotation remain stationary for maybe 3 days and nights, and may then begin to rotate in the clockwise direction. This is generally what is thought may happen with a Polarity Change. After this, the shield around the planet will very quickly rebuild to its former strength within about 100 years.


The Mexican Mayan 'Dream Spell'.

*There is only one universe entered by out of body, near death, 'plant initiated', and other practices etc, and that is the Astral Universe. Unfortunately, the Astral Universe is the 'False Reality' - it's the wrong universe!.


The very precise Mayan Calendar, indicated the timing when 'this world' reaches its end. The Mayan Calendar is shown below. In the Book of Revelation, similar calculations also show what is called the 'End Times'.

The important point here is that it is referring to this world.

As you will see from reading other sections, this world began 6,000 years ago when the planet dipped into a lower frequency and the negative polarity, making it a reverse of the 'upper' frequency which was a positive world.

We are calling that world 5D and the 'reversed, negative world' 3D. So it dod actially begin 6,000 years ago in the 'Age of Taurus' and it comes out of that dip in frequency and reversal, round about now. This is the change and 'shift' we are waiting for.

This topic covers the kind of mystery written by Carlos Casteneda, about a Mexican shaman and the training he received.It was about 'magic mushrooms' and out of body journeys into other realities. A description says this :

'Castaneda's first book, "The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge," was submitted by the young Peruvian as his MA thesis while studying anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), with The New York Times noting that the work — and those that followed — read like "field notes" chronicling actual encounters and real-life spiritual teachings. Castaneda's publishers categorized his work as non-fiction, and his readers lapped it up as such, believing Castaneda's adventures in spirituality and psychedelic drugs to be the real deal.' *The term 'Dream Spell' comes from another work which translated the Mexican Mayan calendar.

In the Mexican mystical teachings that you are living in a 'Dreamspell'.

In the teachings of the Australian aborigines it is called the Dream Time. Same thing. This has been a time when you and most have been "under a spell" and "in a dream". It has been an Illusion.

At this point in time, the planet is moving out of that 'Dreamspell',

One of the best sources of the mystical side of this event is from the Maya of Mexico. The shaman in Castenado's books is a Mexican-Yaqui person. Online description: 'The Yaqui, are an Indigenous people of Mexico and Native American tribe, who speak the Yaqui language, a Uto-Aztecan language.'

In all the mystical Mexican teachings, the planet is about to change, just as I have written about in the section below. However, I have not used these mystical Mexican teachings, but the same knowledge comes from other sources, including the most sophisticated current day science which is monitoring this change happening in the planet (which is part of the function of the bases in Antarctica.)

Part of being caught in the very real "Dreamspell" is that an equally very real bad agenda has been able to be set up right in front of those who have been in the "dream".

Earth as this planet has been travelling through the 'Astral Realms of Illusion' and it is very possible for demonic spirits to take the planet. This has been happening, yet for those caught in the 'spell' it is invisible.

. Fortunately, not everyone was caught in the spell.


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