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There is nothing 'wrong' with religion, particularly the Bible.

It was the 'think tanks' who were teaching that it was restricting and controlling people etc. Obviously the Vatican etc was corrupt and controlled by the 'death cult' and obviously that gained more control as it infiltrated society. It does not mean that that is how it always was though. There have been endless people undermining the Bible and the existence of Jesus and as we said decades ago, they were making Jesus seem boring and silly and 'out dated' etc. The 'more aware' also added to that.

The 'Bible' is actally wriiten in code which we have discussed before.

For example it literally tells about Princess Diana and her death. But it is a sophisticated code which heavy duty supercomputers managed to break. It also provides information that is not in code, like warning against usury and userers which is the lending of money for interest and those who would do the lending. It covers that there is a practice of human sacrifices to a 'god' who asks for that, and a few other things that are actually part of the Talmud which is one of two books associated with Judaism, but the everyday people of that faith only use the Torah. They are not all the same people, and this is also covered in the text that is not in code. However, the code once understood provides much more than this.

It is interesting that people report warnings on tech that can influence the mind, make illusions seem real, can communicate etc

and some of the people reporting this are those who 'channel' and communicate with 'other realm beings'. Does it occur to any people that these might be some of the illusions being projected into the brain?


The 'death cult' people exist in the 4th realm and are higher than the 'good side' of the path Earth's second sun that the planet is caught in.

However, the death cult and evil cannot exist on this planet when it changes to POSITIVE. The consciousness of the 'lesser light' where most spiritual paths go to, and those who could not see the presence of the 'evil' (whose answer was 'that is negative thinking') can exist here when Earth changes to the positive because they are positive, just at a lower level.


*The Tavistock Institute think tanks (and others) had a number of scenarios which could play out, including the Prince Harry rival for the British throne one. This is why we are seeing pretty much all of them showing in some way, including the 'alien invasion' with the 'aliens' appearing in Miami! That one was going to be a mass ET invasion and the world would unite against them thus bringing in the New World Order. Also transhumanism, cyborgs, depopulation and so on. But we are 'seeing' all of them, so it can be confusing.




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