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Agenda 21 Explained in 2 Minutes -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08IXIu0arOI : Silent Weapon1 ... Silent Weapon 2 ... New Videos .... Hollywood & Popstar Celebrity Trials/Executions ... British Royals ... "Taking the Piss" ... A REMINDER OF WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST . : . .The USA does have a 'Space Force' Travel permission and time allowed in countries UN's 'Agenda 21/30'. NEW : 15 Minute Cities

The 'shutdown' for 10 days means that all power systems will be down, all TV, internet, satellite phones, and all satellites. No ordering food in. Nothing.

Emergency prep supplies of food, water, communications gear like CB or HAM radios, flashlights, batteries, first-aid kits. a generator to keep your refrigerator running and spare fuel for that generator. Important medicines, pet food.



Today's NEWS


The world is now into the gradually more public face of Operation Storm,

a military operation with worldwide co-operation. It seems the most important phase is the 90 days beginning from July. It will gradually become more visiible.

Biden drops out, endorses Harris to be nominee

Sunday. Now confirmed by CNN. Biden has endorsed VP Kamala Harris. But, there is an issue with Harris's birth status.

In reality Biden was the President of the now defunct USA Corporation, and since December 2020 the US has been under a military government as brought in by Presidential Executive Order, which has never been rescinded. The President of the USA republic is a different issue, and that is as said, under a military government while the appearance of the USA Corporation President from when it was established in 1871. Recently Biden 'announced' a military government on July 9th (see the news story a little further down with link.) In addition similar announcements happened in January 2024 - meaning these are official but not public knowledge unless you do research. It is a 'Declaration of War' which includes citizens, and it is an alliance across the world. It will become more visible in the oncoming months. This source will add more links soon. Also important is to understand the toles of 'think tanks' like the Tavistock Institute in the UK.

Beatles & Tavistock Institute - Mind Control

Watch Video Good info. How pop groups including Jim Morrison of The Doors, whose father was in the US navy and involved in Intelligence ops (!) were used for Mind Control of the young.

How Were They Going To Explain the Fake Kings and Presidents?

This has always been a question! Right now it is reported that the military government in the US is more out in the open. It is certainly clear that the US mainstream media is switching how it is reporting and is no longer heavily supporting the black hats.

CNN Headline.

"Facing difficult frontline reality and the prospect of Trump in the White House, Zelensky hints at negotiations with Russia"

How easy was that! Peace in an instant just because of Trump.

Fridays' CrowdStrike update to cause a worldwide IT breakdown.

The CrowdStrike outage is mostly resolved. Australia seems to be over the worst of this, as reported by the ABC Australia News on Saturday. A single update to the Falcon sensor program, run by US company CrowdStrike, caused a coding error that sent millions of Windows computers worldwide to a "Blue Screen of Death".The company says they fixed the issue within hours of it arising but some users are still experiencing issues with their devices.

Update on Biden

ABC Australia on Saturday is reporting that Biden is staying in the election race.

(USA Source) Thursday. Reports Biden will WITHDRAW from the campaign, and NOT resign from the Presidency.

One set of sources says the announcement will be made "by 7:00 PM eastern time Friday"; another set of sources claims it "will be done this coming Sunday."


Top democrats believe Biden will withdraw this weekend – Axios

All mainstream news are gradually prepping the 'normies' for Biden's departure. (RT News)

FLASH TRAFFIC: From inside the White House . . .  Sources (multiple) saying Biden to Resign from Presidency this weekend.  Speech said to be "already written"

According to these sources, Biden WILL NOT endorse Kamala Harris for President. Decision was allegedly reached today because of high level pressure from Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats, and numerous Democrat Party Donors who are refusing to give money until Biden leaves. Reports also say Democratic National Convention will be an "open convention" to nominate **anyone.** (Source Hal Turner) Timcast indicates Biden will go by Friday.

Biden "Tests Positive for COVID" - Won't Give "Unidos-US" Annual Conference Speech Tonight

Trump. Operation Warpspeed was a weird thing

and the pictures of Ivanka getting the jab, and the result that Ivana died from the jab. But those jabs have not caused the deaths that were reportedly expected to happen. There have not been obvious 'sudden deaths' or any reason for all the coffins we were shown that were out and ready to go. The recent shooting may just still be filling in the news because there are too many obvious mistakes made.

Might be Some Issues With Trump's VP Vance and His Wife.

From 'Doug & Stacy's Off the Grid' .Continue

The biggest event for the West in the past week was the announcement of a military government in the US on July 9th.

This announcement was made during the NATO 75th anniversary summit meeting in Washington DC. In case you missed it, here it is on the official White House website:


Mashup of Demonic Democrats Angered That President Trump Wasn't Assassinated

Watch Tik Tok

Trump survives assassination attempt

CNN report.

CIVIL WAR in the United States? President Donald Trump Shot.

at a Rally in the "Blue" state of Pennsylvania.  Trump was hit in the head, but it appears to have been a grazing wound, tearing-open his ear. The shooter was said to be with Antifa, according to the Russian News in an interview with film maker Sean Stone.This was always likely to happen.but now how much time is there before things get seriously dangerous in the USA?

CNN report : "Trump said on social media that he was shot and hit by a bullet in the “upper part of my right ear.” The Secret Service said the former president is safe after he was rushed off the rally stage with blood on his face. A spokesperson said Trump is “fine” after the “heinous act.”

Watch Video NBC News

Angry and stunned Democrats blame Biden’s closest advisers for shielding public from full extent of president’s decline.

(CNN) Its on! The removal and replacement of Biden.

CNN and Other Mainstream Media Stories are All About Replacing Biden

That means these news items are the lead in for that to happen, already decided, but the news items are to prepare the general masses with that informtion.

Fake News

King Charles probably did die 2 years ago, but the 'fake version' is not part of the UK government. The monarch has nothing to do with government. Queen Elizabeth was not murdered nor did she request that Princess Anne become Regent until Prince George was old enough to become king, because that is not the order of succession and no-one can make a 'request' like that not even the monarch. The order of succession is Charles, then William, then George, but if anything happened the next in line would be Princess Charlotte, then Prince Louis. It wouldn't be Prince Harry who is quite far down in the order of succession. False information comes from American reporters. The British election earlier in July was not stolen. It was expected the Conservatives would lose and that only left Labour to win. That also came from American reporters who wrote this "The KM need martial law to keep Nigel Farage and his party from power." This proves the person does not know what he is talking about yet he is considered a respected 'voice' in the alternaive media. Nigel Farage won a seat in parliament. The British election system would have required hundreds of new candidates from the 'Reform Party' to win seats, which would be beyond impossible.

Yet this man continues with this ignorance, and also added this: . " It is also clear most of the British Royal family was killed in order to install a fake King Charles to anoint Starmer." Whoever is monarch, has no choice, no say and makes no decision in the process to appoint the new PM, who has already been selected to be the party leader by the party. Also the new PM is appointed not anointed.

And there is more. The same reporter says this "In France as well, the election on July 7th was stolen to keep Emanuelle Macron Rothschild in power and install a pro-EU, NATO and Ukraine government, French intelligence sources say." France already is an EU and NATO member and these are things that are decided by a vote of the people on the issue not by a general election.

And this too : "Vigneault failed in his duty to protect Canada because he allowed fraudulent elections to install actual real-life Nazis into power in Canada." Trudeau is supposed to be the bastard child of Communist Fidel Castro, and the new system the cabal wanted was communisim. Nazi's fought heavily against communisom and at the beginning of WW2 totally believed that Britain would choose to fight WITH Germany AGAINST communism.  So has Canada installed Nazis OR communists?

"In an utterly stunning development in eastern Europe, China has sent troops from its People's Liberation Army (PLA) to Belarus,

to participate side-by-side with Belarus troops in an "exercise." - as NATO places 115,000 troops on Belarus' Border."

Countries of the BRICS economic bloc are currently working on the launch of a financial system

that would be independent of the dominance of third parties, according to the Russian Ambassador to China Igor Morgulov.

With the British Election it was Either Conservative or Labour

Britain's Indian PM Rishi Sunak was never going to 'win' because the Tories did not win the election. It was not going to be the 'Reform Party' with Nigel Farage, but he was elected into Parliament. The British system of elections chooses the party which will become government and then party chooses who will be it's Prime Minister. The PM then chooses his or her members of cabinet.

Replacing Joe.

What was the story? Joe would go but cannot be replaced by Kamala VP because there is a birth issue. But could Americans have this person as the actual president!! There are 2 issues, the replacement President and who runs for the election. The Democrat plan was originally to engineer Nancy Pelosi into the role. Now they are saying Gavin Newsom (her nephew). Whichever way they go, there is going to be more stuff thrown up that makes a replacement and candidate for the election chaotic. It is said the election possibly will not take place on time. Happening at the same time, we were told there would be a very close call on a nuclear launch i.e Russia nuking the USA which is a member of NATO. Also the USD collapsing.

The Online BBC World NEWS

did not report the resuts of the Bitish election that day, and did nt headline with Sir Keir Starmer's win but featured some minor information on Biden. Same for the nes today July 5th. Nothing but Bidn related news. The webpage does not even look the way the BBC has always looked.

Information is given by the spokespeople speaking for the military

and military intelligence and they are saying that when this stuff will happen in August, then the miitary will be everywhere as it will be a military operation. That is for the USA. Why do so many people not know any of this is happening? Check this and see how stupid the average person really is. Not only stupid but too stupid to even recognize how stupid they are. Watch Video 1 minute.

Resolution in House of Representatives to Invoke 25th Amendment; Declare Biden "Unable to discharge duties of Office"

Representative Chip Roy (TX-21) filed a resolution (H.Res.1336) “I put forth a resolution calling upon the Vice President to immediately use her powers under section 4 of the 25th Amendment to convene and mobilize the principal officers of the Cabinet to declare the President of the United States is unable to successfully discharge the duties and powers of his office.”

Congressman Raul Grijalva of Arizona has become the second House Democrat to call on President Biden to leave the presidential race.

NEWS source has Said

I’m told by intelligence sources that President Biden has now authorized US military contractors (Read "Troops") to deploy to Ukraine. Meanwhile US bases in Europe have been placed on the highest level of alert. I am also told by a British Intelligence Source that he "believe(s) we are days or only maybe two weeks away from full NATO engagement in Eastern Europe."

But, Is Biden About to be Removed?

In July Biden will go, he obviously has to be removed. But is it going to include that the Democrats were running a fake Biden? Because the Joe in the debate compared to the Joe out campaigning is clearly a different Joe, including different eye colour - and when people do disguises they don't forget the eye colour! What kind of 'xxxx hits the fan' will it be, if its discovered that the Dems' had a fake Biden? Because at sometime, someone is going to bring that up and there has to be an explanation for it.

By August the USA is going to collapse and go into chaos. There is a massive sleeping population there and they are weak minded ones who have easily been Mind Controlled into reverse. It is not a developed society. It is one in reverse. It has to go anyway, so that what was intended can be built. That said. there is going to be plenty of freaking out and surprise (really!) but it is North America that is collapsing. Not everywhere. We have also been told that this is a military operation and when the USA collapses, probably by August, the military will be everywhere and they are in contol (so maybe there is no Biden replacement?)

“Take All of Them Out” Zoomer Biden Superfan Tweets About Military Offing Trump

Watch on X Told to 'expect a visit'.

Following the Debate, Calls Have Started for Biden to Withdraw.

Texas Democrat Lloyd Doggett is the first Domino to fall; he has publicly called on Joe Biden to Withdraw from the Presidential Campaign.  

“I represent the heart of a congressional district once represented by Lyndon Johnson. Under very different circumstances, he made the painful decision to withdraw,” Doggett said in his statement. “President Biden should do the same.”

According to this TV Programme '"After Covid" - A 7 NEWS SpotLight Investigation' Australia is Still Dealing with Covid!

Have to say I have never come across it anywhere, but glad I am not in Australia. We are waiting for these criminals to be arrested.

If you watch shows such as “Emily in Paris,” you can be forgiven for thinking the world is enchanted by Americans who travel abroad. 

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but sadly, we’ve gained a reputation around the world for being, well, “stupid Americans.” CNN Edition.

The Day After Dismal Debate with Trump; There is a FAKE "Joe" Wearing Silicone Mask put on campaign trail

Mask is badly fitting and the person has brown eyes instead of Biden's blue eyes. But the fake is doing a better job of functioning than the one in the debate.


The Trump/Biden debate showed that Biden was not capable of being P{resident. This paves the way for his replacement. (As reported earlier.)

Could be Some Unrealistic Expectations Here!

$500K/year MINIMUM to date this single mom?!?!

Watch Video 1 min This bs plus the fat beached whales now featured in 'Sports Illustrated'. Someone needs to get real! There have been a few videos pointing out these unrealistic expectations. In another video, one average ordinary girl suggested a similar value on herself because she had to pay for her beauty serums and so o to get ready to go out, although lets be honest, she looked as ordinary as any of them. The thing is there is a very unrealistic thing happening now, and its amongst females whose value has gone way down because they pretty much are whores and scrubbers who have been available to anyone. And it is men who are saying this, just check with the 'Men Going Their Own Way' Sandman. Men don't want these girls to be their wife, because there is a very high chance they will cheat and not be a loyal wife! But also, they are not anything special. Most of them can scrub up well to look good to go out at night, but most of them look like the cleaning woman throughout most of the day, with that being their usual appearance. That is aso the point being made by this video, but there are a lot of similar videos making this point.

Britain is a White Christian Country.

It is because governments made choices to change that, that there is now a problem of brown and black people born in the UK not liking that they are a minority although they were born in a white, Christian country. The coumtry does not have to change and adapt to suit them. Someone has to correct the problem they caused. If Britain/UK ceases to be a white, Christian countey the original white Christians don't have a country they can go back to. Britain was their country. Currently a young man in his twenties, with a foreign African sounding name, is running against Nigel Farage in 95% white Clacton. He says he is running for all the brown and black people in the UK and that he hates whites. Those responsible are the ones who made it possible for him to be born there.

Did the British people ever vote for their country to become something other than a white Christian country? The answer is no, they didn't. Britain did not belong to the people in government. It belonged to the people.

Big Words from Israel 'Going in to Lebanon'

" the intensity of the attack will be something you have never seen.  Never seen." Then more waiting until the next dramatic headline for WW3.

"By Late September it will be either world war or world government"

Guess that gives us a timeline. Or does it? "Multiple information sources make it clear it will start with simultaneous military moves by Serbia against NATO, North Korea against South Korea and Turkey plus Egypt and Iran against Israel."

Ukraine's Zelensky is a popular TV actor, a very popular comedian who played the character of the President in a TV sitcom

and the character was always a fair and wise person but in comedy situations - you get the picture. He was voted in by the discerning, intelligently thinking Ukrainian people to be their President.

The death of the petrodollar: What really happened between the US and Saudis?

(RT News.)There have been reports circulating around the internet recently about the expiration of a 50-year ‘petrodollar’ treaty between the US and Saudi Arabia.The agreement is a piece of fiction. The spurious reports appear to have originated in India or in the murky tangle of websites aimed at crypto investors. There was an official agreement between the US and Saudi Arabia signed in June of 1974 and another, secret one reached later that year according to which the Saudis were promised military aid in exchange for recycling their oil proceeds into US Treasuries. The deal whereby Riyadh would sell its oil in dollars was informal, and there was no expiration date. The petrodollar system as we have come to known largely grew organically.  However, this fiction points to an underlying truth: the petrodollar has entered a long twilight from which there will be no return.  *The full article by Henry Johnston, a Moscow-based RT editor who worked in finance for over a decade can be accessed here.

Explosive Study Once Removed by Lancet within 24 Hours, Now Peer-Reviewed and Public: Reveals 74% of Deaths Directly Linked to COVID-19 Shot

The study, titled “A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths After COVID-19 Vaccination,” analyzed 325 autopsy cases and found that a staggering 73.9% of deaths were either directly due to or significantly contributed to by the COVID-19 vaccination.

Some News sources for June 22nd are claiming the USS Eisenhower was struck.

Is all news credible? The strike from Yemen on this US aircraft carrier, was reported on June 10th. Maybe it happened twice! The current news source says Israeli TV I-24  News is reporting this as well, and gleefully saying "It is reminiscent of the Gulf of Tonkin incident" which got the US into the Vietnam war, and will get the US into the coming Israel-Hezbollah War." It is always a good idea to check with mainstream news sources from other countries or even the mainstream ones that the alternative sources tell you not to look at. show there can be 'fake news'. Or at least delays in reporting it but making it seem current.


Expect Gavin Newsom.

The 'good side' are definitely letting people know to get ready.

For Americans they are letting you know to where the gear showing what side you are on. They suggest that those wearing tattoos of demon symbols et cetera, and that nose rings etc are symbols of being enslaved.

The story is that those called the 'cabal' (as a name to describe a collective) are doing all they can to provoke WW3.

They want a war. Those countries being provoked know enough to hold off. This work believes this will go to a nuclear launch and it will probably be NATO with a strike on Russia, which then sets off all other target countries the 'cabal' wishes to strike. This will be stopped. It is probably true that a lot of people are in denial and simply don't want to hear the reality but there is nothing wrong with some 'hopium' because good militaries are not just sitting back and letting this happen. A nuclear first stike is expected very soon within probably 8 weeks.

Those Discussing the First Strike, Focus on it Happening to the USA Infrastructure and Military Bases.

However, the USA is the target of a COUNTER=STRIKE. That is unless the 'cabal' intend to do it ttself.."


Brand has long been a sleazey pervert yet the women who have brought cases against him have not been successful. He is a sleaze, at least according to the decades this source has heard about reports on this. This video is of him with alleged sex trafficker P. Diddy in one of the pervert jets. Watch Video

Pop Star 'Deals with the Devil'. Exposing Justin Timberlake.

Watch on X. We've seen the terrible videos of Sam Smith also at the Grammy's last year, and below is an Indian sell out, 'devil promoter' who somehow thinks Americans will be impressed with his Tonight Show performance. But 'Americans' as actual patriot Americans and the American culture, are being bred out.

Diljit Dosanjh and the Big Promo with Jimmy Fallon!

This is an example of the Indian and Bollywood 'deals with the devil' contracts. So, we watched this guy. No big deal, his song GOAT sounded like every other Bollywood type song! Unlikely this performance will have American audiences falling over themselves to get to his shows, and he seems a bit of a jerk who has been making big bucks and believes he can break into the US market. In his video he is doing the #1 satanic 666 sign ! (ON the official video - no 'deal with the devil' done here!). Featured on BBC World News as newsworthy and a sensation. Guess this person thinks this will work for him. For his Dil Luminati tour. Sorry and all that, but - on The Tonight Show WTF is this? Watch He does the devil horns symbol at the end.



Watch 1 min. Happening in schools.

The so-called "Peace Conference" held in Switzerland this past weekend was *also* a clandestine war planning session for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Upon finishing his visits to North Korea and Vietnam, Russian President Vladimir Putin was asked by media what it means that the West continues to escalate the war in Ukraine, and openly calls for a "strategic defeat of Russia."  His answer opened the door to a Russian nuclear first-strike against the West.

People think that no country will use nukes. But a country will do so if it believes it can disable the counter-strike response to a first strike. That is why NATO will most likely go for the first strike. But they can't disable the satellites. If Russia strikes, they can disable the satellites.

White Christians being replaced in Europe – Hungarian PM Orban

“militant” faction of pro-migration politicians is overseeing the “replacement” of white European Christians with Muslim immigrants, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has declared.“In Europe there is an exchange of populations, the number of white, Christian, traditional –  let’s say European – people is decreasing, the number of migrants being imported and the number of people belonging to the Muslim community born here is radically increasing,” Orban told Kossuth Radio on Friday.

Take Note. This is Another Precedent Set.

Watch on X.


NATO today warned the world is on the brink of a nuclear World War 3,

and announced it is taking nuclear weapons out of storage in  Europe to confront Russia in Ukraine.

Tuesday June 18th. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says NATO is considering transitioning some nuclear weapons  from storage to operational status. “I won’t go into operational details about how many nuclear warheads should be operational and which should be stored, but we need to consult on these issues.” (From two different NEWS sources..)

A 'Cuban Missile Crisis' Replay Doesn't Actually Mean in Cuba.

It means when the fingers are literally on the nuclear button ready to fire. The first strike will be NATO into Russia, but the counterstrike will come from everywhere. The cabal side (NATO) believes it can disable the counterstrike so it can;t happen. In the 1962 crisis the Soviets were storing nukes in Cuba.

LONDON, June 17. /TASS/. NATO member states have started consultations on the need to put nuclear weapons on alert, the alliance’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told The Daily Telegraph..

In a secret agreement reached months ago between the Five Eyes and Russia, Russia will take responsibility for European security. 

Sounds like plans for when the new system is in place.


Ricky Gervais - on celebs telling you how to vote.

Watch X 30 seconds.


Watch Video 30 seconds


Watch Video 30 seconds.



Watch Video

Japan's Economy About to Collapse?

Japan's economy is in trouble. If/when Japan's economy goes it will be followed by Southeast Asia, then Europe, then America. The expected announcement for when America has collapsed, seems will follow a domino effect.


    Watch Video 30 seconds. This video is under a series called 'retards on Tik Tok'. .


    Watch Video 1 minute


    Watch Video 4 minutes.


    Recent information indicates another race of human looking people who are not humans but called Homo Capensis, with elongated skulls, still co-exist with us on this planet.

    *They may be connected to the unfortunate things that have happened including the jab (see video 'Died Suddenly' to see the actual stuff that has been found growing in people's veins.)

    . DIED SUDDENLY Watch Video.

Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 (30)


"If you've been wanting an interesting, clearly written, how-to-manual for identifying and fighting UN Agenda 21, here it is.

Agenda 21--All the information you need to understand what is happening in your town, why it's happening, who is behind it, and what you can do to stop it.

BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: U.N. Agenda 21 is 172 pages of truth. Part history, part current events, part hand-to-hand combat, and part blueprint for keeping your freedom,

this is one book that you'll put to work immediately. Boots on the ground and all hands on deck is the order of the day. Awareness is the first step in the Resistance."



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