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Agenda and Plan Explained in 2 minutes : Silent Weapon1 ... Silent Weapon 2 ... New Videos .... Hollywood & Popstar Celebrity Trials/Executions ... British Royals ... "Taking the Piss" ... A REMINDER OF WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST


*The US military covered a timeline for their plan for what has been taking place, and due to take place, during the 4 years since 2020. The main thrust was to explain the 'situation' and also advice to be prepared for the 3-10 days when the military has said all comms will be down, blackouts and you will need food, water, and any medications necessary to get through that time. Some have suggested covering for one month. The time for that looks to be 2024 but before the November US elections.


Today's NEWS


The British Royal Family members are being phased out.

As a Brit I am sad about this, although 'we the people', never knew what was really happening. Now the Princess of Wales, Kate, is off the scene and apparently for many more months beyond Easter. She will possibly never be back because everything will be exposed within that time. Everyone has been informed that 'King Charles' is ill, and Prince William is missing a lot of engagements. Harry is off the scene, so is Andrew, and who remembers who Anne is anyway? Oh yes, there is Camilla, one of a stable of generations of royal concubines (mistresses) now 'Queen'. Her grandmother was one of the mistresses of King Edward V11. So, no real 'royal family' remaining.

Also last Monday the Godfather of the Rothschilds died,

Jacob Rothschild was 87 but with all the satanic rituals would probably have gone on to 107. He is the conehead featured in one of the explanatory videos in an interview with an obsequious minion almost kissing his shoes. The interview where he says the British Government were 'won over' by the 'charm and sincerity' of some creep who wanted them to support the creation of Israel. That was the Balfour Declaration - obviously achieved by blackmail.

Europe now has a massive problem with the immigrants who have been allowed in.

Europe was a highly civilized, elegant civilization

yet for some reason (we all know the reason) savages from primitive countries have not only been allowed in but given the same rights. There is a problem with rapes, and in Ireland a 7 year old girls was raped by 3 African immigrants. There is also a massive issue of these people urinating in public and defecating in rubbish bins in public.



Watch Video 2 mins. Channel 9 Australia. Today Show. As the revelations begin to take off, the behaviour of the governments/politicians and officials promoting and mandating the jab is now unravelling. The person being interviewed here was the official representative recommending the jab. He does know he got it wrong.


The reveal does seem to be exposing Marianne Williamson author of A Course in Miracles.

Now running as a Democrat and clearly on the dark side!

Princess of Wales, Kate,

seems that she is now going to be out of action for months more than returning after Easter. Plenty of garbage videos put out on this. Also there are reports that 'King Charles' will go after about 6 months. Sadly, we no longer have the real English people anymore. Once an advanced, developed civilization, it 'sure ain't that now'

A list of satanic buildings has been released which are going to be removed. Unfortunately it includes many places that are otherwise national treasures. The list includes Buckingham Palace, the Louvre in Paris, London Bridge is mentioned - but that is not Tower Bridge. Also most of Washington DC and places like the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, also mentions a building to do with Victoria's Secret. A little skeptical of the list if the person compiling it does not know that Tower Bridge is not London Bridge. Also not at all sure that it is satanic.

The Stock Market usually has a time for 'market correction' which is now approaching, though it is believed it takes place in May.

Report that royal guards on horseback moving past Clarence House, official residence of King Charles, all had their hands covering something that is usually seen, and they all turned right to look at Clarence House, which in the military has a meaning, although this source is not sure what that meaning is. It appears to mean they are not acknowledging that it is the king's residence? Meaning not the king.


Watch Video 11 minutes. *I have seen Ally Carter speaking before but it was a couple of years ago and she was having great difficulty being able to talk about it.


Watch Video 26 minutes


Paid to promote the jab, most of these social media 'influencers' are now dead. Watch Video 10 mins..

There is lots of concern in the UK about Kate Middleton.

Talk amongst paparazzi is that nobody saw Kate leaving the clinic. Suggestions of worse than a medically induced coma. However, there was a convoy of dark vans that left the clinic and despite the many gossip videos, Kate was probably in one of them leaving the clinic as had been stated, but she did not want to be seen. Leaving a clinic does not mean anyone is necessarily fit and healthy. Also despite the gossip videos, they have been told she will return to duties after Easter.

NEW DATA. 74% of vaccinated women in the UK who became pregnant have miscarried.

The depopulation strategy was divided into several outcomes including sterility, heart issues, blocked arteries, weakened immune systems creating 'turbo cancers', created food shortages, immigration specifically to breed out the white Christians, and breed in a low IQ citizenship, transhumanism (see video Voice of God Project) and also a nuclear war mostly taking out the Northern Hemisphere, and as mentioned in the 'Antarctca' section below, that was to send everything back to the Stone Age then in another century or so, those behind this and living in South America and the cities under the Ice Dome in Antarctica, were going to return to Europe and set up the world how they wanted it to be. The remaining population was to be their slaves. *This webpage link has a 10 minute video on the German's setting up their Antarctic Neuschwabenland in 1938. Its just a small insert a short way down the page but can be watched on full screen. It doesn't show the underground city but it does show that there are areas that are warm and can sustain an underground city! (There is an underground city and it is where 42,000 volunteer Nordic type women went in 1943 to be with the soldiers there.)



Watch Video 5 mins (the rest is ads for natural medicines). This follows on the topic covered in the FOX News breaking story (video below) about the 'missing binder' which the FBI searched Mar a Lago for, and which allegedly contains proof of spying on Trump. This video here is for general interest as it does seem to be the intro publicity for Trump's trial in March and the possible documents he is going to livestream. Will they be proof of the spying? And will they overwhelmingly implicate Obama in a treasonous act?

The MI 5 agent who allegedly 'overheard a conversation' in a bar in London suggesting "Russian collusion" was Michael Steele. The diplomat involved in this was Australian diplomat Alexander Downer.

Russiagate, and then presumably Obama's and the CIA's involvement. "SPY GAME UNCOVERED" Watch Video

(FOX News). This news item has disappeared from everywhere, even the bitchute listing, but still seems to be accessible.



(Was Trump's Gold Sneaker launch Code for the soon to be return to the gold standard - asset backed new currency?


Antarctica Cabal Control Bases and Interference in the 2016 Election Result! The 'Seismic Shock' about to Engulf Washington DC.

Our intel info source has been in Antarctica. He is now giving background information and saying that in the 1800's the most prosperous country in the Americas was Argentina. Apparently Germans, from Hesse, settled there in the late 1700's, and later are linked to the Nazis, with a plan to make it the country that would step in in the future, when the Northern countries would fall. So it looks like a lot was planned for South America and Antarctica (as Nazis) to take over when the 'western world' collapsed! The plan was for the Northern hemisphere primarily, to destroy itself in a nuclear war, and go back to the 'stone age' then after one or two hundred years, those living in Sth America and the Antarctic base would return to rebuild the northern hemisphere world how they wanted it to be. But their existence has yet to become known. That is going to be some revelation - especially for the sleeping masses!

(In addition, this plan sounds like what may have happened in ancient times when an advanced human culture was destroyed and then a few centuries later the 'advanced beings' turned up, as written in ancient records.)

The information that is believed will soon begin to become known is how the cabal which operates behind the known world, sent the communication to make sure their player(s) would become the President. If that has been recorded - which it appears it has been - then it reveals the existence of a hidden 'elite' who have been interfering in elections so that they have control. That is a big deal! And it involves current day, continuing, Nazi's.

When Hillary lost the US election in 2016 that was expected she would win, because it had been paid for, at that time key figures in the US, awaiting her expected win, were down at the cabal's all important Antarctica control base. So there is much more located there than is commonly known about.

Obama was the creation of the CIA and he is currently running Biden as Obama's '3rd term' But there are those higher up the Luciferian Government (described in Jesse Czebotar's linked videos) who he answers to. This is what Putin was indicating in his recent interview. When Carlson's interview with Putin took place, it was such a concern that Obama went down to the Antarctica Base to communicate directly. This provides how these otherwise hidden communications actually took place, and reveals the existence of something heretofore not commonly known. .

So the 'seismic shock' is not limited to Obama and the CIA's interference in the 2016 US election result, but it also involves a secret base, and an inhabited continent in Antarctica (but beneath the ice). The information does cover how they used what they had learned from losing the 2016 election, to how they then worked it to get the 2020 results they wanted. Right now a major 'seismic' crisis is about to engulf Washington DC.

The information source does say that there were cities built beneath the ice dome of Antarctica and into the rock, but they are not space aliens, they are just further ahead with technology - and a lot of that was in the books and records kept in the Mystery Societies of Austria. The people of the cabal are human people who believe they are the 'Children of Cain' and the bloodline of Lucifer.

In 1942 in Northern Europe, the German government advertised for 42,000 Nordic type women to go the Antarctic Base to support the German military there. Apparanetly it was some kind of breeding programme, so whatever the result of that was, they probably make up the population of the colonies beneath the ice dome that covers Antarctica. That could be quite a substantial population.

*We do know that in reality the Netherlands are actually still controlled by Germany. They had/have a 'Queen Maxima' whose real background is that she is from one of the Nazi families in South America or perhaps she was bred in Antarctica. After WW2 the Nazi's and probably Hitler, are known to have escaped to South America and their famous Antarctic Base. Now it looks like they are all linked to the secret identity of this hidden cabal - and that might now be beginning to be revealed. The UK and America did not win WW2, it was paused. This will be an interesting story to learn about. According to Jesse Czebotar (who explains how the Luciferian Government is structured) the Nazi's do play a big part in what is happening, and the occult side of it is supposed to be the false Order of Melchizadek while the current control is the Order of the Phoenix previously headed by George Soros, then replaced by Obama. But Hitler kicked the Zionist Jews who were wrecking the German economy out of Germany. He did some good things even if 'mainstream history' has altered those details. However, they were heavily involved in the occult, and contact with other civilizations in this galaxy (the fallen realms.)

*This webpage link has a 10 minute video on the German's setting up their Antarctic Neuschwabenland in 1938. Its just a small insert a short way down the page but can be watched on full screen. It doesn't show the underground city but it does show that there are areas that are warm and can sustain an underground city. (There are several underground cities there and it is where 42,000 volunteer Nordic type women went in 1943 to be with the soldiers there.)

Worth noting that although the Nazi's did create bases in Antarctica, Operation Highjump went there later with Admiral Byrd who was a Freemason. There is a significant chance the Freemasons and those higher up their hierarchy did establish bases and cities there.



Watch Video 2 minutes


Watch Video 5 minutes.

Putin opposer Alexei Navalny has died in prison from a blood clot. Sounds jab related.

Another one pushing the depopulation video on a video is a fake guru called Sadhguru. One to watch out for!

Meet the UK's First Transgender priest, Rev. Bingo Allison.

Definitely a must Watch Video. 45 seconds.


Watch Video 20 seconds. Called 'Taking the Piss'. Ceremonies of the British Royals NEVER, absolutely NEVER have a 'malfunction' like this.


"A 50 year old male professor has identified as a 15 year old girl and won the right to compete in swimming events with girls from 13 -15 years old, use the changing rooms and shower with them."

In another story, a woman has identified as being a dog, and in an interview dsicusses the qualities she hopes to find in a male partner. Apart from playing 'Fetch', he should be loving and supportive of how she identifies. Previously we had a video of a mother supporting her young pre-teen son who identifies as a cat.

In another video highlighting how kids are now educated in schools, they are asked how many genders there are and most think there are 'many'.

MORE : "Taking the Piss"

The 'boygenius' Grammy winning 'world's best' girl band singing their 'Satanist' song is an example of how ludicrous what is being shown to the general public really is, and how long it is taking people to notice this! Never mind how bad the performance is, listen to the asinine lyrics, it has to be 'taking the piss'.

My view is that 'boygenius' are also a 'white hat' op to show the absurdity of this. Listen and have the lyrics showing.

Watch Video "Solomon had a point when he wrote Ecclesiastes" - really! (This section is on a separate page.)


Feb. 2024


Watch Video

Recently announced that 'King Charles' has Cancer.

But also mentioned is that Kate, Princess of Wales was operated on for endometrial cancer, indicated to be from the jab and to keep in mind that her name is on the 'list' as having been tried and removed.

So too the former Duchess of York, also announced as "having cancer". One of her and Prince Andrews daughters is also on the list.


Queen Victoria and Her Shapeshifting Heir to the Throne, Son

Britain's Queen Victoria's eldest son, Prince Albert Duke of Clarence and the one who was supposed to become king, had to be locked away (kept out of the way) because he kept transforming into the reptile DNA. It was long thought that he was London's famous 'Jack the Ripper'. There was certainly something significantly wrong as he was replaced by his brother who became King Edward V11 in the early 1900's. The Duke of Clarence hadn't died. He was locked away. Edward's son george became the next King and his son David became King Edward V111 who "they" forced to abdicate so that Queen Elizabeth's father (David's brother) would become king. It does seem that David (Edward V111) was not going along with the agenda.

In newsreel film he actually seems very charming and nice looking and a kind of nice guy. Maybe he didn't get the Nephilim DNA passed on to him. He was removed on the pretext of marrying Wallis Simpson an American party girl and wife of someone else who she did not want to divorce (shown in private letters to the husband). The husband and Wallis just wanted her to be the then Prince of Wales' (later king's) mistress. They intended her to seduce David so they could get special favours and as 'social climbers'. So the cabal had something on both of them that forced that situation. .


People on TV who have this hybrid Nephilim + human biology, Shapeshifting.

(from the 200 'Watchers' of the Bible who bred with the 'daughters of men') - begin to shapeshift on camera. Of course, most are skeptical and it looks set up, but in this film the producers off camera are screaming to get the cameras off the female TV anchor who has started shapeshiftng, and in another the interview is maybe saying to the girl being interviewed that she is changing how she looks. They show the eyes changing but the lids are closed so it looks like its superimposed, but in reality, that is how the second set of DNA just shows through at times. Maybe I will add this to be viewed in the context of the information shown on the US and EURO money, and so on. In an earlier video a woman who had been abducted by Jeffrey Epstein said she once saw him shapeshift in front of her. **I have added this because whether or not these on camera examples did capture an involuntary shapeshift happening, these people with the 'Nephilim' DNA do exist and the sacrifical rituals they do, and flesh eating and blood drinking, absolutely exist.

Watch Video. 9 mins. Not necessarily the best voice over production, but the Bible DOES tell us there were people born with this dual DNA.



Watch Video 55 seconds



The second wave of organized jab related depopulation. The UK gov has said about 50% of the population i now expected to get cancer. That's who took the vaxx. Those who had cancers and were in remission but then got jabbed found they had 'turbo cancer' - cancers returning in turbo charged proportions. But who in their right mind, would have taken that jab?

Watch Video 1+ minute.


Watch Video. 13 minutes 11 seconds. This is a useful reminder. It is also probably alerting us that stuff is about to happen. There was a movement called Q and that refers to a Quantum computer system.

Agenda and Plan Explained in 2 minutes : Silent Weapon1 ... Silent Weapon 2 ... New Videos .... Hollywood & Popstar Celebrity Trials/Executions ... British Royals


Election Fraud Discovered in Pakistan?

Will Pakistan's recent election start to show any election fraud issues? Actually Imran Khan's politcal party won. Re-polling ordered for Feb. 15th.


Historic Footage - 1 minute. Watch Video. Also not known generally, Hitler did try to get rid of them and get them out of Germany because they had a stranglehold on the economy - just as they have over America and the world now.


Unveiling Agenda 21: Delve into the Plan, Progress, and Present.

1994 in Cairo Egypt, 160 Nations Agreed to Reduce the World Population to 800 Million by the year 2030

Watch on X. 6 ins.

Source says that the USA is about to Experience 2 Seismic Shocks within the Next Few Weeks.

I hope he said few weeks, not two weeks. I don't know that this is the shutdown, he just says two really big shocks are about to happen. It looks like one of these might be about the 2020 election. This is to be the first of some really big shake ups happening.. If its election related, the next shake up should be arrests, perhaps?


Tucker Carlson's interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Watch Here. This interview probably didn't go as well as Carlson would have liked.

Tucker Carlson's website Link here.


Follow up on the "Expect King Charles to Die Fairly Soon"

King Charles III, 75, has been diagnosed with cancer, Buckingham Palace announced Monday. During The King’s recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a separate issue of concern was noted," the palace said in an emailed statement. "Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer." The statement also did not specify what stage the cancer was found.

There is another story here though. There is a new 'cancer jab' and some are saying Charles will take it and get better! Then everyone will get this jab and its another 'honey trap'.

Queen Victoria and Her Shapeshifting Heir to the Throne, Son

Britain's Queen Victoria's eldest son, Prince Albert Duke of Clarence and the one who was supposed to become king, had to be locked away (kept out of the way) because he kept transforming into the reptile DNA. It was long thought that he was London's famous 'Jack the Ripper'. There was certainly something significantly wrong as he was replaced by his brother who became King Edward V11 in the early 1900's. The Duke of Clarence hadn't died. He was locked away. Edward's son George became the next King and his son David became King Edward V111 who "they" forced to abdicate so that Queen Elizabeth's father (David's brother) would become king. It does seem that David (Edward V111) was not going along with the agenda. In newsreel film he actually seems very charming and nice looking and a kind of nice guy. Maybe he didn't get the Nephilim DNA passed on to him. He was removed on the pretext of marrying Wallis Simpson an American party girl and wife of someone else who she did not want to divorce (shown in private letters to the husband).The husband and Wallis just wanted her to be the then Prince of Wales' (later king's) mistress. They intended her to seduce David so they could get special favours and as 'social climbers'. So the cabal had something on both of them that forced that situation.


Given the Mandates Enforced in the USA during the Plandemic

Wouldn't it be a good idea to enforce that all illegal immigrants entering across the US border receive the jab? (Just to be sure they are okay.) And also perhaps, as Tim Pool suggested, those who are military age are immediately conscripted and sent to where the conflicts are now in the Middle East?

The UK has said they may soon be conscripting British citizens (and perhaps the illegal immigrants there?) to fight a war with Russia, which they seem to want to have.


Watch Video 1 min.

The 'daily news' someone is putting out on Bitchute from Benjamin Fulford, is from the day's date but in 2023. Not sure why they are doing this.

Kevin McCarthey is not the current House Speaker, plus other things that are from last year.

Much as the US and Israel want to create a world war, all the countries being triggered for this are not taking the bait. (Iran, Russia, and China with Taiwan.)

Congress Votes on Bill to DEPORT Immigrants for Social Security Fraud - 155 Democrats Voted "No"


Watch Video 40 seconds.

Following from the video on whats on the paper currency, the second part of this video is interesting. Watch Video . 1 minute


Watch Video 3 minutes. Nice.


Russian State Duma Member: You can't Save America. There will be NO ELECTION in 2024 because America will not exist.

"Russian Vladimir Zhirinovsky, in his final speech to the Russian Duma said "There won't be an election in 2024 because America won't exist."  This was the same speech where he predicted -- to the day -- when Russia would enter Ukraine! This speech was given over two years ago and no one thought anything of it, because Zhirinovsky was rather . . . bellicose.  He died in April 2022, months after this speech."

Russia may supply heavy weapons to Texas to defend itself and its Border from any attempt by Biden to forcibly re-open the Texas Border to illegal aliens.

Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya said publicly : “It is important to understand that by supplying weapons to Texas, Russia does not become a party to the conflict.”

Texas border situation is heating up. 'Operation Lone Star'. Texas is defying an order from tthe Biden government, and has closed the borders. The deadline to obey was on Thursday. 25 States support Texas.

There are reports that some of the over one million military aged young men, from countries hostile to the USA, who have entered the States across the open borders are there to take back States like Texas and California and return them to Mexico as part of the Spanish Empire. Many of these are Chinese young men - and no -one from China has any reason to want to be in the USA.

There are still reports that 'King Charles' is actually now dead, and other 'royals' are/were involved in the treason and 'world situation' that is playing out. Kate Middleton also now in hospital. None of them is doing public appearances. Could get interesting! March seems to be a time when things might start moving.



Watch Video. 1 minute. To the best of our knowledge this person/nutjob is for real.


Watch Video 30 seconds.

The British Government's Euthansia Quota is 1,646 people a day.

That's why they started to encourage people to put their parents into 'nursing homes' instead of keeping them as important members of the family who are loved and wanted - because they are, and they should be, and the family (all of it) is everything. The system has been killing them off for years, decades, with medication. For those whose children are thinking of putting them into a 'nursing home' keep that in mind. There was no way I was ever going to do that to my precious mum.


The video's title should say the Princess of Wales or Duchess of Cambridge depending on when this was recorded. However, both of these are on the 'lists' as having been tried and received the penalty for Treason.

Watch Video 1 minute

Gym owners are reporting that their superfit, young, 'body builder' members are dying unexpectedly, and in large numbers.

The Federal Reserve has announced that it will cease providing any loans and funding from March 11th.

Those who are experts on this say this indicates we are getting near to what we have been waiting for. The closedown, then the new system.


Watch Video 20 seconds.

The 'Lists' inform us that all royals across the world have been removed.

This includes Charles, and recent news has him in hospital with a prostate issue, and also in hospital is Kate Middleton. Today's news has Andrew's former wife Sarah now diagnosed with skin cancer and one of her 2 daughters was on the list as executed (Beatrice). An information source has indicated that Charles is about to hand over to William. Celebrity Trials/Executions

Be Ready for 'King Charles' to Die Fairly Soon.

The information we were given, from the US military, several years ago ( nearly 4 years ago and before Elizabeth went) is that after Charles replaced Queen Elizabeth he would only be the 'king' for a short while and then it would go to William, because that was part of the satanic agenda to establish the world under the Luciferian Order. At the moment Charles is in hospital but it looks like this could be the time for him to go. Then we move on to the final stages of the 'dark plan'. Some reports are saying he tried to (or did) commit suicide after the Epstein flight logs and island visitors list were released because of the content on Prince Andrew and also himself.

A recent story for Thursday January 18th is this.

"Buckingham Palace announced  on Wednesday that the King required treatment for an enlarged prostate, just 90 minutes after Kensington Palace revealed that the Princess of Wales had undergone abdominal surgery. The King, 75, who is currently in Scotland, will be admitted to hospital for a “corrective procedure” next week.

At 2pm on Wednesday, Kensington Palace released a statement announcing that the Princess was in hospital, where she will remain for up to two weeks. Royal sources said the Prince of Wales, 42, was committed to caring for her, as well as their three children, and as such, had also cancelled a number of engagements. He will not undertake any public duties while the Princess is in hospital or during the immediate period following her return home. Two short overseas tours planned for the coming weeks for both the Prince and Princess, including one to Rome, have been postponed." This section was added onto the Celebrity Executions page. It is very, very distressing to know about this, and the names involved. It is mostly every well known celebrity, singer, actors, supermodels, sports stars, reality show and celebrity chefs etc and royals,

NEWS. We will be hearing from Jeffrey Epstein directly, very soon!

So, he did not die in prison. Watch Video 12 mins.


'Once you have the mRNA jab inside you, you are no longer classed as human under US law.'



United Airlines have gone all out with the 'diversity hire' agenda, hiring uqualified pilots because they are black - like the one who recently crashed the plane in Hawaii before take off. I am being mindful to avoid using United Airlines. Watch Video 1 minute.


NEW. More new names have been added to the celebrity and political figures who have been tried and executed. This is another reason why it is important to reveal about "Paul McCartney" because the replacement is inevitably going to be on this list - and it should not be confused as being the real Paul McCartney. What Australian celebrities are yet to be added? Cate Blanchett? Nick Hemsworth? Hugh Jackman? Kylie Minogue? Names are added on the Hollywood & Popstar Celebrity Trials/Executions

There are names we can possibly expect to be seen on the lists when they extend to cover other coutries such as the UK, Australia etc. The lists have named Anthony Hopkins, Elton John, and Jesse J. as executed. Other expected names may include :- Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) David Beckham, their son Brooklyn Beckham. Adele, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Billy Shepherd now known as "Paul McCartney". Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin). Rachel Weisz? ('The Mummy' film, and wife of Daniel Craig/James Bond) who is on the list. Liz Hurley. Judi Dench? Helen Mirren? More well known TV celebrity chefs. Former Test Cricketer then PM of Pakistan Imran Khan?

The Luciferian Government actual structure and agenda. From former 'Mother of Darkness' Jesse Czebotar. Includes 'Spells/Code/Witchcraft' link.


The Post Jab World.

The rollout for the mandated jabs began in 2021. The 'good side' military put out information to as many who would listen to them, that the jabs came in several different forms. Some were likely to cause death, would destroy the immune system, and the rest to cause infertility. The aim was to drastically reduce the human population. Recently there was a report that there were no new births recorded in Italy. Now here is some news from China.

Hong Kong CNN 

China reported a record low birth rate in 2023 as its population shrank for the second year in a row. The trend marked the deepening of a demographic challenge set to have significant implications on the world’s second largest economy.

News source 'The Sun'. Article by Conrad Black.

"A Move to a Hard Currency Standard Is Coming Into Focus as the Best Way To Fix Canada’s Teetering Economy

Could the country — by fixing its currency to a combination of precious metals, oil, basic housing, and food — emerge as the leader in a world economy badly in need of reform?" Clearly this is an intro to changing to the asset backed currency.

The numbers of military age men who have illegally entered the US, Europe and the UK, is expected to lead to an attack from the inside.

Some are saying this will be the time when we get the 'Emergency Broadcast' and are told to stay inside for what could be a week or up to one month. It is emphasized that people MUST stay inside because this time will be dangerous. Have enough food, water etc for that time. Obviously that time is getting close, but it will certainly co-incide with when the US Federal Reserve crashes, because that even by itself is a panic situation. This has to happen under 'Biden' in office.

Look Again. The 10' Tall 'Aliens' in the Miami Mall.

This is still a story but almost all the videos of these things are not available, or just show darkness, and the police made people delete the film from their cell phones. However, this is the only video that DOES show these things.*The 'aliens' in Miami are shown on this video. Watch Video 17 seconds. But they don't seem to move much.

The BRICS countries only began trading not using the USD from January 1st, so that is going to take whatever time it takes to change how things are.

The name of the BRICS new bank is the NDB New Development Bank. The BRICS are no longer using the USD for trading. I would imagine it would not take too long, but it does give an idea of the time we might be looking at. It would seem that that change is what makes this happen.

Jan. 12th


Watch Video 10 mins


This video is just beyond words. How did this idiot do this? Oh, and the person stuck in the washing machine is one of the new 'diversity hire' pilots for United Airlines.

Watch Video.30 seconds.



Watch Video 30 seconds. .



Watch Video It has to noted that United Airines are hiring unqualified pilots to fulfill diversity requirements.

*The 'aliens' in Miami are shown on this video. Watch Video 17 seconds. But they don't seem to move much.

Jan. 10th.

It is now proven, particularly by IDF reporting on Tik Tok etc, and videos of Apache helicopters come in (on the Oct. 7th "Hamas attack") which had been given to the Israelis, launching missiles from those helicopters into where the Israeli Jews were hiding. There is also video of Israeli tanks going through the kibbutz and shooting through walls at their own people.


Video 10 seconds

REPORT: British Army Supplying AK-47's, Ammo, and Hand Grenades by Crateload to Hotels housing "Migrants" (to arm the Migrants?)

This is from a news source. " A telephone report from a Bed & Breakfast Owner near Bristol, UK is sending shockwaves throughout the world.  He claims that the British Army dropped off crateloads of AK-47 machine guns, ammunition and crates of Hand Grenades with a list of MIGRANT NAMES to give them to!

According to the B&B Owner, he was approached by the British Government to "re-house Migrants" and they offered a large sum of money to him to do this. Once he agreed, and was paid, the government told him he had to FIRE all his staff, and the government would provide staff and security for the B&B.

Later he was told to expect a large delivery late that particular night, and during the wee early hours of the morning, got another call telling him the delivery truck was at the back door and he should go down to let them in.

According to the B&B owner, the truck was staffed by British Army personnel and a Colonel or some other rank officer, and asked him for a secure area in the B&B where crates could be stored. He showed them to a secure area and the soldiers unloaded 60-70 crates into that secure area and locked it." This information is not yet verified, but the report is genuine.

Jan. 7th-8th-9th

The 'good side' consider Vivek Ramaswamy, a Deep State plant.

From January 1st the BRICS countries began trading only in asset backed currencies and not the USD. The impact of this will be experienced over time, but probably not too l,ong.

One of the military names in the US military connected to this information is added. General Eric M. Smith. "Eric M. Smith is a United States Marine Corps general who has served as the 39th commandant of the Marine Corps since 22 September 2023. He served as acting commandant of the Marine Corps between 10 July 2023 and 22 September 2023 while awaiting Senate confirmation" You can look him up on your preferred search engine.

They also began to tell us about what has really been running this planet,

and as the names on the Epstein flight logs have been released, and the all important client list, and is reported news on CNN, most people should be aware of who Jeffrey Epstein is/was. Anyone who 'did anything' at the infamous Epstein Island was filmed.

The system that was running this planet, sometimes called the 'Deep State', is now explained to the reader in the first new video added here.


We added some information before November that a source had calculated that the two 'energy streams' which affect this planet for up to 10 or 12,000 years were now about to begin separating.

That was believed to take place in early November 2023. Possibly there is a little wriggle room to make a 'good' choice, perhaps with the spirit of Christmas, but generally it would be that time has basically run out. The 'lower level' energy has run this planet and its level of consciousness, but at this time has to leave. However, a lot of people by their own choices, have unknowingly chosen to remain under the 'rulership' of that which has until now controlled the planet. This video explains what it is, because its actual existence has remained 'occult'.

How the System which has been Running this Planet is Structured.


Watch Video 16 minutes. When it gets to the song it is just the usual ending of these vodeos.


Watch Video the first 6 mins.


The Reality of the Person a Large Number of People Wanted to Become President of the USA!


Watch Video. 12 minutes. Similar descriptions to what happened on the Frazzledrip video watched by NYPD of Hillary Clinton, which made them physically sick. When the song comes on it is just the usual ending on all the videos.

***When they sacrificed the real Paul McCartney and split his head with the axe, it is believed they also ate the pineal. Very possibly the replacement Faul (the one now currently known as Paul McCartney) may have been the one who ate the pineal. These satanic rituals are filmed. The 'good side' had the tech to access all the videos, and they have them - such as all the Epstein Island visitors and what they did.

***Some time ago we added an informative video from a credible source explaining about the Luciferian Shadow Government which controlled the world. "JESSIE CZEBOTAR W/ NINO RODRIQUEZ - Luciferian Religion, CERN, SHRINERS, NEPHILIM, MADONNA ETC" Watch Video. Lots of information from former 'Mother of Darkness' turned informer. Ashes from human sacrifices sold to food companies and as fillers for drugs, plus the structures and names of the Luciferian Shadow Government.

The United States Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq is presently under armed attack.   

LARGE explosions have rocked the Embassy area, perhaps even inside the Embassy compound itself .There have also been simultaneous attack against US bases in Syria and against the US Embassy in Syria.  Three attacks in Syria, two on the US base at Alshadadi and one on the US Base at al Tanf. The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has claimed Responsibility

Tall Aliens in Miami Shopping Mall - exclusive film.

Watch Video 17 seconds. But they don't seem to move much. (And they seem to differ in size.)


Watch Video 8 minutes,

Jan. 3rd.

Israel is bombing Lebanon supposedly to clear out Hezbollah. As you know, the massive oil and gas reserves that Israel found lie off the coasts of Gaza and Lebanon.

Also known is that Israel allowed the Hamas attack on October 7th and were responsible for some of the bloodshed and killings themselves. Anoyon supporting the Israel side is questionable, or something that needs to be questioned. But no-one is saying that Hamas are innocents. They are just not what this looks like. If the attacks continue on Hezbollah, it is inevitable they will join the war. Hezbollah is a real army apparently bigger than Israels' and more well equipped. It is a big deal.

Russia has carried out big strikes on the Ukraine.

We are, as the world, going to reach a point where this becomes a world threatening 'end times; issue. This seems to be heading that way.


Watch Video 2 mins Illegal immigrants.

It does seem that the expectations are for things to heat up as the world, but particularly as the US goes into 2024.

This is added for general interest, to show that under Common Law there were legally provided for options in the event that 'others' try to take down the country. That's about the most diplomatic way of putting it. It is about ensuring that America remains for the people. Apparently there is something called Tactical Civics and this is the website. Read More. What this means is that if the military is being paid off by the cabal, (thus working for outside interests, not 'the people') then communities have the right to form their own 'military' or like those who are gun owners not standing for people like Antifa deciding to take over their cities (which actually happened in 2020.)


Following the news that we might expect a lot of stunning revelations over the next 120 days,

the second attempt to remove Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot comes from Maine, on the grounds that he has served 2 terms as President. This is his second term now. That is the reason the state of Maine is giving for removing him.


The world situation is still playing out, and we still don't know when the thing we are waiting for is going to happen.

However, we are informed that there is going to be some dramatic information made known over the next 120 days.

All you have to be aware of is that at some point everything in the world is going to close down for a few days, maybe a week, 10 days or perhaps longer, but it is all okay, and it will turn out okay.


Russian "Special Flight Squadron" Lands in DC - Ukraine War to End; Russia lays out terms of surrender

Russian officials arrived in Washington, DC Thursday morning to discuss the terms of Ukraine's SURRENDER.


Watch Video. 2 mins. 40 seconds. The 'useless class' are the ones they currently 'keep happy' with computer games, drugs, football and sport, all of which are to keep their 'uselessness' out of being aware of politics and what is happening.

In the days when the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot took control of Cambodia and murdered most of the population, they also did everything to destroy any remaining memory of their culture and history.

It was intended to go back to 'Year 1' with a completely new ideology (communist) and that the population would have no memory of what had been the reality before.

It is the same now with the western world. It is about making the past almost a blank, and the beginning of a different reality established which by the ext generation would have no memory of what led to the much higher civilization that was on this planet. The different reality would be totally under the control of AI and computer systems, run by the much fewer number people who cleverly led humanity into complete slavery and subservience to a 'system'. People say 'the system' but we are actually not in it yet. The plan was for a level of slavery and control that few could imagine, and their trust in technology and who controls that is very baffling. We are being trained not to accept receipts for what we buy, actual weight of products is not given, or full contents, or the quantity of each ingredient if it is a herbal product or medicine. It is training into a blind trust of those who would have the ultimate control. There would eventually be a kind of 'Blade Runner' future world.

Some 10 - 30 seconds videos from the 'Martinez Perspective'

Watch Video Immigrant peeing on pork in supermarket. Watch Video 30 seconds BAYWATCH BLACK AND HEAVY EDITION


Another US aircraft carrier and its strike fleet have been ordered to deploy to the Red Sea from Singapore.

There is already a massive build up of miltiary ships there.

A United States Air Force E-4B aircraft, which is a designated National Airborne Operations Center (NAOC) took off from Offutt Air Force Base this afternoon, headed out over the Gulf of Mexico, and Transmitted an Emergency Action Message (EAM) to US Nuclear Missile Submarines, using Very Low Frequency (VLF) Comms.

Apparently others received that encoded message - an E-4B transmitting an EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGE (EAM) sent while out over the Gulf of Mexico this afternoon!  The aircraft was messaging US nuclear missile SUBMARINES because it was using VLF, Very Low Frequency, to send the encoded message. VLF is the band that penetrates the ocean to sufficient depth, to reach our submerged nuclear missile subs.

The Colorado Supreme Court made history Tuesday with an unprecedented,

 freeze-in-your-tracks ruling that former President Donald Trump is constitutionally ineligible to run in 2024 because the 14th Amendment’s ban on insurrectionists holding public office covers his conduct on January 6, 2021. This is enough to trigger Civil War in the US. *It also indicates the White Hats have reached the awakening target of about 80% of the country needed before this drama play can reach its goal..

It seems Donald Trump's trial which was set for March 2024 is now not going ahead.

This seems unfortunate as he was going to livestream information from the private documents he had, and would have been able to tell and show the world, some of the truth. So it's not clear if this is a good thing. It will all still be dragging on.

Massive Build Up of US Ships in Red Sea Raise a Question.

What if the US has decided that since Saudi Arabia is leading OPEC into de-Dollarizing sales of oil, that the Saudis must be wiped from power? 

The map showing US and allied Naval deployments in the area of the Middle East reveals the deployments are utterly massive.  The ships are allegedly there in support of Israel, to assure no other countries get involved over Israel's Genocide in Gaza.   What if there's another purpose?

What if the US has decided that since Saudi Arabia is leading OPEC into de-Dollarizing sales of oil, that the Saudis must be wiped from power?   What if the US and our allies are there not for Israel, but to literally TAKE the Middle East, almost all of it and wipe away OPEC, and Muslim Terrorism, in one fell swoop?

If you look at how the US ships are deployed, they could take all of Saudi Arabia very quickly.  Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, would fall in days.

What if we point out that the Saudis have broken the PETRO-DOLLAR agreement, and say "they are actively trying to destroy our currency by breaking the petro-dollar and joining BRICS?" and that such actions are, in fact, economic warfare being levied against the USA?



Canadian Journalist Who Pushed Vaccine Mandates and "Concentration Camps" for Un-vax'd, DIES at Age 33

"Ian Vandaelle died after being hospitalized and "declared neurologically dead,” his family revealed. Vandaelle advocated for vaccine passports and mandates and called for the firing of anyone who refused the injections. He also suggested that unvaccinated people should be arrested and taken away to concentration camps."

The photo shows a typical person you would see everywhere, one of the well trained sheep. Unfortunately this is the kind of thing an extensive number of ordinary people were doing to force other people to be jabbed. Comment from the news source. "Like so many others... this person seemed so smug and self-righteous in his (wrong-headed) belief in the new COVID-19 vaccine, that he seems to have ignored all the warnings put out by others, like me, who warned against taking the new, untested, unproven, mRNA "death dart.Yet as with so many others his age, He seemed to think, when it came to the COVID Vax,  HE knew better." *This is an example of the wide spread 'mind controlled' type of thinking covered in  the 'Programme for Social Engineering' added onto the TIME link. The world has a very real problem with this type of programmed thinking.

New Zealand ARRESTS Government Database Admin for Revealing 24% DEATH RATE for certain COVID Vaccine Batches

Watch Video 9 mins. Very important information. *The reality of the jab and its results is frightening. There were 3 types of jab and also some doctors refused to do it but gave saline or the ordinary 'flu shot or doctors were being struck off and unable to practice again. However, the majority did get its contents in some forms. The main results of the jab were expected to be in by 2050 and was to be explained as 'because of climate change'.


Watch Video. 3 mins. Once you know what to look for it becomes easy to see it. These nutjobs delight in their secret symbols displayed right in fron of the 'profane' (ignorant). They like to do all manner of deceptions right in front of those who do not know what the secret is. On the other hand, sometimes people are just using hand movements as a normal thing, so this is really discussing when it is clearly intentional in some way. The man presenting the video said he was unaware of all this stuff until about 6 months ago when he 'got it' and woke up. It was also a surprise to most of us, including me, although i had been aware of this stuff going on, and the role of a geat many seemingly okay things. The entertainers and popstars doing this really surprised me. Some just had to do the photos etc in order to get the work, but many completely ssssold out for the fame and money - and have done extremely bad things to show 'how much they want the success'.



Watch Video 3+ mins.

You might wonder why there are so many TV interviews of witnesses of shootings, the Hamas attack, other disasters etc, who are trying not to laugh or are saying over the top things.

The reason is that most of these are the ones that were not used on air. But Interesting that they exist isn't it!


As the video get into these they get quite funny. 11 mins. Watch Video


Watch Video 1+ min. Busted!


Watch Video -1 min. Official inquiry.

U.S. Ports Traffic Cleared-out; NO Ships waiting - NO Freight Moving - NO Goods Coming in

"At Covid peak (when ships were held up outside ports waiting to unload) there were up to 80 container ships at anchor off of Long Beach and Los Angeles ports now there are none." (News Source) It appears there are no supplies being received in the USA/North America, anywhere, neither west or east coast. People involved in the ports for 30 years have said they have never seen a situation like this before. The USA is going to be experiencing major shortages very soon.

*Things are going to get very bad in North America, as it is in Europe, UK and Australia. Also with the migrant problem which has deliberately brought in over 1,000,000 military age young men who are there to cause disruptions when activated. Military Intel sources have said it is going to be a 'near death experience' not a 'bad hair day'. You can see what is happening in Europe and with the UK plus some of the militant immigrants in Ireland are telling the white actual Irish Irish to get out and that Ireland is their country. I don't know how it will be in Mexico.


Watch Video 1 minute, . (His name is mentioned for this same topic in the Laura Aboli video.) He is a foremost advisor to the WEF/World Economic Forum.


Watch Video 5 mins. This man has a nice property, his videos are always with him walking around it (this video may not show the best though.) This now evident problem of death is the reason I overstayed in Malaysia, because Australia would have forced me to have the jab and until around August 2021, I didn't have, or know of another country I could go to. I eventually went to Poland which was jab safe.

Nov. 28th.


Watch Video 1 minute.


Watch Video 1 minute (Dumbing down of America but also Britain, and Western countries in general.)


Watch Video 20 mins. *This is what the Immigration Policy has been from the beginning in the days of Enoch Powell in the UK (who spoke out against it.) Bringing in bucket loads of low IQ people to dilute the level of the population. Immigration is a form of unconventional war. Part 2 Watch Video


Watch Video X-Files * I don't care much for Alex Jones' shows but this first bit is informative plus there is more info. This is the plan that was to be implemented, but as soon as the USA Corporation falls, there is something else going to happen. The USA was illegally made into a corporation in 1871, I think, making it a business. This is what is currently crashing. From the 'bad side' the solution is China's Marxist Communist system. From the 'good side' it has been dealt with, just waiting for the US to collapse. The X-Files returns at 21 mins. Definitely Worth Watching.

Many major US banks, including JPMorgan, Bank of America, Citibank, Citizens Bank, and First National have filed to close down a total of 64 branches.

Its a small amount but an indication of where it is heading.


Interesting! Watch Video 5 mins. Posted by Kim Osbøl - Copenhagen Denmark


(First Squawk) There has been talk that something is going down on Monday. Maybe the UBS?


Watch Video 10 seconds


Watch Video 8 mins.


Watch Video 6 mins. from 'Sanity 4 Sweden'.


Watch Video 30 seconds. This video is under a series called 'retards on Tik Tok'. .


Watch Video 1 minute


Watch Video 4 minutes.


Watch Video 1 min.


Watch Video 2 mins


Watch Video 1 min.


Recent information indicates another race of human looking people who are not humans but called Homo Capensis, with elongated skulls, still co-exist with us on this planet. *They may be connected to the unfortunate things that have happened including the jab (see video 'Died Suddenly' to see the actual stuff that has been found growing in people's veins.)

. DIED SUDDENLY Watch Video.

China Now Ready to Promote It's Vision for the World.

"Xi Jinping has a plan for how the world should work, and one year into his norm-shattering third term as Chinese leader, he’s escalating his push to challenge America’s global leadership — and put his vision front and center." CNN. Back in the '70's America's Kissenger secretly visited a very closed and secret Communist China and made a deal with Chairman Mao. That was a deal in partnership with the globalists to bring down the USA and for China to become the new global superpower, with a world adopting the CCP's (Chinese Communist Party) seen to be 'successful' system. Since then China and East Asia have raced ahead giving the impression that communisim is the answer to the world's needs. Even the success of K-Pop, which is about to replace western pop culture, is part of this. Apparently people have thrived under communism! This was the deal - the USA would collapse and China would step in as having the answer. This also indicates we are getting near to the collapse of the US petro dollar and of the American culture - which has dismally failed. CNN article. "China has a sweeping vision to reshape the world — and countries are listening."

You can easily see the formula in action here. (Problem, Reaction, Solution.) The western world is in a mess, but China has an answer. How about that!


Operations in Middle East still clearing out tunnel systems. Hundreds or thousands of miles, 10 miles underground leading into caverns the size of several football fields, used as cities.

Some these tunnels under the 'Holy Land' date back thousands of years! Not just tunnel passageways, but cities large or small. All used for people trafficking, weapons, human organs, human blood, and drug trafficking, and all the illegal 'businesses' of those who were running this planet. These tunnels and caverns exist under the Mediterranean leading to Italy, and especially eastern Europe.

You can bet that the tunnels from Gaza enter into anywhere in Israel and they never needed to 'breach the border fence' anyway!

The proceedings for impeaching Biden are getting near.

China recently published a map of the Middle East which does not show a country called Israel.

A message?

Israel-Gaza Situation

Hezbollah leader has spoken on TV but the situation continues as before. As far as we know, 'they' are still clearing out the extensive tunnel system and ubderground facilities used for trafficking children, also drugs, human organs, and weapons. Beginning the 5th week. It is a worldwide tunnel network, this area is the last area to be tackled. The actual plan intended by those who control Israel is added beneath the next link.

Surprisingly a number of people do actually think like this .Watch Video. *Very a few across the world agree with this woman.

Those who control Israel have a plan to create 'Greater Israel'.

(They were happy to kill off the Israeli citizens so it is not the same people) Those in control want to drill for oil off the coast of Gaza and Lebanon to become the main supplier to Europe - having sabotaged the existing pipeline. They also planned for the Ben Gurian Canal to rival the Suez. Currently they are carpet bombing Gaza then going in with bulldozers to clear the land for their planned development. If you check the 'news page' there is the link showing the IDF soldiers standing down as Hamas' somehow 'took Israel by surprise' a few weeks ago.

Will all those other countries get involved in the Gaza conflict? Apparently "Israel has a 'suitcase nuke' hidden in the embassy of every country of the world, and if any country tries to stop Israel, they will activate every nuke that was planted." *It is understood this is what they had, but these have been found in most cases at least, and de-activated.

More on the people who "ran the world" (controlled the economy and organized wars) with their worldwide, powerful, yet well hidden Luciferian Religion. Jesse CZEBOTAR was one of the children brought up in their system and was trained as a 'Mother of Darkness' so she is an interesting source to explain some of it from an insider's perspective. She's been speaking out for a while now.



Watch Video. Lots of information from former 'Mother of Darkness' turned informer. Ashes from human sacrifices sold to food companies and as fillers for drugs, plus the structures and names of the Luciferian Shadow Government. Jesse says she chose to become


Start at around 2.30 (begins with an advert) the 'davastation' of recent disasters including the "Hamas attack on Israel". Watch Video

Nov. 3rd.

It Does Look As If the 'Final Response' is Getting Very Close.

That means have food and water, cash and supplies for an unknown amount of time.

Today's News: "Video put out by Hezbollah prior to their leader's anticipated speech, Video.(on X)". "Israel's army says it is on "very, very high alert" at its border with Lebanon as the leader of Lebanese Islamist group Hezbollah breaks his silence on the war" *He is speaking now. BBC World.

Of the so called refugees crossing into the USA, vast numbers are military age men there as 'terror cells'. "Those behind the 'world agenda' want to bring in 1,000,000 men from Gaza, into the USA, Canada and Mexico." This is a real situation. It is possible the Acapulco hurricane was part of 'weather war' as happened with Maui. Also ties in to what is happening in Israel - which is about controlling the supply of oil. 'They' want to drill off the coasts of Israel and Lebanon to supply Europe etc, and cut off Saudi Arabia and Iran. (This is from a good source.) Also research the intended Ben Gurian Canal which requires Gaza.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed House Resolution 559 on Wednesday which paves the way for a war with Iran over nuclear weapons. The resolution declares that “it is the policy of the United States that a nuclear Islamic Republic of Iran is not acceptable.” It says that the "International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed in May 2023 that Iran continues to enrich uranium to 60-percent purity.”

Hezbollah in Lebanon has issued what many interpret as an "Ultimatum" to Israel: Stop the war against Gaza by 3:00 PM local time, this Friday, 03 November, or Hezbollah will enter the war.  Speculation is rampant that Iran may do so as well.


The United States has been told by Iraqi groups that all American troops must leave Iraq immediately or all US bases in that country will be attacked; all troops, killed.

Supposed Interview of Israeli Kids Whose Parents were 'Murdered'. 16 Year old Boy with Bullet in the Stomach - Actually One of the Most Painful Places to be Shot. Definitely Iffy. Watch Video. Under 2 mins.

The 4th week of clearing the DUMBs - tunnels and underground facilities beneath Gaza and Israel.

Now we wait for mid November when the US reaches its debt ceiling again.

Have to include NEW MUSIC for 'Now and Then' The Beatles. Listen to Video.

It is altered somewhat from the original wording. I think I like the version they tried to do in the 90's better. I think the line "I don't want to lose you" is the most significant part of the song. They have made that version unavailable! I think it was better. This song was released at 11pm Nov. 2nd my time in KL.

Here is a very evocative mystical song of Lennon's Dream.

Al Jazeera is reporting utterly massive and continuous bombardment of the northern Gaza Strip; unlike anything seen so far.  They believe a ground offensive has begun.  ALL COMMUNICATIONS CUT OFF.  Phones, Fax, Internet, Cellular all off. Russian Television (RT) reports complete loss of contact with their crew inside Gaza.  Even TV satellite uplinks are not working; possibly being JAMMED. "The Air Force is striking underground targets very significantly. Ground forces are expanding the ground activity this evening."

This statement is complete nonsense : "Israel has just declared the beginning of ground operation in Gaza. The Judgment Day is announced. Now the most important events have to follow. All US efforts to prevent or at least to delay it were in vain. This is the war between the Islamic world and collective West." The "collective West" is not at all 'with Israel to fight the Islamic World'.

A lawsuit against fashion brand Abercrombie & Fitch - accusing the firm of funding a sex-trafficking operation - has been filed in New York.


Acknowledged side effects of the jab and reported on mainstream news. Watch Video. 2 mins.

Acapulco Hurricane Otis.

A man in Acapulco has released a video stating that no-one knew about the storm coming in, there was no warning, and the press are not being allowed in to report on it. I do believe we had a notice about the incoming hurricane a few days ago before it hit! There was plenty of notice, especially as we all knew about it, and that it was expected to be a category 5. Interesting to know if people really were taken by surprise. The man is claiming "The truth of the situation in Acapulco is being hidden by the government and the media and the situation is dire." is that correct? I took the story down from this page but didn't add it to the news page.

Israeli troops are carrying out "targeted raids" inside Gaza.

They go in as ground troops, do what they are there to do, then leave. This way it is not exactly a 'ground invasion'. The USA is conducting airstrikes/bombing Iran proxy forces inside Syria and the IDF is bombing Lebanon. There are 20,000 US Forces inside israel. Bombing Iranian forces is not a good sign. Oct. 31st is still an important date, and Halloween is a very real satanic special day, not at all a light-hearted fun day about witches. Our opinion is that things will drag on like this for a while because we think there are a few other factors that have to come into play. It is nevertheless understood that the DUMBs and undeground facilities are being cleared and blown up (in most cases blown up) and these were being used for child sex, drugs, and human organ trafficking. There is/was an extensive tunnel system beneath Gaza, but as Hamas was a creation of the 'Deep State' the people involved in this were on the same team.


Watch Video 1 min. FYI Syria has not given permission for US Forces to have any bases in their country.

The aircraft carrier Eisenhower and accompanying fleet has been rerouted to go thru the Suez and not be based alongside the Gerald Ford (aircraft carrier)

but will be off the coast of Iran. The US has asked israel to hold off any ground invasion while assets are moved into position for a "broader conflict".

It is being reported as ready to go for Wednesday or within 96 hours which makes it Friday. Again, Halloween on Oct. 31st is a major satanic day, and a day to watch, not the light hearted fun about witches, but an actual satanic date for sacrifices etc and still maybe a day to watch for escalation, or the USD collapsing etc. The information was that the situation will go to the absolute brink of WW3 so be prepared for a few days when everything is down, and have food and water, some cash etc.

Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates are joining the BRICS group of nations,

after their candidacies were approved on Thursday by leaders of the current member states, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced. *It was stated long ago that once Saudi Arabia joined the BRICS (this has now just happened) we could expect the USD to collapse.

Still no IDF ground invasion of Gaza.

It should be clear that at least something else is going on

with this so called 'Hamas attack' on Israel. Hamas was created by israel to break up the PLO and Fattah. They had elections in Gaza in 2006 and Hamas won. They then banned elections. Hamas is funded by Israel and the USA.



Previously not much was known about DUMBs - Deep Underground Military Bases -

and underground tunnels, wide enough to be a highway including one between jerusalem and the Vatican in Italy. Since 2020 the world has learned a lot about these tunnels, used not only for smuggling drugs and weapons, but also for child sex trafficking. (A topic covered in the film 'The Sound of Freedom'.) Recently one of the main hubs for this activity, and the production of bio-weapons and adrenochrome, was Ukraine, with a big operation to clear out and blow up these tunnels and their larger facilities, all underground. Some of these are where the children had been kept, often in cages. Since 2020, possibly before, these tunnels worldwide have been cleared out and blown up. Ukarine was a massive centre for this, and it was said, that clearing up Israel would be the last to be done.

Go to 1 hour 21 mins of this VIDEO (1 min.)

to see what looks like 2 Israeli soldiers standing by the hole in the fence with Hamas on motorcycles.

Oct. 18th. The intelligence which warned of the attack only went to Netanyahu, and was not told to the ministers. This was the same with the Yom Kippor War in 1973, but also with Pearl Harbor. So too with the situation with Hitler and Hess offering peace, and for Britain and Germany to fight communism together - only went to Churchill and Roosevelt and never shared with the government. Oct. 7th. Film of the hole in the fence which Hamas rode through on motorbikes etc, video shows what looks like 2 IDF soldiers either side of the hole inactive. Eye witness at a kibbutz, Israeli woman Yasmin says that Hamas appeared to be there to take hostages and negotiate from the kibbutz, not take them to Gaza. They eventually phoned the police who arrived about 7.30 am but with special forces, trained in how to rescue hostages, and it was the special forces who fired and killed everyone, including the Israeli kibbutz hostages killed in the massive crossfire.

I saw a video of some interviews done with IDF soldiers during the time when Israel was established after WW2. Old men in the interview, but laughing about how they were killing the surrendering Palestinian people, including the children, even when they (the children) had their hands up surrendering. In these 2 separate interviews these men were laughing about it. Asked how many one of them killed like this, he said 'I don't know' (laughed again) then said he had 250 rounds of amunition.

President Putin Gently Reminds the USA that Its Kinzal Hypersonic Missiles can Reach its Two Aircraft Carriers Sent to Aid Israel.

Watch Video.

We need to have a better world, but also recognize that the world we have has deliberately been steered this way. The wars all follow the same formula because they are not divided people, but required by an agenda. To understand how we create a BETTER WORLD we must recognize what has been done to our world and name it. For example, standards of education have been lowered considerably and people without too much intelligence have been rewarded and do believe they are the standard of intelligence that makes the world go round. Feminism has been another weapon. Women are not a version of men, nor do they need to be, to be 'equal'. Women are not men, and they are not masculine. They are feminine, and being feminine is equal in status to a man being masculine.

The IDF forces are building up alongside Gaza and Reports are of Jets Bombing Gaza.

The IDF appears to be waiting for the US fleets to arrive, then perhaps we all remember what happened to Bagdad, Iraq. Is that what we are waiting for? At the same time they will be taking out Hezbollah, and also going in to Iran.

Oct. 16th.

The Israeli desert concert venue was moved to near the border 2 days before the attack.

Report that about 90% of Israeli citizens now know that the IDF stood down for several hours and up to 7 hours while the Hamas attack took place.

The IDF forces are building up alongside Gaza and Reports are of Jets Bombing Gaza.

The IDF appears to be waiting for the US fleets to arrive, then perhaps we all remember what happened to Bagdad, Iraq. Is that what we are waiting for? At the same time they will be taking out Hezbollah, and also going in to Iran.

"Israel created and funds Hamas."


Watch Video

"Israel created and funds Hamas."

Watch Video 9 mins.


Watch Video 3 mins.

NEW. The Truth Watch This Video 6 mins.

So many things do not add up with this 'surprise' Hamas attack on Israel that it looks like Israel or other players wanted this attack

to go ahead so there could be the desired response. War.

If Israel begins a ground invasion of Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon will join the war.

If Hezbollah joins the war, then the USA will enter the war. It's already sent several aircraft carriers and accompanying fleets ready for that anyway. Qatar has threatened to cut off oil supplies which will affect the USA because the Biden regime sold off almost all the US emergency oil to cover something for Ukraine. If Israel launch a ground invasion of Gaza Pakistan has said it will supply missiles to Palestine. Israeli Defense Force Spokesman Jonathan Conricus vowed that they "would raze every building to the ground in revenge for Hamas.' "There is infiltration of aircraft from Lebanon into Israel, in a wide area. Paragliders with at least one person on them". Hezbollah are in Lebanon and it looks like they have entered the war - which meets the conditions the US said it would join the war, and so on.

And some have mentioned this. :When the US steps in to assist our longtime ally Israel, tens of thousands of fighting-age Palestinians who crossed the US border with BidenCo assistance will execute a long-planned and coordinated attack inside America.

Hamas etc knew exactly what they were doing by launching an attack

and they know full well what Israel's response would be. BTW there is no evidence whatsoever of the claimed butchery by the militants, it just seems to be to hype up the situation. And why weren't IDF soldiers protecting their country that day? Really, they were on holiday. "Pull the other one it's got bells on" as they say.

2 years ago Israel added underground sensors along all the borders exactly to alert for any fence breaches such as this. These automatically trigger artillery to kill anybody breaching the fences and borders. Apparently nothing was working. In addition 3 weeks earlier Hamas published an article explaining exactly how they would carry out an attack. About a week earlier all of the battalians normally guarding the Gaza area were moved to another part of the country. Curiouser and curiouser - and there were no IDF soldiers or responses for several hours! (I am using a source living in Israel, ex IDF intelligence, for these details.)

'Extremely dangerous' Hurricane Lidia hits Mexico's Pacific coast

The Mexican president said "I urge people living between Nayarit and Jalisco, especially in Bahia de Banderas, Puerto Vallarta and Tomatlan, to take precautions."  The hurrricane will likely produce flash and urban flooding alongside possible mudslides in areas of higher terrain across the state of Nayarit, southern parts of the state of Sinaloa, and coastal areas of Jalisco state in western Mexico.

***We (here in KL) are hoping everyone and everything is okay in Puerto Vallarta.


Watch Video . 1 min. 30 seconds. Parody means an artistic work that imitates the characteristic style of an author or a work for comic effect or ridicule. The female is CNN reporter Clarissa Ward, not a "crisis actress who has been busted". There are versions of this video presenting it as real dialogue put out by those who presumably didn't know what a parody is.


USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group Arrived near Israel + Now Three MORE Aircraft Carriers Leaving Port; 101st Airborne Division Relocating from Romania to Jordan



Russia has held a "final successful test" of a nuclear-powered cruise missile, Vladimir Putin has claimed.


Oct. 5th.

NATO has published an Op-Ed article by a retired American defense official, which calls on the bloc to fight and win a limited nuclear war against Russia.

Should the US and China clash over Taiwan, the author claims that a full-scale war in Europe would likely follow.

Russia to Hold First Nationwide "Nuclear Attack Exercise" on Oct 3rd.

"With all the focus on the U.S. conducting its first nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) test on October 4, it is eerily unsettling that Russia has just announced its first nationwide CIVILIAN nuclear attack exercise one day earlier, on Oct. 3. This first nationwide nuclear attack exercise across 11 time zones is openly stated by Russia to be "in preparation for potential nuclear war. It is presenting the West as the nuclear aggressorr."


Retired India Diplomat: "Trudeau' s Plane Had COCAINE on it When Landed for G-20 Summit" and "Trudeau was so high (overdosed) he couldn't attend several G-20 Functions"

The Video is in the Hindi language.

Last week 11 countries blocked a treaty at the United Nations which would have given the power for the United Nations to become the World Government - overriding the sovereignty and governments of all other countries. Think about it. This was to happen right in front of you, and the Mind Controlled masses would have let it happen.They are still planning to introduce overriding powers because of supposed future 'pandemics', so their 'health organizations' would override all governments and sovereign countries. The Pandemic Preparedness Treaty. It has not yet been passed. This is how dumb they think ALL of us are!. It makes me wonder at how lucky we were that people in a position who could / can stop this are ready and prepared to block this.

Speaker of Russian Duma: Ukraine Must SURRENDER on Moscow's Terms, or CEASE TO EXIST as a state

"Ukraine" means the USA and NATO countries 'must surrender on Moscow's terms'. And they won't! The war is now moving into direct conflict with Russia.


Watch Video 14 minutes. Worth listening to. Really! Includes the first ever Bilderberg Meeting. Please be aware that there isn't evidence that scientists smuggled out in Operation Paperclip were the actual Nat. Socialists. They were represented as being that. What they became part of (and probably already were part of) was the 'secret world government' agenda - and that they exist is explained in the document. How they do it, but you don't know or suspect. That agenda was never the nat. socialist agenda. It smacks of a cover to put the blame on others, which people would readily accept.

It also mentions people this secret group describe as 'dumb'. It describes how they deliberately have fed toxic products to these ones. Unfortunately that appears to be correct, these dumb ones do exist. for example, sadly like the ones who were jabbed are very likely to eat all the deliberately bad junk foods - because the rest of us do think about the quality of food don't we! But the 'dumb' ones dismiss that as nonsense. The follow on video the Silent Weapon. Again, recommended.


Comments on the Case Against Russell Brand.

"Recently, actor and comedian Russell Brand has used his celebrity status and his internet-based show to lift up independent-minded people like US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He questioned the US and NATO involvement in the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, as well as the mainstream media narrative on Covid-19.

.......I worked for Democrats, and I was raped by one. The Democrat I was raped by at work is now the president of the United States. There was no investigation into Joe Biden for what he did to me that day, but rather a coordinated attack on me across social media and establishment media alike that lasted years. It destroyed my professional and personal life." by Tara Reade RT Contributer. Source RT. See full article.

* It should be remembered that Brand has made his name by being a vile person who has done some really disgusting things. He is also NOT the champion of exposing revelations, he simply jumped on the bandwagon and declared himself to be. He rightly angered people like David Icke who had exposed all this stuff decades before Brand began to make a great income from it. Prior to that successful career move, Brand's opinions were extremely globalist.

BBC News : (Sept. 21st)

"A woman has accused Russell Brand of exposing himself to her and then laughing about it minutes later on his BBC radio show."

The woman says it happened in 2008 when she was working in the same building as the BBC in Los Angeles. The encounter left her stunned, she says. Minutes later, he was recorded laughing with his co-presenter who said Brand "showed his willy to a lady". Neither Brand nor his co-presenter have replied to requests for comment. It is the first time that Brand has been accused of sexual misconduct and then heard discussing it. It was recorded and played on air on his radio show.

"........In the conversation that followed, she recalls him saying: "Oh, I think you're a bit alright. I think you're a bit of alright." She says he told her he was going to call her Betty. When she said that wasn't her name, she says he replied: "Well, I'm gonna fuck you." "And I said: 'No, you're not.' " She says he then pulled out his penis on his hand and "pretty much served it to me as you would be serving someone some food"." See article

It should be noted that Russell Brand HAS got away with behaviour like this, it is very typical, and somehow it has been accepted as some kind of 'intelligent' well meaning character's humour. There is plenty to add on this topic because I have known of Brand through most of his career, or at least interviews etc 20 years ago, and certainly witnessed this in your face lewdness. It is well known he phoned up the elderly actor Andrew Sachs famous for playing manuel the Spanish waiter who could not speak English in the John Cleese classic "Fawlty Towers". Brand then described on air all the sexual things he did to Sach's then 20 year old granddaughter. Great for a laugh and for the show. But not so good for the elderly grandfather who had to listen to it and reacted - greatly distressed and upset - to an obscene phone call which was playing on air. His distress was the comedy.

People like Brand have learned that they can say things like were allegedly said to the BBC contact, they can directly say sexually explicit and vulgar things and there is a 75%-90% chance some of these slags will present themselves to him for what he offered. That is the reason for the movement called "Men Going Their Own Way" because it is hard to find a decent girl these days.

Same goes for men who behave as Brand does though. That is learned behaviour because it has been successful, but now people are rightly angered by what it is.

Is the Issue of De-Platforming etc to Deflect Attention Away from the Reality of the Alleged Charges?

The issue of cancelling and censorship by youtube etc, is a completely separate issue and should be viewed as such. That is clearly wrong.



This is a good video and so right when he says big stuff is happening and people are just not noticing. Watch Video 7 mins.



Saturday morning. The crew identified themselves as ACTIVE DUTY GERMAN ARMY TROOPS. The actual Army of Germany has now been caught waging actual war against Russia inside Ukraine. (News Source). No comments from RT News but CNN & the BBC seem to be headlining a story from yesterday about the attack on a military HQ in Crimea - which was attacked by so called "Ukraine Special Operations Forces" - Ukraine doesn't have any "Special Operations Forces' and its soldiers are men being forced into the army. However, if these foreign led interventions continue, Russia is going to retaliate. Then the world will have its WW3. .


Russian foreign minister says the US is “directly at war” with Moscow

Russia Retaliates for Sevastopol; Hits Kremenchug Airport Where Missiles were launched

Both SCALP and STORM SHADOW missiles, which were stored at the Kremenchug airport, along with the Ukrainian SU-24M/MR bomber aircraft which fired those missiles, have been destroyed. A substantial number of fire-fighters and ambulances have been dispatched to the airport.  We are told there are "significant casualties among pilots, ground crews and even NATO personnel, including Polish troops, who were involved in coordinating the operations and maintaining the missiles.


Biden speaks at UN enforcing the position for war with Russia.

This is going to go to the brink - and the West will lose. Just like they 'lost' their Stealth fighter plane a couple of days ago. Translated that means the 'mishap' and the lost plane were because they were hacked. But why did they make this story public other than they want you to know this?

It is very clear that the USA and NATO are agitating for war with Russia. That is part of their plan. It looks like it will be within the next 6-8 weeks, as a guess, but everything is certainly lining up that way. It has always been the plan of those who controlled the world under the banner of the 'West', to destroy Russia, just as they destroyed and broke up the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the British Empire, and waged the wars in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Always them starting wars!. The man in the picture is Gunther Fehlinger, Head of the Austrian NGO connected to the United Nations, showing the West's map of a world without Russia: The map was worked out long ago, because this has always been the plan.

Here is a map of how they intended to break up Russia and form Northern Eurasia!


North Korea to Send 300,000 - 500,000 Troops to Assist Russia.

This is an alliance that also includes China and is a response against the USA, UK and NATO countries.

CDC Admits ~120,000 Children "DIED SUDDENLY" after COVID-19 "Vaccine" Roll-out


The issue of the USA/NATO against Russia is looking very serious. A few days ago the headline was 'NATO Commences Snap "Northern Coast Exercise" in Baltic' Sea'. Then the largest ammo place outside Kiev was destroyed. On Sept. 10th Russia had 5 government 'Doomsday' planes in the air which turned off their transponders when they reached the Ural Mountains. On Sept. 12th Russia reported that Ukrainians were stopped trying to sabotage a Russian Nuclear Plant, they were British trained so called 'Ukrainian Special Forces' then also on Sept. 12th the headline was 'FLASH: RUSSIA ATTACKING ODESSA, IZMAIL, and ***RENI*** NEAR WHERE NATO EXERCISE TAKING PLACE ON ROMANIA SIDE OF DANUBE'.

News for Sept. 13th is "Ukraine has successfully attacked the Russian port of Sevastopol on Crimea, and destroyed the Russian Submarine "Rostov-on-Don" and the Landing Ship "Minsk"..  Both vessels were in dry dock for repairs."The deaths from the jab, official figures, is now at 20.000,000 deaths from the jab. Both these stories at Watch Video first 6 minutes.

Sept. 12th

Formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced Tuesday he is calling on his committees to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, even as they have yet to prove allegations he directly profited off his son’s foreign business deals. (CNN)

The exchange rate for the USD dollar may make it look like the Mexican peso is strong. But I am not exchanging the USD dollar!

That is an illusion, which those controlling fiat currencies like the USD are simply saying to explain away what is actually happening.

What is happening is that the fiat currencies are falling in value. The Mexican pesos might look like it is "getting stronger" against the USD but the reality is that the USD is in collapse. It is rapidly falling. There is over $32 trillion worth of debt for a start, with payments the US cannot even meet on the interest. But even if a "strong peso" was a reality, why would the Mexican peso be strong against the Euro, British Sterling, the Aussie dollar?

The USD is falling ready for the technical 'collapse' - because it, and other fiat currencies are being removed and replaced by asset and gold backed currencies at a fast approaching time called the RV. I can't even change Mexican pesos except over here.


President Obama showing off his 'dingle' on Air Force 1 also the man on the current Tucker Carlson interview on X on Obama and the bathhouse guy, gay sex. Watch Video

6+ minutes of Obama porn. See Tucker Carlson interview for more. Watch Intro Video on X 1 min.

***Tucker Carlson Interview

Internet comment : "Please let me see the tapes of this pc of shit swinging on a limb."

" Eventually it will click with the sleeping masses that Obama was not represented to the people as the person he really was."

Sept. 5th

A dog in Southern California ran away from home to sneak into a Metallica concert.

The band says that dogs shouldn't come to their shows but they're glad this one enjoyed the show. 

This is the dog's favourite track. Enter Sandman.

Tucker Carlson interviews man who allegedly had sex with Obama

Sinclair said he was introduced to Obama outside a Chicago bar in November 1999 and had no idea that he was an Illinois state senator. carlson's interviews are getting exceedingly high views on X, with reports the Trump interview reachjed 500,000,000. The interview with Sinclair is likely to be mega too.

He said he twice had sexual relations with Obama, and the two men used cocaine together. He claimed that Obama purchased cocaine on his behalf, and he watched the future president smoke crack in his limousine.

Sept. 4th

Agencies within the “UK intelligence community” worked closely with the government’s ‘Counter-Disinformation Unit’ (CDU) to police Covid-related dissent on social media, the Telegraph reported on Friday, citing classified documents.

The documents in question were presented to the British government’s ongoing Covid-19 inquiry, set up earlier this year to examine the government’s response to the pandemic. Marked “official sensitive,” the documents allege that the “UK intelligence community” was “working closely” with the CDU “where appropriate” during the pandemic, the newspaper stated. The documents do not detail which agencies within the intelligence community – which includes MI6, MI5 and GCHQ – worked with the CDU.

'Predictions' for Sept/Oct. Joe's impeachment will begin and the truth of the documents on his son's laptop

and Joe's thousands of emails with various pseudonyms will surface. He will go, but Kamala the VP cannot become President (and she was chosen because of that). There are reasons why it cannot go to Kevin McCarthy so some stuff can be expected there. Also Obama being gay is out now which introduces his 'wife' Michael (so who are those two girls being represented as their daughters?) but also leads to the mysterious death of their chef who was about to release a 'tell all' book, and also the death of Joan Rivers. Conflict situations which could escalate rapidly are possible with Africa, China and Taiwan, Ukraine, and Syria. They say the Stock Market won't crash but there is going to be 'stuff' and then the few days when no-one knows what is happening. As mentioned, the BRICS is already introducing the new system and is another name for it. The BRIC (before Sth Africa joined making it BRICS) began in 2009. You can also see that people like Cathy O'Brien (video below) were testifying under oath and revealing some very interesting information - back in the 1990's. Obviously there are military sources who have been providing information publically and they have said SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER. We have all learned not to just accept dates given out, but things across the board do seem to be lining up for what I described as 'Showtime'.

Sept. 2nd.

The armed forces of the United States have directly attacked a Checkpoint of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), near the Iraq border.

The Americans claim they were going after "terrorists" but hit the regular Syria Army in error.   Few believe this explanation; least of whom is Russia.The Russian army has told the American army "Do not make an error like this again because if you do, we will not make any "error" when we defend Syria from such attacks." There has just been a very sudden, and significant deployment of US military aircraft mechanics to Iraq. The first of Helicopter mechanics will deploy within the next two weeks, and a VERY large number of additional aircraft mechanics will follow later in September.Syrian oil fields are under American control and at least $30 million a month in Syrian oil is being stolen. Syria does not want the US forces in its country. The US is actually partnered with ISIS and Al Qaeda, as reported earlier, and were partnered with Al Qaeda linked groups during the 2011 conflict.. There are a number of potential 'hot war' trigger spots besides Ukraine.

.Sept. 1st.

Even in the Bible, it warns about the banking system with the interest charged- usury, almost like a warning because this had happened before. In fact the Rothschild family make trillions of dollars each year and along with the other few families involved, were easily able to set up what was planned for the world population - and the world's wealth of course, because at this point, everything would have gone to them. There is technology far ahead of what we have and know about today, not just DEW, but space vehicles that can hover over cities and be invisible. It has been in use since the 60's but we only know the level we have been shown to exist. These people no longer control those, or the satellites, or the technology, apart from ground level tech. such as Mobile Directed Energy Weapons, not satellite directed.

When the system actually changes over from the horrors that are still being seen to be introduced, there will be a kind of de-briefing for the people who have been so brainwashed into what they see as reality. The world is now full of hate and egotistical opinions of self-importance and other attitudes which have been programmed. These all have to be de-programmed. Just look at how people behave in this world. They believe marriage and relationships are some kind joke or have no more significance than a night's out entertainment. This has produced decades, of single parent children who never had a stable family environment and probably were passed to the grandparents to look after while the single parent had to work. If you get the picture.

A source who worked in de-programming people for military intelligence has said the songs of a singer named Adam Ant, somewhere around 1980, were used for de-programming. Adam had been thru the programming most of the pop groups had to go thru to become stars (The Beatles were programmed at the Tavistock Institute in London). Anyway Adam broke free of the programming and used his music videos to help others break free from Mind Control (MK Utra and Monarch). So of course, I have looked up Adam Ant and the music. I don't know how the de-briefing like this worked. The music is very much of its time, obviously not what we would listen to now, but it is extremely interesting that military intelligence used it to help people who have been brainwashed, de-programme. It also seems to be in the words, but the source said Adam was very specific about what the videos were symbolically representing. Consciousness, compartmentalized consciousnesss etc I don't know this music, but I am looking now at 'Stand and Deliver' and I can see the use of the mirror, some of the wording "even though you fool your soul, your conscience will be mine" and also people standing without seeing what is happening. This is happening now. There were three specific tracks the source said are/were used for de-briefing and de-prgrogramming actual MK ULtra and Monarch cases. There is a short pdf on Monarch Mind Control 12 pages. Also through pictures, Monarch Mind Control (I haven't read it, it is just a reference). Here is Adam Ant. De-programming video-music.

FREE PDF Cathy O'Brien's book "TRANCE-formation of America".

This is Cathy O'Brien. It has taken 30 years for people to listen and understand this is real. Many, many others also began to come forward and explain what this is about. The George Bush is Bush Snr. This is an old video, and she is much older now so maybe from the early 2000's. I just checked and the book "TRANCE-Formation of America" was published in 1995, and seems to be available as a pdf (available above).

Only 22 minutes . Watch Video.

White House preparing for Biden impeachment – NBC

US headed for ‘hot war’ with Russia – Tucker Carlson. Washington is angling for open conflict for political reasons, the former Fox News host has said. RT News article

Aug. 29th

Big Russian assault ready to take off but telling these young Ukrainian men who have been dragged off the streets and sent to the front, they know what was done to them and they can surrender. 400,000 of these young guys have died and over 2 million injured - Ukraine's next generation is being destroyed for a NATO agenda. 1 minute .Watch Video . ............ Russia - "jus ad bellum" and "casus belli" are being spoken. Reports a massive offensive about to begin. Casus belli = An act or event that provokes or is used to justify war.

Jus ad bellum = "the conditions under which States may resort to war or to the use of armed force in general."

NEW UPDATE : "A swarm of drones" has just attacked a Russian airfield, too far away to be from Ukraine. Did it come from Estonia/Latvia border - both NATO countries - and therefore a big problem for NATO? . Jus ad bellum?

USA military in Syria are teemed up with ISIS and Al Qaeda to force regime change. Yes that's right, the US is teemed up with ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Is this a DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) being fired at a military jet?

(The beam is straight, but this is seen through clouds). Watch Video 30 seconds.

NEW 16 seconds. Amusing. Watch Video.

Aug. 28th.

The new addition countries to the BRICS means that BRICS countries now control 44% of the world's oil production compared to 3.9% controlled by the G7 nations. 

Aug. 25th - 26th - 27th

Blue roofs are being passed over in Maui Fires.

Houses that belonged to celebrities in Hawaii, like Oprah, were painted blue. 1.30 min Video. Blue or ultra violet beam lasers DEW are ineffective on blue objects. Cars melting a clear sign that DEW were used. Cars in fields away from all the fires were also melted. The 15th Space Surveillance Sqadron was heavily attacked on Maui. This is a short and very informative video on the use of DEW which are the only level of heat which can melt cars. Message to Maui... The Evidence May Shock You. Watch Video New video 3 hours ago. 10 mins.

< Here it is!! - the Indian 'lunar module'.

OMG! People are questioning, perhaps laughing at that alleged Indian "moon landing"!

The BBC link does not show the alleged landing but does show a lot of people, alleged to be scientists, applauding. Watch. 30 seconds. Actual shots of the thing landing would have been more appropriate. The picture of a module approaching the moon is impossible to film with no camera on the moon. "Who Faked it Better"? Watch Video 12 mins. A few interesting points/observations made in this video.

Blue roofs are being passed over? Interesting.

Houses that belonged to celebrities in Hawaii, like Oprah, were painted blue. Blue beam lasers DEW are ineffective on blue objects.

"Western countries not welcome at BRICS – Moscow."

"One of the key conditions for admittance to the group is 'non-application of illegal sanctions against any of the members of the association' ". Western alliance countries have done this so cannot join. However, the economic situation is forcing countries to need to apply to join. To do so, these countries must stop. being part of those enforcing sanctions. They need to join, which leads to the collapse of the 'West' as it has been. North America is still asleep and unaware that they have already fallen and are irrelevant on the world stage. When they wake up, it is going to be a very big, stunning shock. Watch Video.

The BRICS system is actually the Quantum Financial System under another name - we will all have the same system in the end . Texas has already applied to BRICS because it is the new asset backed system. This has been in the works for a while but they launched BRICS to force the hand of the cabal and one way or the other force the fall of the cabal/ Rothschilds banking system - and what that is trying to start will never happen for any length of time it’s practically dead now. London was the financial center of the world in the old system clearly they may still play a part because some of the same organizations are in the new QFS system as well. The QFS is on a Quantium computer in the Starlink system . Starlink is more than just communication satellites it’s also where the QFS is, as well as a planetary defense system.

Aug. 24th

BRICS adds Saudi Arabia. It was reported that once that happened it was a sure sign the USD was finished. '

Is this the Summer of Bad Tourists?' (BBC) Read More. This is exactly what you see everywhere with Western tourists. Countries have to put up signs for them not to vandalise buildings and not to pee in the streets. Westerners! It may be the worst civilization the world has ever produced.


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) are warning that a new COVID Variant will infect people who are VACCINATED worse than others!  Reported to begin around mid September requiring airport workrs to wear masks again, then later the pilots and airline staff, then the community as winter kicks in. As you can see from the World Health Org, 'covid' was the seasonal 'flu. Lockdowns sent businesses bankrupt, but the jab has many permanet DNA alterations in the body and/or added nanotech so thoughts and feelings will actually come from a computer. It is believed that people have enough awareness now, when this all repeats, to protest and rebel. The military required that 80% of the US population had reached that awareness. Nevertheless, the jabs were still the real thing except for those given a placebo.

Aug. 23rd

Alleged Indian Moon landing.

The BBC link does not show the alleged landing but does show a lot of people applauding. Watch. 30 seconds. Actual shots of the thing landing would have been more appropriate. Showing people alleged to be scientists clapping does not mean anything. Nor does the picture of a module approaching the moon as it is impossible to film that with no camera on the moon! Here is the Indian one Watch Start at 31:45. or around 40. In Hindi and English.

Many people question that any of these 'moon landings' have actually taken place. Now India is doing it, and it seems they can land a module but not present actual evidence?


Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin listed as passenger on plane which crashed with no survivors, Russian aviation authority says.

Aug. 21st

The founder members of BRICS face an historic decision as they attempt to reshape the world order

"Expanding the membership and working towards financial independence from the West are two important challenges to be discussed at the Johannesburg summit." RT News.

Everything in the world is in a managed decline. Anyone can see the decline, but not all are aware that it is intentional. At the end of it, you would have been experiencing complete disaster, as well as the 'social credit score' system which was a form of absolute control over your life and already used in China. The CBDC is part of it. Central Bank Digital Currency. .This was the plan for the WEF Reset. The BRICS was the opposition and is using a gold backed, and asset backed currency.

There is a movie 'In Time'. "In a future where time is money and the wealthy can live forever, Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) is a poor man who rarely has more than a day's worth of life on his time clock.". If you cannot add to the credit, when the credits run out, you die. Very similar system was to be introduced! The new system was like that. If you didn't do what you are instructed to do you lose credits from your 'social credit score'. This was to apply worldwide. Those in control had no problem with adding nanotech into the body and hooking your biology up into a computer. Nanotech was in batches of the jab.

Aug. 17th-19th

Aug. 23rd/24th has come up for a few things, so may be a date to watch.

Things are moving with Biden's son Hunter's laptop case! The laptop was full, absolutely full of Hunter's own porn and pedophile abuse pics as well as ALL the Biden Crime family's secret deals. One of these very graphic X rated pics was of actress Gal Gadot of Wonderwoman fame, and it was from the Chinese source (G News) which also had the harddrive from the laptop. I don't think they knew who she was because that picture would not have been there. Others who were known celebrities were not shown, except Malia Obama in a compromised situation. There was so much stuff on the harddrives that sections were given out to several sources and most of it made known before the 2020 election. The alphabet agency which had the goods had already removed most of the criminal activity content - to be, and which is being revealed now. The issue is the corrupt court system, the DoJ because these people could do all this stuff with impunity - the Do J was part of it. That is how the unbelievable corruption continued. Like Ruth Ginsberg who 'died' just before the 2020 election enabling Trump to appoint a new judge. In fact she'd died a while before that and was 'kept on ice' so to speak - the announcement was timed to be when it was.

Russia Publicly Accuses U.S. "Deep State" and Big Pharma of Deliberate COVID Pandemic to takeover the world

Watch Video "The Russian Ministry of Defense, Russia publicly accused Deep State actors and Big Pharma of manufacturing the COVID pandemic to take over the world. They even listed Obama, Clinton, Biden, and Soros, of being the main “Ideologists” behind the plot. The video is from a Briefing by Chief of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection Troops of Russian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov: "Pentagon conducts uncontrolled dual-use research in circumvention of international obligations under the BTWC (Biological and Toxin Weapons Control Treaty)." The Russian Military officially and publicly accuses the US of releasing bioweapons to create “crisis situations”, and claims the US are planning to do it again." (Independent News Source)



Watch Video 15 mins.

Aug. 14th

TOP SECRET U.S. Government Tunnels | Cities Of The Underworld (S4, E2) | Full Episode

Watch Video. 42 mins.

Aug. 10th

"Just one week after Russian Defense Minister Shoigu paid a State visit to North Korea, leader Kim Jong Un sacked his top general and ordered increases in weapons production and combat drills in preparation for an "offensive" war" - state-run media reported Thursday."

Aug. 9th

"The House Oversight Committee on Wednesday published receipts showing Hunter Biden, the son of current US President Joe Biden, receiving money from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan by trading on the family name. The committee says it has identified $20 million in payments from foreign sources to Hunter Biden’s company, which they describe as a front to sell access to the “Biden network” while his father was Barack Obama’s vice-president (2009-2017)". "During Joe Biden’s vice presidency, Hunter Biden sold him as ‘the brand’ to reap millions from oligarchs in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine. It appears no real services were provided other than access to the Biden network, including Joe Biden himself. And Hunter Biden seems to have delivered,” said committee chair James Comer, a Kentucky Republican. (Rt News.)

Aug. 8th


As of late Tuesday evening, August 8, 2023, countries expressing their intent to join BRICS account for SIXTY PERCENT (60%) of known global oil/gas reserves.  At the very least, this means sixty percent of the worlds oil sales will take place in a currency OTHER THAN the U.S. Dollar, once BRICS brings their new, gold-backed currency to life.

NEW Watch this Twitter Video!

It's true. I watched it Live. When Biden and Harris + spouses had their photos taken on the steps it was completely empty. When I checked the youtube later, there were soldiers added and many people. Biden walking amongst crowds etc to the inauguration place, but when it happened, as watched Live, there was nothing. When his motorcade drove away, there were soldiers and marines etc who turned their backs as the cars drove past, a few units remained facing. What this is, is going to be a shock to most people in the world..

NEW Africa just SHOCKED the world with this and Putin is watching 12 mins. Watch Video.

The coup in Niger, Africa, is significant.

JUST IN: Massive Backfire In Trump Scandal '4 hours ago' under 2 mins. Watch Video. I don't know who this guy is, but the Russiagate was discredited long ago. This will be about to happen because it looks like all the stuff IS being revealed now. The plan was for the people to become aware of what was being done, and 'rise up' to overthrow what was planned. In reality, what is about to be 'big news' now and in the oncoming weeks, actually happened - took place - within the last 7 years. African nations are currently 'rising up' and kicking the exploiting colonists out - France and USA.


US alarmed by Russia-China naval patrol near Alaska in 'Unprecedented' Joint Show of Force

"A large group of Russian and Chinese warships passed near the coast of Alaska last week, with a group of US destroyers scrambling to shadow the naval patrol." (RT News)

Aug. 6th.

Ukraine Declares "Military Threat to Navigation" Against Russian Ports; Poland, Lithuania, Latvia Moving Troops Toward Belarus and Kaliningrad. Blockade to Begin?

Military hardware is actively moving this morning and, day-by-day, it seems clear that an actual World War 3 is shaping up." (News Source).


NEW. I have been through our news page on the Biden topic for 2020 and 2021 and the majority of the links have been removed. It is interesting that the Bobulinski press interview pre testimony was still there, and his interview with Tucker Carlson. Hunter's laptop was mostly porn and coke but also he kept emails and files of info on 'business dealings' in case he needed 'protection'. There were graphic and explicit pictures from Hunters laptop which include Malia Obama. These were published by the Chinese G News who also had the laptop hardrive!

NEW. There was a doco titled 'Riding the Red Dragon'. This doco can be found but no longer at the link I had. Also a news item from 2020 from the Washington Times which also has the youtube full doco. Read More/Watch Video.

I have been an independent reporter on the war on Libya, 2011, the Color Revolution in Ukraine, which took place while Russia hosted the Winter Olympics at Sochi in 2014, and also what transpired from 2020. There has been a regular news feed since 2011.

It does seem that the information that many of us have already known for over 3 years, is now being made known to all the people who share this planet yet were asleep. It will be strange to see all the people are only now becoming aware of what is now being made known. It was all available and reported in 2020.

Just by following the news stories now unfolding it looks like the 'end game' will be in about 10 weeks time, October.

Aug. 3rd

NEW. There is an interview with Hunter Biden's business associate Devon Archer aired on TV on Wednesday with Tucker Carlson.1:16:36 'Tucker Exposes Bidens' Alongside this, there is also an interview with Tony Bobulinski, another business associate, again with Tucker Carlson, but the interview was 2 years ago. In fact everything about the corruption revealed from Hunter Biden's laptop was fully out there in the news before the 2020 US election, but people are only finding out about it now because it is being played out now on mainstream media (who did not show it before).

FOX News. Biden won't survive this scrutiny. 8 mins. Watch Video. Uploaded 1 hour ago.

"THE PEOPLE NEEDED TO SEE HOW BAD IT COULD GET" Watch Video. 10 mins. Latest Indictment Against Trump Gives Trump Ability to Re-Litigate ENTIRE 2020 Election. (The lady says they have the evidence on that 2020 election - with the servers in Canada, Venezuela, Germany and the Vatican's Da Vinci satellites.)

Aug. 2nd

Currently the US government is on a holiday break but resumes in September when proceedings for Biden's impeachment will begin. His crimes include Treason. This man is so corrupt that we should see him gone by the end of September or in October, which is also the time likely for a 'nuke alert' and also the final crash of the USD. So October could be the month to watch and be prepared for.

Just for the record, the news is currently covering the testimonies of Hunter Biden's business associate Devon Archer and also that of Tony Bobulinski. This is currently happening as per the news. I already have this, and Tony Bobalinski's press conference before giving the testimony from apparently 2021 and it actually took place in 2019 or before..

NEW Tony Bobulinski held press event in 2021 claiming Joe Biden knew about Hunter's business deals. 7 mins. Watch Video.


3 years ago.

Latest Indictment Against Trump Gives Trump Ability to Re-Litigate ENTIRE 2020 Election.

UFO's - non-biological remains. US hearings. only 4 mins. Watch Video.

August 1st.

Biden family and Burisma etc

FOX News 9 mins. Can Biden really remain in office?

Senate Passes $886 Billion NDAA: No Audits Necessary

President Joe wants no audit of the billions in weapons of mass Ukrainian death provided in the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). His compliant Senate majority gave him every buck of the 886 billion bucks he requested to wage US exceptionalism round the world. Besides ravaging the life of millions in dozens of countries worldwide from bombs and sanctions, US foreign policy risks nuclear war with Russia and China over Ukraine and Taiwan respectively.(Source 'Anti.War.blog'). *The US debt is at 32 trillion. This defence budget amount is more than the annual interest on ever paying off that debt. So, you think the USA is not going under?

Two Belarus Military Helicopters Enter POLAND Air Space - But Were MISSED on Radar.

Two military helicopters from Belarus entered Poland air space today, going UNDETECTED by Poland/NATO radar because they flew so low.  They flew about two kilometers through Poland, then returned to Belarus airspace. Flying just above the tree line, the helicopters were photographed by persons on the ground inside Poland."Belarus has warned Poland of a possible flight of several military helicopters, witnessed on Tuesday by residents of border settlements; Polish authorities later confirmed that the helicopters crossed the state border." Yahoo news.

July 31st

Drone Attacks on Moscow.

Video of explosion was taken by a child. Source : BBC World News Watch Video under 1 minute. This was up here but may have been missed.

Zelensky : 'War coming back to Russia'. (BBC World News). Zelensky is either mentally deranged or knows he is backed by NATO. Ukraine taking on Russia? No way. Ukraine has no Air Force and no Navy. It has been given these and the commanders are not Ukrainians but the 'Advisors'. The US Dept. of Defense has just issued a memo for 'Combat Pay' for its military in Ukraine. So it looks like it is not long to go now for the 'end game'. BTW what US military in Ukraine? They are not supposed to be there!

Putin WARNS of nuclear response as NATO readies forces | Redacted NEWS Show with Clayton Morris

WATCH SHOW. *Starts at 30 mins in past intro.

Ukraine publishes video of all the attacks on Moscow it plans for August 24th. Mark the date!

'Nuclear war no worse than climate change' – Blinken.

July 29th


Pentagon Orders "COMBAT PAY" For U.S. Troops - UKRAINE

This raises questions: 1) Why are US Troops inside Ukraine at all, AND;

2) If the only US Troops in Ukraine are "Advisors" then why Combat Pay? (From News Source.)

July 27th "Russia, North Korea and China align on Ukraine in Pyongyang meeting." CNN

July 26th. There were reports of a Russian and Wagner troops build up along the border yesterday and before but I had no internet access to add that.

CNN headline 15 minutes ago is (11.11am PV time) :

Explosions reported in western Ukraine after Air Force warns of Russian missiles approaching

.REPORT from Independent source from in Ukraine. RT (Russian News) is not reporting this.

Report as given :

"BALLISTIC MISSILE LAUNCHES" UPDATED AGAIN 12:46 PM EDT -- Major Air Strikes Against Ukraine

Reports are coming in that Russia has launched 12 TU-95 aircraft carrying missiles for Ukraine

If each aircraft is carrying a full load, that is up to 96 cruise missiles. Air Raid Sirens are sounding throughout the red shaded areas of Ukraine shown on the map above. 

UPDATE 11:34 AM EDT -- 

Preliminary launches of X-101/555 missiles from Tu-95 from the Caspian direction.

CONFIRMED!   Initial Detection by the Ukrainian Air Force of Cruise Missile launches by at least 12 Russian Tu-95MS Strategic Bombers over the Caspian Sea; the Missiles should be entering Ukrainian Airspace within the next hour. 

UPDATE 11:38 AM EDT -- 

ADDITIONAL MISSILE ATTACKS NOW TAKING PLACE!  High-speed missiles entering Ukraine from the north, Ukraine's air force says.

UPDATE -- Today's missiles are constantly changing course in mid-flight!

Rockets over the Kirovograd region towards Kiev. More missiles in the direction of the Vinnitsa region. Rockets over the Zhytomyr region. Zhytomyr region Powerful explosions, Borispol, Kiev region, Explosions; Zhytomyr region. Detonation of two warehouses with ammunition.

The second wave of Russian missiles is entering from the East.

Multiple explosions heard in Khmelnytskyi region


The attack seems to have subsided.  No additional missiles are being tracked in, or toward, Ukraine.

Unconfirmed Reports that Starokostiantyniv Air Base in the Khmelnytskyi Region of Western Ukraine has been struck by at least 5 Russian Cruise Missiles.  This Base is Home to the 7th Tactical Aviation Brigade who operate Su-24 Tactical Bombers which are claimed to be the only Ukraine aircraft capable of utilizing “Storm Shadow” Air-Launched Cruise Missiles provided by the UK and France. 

Reports are that this attack was focused on NATO Assets, Supplies, and Command Centers inside Ukraine, which would explain the daylight strikes.



In 1962, the then-Soviet Union placed Medium Range and Intermediate Range nuclear missiles in Cuba with a five minute flight time to Washington, DC.  This resulted in the "Cuban Missile Crisis".

Here's a short trailer for a movie made in 2001 on that very real missile crisis in1962 when the fingers were on the nuke buttons.

Watch Video 2 mins. 42 seconds. .

July 23rd

At about 2:00 AM eastern US time Sunday morning, NATO instructed Ukraine to ABANDON THE FRONT LINES and have all troops "return to the cities immediately to seek shelter."

July 17th

Attacks on Crimea Bridge

Ukraine informed the BBC that they carried out the bridge attack with their non existent Ukraine Navy. Ukraine does not have a Navy, just as it does not an an Air Force. NATO is escalating this war. The target was a civilian bridge and one little girl, impaled on glass as she was thrown through the windowscreen, is now an orphan as her parents in the front seat were killed. The Zap Nuclear Plant is still under attack from the western side using western weapons.

British Storm Shadow Missiles Fired into Russia for at least 2 months.

Two points with the recent alleged events with missiles. Firstly Russia would not openly retaliate to this as it would be turned around by the media and be reported as a first strike. Obviously these are to provoke a response. Secondly, undoubtedly such a missile was shot down before it reached the facility (which is located in the Urals.)

Update : There is now proof that these missiles were used and fired.

Large segments from one shot down missile clearly show it is a missile, not a drone, clearly has all the markings and can be identified as the Storm Shadow missile.

There is no "Ukraine Air Force". Ukraine's 'Air Force' was made up of the planes left there after the collapse of the USSR in 1991, then was not funded. Does Ukraine actually have pilots who fly the current day planes given to them, and is it Ukrainian pilots firing these missiles?

Ukraine has launched a 'drone' attack on a Nuclear Plant in Kursk 100 km from the Ukraine border. The 'drone' was shot down by Russian missiles. I have the video footage of this (from a surveillance camera) with the sound of a missile not a drone, and the explosion, and if I can find a way to put it up here I will do that. It did not hit the plant (that shows on the surveillance video dated July 14th 2023). It was hit by a missile about 4 km from the plant.

"Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned on Saturday that Ukraine's drone attacks on Russian nuclear facilities may lead to a catastrophe in Europe. In a statement on the ministry's website, Zakharova condemned Ukraine's attack on the Russian Kursk nuclear power plant, saying Kyiv "embarked on a path of nuclear terrorism."' (Reported July 15th.

NEWS Updated July 14th on 'Report that British Storm Shadow missiles were used in attempt to bomb close to Russian nuclear depot'.

Update : Russia reports "An accident at a nuclear enrichment facility in Russia’s Sverdlovsk Region has left one worker dead, the plant’s administration said on Friday."

We are trying to find more information on the report that British Storm Shadow missiles were used. This enrichment plant is inside Russia. It is known that the cabal agenda has been to take out Iraq, Libya, attempted in Syria, and ultimately to take down Russia. The tactics used to begin the attack on Libya were that even as NATO finished its meeting in March 2011, British fighter jets were already in and bombing the line of aid trucks being sent from Tripoli to Benghazi. This work covered that war on Libya.

July 13th

RUSSIAN NUCLEAR BASE ATTACKED. Biden Calls-up 3,000 Military Reservists for NATO. Russian Counter Offensive Predicted for Autumn

An autumn counter offensive is in response to the F16 and Lavrov's message yesterday that F16's can be nuclear armed and Russia cannot ignore that. Not yet verified report that British Storm Shadow missiles were used in attempt to bomb close to Russian nuclear depot. While attention was on a bland NATO Summit, more aggression was actually taking place.

The US is never going to 'run out of ammo'. The US yearly budget is more than every other country combined and has been for years.

Cluster Bombs Arrive in Ukraine

Russia has repeatedly warned the United States that this is another escalation by the West, and that Russia has Cluster munitions of its own which it WILL use against Ukraine if Ukraine uses the ones supplied by the West.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Says BRICS Meeting Will 'Put Nail In Coffin Of Fiat'

'Much of the world now supports de-dollarization. It will happen, but not as a “big bang”' (Source RT)

BRICS meeting is August 22nd.

July 12th

The war is not Ukraine's war, it is the cabal's agenda to take out Russia. The same as was with Iraq, Libya and attempted in Syria.

We, as this website, have to pay attention to events in case it is finally reaching what is expected.

The escalation of the Ukraine situation is an indication that helps us all with preparing for possible dates when events are going to play out. At the moment you should be noticing that things are happening in your country that are not what you voted for as your country, and not what people want. Such as 15 minute cities as an example. So long as the events play out as those we are awaiting, all that we have been through since the first lockdowns began in 2020 and then crazy agendas, so long as it plays out to script, then all that is so bad now, will come to an end.

A source suggests : "You need to have Emergency food, water, medicines (the ones you need to live), some cash, a generator to make electric power if the grid goes down, and fuel for that generator.  You also need COMMUNICATIONS gear such a CB or HAM radio."

July 11th

Said to be real. Obama's Kenyan Passport.

More on the Differences Between the First Vaxx Batches and Later Ones Ends Any Chance of Prosecution for Big Pharma?

As mentioned here before, a Danish study found that 'a small percentage of Covid vaccine batches were associated with nearly 71% of the adverse events in people who took the vaccine. There is an argument that Big Pharma can say they were asked to come up with a jab urgently, did so then realised it was causing harm and responsibly removed and changed it. This seems like bad news for those who hoped to see Big Pharma caught out on this. If they changed the batches then that seems like they acted fairly to ensure the safety of those jabbed doesn't it? Recently an action was brought against Big Pharma (not sure which one) whose argument to the judge to dismiss the case was that they 'delivered what the governments asked for'. In other words they (Big Pharma) did their best. From the govenment perspective who ordered these jabs so urgently they also can say they were doing their best. If the jab contents had not been changed the story would definitely show the fraud. Now with this study it looks like it absolves all of them.

According to the lead researcher Dr. Vibeke Manniche, “4.2% of the batches are associated with almost 71% of the reported side effects. You would usually expect that if the batches were the same quality...You would expect more or less the same amount of side effects...This is a huge difference between the batches...Why did something change along the way?”' This seems as if they changed the vaxx so that they did not commit a crime and could not be prosecuted.


July 10th

Ukraine/Zelensky has Been Doing All Possible to Get More Military Support. Biden's Recent Statement Has Left Ukraine Stunned.

Biden's recent statement indicates no increase in support for Ukraine's unnecessary efforts to fight Russia over territory that is Russian anyway. yet NATO and the USA have aided the fight with troops sent to bordering countries. with weapons, fighter planes, missiles and obscene amounts of money. Now apparently Ukraine has been 'left to it' - although it looks as if Ukraine was the 'front' for a western agenda against Russia. Being used, then dumped?

July 8th

'Count of Monte Cristo' and 'Frequency'

Actor Jim Caviezel who stars in the Sound of Freedom was also very good in the 'Count of Monte Cristo' an adventure, classic novel by Alexander Dumas (who also wrote the Three Musketeers). Watch Trailer

He also starred in a sci-fi film called Frequency with Dennis Quaid which crossed the boundaries of time. It was a really nice film Watch Trailer

Sound of Freedom

Watch Trailer It is important that people get to know about this problem, because most of us don't know. In an interview the director and main actor say this film was finished 5 years ago presumably 2019, but we knew a lot about it in 2020, as if it was perhaps in the editing phase and there was a special premier sometime later that year or it could have been early 2021, but we knew about this film. Until all this information began reaching us in torrents in 2020 I had known absolutely nothing about what child trafficking was or how massive it was. The film is top at the box office and beating the lame farce that is the latest Indiana Jones. This was posted today : "I went by Century Theaters and the only movie Sold Out was The Sound of Freedom!" Today.

What is Necessary is to Be Aware of What is Happening.

It is believed that Ukraine, which is strongly supported by the 'West' has very few options other than for the 'war' to escalate. It is important to know that there have never been any borders that actually defined Ukraine as separate from Russia. .The areas contested in so called Ukraine are inhabited by ethnic Russians who had voted to remain Russian. Crimea also voted to remain Russian. Russia entered the Donbas region to protect the citizens there who are Russian and had voted to be part of Russia.

Sources for news beyond CNN, BBC, and western newspapers have been full of the Ukraine President - ex TV comedian Zelensky - repeatedly saying that Russia has placed bombs on the Zap Nuclear Plant (which is controlled by Russia). Ros Atkins from the BBC presented a small piece on this and pointed out that aerial photos of the plant do not show any bombs placed. It is being talked up because Ukraine and Zelensky know they need much more help from NATO if they are going to even make a dent on the Russian side.

July 5th

Russia has found a way to interfere with GPS-guided artillery rounds,

including munitions for US-made HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, Defense Minister of Ukraine Aleksey Reznikov has claimed

Heavy artillery, tanks etc, being moved across Switzerland. Why is Switzerland mobilizing heavy armor on its public roads late at night?

July 3rd

A radiation leak is expected from the Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant in Ukraine, from after July 5th.

This is already being blamed on Russia by the western media although it has not yet happened. This is seen as a threat to nearby NATO countries and would allow for NATO to be in direct conflict with Russia.

July 2nd

More on Ukraine's Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant - from July 5th?

There are various sources mentioning this date because of evacuations ordered round the Zap Nuclear Plant. The high possibility trigger for NATO v Russia could be the 'radiation threat' from the Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant, with an event carried out by Ukraine but blamed on Russia.

'Nuke Sniffer' plane sent. In recent days the US moved a specialized aircraft known as a 'nuke sniffer' "Constant Phoenix" to the island of Crete. This plane's job is to sniff the atmosphere for proof of nuclear materials in the air. Changes in local wind flow around July 4 & 5, would cause wind from Zaporozyhe Nuclear Power Plant to blow from east to west, carrying radiation into Europe and NATO Countries  As covered before, there already is an overheating issue because of loss of water from the dam collapse (sources have said) this has affected the water levels necessary to cool the rods. Last week, Ukraine began telling citizens to have Potassium Iodate/Iodide or straight Iodine to take "in case of a nuclear incident." Last Saturday, Ukraine began "permanent evacuation" of places within 16km of the ZNPP.  Russia also, but later, told the people at the ZNPP, which it controls - they must evacuate the area and "be out  by  July 5."

July 1st.

Looks LIke Ukraine's Zap Nuclear Plant is About to be Sabotaged.

This would set off a 'radiation leak' situation which 'threatens' nearby countries, and is blamed on Russia. There already is an overheating issue because of loss of water from the dam collapse (sources have said) which means the radiation threat can actually be controlled, but will be represented as from an explosion which would be a threat.

This man, whoever he is, is presenting well written and useful NEWS information . These build ups are taking place and do indicate that things are about to go hot very soon. This work understands this will not be a long drawn out situation, but will go to a worldwide Nuclear Alert. Currently we are looking at first half of July


1 minute. Watch Video

Ex-Russian president comments on Polish nuclear request

A nuclear war could start if the US accommodates Poland’s desire for the placing of nuclear weapons there, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has said. Earlier this week, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called on NATO to include Warsaw in the bloc’s Nuclear Sharing Program. The request by Poland, makes Poland a nuclear target. RT News

June 30th.


This story is now gaining momentum too. Watch Video 2 minutes Newsmax

Biden's Treason owned and paid for by China. This gives a lot of dirt on old Joe.

The Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki has requested for the United States to begin the Deployment of Nuclear Weapons into Poland

This is because of the recent transfer of Russian Tactical-Nuclear Weapons onto the Territory of Belarus. However, this decision makes Poland a target of Russia!

Orders to Evacuate the Area of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant

Last night, written materials were urgently distributed in several towns within about 16km of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant ordering their PERMANENT EVACUIATION.  Apparently, Ukraine "knows" the plant is going to soon be leaking radiation. 

June 29th

Over the last 2 weeks 37,000 Soldiers Died Fighting for Ukraine. For Ukraine it is Suicide.

The tanks they were given by the West have been destroyed. For the soldiers it has been instant death, and last week reports from leaked videos showed that Ukraine's young men refused to fight and the officer then threw a grenade into a group and essentially murdered them. The Ukraine 'offensive' has been nothing at all. Which makes today's news disturbing that the Ukraine Minister of Defense has announced "YOU HAVEN'T SEEN MAIN COUNTER-OFFENSIVE YET" He said "The main events of the Ukrainian counteroffensive have not yet come. When it happens, you'll see it all. Everyone will see everything" 

Satellite pics show Wagner forces now in position in Belarus

Satellite images of a military base south-east of Minsk, Belarus's capital, appear to show new facilities set up in recent days, suggesting the swift construction of a base for the Wagner Group. Russian media have reported that Wagner, whose leader Yevgeny Prigozhin arrived in Belarus on Tuesday, could set up a new base at a vacant military facility near the town of Asipovichi, about 90 kilometres from Minsk. It is unclear if Wagner now has nuclear missiles after the recent 'coup' attempt

June 28th

"The Biden family is a bought and paid for, fully controlled asset of the Chinese Communist Party"

- according to massive amount of information discovered on the son, Hunter Biden's laptop. This is shown in emails, and recorded audio. China may have a backdoor into the US electricity grids - to disable them. The parts were made in China.

'The best thing about being a "conspiracy theorist"

...............................................................is not having myocarditis.'

June 29th

The World Health Organization warned about severe myocarditis in newborns

in England and Wales and then took the alert down on Wednesday. Data shows that more babies have been born with the heart inflammation that is associated with enterovirus infections, which experts say is supposed to be extremely rare.

'Died Suddenly'

Former Australian politician Simon Crean has 'died suddenly' while overseas. Added to the list of those who have 'died suddenly' after the jab. Presumably these ones were not aware of the dangers. This is another high profile person, amongst the many across the world, who has 'died suddenly'. Another recent well known 'died suddenly' death is Phil Emmanuel, who died suddenly in May 2023, the brother of guitarist Tommy Emmanuel who is featured in the Music Section playing 'Classical Gas'. Another high profile 'sudden death' in 2022 was Taylor Hawkins the drummer for the Foo Fighers.

Former Australian cricketer Shane Warne, one of the world's finest ever fast spin bowlers, said in 2021, that it’s now a matter of “getting on with it” and learning to live with COVID-19 by getting vaccinated. “I think it’s just a matter of getting on with it, get your double vax and get on with it and learn to live with it,” Mr Warne told Sky News Australia. He 'died suddenly' in March 2022. Now, on Tuesday, a leading UK-based Indian-origin consultant cardiologist and an Australian medic have .said that they fear the sudden death last year of Australian cricket legend Shane Warne  may have been linked to the mRNA covid jab.


June 27th

Russian Presidential Fleet Plane Enroute to Washington DC 

The Russian Foreign Ministry has said,"A Russian plane is on its way to the United States to evacuate diplomats ordered to leave the country by US authorities, Zakharova said in her Telegram channel. According to the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, it is not a question of expulsion, but of restrictions on operations created by Washington."

British Spy Plane Intercepted.

Russia claims to have intercepted two fighter jets and a spy plane from the U.K. along the Russian Border over the Black Sea. The planes did a U-turn when they were approached by Su-27 interceptors, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. 

“The crews of Russian fighters identified the air targets as an RC-135 surveillance, intelligence and electronic warfare aircraft and two RAF Typhoon multirole fighters,” according to the ministry. “When Russian fighters approached, the foreign military aircraft made a U-turn and headed away from the border.” (Source 'Redacted').

June 26th

NEW. Jens Stoltenberg announced this morning that NATO will change the status of the air force mission for the protection of the skies of the Baltic states to "combat."

Previously, he said, the status was air police.

The so-called air police control the space above the Baltic states and are not considered a military mission. With a combat mandate, NATO fighters will be able to participate in hostilities and be integrated into defense plans.  In addition, the German Defense Minister said that his country intends to deploy an additional 4,000 troops in Lithuania on a long-term basis.

Russia's largest submarine, the "Belgorad" (K-329), (today) set sail from its Arctic port in Severodvinsk, along with a support ship "Akademik Aleksandrov." This Support ship is associated with testing the "Poseidon" Intercontinental Nuclear-Powered Nuclear-Armed Autonomous Torpedo. USS Gerald Ford aircraft carrier battle group popped-up this morning in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, within 1000KM of both Syria and Ukraine

The Russian coup story was not 'fake' nor was it confusing. It is now possible a rogue element has access to nukes, which is what Russia can claim should such nukes be used.

NEW Ukraine recently ordered all able bodied men between 18 and 65 to join the Ukraine army (on the War page.) In a leaked video Ukraine soldiers refused to go to the front to fight and the army colonel (or whatever) threw a live grenade into the group and murdered them. (Source 'Redacted')


June 25th

Apart from the reporting of mainstream media, the real situation in Russia appears to be stable. It has not been a threat to Putin, despite mainstream media's hyping up the story. The focus is now back on Ukraine, and awaits a decision whether the situation escalates. A military expert has said that Ukraine has lost large numbers by current strategy and to repeat that would lead to more of the same kind of losses. Therefore the opinion is that NATO will escalate, which means using the F16's.

Putin has said (on Friday June 16th) that as the F16's are capable of carrying nuclear missiles, Russia would have to shoot them down, and that is a circumstance when they would bomb NATO bases in any NATO country, including the USA, and would use Tactical Nuclear Missiles. The military expert also pointed out that the USA is no longer the military force that it was, and does not have the same level of weapons as Russia. Nor does it have the bunkers for its citizens or survival preparations in place that Russia does have.

The situation is expected to escalate, and when it does it will escalate rapidly. It is expected to go to a situation similar to that of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Information is to have your stocks of food, water etc ready. Coms may blackout for up to 10 days, and lockdowns will be in place. You are advised to stay in the lockdown situation and not venture out as it is expected the military - across the world - will be engaged in activity and you could get yourself killed.

Of course, it could play out completely differently from what was told.

The timing remains connected to physical changes happening with the planet. These are 'imminent'. There has been some interesting and unusual data on the Schumann Resonance over the last days - to do with changes to the planet.



https://www.bitchute.com/video/I1BCltTxWt6n/ 5 mins.


June 24th

- Worth noting. Any nuclear strike against any NATO ally can now be claimed to have come from the rogue private military group in Russia.

Now everything can calm down and await the actions from NATO.

- Coup Attempt in Russia - They May Have Nukes.

Wagner is a private military organization in Russia which thinks the Russian government has not been tough enough in the war with Ukraine (whose borders have never yet been defined and is technically still part of Russia.) Wagner boss wants to take a tougher stand against Ukraine and its Western backers.

"A Military Base and one Headquarters are now under control of Wagner PMC and no one is sure if they have access to nukes.  US/NATO may strike Russia with a nuclear first strike if control of Russian nukes is questionable."

However, it would appear that if nukes are used, it does seem it would be under the banner of a rogue faction in Russia and not the actual government. We believe the situation will stabilize and it is possible will remain as is, but awaiting a West led attack. The nature of the situation creates many options for a NATO first strike on any location with Tactical Nuclear Missiles in Russia and Belarus.

NEW After talks with the Belarusian President, Wagner mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin has put out a voice note on his Telegram channel saying he has agreed to "stop" the movement of his troops who are advancing on the Russian capital.

Russian Armed Forces in St. Petersburg raised to COMBAT ALERT.  Could be NATO related.

Russian RT channel:

"There is no doubt that Prigozhin's rebellion is coordinated and directed by the secret services of the United States, Great Britain, and perhaps also one country in the Middle East". Questions if the recent Pentagon 6 billion 'accounting error' went to pay off Wagner.

Watch Video 1 minute. Watch Video 19 minutes. Watch Video. 16 minutes.


June 23rd

- Russia is currently in chaos after a highly suspicious coup attempt by the private military company Wagner, which appears to work in the West's favour.

Wagner PMC 'armed coup' attempt in Russia

There is some turmoil in Russia after Evgeny Prigozhin, the head of Wagner Group private military company, was accused by the government of staging an armed insurrection. RT News

There has been a dramatic escalation of infighting between Russia's Wagner mercenary group and the Russian military. Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin called for rebellion against the army, accusing it of carrying out a missile strike against his forces. BBC

Also, a significant number of B 52's took off from the USA earlier today. Flight radar shows air refuelling tankers round Ukraine but they would have to cross Ukraine airspace to refuel those B52's which means Russia could shoot them down! The Citadel Protocol has been engaged in Russia. Russia is in chaos and that cannot be good.


This is BREAKING NEWS as of 4:52 PM eastern US time on Friday, June 23, 2023 -- There are numerous reports of a military Coup d' Etat taking place inside Russia.

Plan "FORTRESS" to protect vital facilities, jam cellphones, and restrict normal civilian life has been enacted in Southern Russia and in Moscow.  RUMORS OF CIVIL WAR EVERYWHERE! Watch Video 1 minute. Watch Video 19 minutes. (Repeat of Videos Links added above).

- UPDATE 5:29 PM EDT --

Reports now surfacing that Russian inter-governmental secure communications systems "ATS-1" and "ATS-2" have been taken offline and are no longer functioning.

  • ATS-1 ("Kremlin") telephone communications for senior leaders in the offices of heads of Russian Federation ministries and department (first deputy ministers upward), and also some other organs of authority.
  • ATS-2 ("Hotline") is similar, and is used by deputy ministers, heads of departments and main administrations in important ministries and departments, and a number of other officials at similar levels of responsibility.


Situation of Military Build Up Across the USA.


Watch Video. 16 minutes. (Added above.)


NATO invoking Article 5

This is looking like the route that will be taken to begin a live NATO v Russia war.

"United States Senators Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) have introduced a Resolution in the Senate which states that if Russia, or one of its Proxies like Belarus, detonates a Tactical nuclear bomb inside Ukraine, or if something happens to the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant causing radiation leakage, that would be "an attack upon NATO" triggering war." Nearby NATO countries are at immediate risk. Watch video.

"Kiev Calls GENERAL Mobilization - ALL Males 18-65 Must enter military within 10 days".


June 22nd. *We are reporting information as is. We do not know when it will escalate, but that is where it is heading. However, this work is of the opinion that everything will take place around the time that something 'unusual' happens to the planet, and that is what the wait is for.


At the moment the destroyed Kakhovka dam in Ukraine and the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station narrative is the story to focus on.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky issued a public statement this morning warning that Russia is planning some type of "terrorist Attack" against the Zaporozyhe Nuclear Power Plant

"which will cause "radiation leakage." This is the anticipated set up for NATO to trigger Article 5 and attack Russia. Link here


for Zelensky's video message on Twitter dated June 22nd 2023.".....Intelligence has received information that Russia is considering a scenario of a terrorist attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. A terrorist attack with radiation leakage. They have prepared everything for this.." continues via link.


"Meanwhile, Russia has insisted that Kiev was behind the destruction of the Kakhovka dam and claimed that Ukraine’s military had targeted it on several occasions throughout the past year." RT News. *This could affect the water levels needed for cooling the Nuclear Plant and create the provocation incident.


See story below 'Watch the Water'.



June 21st


NEW. "Watch the Water".

Regarding the recent dam collapse in the Ukraine. From a comment and interesting observation.


The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station in southeastern Ukraine is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe and among the 10 largest in the world. 

Article 5 specifically lays out: The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all and consequently they agree that, if such an armed attack occurs, each of them, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self-defense recognized by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, will assist the Party or Parties so attacked by taking forthwith, individually and in concert with the other Parties, such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area. Any such armed attack and all measures taken as a result thereof shall immediately be reported to the Security Council. Such measures shall be terminated when the Security Council has taken the measures necessary to restore and maintain international peace and security.”

1)... NATO warns Russia about any nuclear "accident" real or intentional as it may trigger article 5. This includes the Zap. nuclear power plant.
2)... Ukraine has been trying to CAUSE an accident there for months now. (no success)
3)... The Dam downstream gives way, lowering the lake water that feeds cooling water to the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power plant.
4)... Ukraine now claimed Russia planted bombs inside the plant.... where? That's right, right where you would expect an explosion would occur if the nuclear material got hot and went critical.

Is the US and Ukraine expecting that plant to go critical? A couple weeks ago, Russia claimed the plant's cooling water was fine. How about now? Recent Pictures of the lake look pretty dry don't they??


The US and Ukraine would keep this situation quiet in order to run with the narrative that Russia blew it up. Russia might be keeping quiet about it for security reasons as they scramble to prevent a meltdown explosion. All this military activity and call up could be in anticipation of just such an event.



PLUS NEW info on military build up in the USA and Canada.

"30+ states and counting all over the US plus NORAD/NATO partner Canada all have troop movements, APCs, artillery towed and tracked, MBTs, aircraft of EVERY sort, LAVs, endless trucks and Humvees, MRAPs etc. All this movement for the past week is with little to no comment from both US and Canadian govs even when conducted in civilian areas. So much so that even overseas news has taken notice, sadly something is coming."


- There have been two massive explosions in Crimea in the city of Sevastopol.

Ukraine has said that it is going to try to take Crimea, which is also a significant Russian Naval Base. Russia has said that if US and British missiles are used it will retaliate.


(After these blasts) "a 4.7 just happened near Crimean peninsula." 

NEW House committee passes resolution calling on US to send long-range missiles to Ukraine

BY BRAD DRESS - 06/21/23 1:34 PM ET



President Biden says the threat that President Putin will use nuclear weapons is real.

"Biden has previously recognized that the policy of the US and NATO backing Ukraine against Russia risks nuclear war. In October 2022, he said the chances of “nuclear armageddon” were higher than at any point since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. But since warning of nuclear armageddon, Biden has done nothing to ease tensions with Russia and has escalated US involvement in the war, including by giving the green light for European countries to send US-made F-16s to Kyiv."

In Putin's address on Friday June 16th he stated that the F-16's are nuclear capable and that is the reason "Russia will have no choice but to hit those NATO Bases, and may have to do so with Tactical nuclear weapons."


Could Russia really play nuclear roulette in Ukraine?

BBC World News. Artcle by Steve Rosenberg Link here.


June 20th

Americans are fighting on the battlefield - Ukraine.

For videos of this Link here

We already know that US forces were sent to the Ukraine border last year, some units which have not been deployed in Europe since WW2, and have been there since last year. The video above shows soldiers speaking English with American accents engaged in fighting.

We are adding news reports for information purpose.

Reported today : (this is in the comments section for the videos.)

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine are planning to strike at the territory of Russia, including the Crimea, with HIMARS and Storm Shadow cruise missiles, Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu said at a meeting of the board of the department.

"The use of these missiles outside the zone of a special military operation will mean the full involvement of the United States and Great Britain in the conflict and will entail immediate strikes on decision-making centers on the territory of Ukraine," the minister stressed." RT News.


Putin revealed strategy for ending the conflict last Friday.

In circumstances that Putin outlined, Russia will bomb NATO bases, including those bases in the USA and will use if necessary, Nuclear Tactile Missiles

(added below).

Let NATO fight, Russia is prepared – Lavrov

The Western bloc has committed to fighting Russia in Ukraine, the foreign minister said. Russia is prepared for NATO to continue to fight in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday.(RT News) *Putin revealed strategy for ending the conflict last Friday (added below).

The Ukrainian military leadership has plans to use Western weapons to strike parts of Russia that are not part of the active zone of hostilities, including Crimea, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has warned........ if such attacks are launched, it would escalate the NATO nations’ involvement in the conflict, according to Shoigu.Such an operation will “result in immediate strikes against the decision-making centers in the territory of Ukraine,” he stated. The defense minister was speaking on Tuesday during a high-profile meeting in his department. RT News story : Link here

In an interview with Germany’s Welt am Sonntag published on Sunday, Jens Stoltenberg declared that “peace cannot mean freezing the conflict and accepting a deal that is dictated by Russia. (Jens Stoltenberg is a former Norwegian PM who has been serving as the 13th Secretary General of NATO since 2014.)


Putin, on June 16th 2023, Publicly Announced Conditions where Russia WILL BOMB NATO Bases

"Russian President Vladimir Putin put the West on notice yesterday during his speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).   President Putin made clear he knows the West is planning on supplying fighter jets to Ukraine, and that the US insists the F-16's be nuclear capable.

He pointed out that those jets, especially U.S. F-16's, require very large and complicated maintenance, which cannot now be done in Ukraine without fear of being hit with Russian missiles. Thus it would be necessary for the planes to use bases that are presently safe. Therefore, he said, if those fighter jets takeoff from NATO bases outside Ukraine, and enter Ukraine for battle, Russia will not be able to know if those planes are armed with Tactical nuclear bombs and will have to assume THEY ARE.

Under such circumstances, Russia will have no choice but to hit those NATO Bases, and may have to do so with Tactical nuclear weapons."


"During his speech, Putin also revealed that Russia has successfully transported its initial batch of tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus. This move comes as part of a previously announced plan, which has raised concerns and increased tensions with the United States and its allies in relation to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine."


ABC Australia News (Australian Broadcasting Company) Story June 20th.

How can the West defeat Putin?

"There are strategic and humanitarian imperatives for the West to defeat Putin's latest theory of victory.

Achieving this will require the kind of decisive and courageous political leadership we have seen from Baltic and Eastern European governments, the United States, as well as Jens Stoltenberg at NATO.

To this end, the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius will be an important international meeting. Not only will it serve to confirm NATO's strategy for supporting Ukraine, but it will also allow for a multitude of national leaders to hear first hand why their ongoing support and strategic patience is vital for this year and beyond."

NATO Summit

Vilnius, Lithuania – 11 – 12 July 2023.

This now provides us with a more likely picture of when this war will escalate, probably expected to be after this summit.


Headlines: June 19th

First indications that the war against Russia may go live after June 23rd. News for Monday June 19th. News story:

Western intervention is the only credible way to protect Ukraine's counteroffensive from Russian air power

It lays out all the pertinent facts as to why Ukraine stands NO CHANCE AT ALL of defeating Russia, and concludes "Kyiv needs modern air power, not a squadron or so of second-hand F-16 platforms that are neither supportable nor credible, against modern, stealthy Russian fighters."

Written by Sky News "Military Analyst" Sean Bell, the piece introduces to readers the notion that the West entering the Ukraine Conflict with air power is "needed."   

(HT REMARK: Folks, Western Media Outlets do not -- E V E R -- print things like this unless they have been told to do so by government.  As you might guess, government plants stories like this to begin to mold and manipulate public opinion, because not only does government WANT to do something, it INTENDS to do it.  They want to prime the public to have this in their minds.) SKY News story : Link here

Weekend June 17th-18th


*There are a lot of military, tanks etc, moving through multiple US cities/States and Canada. US military with trucks of razor wire fencing, and sound system weapons and magnetic pulse weapons. In LA, NY, Idaho, Carolina...... Not a training exercise. Low flying military aircraft in Texas. Military base in Germany reports heightened activity. Also, local country people reporting what they've seen as well as citizens filming it in the cities.The video from Bakersfield, CA has military vehicles showing they are equipped with the ACTIVE DENIAL SOUND SYSTEM WEAPON"  These huge speakers emit certain sound and oscillations which instantly make people sick, cause them to vomit and/ or pass-out. 

The military build up could be a drill, but the statement by Biden alters what might actually be happening.


There are also other players involved who are against the agenda.

This is mostly because their own ancestors were around when the new republic of the USA was subverted in 1861, then the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and then in 1871 the US became incorporated as a business. Let's just say there was stuff going on then with traitors who worked for the British to bring down the USA. There are also those who were patriots supporting the new republic. So a movement to prevent the treason that was planned was put in place as far back as then and these are the top level people working on the 'good side' now. I would have supported the British taking the USA back, but there is a great deal that involves human/sex trafficking, drugs and pedophilia that makes that impossible. I am a 'patriot' and a passionate activist.

The section above explains the situation in the USA, which gained independence from the British Crown in 1776.

Having just written this above, here is a coincidence.

Just up today June 16th. https://www.bitchute.com/video/pZptDbw5jfIe/ 2 mins.

Biden's statement 'God save the Queen' is in fact a treasonous statement to make. The audience cheered and supported this statement, while reporters expressed concern. This was said on June 16th 2023. The TV news on this shown, was FOX News.


https://www.bitchute.com/video/lLGH7vBzQX1i/ 11 seconds. First video here also shows Trump has all the top military with him.


Just an additional note : To me, the remark by Biden seems to indicate the 'Storm' is approaching.

There is a lot of military, tanks etc, moving through multiple US cities, city streets, at the moment.

Biden saying 'God Save the Queen' is not a gaffe/mistake.

This is a dangerous statement to make given that the British and those working with the British still want to get the USA back under control of the British Crown.

Why could Biden's 'God save the Queen' be a signal to begin the coup to bring the USA back under Britain?

Because Biden was talking about the coming 'Storm'.

The 'Storm' is the war between Crown loyalists and the patriots.

If the current military build up across the US was the 'good side' then there would be action to stop enemy military moving across the country (according to the believed status of the US government). The military has to be seen as for the current President and the agenda for lockdowns - which are expected soon. Of course there is more to it, and it means the 'good side' or 'white hat' side op is hidden. The lockdowns are expected to go ahead and the 'white hat' military has asked everyone to observe those lockdowns and stay off the streets because actual military action will be taking place, and you could get yourself killed.

This action would run parallel with the global push for world power happening in Ukraine - a war with NATO and US troops involved. There is expected to be a worldwide nuclear alert as NATO countries are under threat of nuclear response from Russia (and supported by China). We have been told it will go right down to the fingers being on the button to launch the nukes. So it is a good idea to just be prepared with a possibility it could begin on June 23rd. Hopefully it will be a bit later, but at least it gets this entire agenda to the 'end game'.

This next story is a useful to know observation.

Okay, news story is this. "You have until Friday June 23rd until NATO 'Air Defender' ends - and may go to live war with Russia."

"Today is June 18 and that means there are only five days remaining until the official end of NATO's largest air exercise in history, dubbed "Air Defender 2023."  When that "exercise" ends on June 23, it is thought that NATO will find reason to enter the Ukraine-Russia conflict directly, thereby triggering a full-on war with Russia.  Nuclear weapons would fly.

Today being Sunday, you're probably off from work, doing things around the house.  Sadly, those things SHOULD include making ready for war to actually come here to north America.

You need to have Emergency food, water, medicines (the ones you need to live), a generator to make electric power if the grid goes down, and fuel for that generator.  You also need COMMUNICATIONS gear such a CB or HAM radio."

**I do not know this source but it had all the videos of the military build up. This happening is entirely possible.

It means be prepared from that date. It is expected there will be an escalation but it can be any time after that date. However, there will be lockdowns almost in place now.


THESE VIDEOS ARE RECOMMENDED and have to remain in this order.


........."If you don't find out about the Agenda - now being implemented - then you are in no position to argue about it's existence."

June 15th - 16th -17th - 18th.

I am only adding this because I slightly heard a conversation as I walked in when someone was talking about a 'plan', an agenda.

I hadn't spoken to this person before, but I asked him if he was someone who was awake - based on the words I heard as I walked through, mainly about the 'agenda'. Seemed like not everyone agreed with what he was saying, maybe they were struggling with the idea that there was an 'agenda'.

Agenda 21 Explained in 2 Minuteshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08IXIu0arOI


This one is quite short and useful about 7 mins from Sky News Australia.

NEW. ‘You will own nothing, and you will be happy’.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcAO4-o_4Ug Sky News Australia.


For anyone who wants to learn about the 'Agenda'.


There are quite a few good sources for information but it is still up to the individual to follow it up.

I have found a useful video now added here. It is 17 minutes. Recorded Dec. 2022. Presented by a former Fox News anchor - 'Redacted' with Clayton Morris.

NEW. This is how they will CONTROL all of us, new lockdowns announced

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHMWJh-1vBU 17 mins. 'Redacted'.

"The WEF plan to take control over our cities and limit our movement is unfolding. The '15 minute city' plan laid out by the World Economic Forum is launching in England under a new pilot program. The goal is for them to take your cars and charge you for traveling beyond your city." Already rolled out in Paris, Barcelona, Houston, Seoul and Bogota, and being rolled out in England, in Oxfordshire. You will be in a designated zone and have to seek permission from the council if you wish to travel somewhere. Everyone must register their car with the council so they can track how many times you travel - there is a limit to how many times you can travel. '15 minute cities' means limited use of cars and all food and needs are within a 15 minute walk of where you live. (Discussed in videos.)

Below are more sources for information.

It is important to be discerning about the sources you use. Choose those with personal integrity and journalistic integrity.

I followed up the 'Redacted' show, which discusses the 15 minute cities, and signed on today, June 16th, for their free newsletter at https://redacted.inc/ . Never known this source before, maybe useful (probably is) and I am now officially a 'rebel'. There are LIVE youtube shows every day at 4 EST. The Tuesday show is featured and was "Dr. Steven Greer held a stunning UFO disclosure press event at Washington's D.C. press club." Reverse engineered alien craft used for human trafficking and drugs, run by the Deep State. Show is professional.

UFO whistleblowers drop BOMBSHELL on D.C. This is the show last Tuesday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKoLlwZNeWk Good for the first stories presented. Again, I have not known this source before, but seems interesting.

- Timcast is a good news source and show. Tim Pool. Usually a good discussion show.

- 'Crossroads' with Joshua Philipp Epoch Times journalist.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG8yy4W8nBbTle9YSpCqXeg/videos Reliable journalism from a solid person with integrity. These are not long shows.



The usefulness of Mexico was because it was safe from the vaxx. It is not safe from any other aspects of the Agenda now being implemented - the 'social credit score' which allows you a basic income to live (discussed in short, easy videos provided) and the '15 minute cities' now being rolled out. As a country Mexico ceases to exist but becomes part of a North America Zone. More lockdowns are planned due to "climate change". Mexico will be part of that.

The links on Biden above and the next link tell you that there is an opposition to the agenda currently being implemented, and that all is not as it seems.


In the section below, in 11 seconds you can see the Joe Biden 'Mission Impossible' style Joe Biden mask being warn by someone acting as Joe Biden.

Does Anyone Seriously Not Notice that there is 'Something' Very ODD Happening?

> Old Joe falling over all the time, And here is 'President' Joe Biden's live TV arrival in Ireland a few weeks ago, meeting the Irish Prime Minister, talking to the crowds - and it is a man wearing a mask that looks like Joe Biden. He even appears to deliberately show that it is a mask.https://www.c-span.org/video/?527349-1/president-biden-remarks-dublin-airport Its at around 5.21 when he scratches the back of his neck. Better when looked at in close up.

So again, this is someone wearing a 'Mission Impossible' style mask being President Joe Biden meeting the PM of Ireland but it is someone wearing a mask of Joe Biden's face. This is someone wearing a Joe Biden mask, and no CNN or BBC said a thing about it.

Close up 12 seconds. https://www.bitchute.com/video/c6w9TYmhmE80/ ("C-SPAN is a public service created by the American Cable Television Industry".https://www.c-span.org/about/mission/ )

>The coronavirus (name of the common cold) was a lab made virus and patented by the Pirbright Institute. Patented means it is manmade. It has never been isolated.- and there are no tests which can diagnose it. It appears to be nothing more than a variation of the common cold, but enough to provide the symptoms that sent so many people to hospital in panic. First off and highly suspicious is that all doctors in private practice were forbidden to prescribe common antibiotics that would clear something like this up in a few days. They were threatened with being struck off (couldn't practice anymore). A number of these spoke out about it but were then silenced (threats). Once in hospital people were put on the ventilators and 99% died once on the ventilators This included those who had gone to the hospital with a broken leg. Hospitals were paid around $36,000 for every patient put on a ventilator.

> I watched the inauguration ceremony on Jan. 20th 2021 and it is supposed to start legally at 12 noon. It began about 5 minutes early. When they took the photos on the steps of the VP etc the steps were empty but for them. In fact the streets were empty too. In the video now available on youtube, those pictures have soldiers on the steps and are very different. When Joe Biden's car drove back along the road, half the military lining the streets, turned their backs on him. That means entire sections of soldiers turned their backs. A lesser number of sections didn't. ALL of these things SHOULD raise questions.

NEW 3 military places where those quietly 'removed' with all the appearance of a natural departure, have been taken are Guam, Guantanamo Bay (massively expanded in the last few years) and Camp Century in Greenland - an underground base. The 'information base' for the 'good side' is the CyberSpace Command at Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station. It can't be put out through the media, it goes to specific people under NDA's who get it out through alternative news - which includes ex TV and other real journalists who did not go along with sources like CNN putting out false news, and ommiting actual facts. Not reporting the Biden mask is one example, also not reporting the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop before the 2020 election is another example. I have a video from a former CBS reporter, well known, which I might add soon.

> Here are the pictures of the 'Grim Reaper' who appeared in the background of the so called 'coronation' which was explained as being a 'verger'. Also pictures of the real inside of Westminster Abbey and an actual uniform that a verger wears.


Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 (30)


"If you've been wanting an interesting, clearly written, how-to-manual for identifying and fighting UN Agenda 21, here it is. Agenda 21--All the information you need to understand what is happening in your town, why it's happening, who is behind it, and what you can do to stop it. BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: U.N. Agenda 21 is 172 pages of truth. Part history, part current events, part hand-to-hand combat, and part blueprint for keeping your freedom, this is one book that you'll put to work immediately. Boots on the ground and all hands on deck is the order of the day. Awareness is the first step in the Resistance."






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