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Many big name uber famous celebrities, Hollywood actors, pop stars,

'celebrity chefs', 'reality TV stars', became so rich and famous because they agreed to deals required by the 'satanic run' industry.


NEW STORY (Still adding names - Friday Jan. 19th.) *For Australia and NZ both Scott Morrison former PM of Australia, and Jacinda Ardern former PM of NZ are on the list as executed.

We obtain the lists from research. There are some questions about the accuracy of these lists though. For example, a vaguely known actress Helen Hunt is on the early lists, yet not too long ago she was reported in 'theatre news' sources that she was preparing for a show at the Old Vic in London (classic theatre). As a vaguely known actress, why would they have bothered to have a 'replacement'? And can the replacement actually act to the standard expected at such a prestigious place as the 'Old Vic'?


Not many of the 'big names' are necessarily all that talented, especially in the pop world. I remember seeing a girl with a unique stage act on 'American Idol' - during the season when the artists turned on the 'judges'! Sometime later I saw Miley Cyrus on a Talk Show, maybe Jimmy Fallon, and obviously had a deal to be the only person on the show. When she did her song performance, she had pinched the act of the girl on Idol. It is only those who comply with the 'satanic requests' who get to be the 'stars'. Overall though, most are not very talented. They can be represented by someone else playing them. Like in the 'Celebrity Tribute' shows when someone basically pretends to be the original.

The celebrities who always get the film deals and make ridiculous amounts of income, or get the most coveted TV show roles, are those who have done the worst things imagineable.

That generally means they killed a child because that is what they were asked to do. It would be an undocumented child that officially doesn't exist. Those bred as the 'expendable kids' used in rituals and sacrifices. Almost all, if not all, agreed to be part of the child trafficking 'business' in some way, which does involve huge numbers of deaths of children used in rituals and sacrifices - whether or not the preson actually participated in that. It is still being party to something that includes the knowing murder of children, and that would seem to be why it leads to the death penalty.

Some of these celebrities were already brought up within families who did all this stuff as their religion. Like Nicole Kidman, the daughter of a 9th Circle satanist, who in normal life was a psychologist. Unfortunately her name was on one of the first lists.

Celebrities were some of the first ones rounded up as soon as the lockdowns started in 2020. Many have been reported as having gone to a military tribunal trial and were excecuted. Most of this happened in 2020.

You may notice that people who were extremely popular over recent years have been shown to be not so nice, not so attractive etc. Like Will Smith punching the host at an award show. Bruce Willis has 'dementia'. Apparently Jamie Foxx is very popular because there is some stuff with him, and Madonna has been seen looking like a nutjob, but in her recent shows looks fat and old, described as a grandma and dancing like she is trying to be sexy. All this actually makes people less obsessed about their favourite 'stars'. The reason is, most have been executed. That is the report. Only those who actually killed. Here are a few of them. All the cast of 'Friends'. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Madonna (of course) and Mick Jagger, Justin Beiber, Beyonce. Jay Zee, Celine Dion, Usher. Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise. I am currently looking at an updated list covering this to November 2023. Just now looking at it,.mostly for names I had not seen on the lists before. In some of the earlier lists the names were listed as detained awaiting trial, in the later lists they are executed, and sometimes serving life sentences (like Miley Cyrus).

It also has to be noted that when a name of one person famous as a 'supermodel' like Naomi Campbell, or musician like Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac are mentioned on the list as executed, it probably means that many or most other 'supermodels', and other famous band members, also had the same fate. Those who made it into the 'superstar' and mega income brackets all did so because of these satanic deals.

So, some of the names I hadn't seen as completed before, include Jane Fonda, Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow (I know she was the head witch of one of the Hollywood coverns) Matt Damon, Lindsay Lohan, Leonardo di Caprio, Reese Witherspoon, all the Kardashions, Rihanna, Jon Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, Johnny Depp, Daniel Craig (James Bond) Justin Timberlake, Robert Redford, Gordon Ramsey (chef). Oprah Winfrey, Rupert Murdoch, and when one name is given like that it possibly means the whole family, his sons, their wives etc. Selena Gomez, Serena Williams, They list not such well known popstars and musicians so it must be expected that there will be many, many more big names from famous bands. The list includes Kelly Osbourne so that has to mean Ozzie Osbourne will be among the names. Simon Cowell (Idol, and 'xxxx's Got Talent') is on the list as executed.

Many seem to still be around but Katy Perry was executed long before the announcement that she had a baby. many of the people listed as executed have had fake stories of births and marriages etc, as well as health issues etc. At the Biden 'inauguration' it certainly was not Jennifer Lopez performing and the song was a joke. Many movie stars still had movies coming out but one such interview for Angelina Jolie, was not Angelina Jolie. The recent pictures of Jennifer Aniston are not the same person.

Some names will have been for Treason. Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Jared Kushner (Ivanka Trump's husband). Nigel Farage is on the list which is a surprise, and yet he was someone people trusted and he said 'get the jab'. So the list includes people who we thought were working for the 'good side' but according to this list, it is replacements. The lists also include Bollywood stars, and the people who are stars in their various countries, but I don't have those lists. We know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were on the lists, (now says not the real Prince Harry, there was a fake one?) but this updated one includes Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton. It is not a good feeling looking at the lists.

There are names we can possibly expect to be seen on the lists when they extend to cover other coutries such as the UK, Australia etc. The lists have named Anthony Hopkins, Elton John, and Jesse J. as executed. Other expected names may include :- Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) David Beckham, their son Brooklyn Beckham. Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice). Adele, Chris Martin of Coldplay (who did annouce a 'health issue' cancelling concerts) Bruno Mars? Billy Shepherd now known as "Paul McCartney". Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin). Rachel Weisz? ('The Mummy' film, and wife of Daniel Craig/James Bond) who is on the list. Judi Dench? Helen Mirren? Ewan McGregor? Kate Winslett? Emma Watson? Benedict Cumberbatch? Colin Firth (the most famous Mr. Darcy)? Harry Styles? All of 'One Direction'? Zayn Malik? His girfriend, model Gigi Hadid? Sting? U2's Bono? Bob Geldof? Don Henley of the Eagles is on the list.

More well known TV celebrity chefs? Nigella Lawson? Former Test Cricketer then PM of Pakistan Imran Khan? Australians like Cate Blanchett - whose name is shown a lot so she's almost certainly gone - Chris Hemsworth? Hugh Jackman? Kylie Minogue? Mianda Kerr? Delta Goodrem? Sia? AC/DC? Margot Robbie?

Other or all Hollywood celebrities. Ryan Reynolds? Blake Lively? Ryan Gosling? Jane Birkin? Julia Roberts? Meg Ryan?

There can be little doubt that Paul McCartney's replacement William Shepherd will be on the list. He is a Freemason and a satanist (according to his own photos on his alternative video for the song 1882, accessed via the Richard Balducci research given) and he is in the billionaire success class only made possible with these 'satanic music industry deals'. This is a reason why it is important to know that the real Paul McCartney did die in September 1966. Most likely the listing would be under the person's original name, but he has probably legally changed his name to "Paul McCartney".

*There is a great deal of information and back up on the Hollywood and music industry from even 100 years back, and hugely popular stars were involved in all these things from the beginning, with witches covens, satanism etc. There are extensive tunnel networks beneath Beverly Hills and Hollywood documented and shown, one specific entrance into them was Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion (his name is on the list) with passageways linked to the homes of famous film stars. The Playboy Mansion was located on one of the key 'Satanic Portals' on this planet. This is not a nice topic, but it does have to be known.

As Serena Williams name is on the list it indicates that this also covers the famous SPORTS people making huge amounts of money.

That would mean footballers like David Beckham (for English fans) but every current sports mega star footballer, in all styles of football or soccer. Tennis, golf, swimming (Michael Phelps is on the list). It really seems to cover just about everyone who is a megastar celebrity. Most of those ones that the world idolizes.

There are also those who were the kids who began their journey to fame through the 'Mickey Mouse Club' which was part of Disney, which was a massive pedophile operation.

These ones seem to have ended up with serving life in prison like Brittney Speals. Christina Agulirer, Miley Cyrus, Ashton Kutchner (he is serving life but I don't know if he was part of the 'Mickey Mouse Club') Maybe those in this category includes the Jonas Brothers? Nick Jonas who married Priyanka Chopra-Jonas? Did she make deals, because she did get the break in Hollywood with the Quantico TV series, which needed to cast the lead as a diversity hire, a foreigner.

For Bollywood, it probably covers almost every superstar name,

from Amitabh Bachchan, to Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai and so on. We cannot be certain as we do not have these lists, but it is better to be aware of the possibility. Obviously some of these were allowed to make deals with those who arrested them, depending on the severity or less severity of what they associated themselves with. It is the same for every country. It is not just that people wanted to get the work. They wanted the fame, the worship, the power and excessive amounts of money.

It will also include many of the K-Pop and spin off created stars.

Just saw a bus go past with a K-pop boy band or similar, all doing the '666' hand sign. The ones they seem to be pushing to mega fame are BTS and Black Pink so it is very possible these will be on the lists too.


It is reported that,

All of the royal families across the planet have been removed, as they were part of the treason.

That happened from 2017 to 2019 for most European monarchs, and a bit later elsewhere. I am wondering about Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark and his Australian wife Crown Princess Mary, as Frederick is to be crowned the King of Denmark maybe next week. This was a very lovely 'fairy tale' romance, yet it is unlikely Frederick was not part of the 'plan' and that Mary as his wife, became part of it too. So it may be very sad. The reports say all royal families were dealt with. The people seen in public are 'replacements', and this maintains the appearance of normality.

This certainly happened in Saudi Arabia when about 70 princes were 'imprisoned' at the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh, shortly after MBS had unexpectedly been appointed the new leader (the old king is still around but is senile). There was a different prince who was expecting to become the heir apparent King, but he was executed for treason, amongst however many others of those 70 princes were guilty.

Usually you find that concerts are cancelled because of some health condition and other things like being in hospital lead to these people being out of the public eye. For royals, some appearances they can do, or must be seen to be doing.

A recent story for Thursday January 18th is this.

"Buckingham Palace announced  on Wednesday that the King required treatment for an enlarged prostate, just 90 minutes after Kensington Palace revealed that the Princess of Wales had undergone abdominal surgery. The King, 75, who is currently in Scotland, will be admitted to hospital for a “corrective procedure” next week.

At 2pm on Wednesday, Kensington Palace released a statement announcing that the Princess was in hospital, where she will remain for up to two weeks. Royal sources said the Prince of Wales, 42, was committed to caring for her, as well as their three children, and as such, had also cancelled a number of engagements. He will not undertake any public duties while the Princess is in hospital or during the immediate period following her return home.

Two short overseas tours planned for the coming weeks for both the Prince and Princess, including one to Rome, have been postponed."



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