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Future Timelines, Sound Frequencies and Missing SOUND Frequencies. Future Earth, Future Consciousness, Lost Chord.

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'Advanced civilizations' in this galaxy, entering portals into a new reality,

communications with the 'spirit realm' also experienced after death etc are all OBVIOUS levels that a consciousness perceives as being the way to 'True Source'. So obvious, that all the "enlightened ones" find they are still back here reincarnating yet again (which has to mean they are here to help humanity, right!) The Way to the Eternal True Source is what everyone keeps missing.

On this page we are starting with knowledge that has been missing. Then there is a little news, and possible indicators of things that do not line up with True Source, and then we return to very useful sources who provide information from their own knowledge of and participation in, the Luciferian System. This was a very real shadow government, and a kind of 'religious order'. Even Pope Francis calls Jesus the 'Son of Lucifer who is God'. Not so! The lnks we give are also 'Lesson' sections.

There is a logic to the 'Lucifer' thing. The opposition to God's creation was Lucifer, and he/they created outside God, in disobedience. They do think they created this world. But the Bible tells us they did not create HUmans. HUmans were GOD's creation. They were part of the Higher Realm. Those who fell were the ones thought they could do the same thing. HUmans were not created by any 'advanced civilization' in this galatic reality. The entire galactic reality is the False Realm the fallen Luciferians created.

The fallen ones/Luciferians also then described as the Eloha which is the plural form you also know as Elohim (which means a collective of them) did create a lot of whatever this false 'world of illusion' is. It is very possible the physical landmass did come from a planet that was blown up - by them - and that was part of the problems of going too far with science/intellect and wanting to replace God. They also, as Nephilim, did create a worker slave genetic combo which was the monkey-human DNA. Before any of that there was True God's created HUmans, and the lineages from that. Also Eve and a mating with the 'serpent' produced the Nephilim, aka Children of Cain. They did run this planet with their technology for a 'long time'. Ancient Freemason Records seem to suggest a couple of hundred thousand years. They set up the Pyramid Free Energy System across the planet - but using the energy from the 'Death Star' binary star system Sirius. This was the rival to God's System. Eventually that energy - called the 'black poison' or eitr - caused an explosion in the energy system which channelled like a lightening through the centre of this planet, and damaged the axis, causing the strange phenomenon of the North Pole, the Great Cycle, and the equally satanic created zodiac cycle and solstices and equinoxes.

Why not take a break from obvious thinking and place the galactic fellowships, or logical progressions through 1,2,3 or so steps to 'perfect' on a back burner for a while?


The LOST Spiritual Pathway to the Eternal, Living God Source.

The wandering North Pole is the reason almost everyone keeps returning to reincarnate on this planet and never gets to the Eternal Source Realms.

Earth as a planet, has to be 'connected' into its actual Source which supplies the Life Energy - like an apple on a tree is part of the Tree. But Earth has a wandering North Pole because it has been damaged (or sabotaged) so it is not able to do that. It means that each differing North Pole and changing Pole Star alignment is a different energy stream. None of the energy streams lock onto True Source. The planet is never actually connected to its Original Source - the Life Stream Source of living energy that is ETERNAL LIFE. If the planet can no longer do this, then how do YOU connect to the Living Life Stream Source - the Living 'Waters'?

All you are ever going to connect into are false energy streams - and it really is kindergarten level simple to understand why that is. So in ancient and recent times, people have searched for where that connection is. They have searched in literally physical places like the Arctic Circle and in Antarctica too. Some names for the LOST Path have been the 'rainbow bridge' in Nordic legends, and there are other names like Ultima Thule which is mentioned below. The answer is that of course, it cannot be found. But what is interesting is that those searching for God's Kingdom were looking up in the Arctic Circle for where the missing 'path' might be. They partly understood. (It is NOT the pyramid free energy system' which used the 'black poison' aka eitr, which also caused the damage to the planet.)

There is only one way you can do it, and that is by living as Jesus taught - which means, loving, gentle, humble, compassionate, moral decency, and forgiving etc. Then you have to ask True God Source that for you, that will eventually be enough for you to be 'accepted' and helped to reach True Source. You will have to do the right thing and then TRUST!

The Ascension journey of the planet does not go through Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and finally Level 5.

It goes through stages of adjustment as the planet corrects the fallen side of its wobble (which make it wobble) but those stages are in different places. During each of those phases different star energies will 'seed' into the planet and they will all be false. The planet does not ever get to the 5th Level because it always cycles between 4 Ages.

But by that time, most people have taken on the energies of the 'star seeds' energy streams that are entering this planet. This is what energy seeding from 'stars' is. They are all false star streams. That translates to practices as well as energies, aligning to 'spiritual/religious paths'.

It is also why the Nazi's were searching for the 'Eternal City' of


Not possible to find it over Alaska or Greenland etc, but they knew enough to know that it is what they were looking for. They did have knowledge that there was a LOST Way to the Eternal Kingdom.

"Ancient Greek maps show Thule far to the north of Britain and west of Scandinavia. It is possible that Pytheas was referring to Iceland or Greenland. In fact, Iceland was called Thule in medieval times. There was enough conflicting information, however, for many people to doubt that Iceland was the legendary Thule. People still sought the place that matched Pytheas’s description..........some believed that the Aryan race of people originally came from Ultima Thule. They not only believed that the mythical land was a real place, but they thought that the original inhabitants of Ultima Thule were superhumans with supernatural powers and psychic abilities. They also believed that they possessed extraordinary technological skills."

Below we looked more closely at how this planet had the North Pole split into "4 Directions" - each of them 'false alignments'.

The actual True Alignment - which this planet never reaches because it returns to another Pole Shift between the '4 false poles' - is the missing 5th Direction.

This is another way of writing 5D - direction, not dimension.

The planet is now moving out of its 3D restriction that has allowed it to be manipulated and controlled from the 4th dimension, to the 5th, but the '%th Direction' is a different thing.

The Ascension of this planet is a description of the planet naturally correcting its fallen part. It is of course a better quality consciousness, but it is not an evolutionary change. The 5th Direction bypasses the astral (stars) of this galaxy, and so long as you keep to the Guidance provided by Jesus Christ - who provided all that was necessary to know - then that is how you can get to the True Eternal Living God Source.

*The North Pole actually wanders to each of the "4 Directions" then locks on to a new magnetic star and is stable for around 6,000 years. It is what makes up this planet's false and satanic Zodiac cycle aka its Great Cycles of 4 Ages.

It is not 4 neat points around the centre. It is 4 misalignments that dip DOWNWARDS then ASCEND upwards again. The descending part is called the "Left Hand Path" which is sin in Latin. The Ascension is called RA - the Right Ascension.

The 4 misalignments all anchor into stars in the Astral Universe, this galaxy, so regardless of there being other civilizations there, they are all in the Fallen Universe. This is also where ALL people doing 'Astral Travel' OBE's, Shamanic and Ayahuasca induced 'journey' go to - the Astral Realms.

The planet is full of people who have done this, travel and contact with the Astral.

It is a Luciferian teaching via the 'new age' that Ascension means some kind of evolution for humanity.

Ascension refers to the planet's attempt to raise its fallen side back to where it should be. If it succeeded then this planet would access a Hidden Pathway, a Hidden Energy Stream that unfortunately, always remains LOST. It became lost when the North Pole wobbled its way into 4 false North Pole alignments. For sure ancient tribes kept information handed down to 'Grandmothers' etc but if that was the knowledge of the True Source, there would not have been a need for Jesus Christ to come to this planet.

The story of the crucifixion of the Christ represents the crucifixion of this planet, which now survives on a broken axis which causes the Arctic North Pole to wander between 4 different North Pole alignments every approximately 6,000 years. The "4 Ages". Reports are that in recent years the current Magnetic North Pole has been increasing in speed as it wander towards locking on the next Magnetic North Pole. The Order of the Phoenix, which is the current cabal, did try to keep Earth locked onto the current Pole Star because it would take this planet through a nearby Black Hole which is temporarily nearby, Wormwood.

There are 3 top Orders in the Luciferian Rulership. The cabal is Order of the Phoenix, the dark side of the black and white checkerboard. The light sside is the Order of the Golden Dawn. Above them is the reflected, false Order of Melchizadek.


Those ancient maps we have of the world like the Piri Reis map and many others associated with the time of Christopher Columbus etc were not created at that time.

They were not maps of the world as it was in the 15th or 14th centuries. They were copies of extremely ancient maps which once belonged to the 'Sea Kings' and go back around 12,000 years. They did exist before the Great Flood, but the Great Flood was around 12,000 years ago, after the maps were produced. This is also verified by Plato who wrote about that Flood, and the loss of Atlantis, and he writes then, over 2,000 years ago, that it happened 9,000 years before his own time. Actually it was probably 10,000 years earlier than his time. Thinking the maps were the world just prior to maybe the 18th century and that a Great Flood happened then, is a mistake.

*The 4 Directions of the North Pole continues AND as a 'Lesson' Earth's Missing '5th Direction'.




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