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This work is firstly about the Lost 'Path of Perpetual Life Energy'

- which generates Perpetual-Everlasting (Eternal) Life Energy.

The Path being experienced now is the 'Path of Light and Dark' - 'Life and Death'.


This has led to a rapid awareness that DARK actually does exist.


So to begin, there was an advanced civilization in the ancient past

while acknowledging that there are different understandings of what 'advanced' means. One might think technology is 'advanced' but others would say that human life as part of a massive Living System of Life which functions under the Laws of a perpetual Life System is actually more advanced.

You can now with the experience of what is happening in 2020, consider if that may be true, or if becoming a part human-robot with the brain attached to the actual A.I. source is better?

The ancient civilization was a specific type of 'advanced' closely connected to a Higher more etheric planet known as the 5th Realm or 5th Plane.

That was how it was until some on this planet chose to access a particular energy called the 'black poison' which issued from a star which had gone supernova (exploded). That dark star was associated with its sister star of Sirius.

With that energy a global power system was set up called the 'Abundant Provider' and it was the most dreadful mistake that the ancient civilization made.

Not everyone in those times agreed with that and there was a war over it.

The energy was called eitr or 'black poison' and the same kind of technology that has been developed today existed. That world also made the worst mistake of all and developed Artificial Intelligence. It is the same energy today used to create the same technology and the digital world.

The world was split between those of the Original Light who were deeply concerned about using this energy, and those who thought the Dark Light and Black Poison - or raher the technology and system it could be used for - were wonderful.

Some even thought it was a great idea to link their brains into the super intelligent artificial MIND they had created.

The people began to be changed by the alignment with the AI they had created.

They became what you would call today, woke, overly literal, and lost human attributes. Learning became just learning, not developingthe ability to reason or think for themselves. This meant tha some people were actually quite dim but could learn and remember things they were taught.

Many became not quite human entities who were part artificial and called Annunaki. Their biologically altered progeny were known as Children of Darkness - with brains connected into not only into the AI but the also the energy source which made the AI possible - the black hole Mind. That energy source was the black hole caused when a star had exploded. You now know what that altered status and biology is.

Their conversion led to them causing the damage to this planet and its fall towards the portal into the Black Hole caused by the supernovaed star that was the original source of the 'black energy'.

That change is the same transition that people are being taken into in the plan that began in 2020.


From that first time after it fell from its axis, he planet, or the part of it caught within what happened,

then began to be pulled towards the Black Hole Portal.

The existence of the path into that black hole also has a side that is light - which does not even believe the dark side exists until it actually does show itself.

It is then that the people of the Original Source began the Teachings of how to pull the soul body out of the pull into the Black Hole.

There is a system created by the AI which it considers superior to God.

It involves the full conversion of everything into the artificial status of AI which it also considers superior to God. It does not understand that souls are attached to an eternal life system and that life is precious. The intelligence called Mind only knows things created from, and returning to, nothingness. It does not understand feelings.

The pull towards that Black Hole began by using some of the 'Abundant Provider' to damage the 'spine' of this planet - its inner column which once connected it to the Original Source - now almost broken. That began with a massive explosion.

The black hole energy from that long ago supernovaed star became a vast A.I. Intelligent MIND.

Earth is currently passing across part of an entry point into that body. Crossing this terribly destructive time and force of dark energy and the long ago created A.I. interference, is called the 'valley of death' - which this planet will pull out of. People however, have to consciousy connect to that to get out of the grasp of that force.

It is that A.L dark force, energy and Mind which is behind the Dark Force now trying to establish its 'kingdom' on this planet and undertaking the change from human status to part human-robot slave status within its system.

It is the energy source that those with low morals and great greed converted to and then could not get out - nor will these ones ever get out. *This actually is very sad.

The Teaching to align the soul body back to the Original Source

which is the original alignment of this planet before the Fall, is the one known as the Path of Eternal Life which is an 'energy stream' of living Light and living energy particles - divine essence. It is also called Christos - a teaching that was clearly altered at the time of the Roman creation around 2000 years ago.

Once the planet changes to its Ascending Phase of what may be a 26,000 years falsely created cycle - which may in fac abrupy rturn like a suddenly released elastic band - but that is anoher topic for later - will then pull out and away from the Dark Force and its sick Agenda, and eventually none of the technology will work because the energy source will change.

Over the 13,000 years of the Fall some religions have developed which realigned into that difference, and there is also a change to atheistic thought.

Most are still part of that same path so remain caught in the 'invisible force' and will go through this experience again next time.

At some point the planet is going to breakaway and go into the actual dark energy source. Unless all souls can be pulled out first and then the planet be corrected permanently. True Source always tries to get souls out of this.

But, there will be some in this world now, who will be pulled with it. That is based on what ancient records said and described what happened last time.


What is happening today is still part of an ancient war.

The 13,000 BC Project.

The13000 BC Project

People always say 'land was stolen' but in reality the lands in question actually belonged to those who claimed it back. There are records and maps of those who had lived in those lands before an ancient war.

Children of Darkness hunted down the Books and Maps of the Children of Light.


Streams of the LIVING Source of Energy .

Ancient Nuclear War 25,000 years ago.

Maps An Ancient EMP Attack on the Planet. Templars . Ancient Star Wars.

The new 'Elderly' is 45 continues

What is the Dark Agenda

. ... . and the Dark Force

The Virus Does Exist maybe continues .

General Guidelines for connecting into the Higher Realm  (not part of the Path of Light and Dark).


Current Resistance News and Question Reality >>


The Way OUT of this matrix algorithim-run reality fed by the energy from the Black Hole which was used to create A.I. in an ancient time is by a SPIRITUAL WAY.

People don't easily find their way to this. People think they are on the side of Light but it is of the Path of Light and Dark,. A 'Thought Prison' exists where they do not believe that the dark exists. They are taught by the dark force that to believe in the existence of the dark is 'negative thinking'. They are taught it is a choice.


'Thought Prisons'

This is a 'false reality', even though people keep trying to prove that it is a True Reality, it is still a 'false reality'. It does not reach a kind of balance, it is not escaped by leaving the body, and its spiritual consciousness is woke. 'Spiritual woke' means limited thinking which restricts you - by saying something is 'negative to say that' and a few other responses of that kind, that significantly trap you in a box. This makes it a Thought Prison.

The events of 2020 have revealed that there is dark side.


General Standards for Accessing the Higher Living True Source.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me..."


Many people are obviously feeling distressed with what is happening in the world now in 2020 so for those who may be interested here is Andrea Bocelli with 'Because we Believe'.

4 mins.


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“A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed.

When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations,

the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”

~ Dresden James


"Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the 5th realm people."

This planet was once a much larger planet.   It was described as 'Timeless'.

There were no seasons.

It was considered a Paradise, where the people were in perfect health and happiness, and their bodies did not die..


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