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Plant based diet, Juices and full energy living foods

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The popular teaching of juicing and raw plant foods, has its origin in ancient texts associated with the Healing traditions of a far ancient Greece.  This was the origin source of texts, mostly found in the 19th century, and some in the early 20th century languishing in forgotten archives, which taught about the 'life energy' content of plant foods.

This has since been adopted as a life choice for many people who are following a path of awareness and 'living consciously'.

The Teachings explained four categories of plant foods which retained full life force down to no life force.  These guidelines are very useful.

a) Life Generating.  The first category is foods which are the entire, still living plant, which gave rise to the popularity of sprouted grains and seeds.  This was also described as 'life generating'.

b) Biologically Active.  The second category was plants and fruits which were freshly picked from the tree.  Thus containing almost full life energy but because they were detached from the source which was keeping them alive, they were somewhat less than those which were  fully part of their own 'life supply source'.  These were described as 'biologically active'.

c) Biologically Static. Plants which have been picked and stored are losing this life energy, thus they were described as 'biologically static'

d) Dead.  Food which had been cooked (packaged etc) were considered 'dead'.

However, these Living Energy Teachings were really about something much bigger than the diet and healthy living.

They were about the LIFE ENERGY STREAMS and the importance of remaining attached into the full LIFE SOURCE SYSTEM.

A 'PERPETUAL LIFE SOURCE SYSTEM' would be described as a perpetually generating  source which produces the needed Life Energy Streams.

If a 'fruit', a planet or a star, starts to fall away from its LIFE ENERGY STREAMS, it begins to lose life force and become more 'biologically active' and then 'biologically static'.  Falling away initiates the process of dying, and dying means the fruit produces seeds which then reproduce the plant.  This is the dying process not the creation of life that it seems to be. 


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