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* We continue to update : please keep checking in. Plus - Lawful Rebellion.

If you think the vaccine is dangerous - don't have it. But if you are standing your ground against pressure to have it or the tests, then know your Common Law rights.

We keep to low tech, to ensure INFORMATION gets out during the online censorship.

*Please pass this link on to those you know who are disillusioned, unsure of what has happened with the 'plan', who may be depressed and want clarity on what is going on.



March 2021: Go to covid page for list of many of the ingredients in theso called vaccine. vaccine link

Get ready, the full disclosure and fall of the many is about to happen.

10 mins.

Trump was in Switzerland on 4th - on Air Force 1 - on QFS business, which is about to launch very soon.

* What appears to be happening in the world is still the movie. * Most of the work was done before 2020, and now it is about timing. * Over 2 million people have been arrested worldwide. Many have been executed. Where are the Hollywood and music celebrities? * The man representing Biden is not the actual person. * There are issues about the vaccine and so called 'tests'.

Teslaporesis video go to link; your ID under Common Law. Now is the time to insist on your Common Law rights. The world is now dividing between those who are awake, and those who are completely programmed and cannot think for themselves.

Keep aware of God's Law, the PCR tests inserting nanoparticles, the 'vaccines', and awaiting a collapse of the Central Banks, possibly silver or something similar to end the financial system but bring in the QFS - NOT the DNA linked universal basic income points system. Keep aware of these and wait it out until the QFS is established - apparently things have to fall into a timeline, and that includes the planet moving into its Ascending Phase. When the action begins it will be swift and unexpected.

*The tunnels under the White House were not just about children. CCP Chinese troops were also in there. They were arrested.

* Ballots now being audited with solid chain of custody. 4-6 weeks to get a result but looking good to prove Election Fraud.

*The vaccine is in Phase 3 trials for the next 2 years which means you are participating in the trial, some people get the vaccine and some get a placebo.

* Elizabeth 11 has reportedly had the vaccine and had the audacity to say that 'people should not be selfish and should think of others not themselves.' She said 'it is only a little jab'. Is she stupid? It is not about the damn jab is it! Its about what is in the mix inserted into the bloodstream. Only someone who is ignorant and has not done research, or is vulnerable, afraid and not being advised wisely, would consider having an experiemental shot of something that is not even a vaccine, and is for a 'disease' that is nothing more than the cold or flu - if it even exists at all.

Apparently people like Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and the 'queen of England' think people are concerned about the jab hurting! Can they really be this dim? The vaccine has not been fully tested yet.

If you have taken the 'vaccine' and now regret it, you cannot become unvaccinated but you can help slow it down with very high doses of Vit C ascorbates powder (not ascorbic acid) and also 200-300mg a day of Co-enzyme Q10 - according to Dr Sherri Tenpenny.

In Common Law you are a free, Living Soul.

A Living Soul is part of the Living God Source who is called the Living Master. For example, and as an example, when you take up what is offered by the Path of Life and Death which offers you a lifestyle or spiritual experiences etc, or when you undertake certain spiritual initiations etc of certain religions or beliefs, you enter into a contract with the provider of that energy or reality. Which is Lucifer - or by another name. Basically that is what binds you in karmic debt and you then have to work off that debt. Forever. Because like Shylock, Lucifer never forgives a debt.

How to legally register yourself as a Living Soul and obtain other legal documents in Common Law for UK and international.

* Maybe the US Supreme Court, any other court, and all of the sources rejecting 'Election Fraud' are irrelevant because the USA Inc was ended. No election has been legal after 1999. At some point there is going to be a revelation.

Solar Activity

* There is so much evidence -satanic abuse, pedophilia etc - that it means people have to be in jail, they could not possibly still be free. The Biden news shows someone clearly wearing a Biden mask in a serious interview, or him arriving at an ancient mini version of Air Force 1 in an obviously dirty vehicle. CEO's are stepping down including Crown Casino in Melbourne. Bodies and living children are coming out of the otherwise closed White House - and Chinese troops. Something must be happening!

* It is important to see the videos on the pedophilia and what these satanists do.

It will NOT lower your energies, you will gain strength and power over it. It is classic false teachings to tell you to not look or listen to this because it is 'negative' - and that is how the dark side keeps its power over you. Just consider how the world would ever know about this if it was not proved to them. If you feel you are not spiritually strong enough in the Light, call upon the Living God Source/Master to protect you - but knowing this stuff will empower you, not the reverse. There is no need to see the most distressing and horrific aspects, I personally never watch that.

New for March - The Underground Bases and Pure Evil on this planet.

Phil Schneider video:

* 16 mins. Reports continue that dead bodies are being brought up from beneath the White House. Most believe that those who are involved in satanic ritual abuse cannot be human.

It is believed that long ago, those from the higher realms did link their brains and bodies into an AI system and therefore became a very sophisticated artificial biological form. They also activated - or kept - their reptilian brain. That form is not only without empathy and soul, but is somehow connected into a genetic form of cannibal-animal, yet an animal that is linked into artificial intelligence. It was called Annunaki. It can look very human but drinks human blood to retain the human appearance. 1 min This genetic mistake is also mixed to various degrees in mankind who will gravitate towards the Osiris Path.

It is believed these ones long ago (as they do now in their bases) experimented with human DNA creating beings that are mixtures of human and animal and robot, etc, that some of these became inhabitants of fallen planets, none of which are supposed to exist yet do exist within the falsely created realms and universe of the Osiris energy stream which is the reverse and photonegative of the real reality - which this planet does not ever fully cycle out of. The Living Source contends that none of the planets and stars seen in the galaxy of stars and constellations, actually exist in the real existence. They are all false worlds in a false universe created by the 'big bang' entry into the reverse realms.

*Some people choose the Book of the Dead. Sirius is the Death Star and is the star of those on the path of the dead. If you think or know yourself to be a starseed from Sirius then before you start proclaiming this research what it is.

Others are part of the Living System nd their names are in the Book of Life.

The Covid-19 Genocide Program is for the 'Cattle' - Humans - to Commit Genocide on Themselves.

But the PCR tests mark people with Self Forming Artificial Circuits within the body.

Many thanks to those who send us on information and videos. Thanks to Colin for the next video which shows the PCR tests have nanoparticle material on the PCR swab tip. Everyone knows the tests are inserting nanotech but this video shows it. If you have seen the videos from Rice University on 'Teslaphoresis' you will have seen how these can form self-organized circuits like nerve circuits.

The question that arises now is that for every day the Trump team delays positive action, more and more people are being forced into having these self-forming circuits inserted into the body. This raises concerns - is this being allowed to happen? Go to -

COVID, PCR TESTS, and VACCINE INFORMATION. Plus the tests are believed to be inserting nanoparticles - to create Human Robots.

The covid tests insert nanoparticles into the body system - or as the DARPA hydrogel - and can be seen as a silver threads on the swabs used for the PCR tests. These threads are not on normal sterile cotton swabs. They also act as a kind of parasite. Click on vaccine link and see first section of 1st video featured. At around 40 it explains how the hepatitis and smallpox vaccines in Africa were used to take over ownership of Africa's resources.

+ 3 min video on Teslaphoresis - an artificial circuit self-growing in your body is as bad as it gets, and does alter your human status to that of a human robot.

* In over a year of this 'deadly pandemic' ONLY 500,000 have perhaps died from the virus in the US

though the list includes those who fell off ladders and were run over by a bus but 'died of covid'. In reality it is just about the same average as people who routinely die each year from the 'flu etc.

After receiving the vaccine "They have to undergo a 30-minute observation period following their jabs to watch for potential negative reactions." No, they then begin a 10 year period of observation for negative reactions.

* Is the real vaccine being used? Or is it something benign which eases those who are fearful, or indecisive, about "covid-19" then herd immunity can be announced and it all fades away? Are the reports of people dying and being disabled part of the play? In the post Agenda21-Davos Reset world there won't be 'health passports'. For now we are playing it safe and assuming the vaccine is real, keeping away from it, and expecting it will eventually all go away.

The PCR tests are inserting nano-tech particles into the body-brain barrier, therefore that programme is still going ahead and the 'vaccines' must be understood to be the same thing and it links your body into the system.

*The Pfizer vaccine is still in phase 3 trials for the next 2 years.

Interview with the Joe Biden MASK on! A real person but obviously with the same mask as shown in the next video, and it is not even an attempt to hide it. 8 mins.

Joe Biden real and the mask version see 27 to 33 - 6 mins.

* Emma Watson mask turns out to be Sofia Vergara.  a few seconds


Many are surprised that Trump Changed Stance on the so called Vaccine.

This mRNA type vaccine should have been tested for 15 years before being injected into people. It is generally understood that the cabal/cult came to some agreement that they had to be allowed to take those who would take the vaccine, so that another facet of the good plan would be agreed to. Of course if people woke up or did research then they would have proven they have the development to take responsibility. But the cult contends that many people do not have that level of development - which means those ones belong to them. Some have called this vaccine the 'mark of the Beast'. We have to pray that this battle between good and evil will be won soon.

* Some of the new videos bleating on about the usual stuff to preach to us how the world must be, can be nauseating!

Some take it upon themselves to say the obvious - and usually provide very little new news or 'intel'. They are ndescribing themselves as 'the great....' and how great their energy is, but are mostly presenting the osiris Path, and calling others 'fake patriots' and from the 'dark side'. The videos do qualify as easy to listen to, pleasant conversations and many people watch them simply because they are easy listening, easy to watch videos. The concerns are that they are mixing 'spiritualities' which again moves away from the Living Christ Source, and they are introducing the teachings of the Osiris Path to people who are newly waking up and they do not know enough to know that.

Here is a higher level of intel which is not mixing in Osiris Path beliefs -

* Spare a thought for the many people who have put in at least 4 years of decoding 'cue' riddles to try to get information,

then along comes a couple of people who are given intel, and in the process one of these who is connected with a separate financial aspect of it has overriden all the Q Anon community and made them irrelevant. Who needs all their hard work when someone has actually been given information directly from 'cue'? That same source is now calling those who are not impressed with this person who has a clear advantage over everyone else, 'fake patriots' and they are part of the darkside. It is no Longer the Established Voices who are the Sources of where This Journey is Going. Info sources.

* The mRNA vaccine is still a TRIAL.

Even if your job requires it, leave the job! Some people die soon after, some have convulsions or heart attacks, for others the biological changes it causes can kill or maim you 7 months or longer down the track - the vaccine has never been tested for that length of time but its purpose is to alter your DNA. *You make your own decisions this is not professional advice.

* Medical Staff, Security Guards, Supermarket Staff can be Prosecuted for Aiding Homicide.

Imagine pharmacies preventing people entering to get life saving medicines because they don't have their surveillance app/phone with them. Doctors and nurses who administer the vaccine without permission will be tried for homicide. Security guards and businesses who do not allow people in to buy food which is to force them to be vaccinated can also be prosecuted for aiding homicide. Elderly people in an aged care home were forced to be vaccinated and 8 died straight afterwards.

16 mins. mixed clips video

* For those who still wish to attack Trump, it is understood that Julian Assange was secretly taken into witness protection by Donald Trump when he was seemingly dragged from the Ecuador Embassy in 2019.

* There is a current warning there will be the experience of a red alert that China has many nuclear warheads aimed at various places on the planet requiring US response. Also possible alert situation between Israel and Iran. Stock up for lockdown.

* The end of this nightmare the world is living through only happens in God's timing.

Possibly some scenarios have to play out. The real transformation will happen when the planet changes to its positive phase. To be marked positive you must keep to God's guidelines via the Christos teachings which specifically show you the behaviour of the Golden Rule and NOT to do certain practices and things. The existing technology which was [allowed to be] taken by the CCP and others from the US is actually obsolete or will be the moment the new system is switched on. It is suspected that there will be people who cannot be part of the energy switch too. We do not know what will happen to those who did do the things that God Source/Christos teaches not to do - which this work covered. But it has been called the 'Dividing of the Ways' by which way you are marked (either positive or negative).

Since Jan. 20th 2021 the White House has not been the seat of any US presidency under 'Biden'. The lights go out each night at 11pm on a timer. 20 seconds . The inaugural was not carried out in a legal manner according to the Constitution and Biden is not the same Joe Biden. The good side has said that the unaware world has to see and experience how horrific the Reset agenda is. However, the delay in this nightmare being ended places all of us closer to the danger of being nanoparticled and there are questions why that is still happening.

Most of us would already know how serious that is, but unfortunately there are vast numbers who are clueless - which for those who love them is similar to witnessing how you lose someone through dementia. Trump WON the 2020 election! This is now the movie while a very real war is still playing out. Everything now has to naturally fall.

*According to legal documentation the military are in charge to ensure continuity of government during a threat/attack on the US, and the play could play out like this to Sept. 30th with the legal safety of continuity of government.

* The Reset Plan by the cult is War, and to return humans to cattle status -

such as in the language used to describe trafficked children as 'items'. In schools, children are being prepped for being used to being in cages, and in other ways, elderly are in 'zoos' with visiting pods which are something like in a prison. 'Covid Camps' are like abbatoirs. The vaccine is to depopulate but some humans are still bred as a food source. All of it is the desired future world in the view of an unfortunate problem on this planet with genetics. The cult means those people who believe they are descended from Cain - which is exactly where a 2nd energy stream comes from in the form of Lucifer which the cult believe is a higher being, therefore they are superior - though clearly not. They believe in satanic ritual sacrifice, and drinking the blood of children/babies.

'Theresa's Story'    - 24 mins. Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Also: "MOST POWERFUL VIDEO IN 2021" SHARE W/ 20+ PEOPLE  41 mins 

The planet will change from its current fall and negative status to the rising up of the fallen side of the planet back to where it fell from, and a change to positive. It is expected that the change will be seen in the skies as more light coming in! Of course, the True side is a far greater source of Light. As for news on how this is progressing for sure as soon as the new system is switched on there will be the new medical tech beds, and business opportunities, plus loans available etc. There are some info sources which provide nuggests of the intel we are all looking for. Be aware that in the newness of this, some sources just can't stop themselves adding on additional bits that are from other systems! Keep to the Christ Source Guidelines - a new addition on the Osiris Spell book.

LEGAL - your true ID and your Fictitous ID - in second section of this webpage.


4 mins

*Prince Phillip has been 'admitted to hospital'

and real news expects that his passing will be reported. It is understood he may have already died in 2020 possibly, from natural causes but also after being arrested. It is hard to verify if the execution lists are accurate. The truth about public fugures such as this, has to be introduced carefully.

* Obama expose 4 mins.

* How did the Rothschild dynasty begin?

From a tiny ghetto street in the slums of Frankfurt, Amschel Rothschild befriended a German king (of Hesse) - as everyone from slums does - procuring something for that monarch's non-public tastes - perhaps like a Jimmy Saville friendship with Charles. This led to a level of compromise - or wonderful friendship - and voila the Rothschild banking empire began.Immediately they established themselves in 5 other countries following the same formula.

* The Davos Reset and 'Biden presidency' are the Luciferian plan.

* Following the change to 'Biden' war is breaking out again in Syria and between Israel and Iran, and Israel has carried out some bombing in Syria, Russia is upgrading airstrips to take nuclear bombers. The cult agenda is a 3rd World War.

* The world is going to see everything that the satanic cult had planned. It appears that that may include some of the 'alien invasion'.

* The Depopulation Agenda is to target the elderly (who are extremely vulnerable) those with disabilities, and the mentally deficient which is basically all those who are lining up to take the vaccine.

* It is understood that arrests have been underway since 2018 - Trials began in January 2019.

Most notable John McCain and Bush snr. After November 2018 in the US, it was the Clintons, Obamas, and Bidens. Hillary was sentenced and sentence carried out in 2019. Hillary was taken to the Greenland facility and may have died from kuru in 2019 but it is also reported as lethal injection and hanging. Biden was sentenced and the sentence (firing squad) was carried out in 2019 - would appear to be before the election lead in. Hollywood and music industry from April 2020. Most have had their sentences carried out. Biden inaugural were fake celebrities, doubles and CGI. No big names left for the Super Bowl so it was The Weeknd. Big name Hollywood stars are gone.

The Pentagon has admitted to holding and testing wreckage from UFO crashes in a bombshell Freedom of Information letter, shared with The Sun. Genetic experiments have been carried out in the DUMBS for generations, creating amalagamations of humans with non human DNA, in addition to the existence of the 'Children of Cain' who could not possibily warrant the honour of being called human.

* There are still Deep Underground Military Bases being taken out. This week has seen this in Antarctica which is very significant. It is famous for the Nazi bases. Also very significant ones in Africa taken out. First the cult's satellites were taken out, then their 7 dwarfs computer systems, then the space programs, and in April 2020 all the stolen money and gold was taken back.

* Recap : The tunnels etc under fenced off DC area, have been cleared of satanic ritual abuse children,

massive amounts of body parts from 'pizza parties' including from Obama presidency, and people involved in underground activities.

All of these people - those in this dumbed down consciousness - would have taken everyone and this planet into the satanic realms, and they would remain clueless. Being clueless they are also arrogantly clueless. That there are so many like this is extremely worrying.


* Did the Plan Work?

The plan is working from the moment the countries involved saw the NSA dossiers which Trump presented to them. That was film of all the leaders and players, in satanic pedophila and ritual sacrifice. Control also went to the 'plan' once the 'cue op' seized the cult's satellites, and their computers, and then in April 2020 took control of all the banks. Please note the Rothschilds are now selling several of their properties to raise money. The 'impeachment trial' is a show. The only ones who could have filmed and photographed the 'Biden Inauguration' and the stills of the 'Oval Office' with a seam in the wall, are the 'cue' side. But it is of concern that vaccines are being rolled out.


* The issue with the election fraud issue going to SCOTUS first time was only that it was filed under the wrong article - probably deliberately. However, it still needs to go to the military.

* You Are Watching a Movie. -  5 mins. 

* The DEFCON system prescribes five levels of readiness

for the U.S. military - which is currently the governing source for the USA. The world may now be in Defcon 1. It was in Defcon 2 - red alert. Defcon 1 is a maximum readiness. Cocked Pistol means the US is currently in a state of war, or that a nuclear threat is either in progress or imminent. In DEFCON 2 and above, there cannot be a change of president (there must be a continuity of government).

* There is no reason for JFK jnr to show himself - crazy to do so. He would be assassinated if he appeared before this op is completed. The plan has not been delayed. What is happening is the plan.

From Jan. 20th you are watching the movie. It is believed by us, that shortly after the fence was erected in DC the arrests began. You are watching a movie. The trials and sentencing also began shortly after, from Jan.20th, 1 minute after 12 noon. This phase will be completed soon. The TV media were asked to carry the emergency broadcast message on Feb. 5th but they did not do so. This means they commiteed treason and will be arrested. The play of the '2nd impeachment' exposed more of the treason and criminality of those who were in government - and it is the movie. DC is foreign territory and full of people who work for that foreign territory. It is still fenced in and under US military control. It is not a fence to keep out Trump 'protesters', there are no protests there at all.

* Many of us are in shock about just how deeply asleep many people are. As with interviews of the sheeple in the UK a US video shows the inexplicable level of stupidity of many 'average people' (sheeple) who cannot wait to be vaccinated - several times - even though the 'experts' tell you you can still get covid, you can still spread it, and will need more vaccinations, still need to wear masks, have lockdowns, and will have to have a health passport. (The continuing 'vaccinations' are to inject more DNA altering material until the human body is transhuman.)

* 'Absolute Proof

2 hours * Many will know Mike Lindell the 'My Pillow' guy. Here's his doco on the absolute proof of election fraud.

* Cult-NASA still using Weather Warfare, firing beams and DEW's to the poles, and chemtrails, chemical mixing lab in Australia.

* Pelosi clone lost the plot. This kinda proves that some of these people really are clones. * CLONES - 1 hr

There was never going to tbe mass public arrests at the fake inaugural, or worldwide emergency broadcasts. That does not red pill anyone. Those who are asleep have to see and experience what was going to happen.

* Myanmar used the same Dominion servers used in the US elections. As did the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan and so on.........

* 1.30 secs.   Osiris Phallus.

* Bohemian Grove is up for sale.

* Genetically Created Super Humans and ET/Aliens.

The unhinged satanists-cult people have no morality, empathy or kindness. They not only torture and eat children, they also do terrible things to their own children. Their genetic experiments not only change humans to machines with the mRNA vaccine, but also with many genetic experiments creating humans with a jelly fish head, a human head with a pig's body, various supermen-soldiers half machine half human, various forms of aliens including greys-AI cyborgs, and 'blue avians', synthetic humans, and synthetic aliens.

* Medical staff - doctors and nurses - will be prosecuted for murder and for maiming people by administering the covid 'vaccine'.

(Which doctors receive payments to do, as they did with putting people on ventilators.) Covid 'vaccine' Deaths and permanent 'Health Impact Events' - 2 mins Dr Vernon Coleman 13 mins.

Pedophilia Tunnels, and Satanic Ritual Sacrifice Sites in DC fenced off area. Bodies and body parts have been removed in the body bags, right beneath the White House.

Many children were reportedly seen going to the many coaches which indicates a DUMB under the White House. The White House under Obama had 'pizzagate' parties. Military and police are now in high numbers guarding outside the Capitol, D.C. fence. Possibly those inside were arrested and trials are taking place in situ. Or are the - reported to be - tents inside the area, burial areas from satanic ritual sacrifices.

Large convoys of coaches were seen entering the fenced off former capitol of USA Inc.3 mins begin at 30 seconds in. It is believed that around 67% of the former Congress were quietly arrested. The area continues to be fenced off, and there are a number of troops with 5,000 are to remain there until March.

* The Lincoln Project has a Pedo Problem.

* With 'cue' there could never just be 'mass arrests' because the rabbit hole is far deeper and far more complex than that and that would never remove them. Part of the MK Ultra agenda was to plant - and in other cases activate - trusted figures to provide information and then lead them to rebel. This would fall right into the trap of a 'Colour Revolution'. The satanists planned for that to happen. (More on previous page). People are doing things, and continue to do things. They get information out, they turn up for rallies and are standing up for their rights, and more.

'You will own nothing and you will be happy.'

- No We Won't Be!! Economic Forum (meeting delayed to May) now calls for the 'Mandate of Heaven' for 'One World' and basically that the CCP takes charge.


* Be brave and do something. Project Veritas continues. 1min. 50 secs.

* Youtuber - penguinsix - films complete walks round the entire fenced off area of the DC capitol area;

it is all fenced in and patroled by military. This is useful to check.

The illegal status of 'your country Inc.' and LEGAL STUFF in the second section.

*** DECLASS docs and info are now easily available online if you search with alternatives to Google (which censors) Some of the declass is added on the second section of this web page.

* Washington District of Columbia is named after the Babylonian goddess Columbia.

* The entire area that is fenced off in DC, is a satanic area full of Osiris symbolism.

The satanic shadow world government was located in the underground city below,

including a shadow administration and staff. It is unlikely to be the capitol area for the Constitutional Republic.

RECOMMENDED Important Videos from the Feb. 2021 NEWS Page

* The entire area of the Washington DC complex was built as a Temple to Osiris.

* The 'Phallus of Osiris' otherwise known as the Washington Monument is 6660 inches high and each side is 666 inches.

* Osiris, the god of the satanic cult, refers to the star system of Sirius, which is also part of the 'underworld'.

** Save all you want to keep from Facebook because it will be going.



Abraham Lincoln. ... .

Continue to next section

including LEGAL STUFF, and the beginning of the plan to undo the establishment of USA Inc. in 1871.


NEW - UK News . Golden Envelopes. Previous : For CURRENT mid Jan. WAKE UPDATE Click here . New content added Jan.: to V - Day.

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Napoleon.

The British thought they had burned the only original copy of the Constitution,

but the 'founding fathers' had two copies and had carefully hidden the original Constitution. The USA Inc document was drawn up in 1867 and signed in 1871 by President Ulysses S. Grant who served as the 18th president of the United States from 1869 to 1877. Before his presidency, Grant led the Union Army as Commanding General of the United States Army in winning the American Civil War.

LEGAL STUFF - your true ID and your Fictitous ID :

USA INC. explained :  14 mins. IMPORTANT!

* USA Incorporated was a business then set up in every country in the world.

A business is under Admiralty Law - the law of the sea.

Under Admiralty (Maritime) Law, a living soul becomes a capitalized person (not living soul) which if they consent to this they then are a business entity within the corporation - and owned by those who own the corporation.

A living soul - living man or woman - is under Common Law which is God's Law,

so it is possible to only identify yourself under Common Law and not consent to Admiralty Law which operates by your consent. When a figure of authority like a policeman says 'do you understand'? You say no I do not understand, I do not stand under you and therefore do not consent. I am not a person known by the name of xxxxxxx I am a living soul by the name of xxxxx.

Living souls became a capitalized person which if they consented to this under Admiralty Law (Maritime Law) they then were nothing but a business entity within the corporation - and owned by those who own the corporation.

A living soul is under Common Law which is God's Law,

so it is possible to only identify yourself under Common Law and not consent to Admiralty Law which operates by your consent.

You can register yourself as a living soul under Common Law with an ID card and register your birth certificate under Common Law at the

PDF download on Lawful Rebellion under Article 61.

This maybe of use in Australia

For business, can you operate legally under Article 61?

Register your living man or woman ID and birth certificate UK and international.


The Plan from the 1860's, to Lincoln's assassination in 1865, and the beginning of USA Inc in 1871.

* There is a history to the plan to restore the Constitutional Republic, that is why we have the pictures of Lincoln and discuss the American Civil War. Right from then there was a plan. There was a plan.

*De jure - in law and government, de jure describes practices that are legally recognised, regardless of whether the practice exists in reality. In contrast, de facto describes situations that exist in reality, even if not legally recognised.

* Abraham Lincoln, who was financed by the bankers, was in partnership with Karl Marx who did much of Lincoln's publications for him. 31 mins.

* The Plan in relation to taking out the cabal which is happening now, began in the late 1890's.

* It is a good idea to learn the history of events such as the civil war and the position and allegiances of the Unionists. Were people aware of the cult plan to change the Constitution and create the USA Inc? Of course they were - they had a civil war over that. Was the war about 'freeing slaves'? In fact it made people entities within a business and made everyone slaves.

*The cabal plan was established in 1871 after Lincoln's Union side won the Civil War

and the presidency went to Grant, and it made the US the first incorporated business and was owned by the Crown (Britain). This is now the situation for everyone in the world.

Living souls became a capitalized person which if they consented to this under Admiralty Law (Maritime Law) they then were nothing but a business entity within the corporation - and owned by those who own the corporation.

* JFK and Princess Di were cult assassinations. They are in a Q shaped grave because that was the symbol of the 17th letter 'cue' Osiris as killings of the satanic cult. They were not ops of the counter-magic use of the 17th letter.

* Harry and Meghan Were Planning to Replace William and Kate. UK News

* There is no QAnon, they are two different groups Q and Anons. Q is military intelligence and has been around a long time. Anons are people who provide their own decodes.

* The big columns, or needles, that take pride of place in London, Washington DC, and the Vatican, are the symbol of Osiris's phallus and of resurrection.

It is part of the satanic religion.

* You have seen real Synthetic humans- there are also synthetic aliens.

* Lord Maiteya was the head of the cabal - and surrendered.

* They are now revealing that the MK Ultra's new age was a cult plan to ease people onto the satanic path.



Clear and detox nano particles

- from covid tests, chemtrails etc - with Zeolites - if you can get it - it clears from the blood and also Chlorella clears from the deep cellular level.

Start at 1.50 : 27 mins. Detox covers Zeolites.


Osiris.Spell Kingdom

You have just witnessed the agenda of a satanic worldwide cult, which intended to kill most of the human population, change others into transhumans, and probably cook and eat the rest.

There are different Timelines playing out now. Some people only see the reality shown through their TV about a virus and a need to have a vaccination. These ones are unlikely to go through to the future, and if they have had the vaccination they may experience what the cult vaccine was intended for - depopulation, which means they will die. Some of these who simply cannot see the other Timeline reality, may of course, wake up!

It is a pre-written script, that has already played out before, and is playing out their same script now (they are bound to their script - but you and we are not!)

**These links are now also presented as part of an online book. A great Wake Up is now happening - and it is good. But the reality is that if the satanic agenda did win this battle, or does win it next time round, the ONLY answer remaining is to be able to get out of this reality - and its realms - and that is not possible without having done what this work has been teaching about. NEXT


*** All declass can now easily be found with a search online.


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What happens when NESARA is enacted? The President and the Vice-President steps down. Military takes over. NESARA is the name when it was first established in 1962 and the name will probably change. The nickname Trumpsara began with Santa Surfing.

* All info on Leonardo satellites and Vatican etc, blackouts in the Vatican, and Pakistan, also the Jan 6th staged break in in Washington DC. These are on an earlier page. We have covered everything.

* We will put up as much as we can and provide links. Arrests, trials, executions - Hollywood, music industry, Bollywood. Obama spying on the President, governments falling, DUMBS. The many DECLASS docs are available online if you search.


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