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Introduction to Current Unfolding News

This next video is our preferred introduction to a great deal of confusing information in a world that is most certainly programmed through the TV, movies, celebrities and pop culture and which has targeted young people - for several generations - so that they grow up with contempt for adults and who they believe are out of touch. Ultimately this leads to the recommended book - with initial sections presented online here - which takes on a different value once all the deceptions and lies have been outed.

It is assumed that the reader will already be familiar with many of the names of organizations like Freemasons, or people who may present controversial topics, and the range of topics themselves. This next video is a very well researched presentation by a pop musician who is an ex Freemason - as is just about every famous and successful celebrity except they keep their vows of secrecy.


 stay with the intro, it is followed by vast numbers of pics of celebrities involved in this (such as we have covered in the Osiris page links) and much more. Recommended and worthwhile. https://brutalproof.net/2021/04/2010-australian-x-factor-winner-altiyan-childs-exposes-freemasonry-pictured-freemason-logo/


A few former recommended videos are still included on this page.

* Freemasons 'worship' Sirius as their god source. Around the 1960-70's they began to initiate people into the Sirius energies. Then those initiates began their own works initiating more people into those energies so it spread like a virus chain. Those people then became 'starseeds' which involve other stars too - stars are solar angels, as was Lucifer. People are impressed by claiming to be of Sirius origin and a 'starseed' yet are apparently not smart enough to make the connection to the Freemasons who as the video recommended above shows, are a front for the religion of Satanism which was intended to spread amongst the world population thru celebrity idolisation, pop culture and behavioural programming etc.


People can be extraordinarily dim. It does not take much to make the connection between Freemasonry, starseeds from Sirius etc, and satanism. Sirius aka Osiris is the false god behind the new age - which was the Great Reset. Therefore, we recommend the video above because this person has done a good job of showing this, and also refer you to the Michael Jako video we highlighted before. It is under the heading 'This Planet Belongs to the God Realms of True Source'.

As you will see, the tentacles of Sirius spread far and wide, and are still binding people to that energy even though such people remain here as the planet changes to its Ascension phase. Many Freemasons like Disney and Edgar Cayce claimed to be Christian, but Sirius is not the Source of the Christ and it is impossible for Freemasons to be Christian.

This planet belongs to the God Realms of True God Source. The actual Luciferian-Satanic Osiris source is Sirius.

This planet does not belong to Osiris/Isis, Sirius, friendly Arcturians and others, or any other of the stars of what the ancients called the UNDERWORLD. The actual Luciferian-Osiris source is Sirius. Sirius is Osiris! This means the next video is important to be aware of. All these star sources interfering in this planet, are part of the 2nd energy stream which is the Underworld stream (It included the Freemason Edgar Cayce mentioned in this video). Exposing the spiritual fraud.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/FkLEv7kBB2T0/ Recommended because this shows how planets and stars from the Underworld - and the Super-Computer - access the minds and consciousness of people. After watching the Expose video at the top and this one, please do read our free online book which begins at the Living Source link. Some are actual masons, like David Icke - people who get BBC jobs like sports commentators have to make the same allegiances as actors and pop musicians - but others do not know they are a sub group of the masons, like those who went into the nature diva path like Michael Roads father of Duncan, editor and owner of Nexus magazine.

There has been 2,000 year agenda to mock and discredit the existence and mission of Jesus Christ.

In the 1960's intelligent, but disgruntled 'angry young men' - with careers there would influence popular thought - were recruited at prestigious universities like Cambridge, or in other ways to build their careers.

John Lennon made hugely controversial comments about Jesus in the USA in 1966 - which was after he had read this specific anti-Christ book The Passover Plot which he had been given. The Beatles' manager Brian Epstein was removed less than a year later in 1967, dying by an 'overdose' and thereafter The Beatles became a different entity. Then there was the anthem to the New World Luciferian Order 'Imagine' probably written by Yoko Ono, and for which Lennon was assassinated to make this song an anthem.

The Mind Control and Behaviour Programming

of the MK Ultra and Tavistock project, to change consciousness via pop culture and emerging talent who went into show business in the 1960's. George Harrison funded the Monty Python movie 'The Life of Brian' which mocked the role of Jesus (and 2 of the Monty Python crew were on a British TV show with an archbishop and confirmed this view). The Life of Brian is a similar theme to The Passover Plot.

The Passover Plot

By Hugh Schonfield. Wording from the sales page : "The scholars deplore that I have spilled the beans to the public. Several of them have said to me, 'You ought to have kept this just among ourselves, you know.'"

What he did to "spill the beans" was present historical evidence suggesting that Jesus was a mortal man, a young genius who believed himself to be the Messiah and deliberately and brilliantly planned his entire ministry according to the Old Testament prophecies--even to the extent of plotting his own arrest, crucifixion and resurrection.


* 'FAKE NEWS' that has been reported.

The Bible was established for the Christian Church in the early centuries AD. The First Council of Nicaea was in AD 325.  It is 'fake news' that they kept Mohammed's name out of the Bible - he was not born until 570 AD. This 'fake info' comes from 'Dr Charlie' also 'fake news' is that Prince Philip was not a leader of the Illuminati, meaning Masons. It is the Duke of Kent. Prince William is not the son of Juan Carlos of Spain. Diana was a very new bride of only weeks (about 7 weeks) and they were still on their honeymoon when she became pregnant with William. Also for a long time she believed she was in a loving relationship with Charles. The family needed an heir and that was actually the reason for Diana. There have been a number of instances of this type of made up, not checked or vindictitive reporting, so we keep general tabs on this source so it can be corrected.

The 3rd Prophecy of Fatima (hidden one)

is mentioned in Bill Cooper's speech as being cabal source : - The prophecy identifies Obama's Father as the Man Who Brought the Holy Spirit of Ascension to Earth. Interesting interview on the missing 3rd Prophecy of Fatima identifies Obama's Indonesian father, the founder of the religion Subud, known by the nickname Bapak, as the man who was predicted at Fatima, to bring the Holy Spirit to Earth. He was the great person in the prophecy who should have been revealed by the Pope in 1960. It does not appear that the man revealing this is aware that this person of the 'Fatima Prophecy' was Obama's father but it does fit in with Bill Cooper's info on what the Fatima event really was. It is also connected to a 'spiritual church' run by an agent of British Intelligence John Bennet. Most of the Brit intel agents were on the same page as Aleister Crowley. (Obama's father has been covered in this work.) Bill Cooper's video covers that the cabal had the technology and was behind 'Fatima' and the other ones of that kind, which happened in the early 20th century.

This is a video of the man, who is a Subud initiate https://www.bitchute.com/video/wiM9yTsHjGKa/

* New info sources are now discovering all the old videos we had in the 90's and even the '80's on the underground bases, alien forces, ritual abuses, and something called Altenative 3 - bases on the moon and Mars. This aired on BBC TV in 1977 then was called a hoax. https://theunredacted.com/alternative-3-secret-space-program/

Almost a mechanical view, or MK Ultra view.

* BIRTH OF A NEW RACE "A RACE WITHIN A RACE"https://www.bitchute.com/video/jDMCr44VcwZq/ for 25 mins.



The Living Source, Holy Blood Stream, and the Christ Door. Living Source



*You may like to continue with the Masonic plan to influence through pop culture from the 1960's - including Monty Python.)


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