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UK Column, WarRoom Pandemic, and Crossroads.


Steve Bannon: Plot to Steal 2020 at the Virginia YR Federation


UK Column News - 21st September 2020


Film -

'Riding the Dragon' -

Biden's Financial Dealings with the CCP.

50 mins.


UK Column - David Ellis Report - Military insiders.

"Elite Capture" also covered in recommended book 'Stealth Wars' by General Spalding. The CCP cultivate elites.

Interview with former NSA Tech Director BIll Binney


This week, David speaks to retired NSA Technical Director and whistleblower Bill Binney about bulk data collection, Russiagate, Christopher Steele, Richard Dearlove and Donald Trump.


WarRoom Pandemic Current episodes/archives

UK Column Current episodes/archives


Democrat Strategy to Steal the Election

- A Coup de'Etat -

The National Pulse Show is Covering this Hidden but Available Document which Details Strategy.

45 mins Also good to check the previous and following shows covering the topic.

*This also covers John Podesta who is named in the PAEDOGATE 2020 PT.3 - Symbolism & Pizzagate 2.0


The National Pulse w/ Raheem Kassam

Trump Supporter Shot Dead, Point Blank in a Targeted Hit in Portland.

The details of this were reported on The National Pulse TV. teams of antifa/blm use spotters to locate targets (Trump supporters) who is then isolated and in this case a man walked up and shot the target point bank then calmly walked away as did all the ohers who were present. Plus CCP participation in US riots and supply of weapons.


SPECIAL REPORT: Inside China's surveillance state

24 mins.

Also planned for Australia. Currently Australia and NZ are the testing grounds for form of governance in the West.


Keep in mind that many cult leaders and businesses in this Plan are into blood drinking for Adenochrome, and Paedophilia. This documentary shows some of the symbols they use.

Aug 24th. More on Pizzagate -The symbols they use.

PAEDOGATE 2020 PT.3 - Symbolism & Pizzagate 2.0

42 mins.


Plandemic 2


1 hour 15 mins


As COVID-1984 Accelerates, Bill Gates Blames ‘Freedom’ For Spread of the Virus

15 mins.


Covid 19, Germ Theory and the scientific dictatorship

This is a documentary that tries to go deeply into the assumptions that mainstream doctors hold about the nature of disease. From an historical perspective, it relates the work done by Pasteur, Koch and other founders of the Germ Theory of disease (as well as the rising of allopathic medicine). But the crucial emphasis is in explaining why the ideas taken for granted in this "theory" are scientifically wrong. Finally, the documentary makes some proposals to get out of this social crisis we live in.

52 mins.


NEW : The National Pulse Show, with Raheem Kasam The Leader of the Brexit party Nigel Farage, UK Illegal immigration crisis - important. Plus Trump's Speech


Shadow Gate - Documentary

1 hour 22 mins. just released. Millie Weaver's documentary.


War Room Pandemic Ep. 331

Lots of good stuff.


NATIONAL TOWN HALL on Hydroxychloroquine.

This is a game changer.

If 'covid-19' can be easily managed and cured in the early stages there is no need to listen to Bill Gates, the WHO or to defer to health Laws and Medical Martial Law.

Doctors, Professors, Epidemiologists from Yale etc on how Hydroxychloroquine can beat the covid curse. Episode 323


Treatment for covid has been banned by governments. This is deliberate. It is difficult to get any Hydroxychloroquine from pharmacies even wih a prescription, and difficult to get some of the useful antibiotics of steroid treatments.


Germany: The COVID 19 Extra Parliamentary Inquiry Committee 

28 mins.


Aug. 4th/5th.

FDA document shows Hydroxychloroquine works and would override any need for an 'emergency vaccine'.

FDA internal doc. Favors Big Pharma Money Making Drugs and says no other cheaper medicines should be available.


Part 2 Lying Fauci Placing Lives at Risk War Room Pandemic


David Ellis Show

- Betrayal by the British Government and Ministry of Defence.

More evidence of a hostile takeover.

44 mins.


Aug. 1st.

The Measures that are to Come in Your Country Under this CCP-Modelled Takeover.

This attack is not going to go away easily. Expect the same as shown in this CROSSROADS episode.

23 mins.


BBC News Praise for the New, Sustainable, Clean, Green Economies -

UK Column July 27th


Watch a few minutes of corrupt Tedros of WHO talk about the new Covid-19 Law Lab -

46 mins. The pandemic has NOT disrupted people's lives. The Lockdowns and stupid new rules/laws have done that.

There is no serious virus but if you get symptoms it is possible it can spread and attach to cells in the lungs. Early intervention within the first 5 days has seen most people go home happily while those who go into hospitals died - especially those put on ventilators. This episode features medical experts - Yale etc - on the topic of early intervention.


++ UK Column live stream July 22nd

The UK does seem to be in imminent danger of being taken over. The next UK COVID-19 attack is going to begin in the Autumn (Fall). Watch WarRoom Pandemic Ep 293 for how to overcome a covid attack.

live July 17th live stream

1 hour


++ WarRoom Pandemic Ep 285 live stream Friday

1 hour

and Ep 286 See what Joe Biden is really about with the CCP. - excellent!


Global Elitist Dark Agenda wants a World War.

Note - this is an excellent source of cutting edge information but we beg to differ on the opinion that China released the 'Wuhan' or 'CCP' virus and it certainly has NOT killed great numbers of people.

There is real evidence that it did indeed originate at Fort Detrick and was taken to the Wuhan lab for further refining or for the intended release as there is stuff happening here with people were in collaboration. Therefore there are questions and the female 'whistleblower' featured on Fox News in July who was just giving the same story anyway.

It must be remembered that ultimately the Global Elitist Dark Agenda does want a kinetic war, so threfore, better not to oblige.


++ Crossroads - Chinese Quit CCP; CCP Ownership of Hollywood and Cultural Indoctrination

In Detroit, ICE officials in Homeland Security Investigations seized a web domain operated by China,, in an international investigation into arms trafficking. A statement from ICE says “HSI determined that more than 350 suppressors seized by law enforcement across the county were purchased from the website and smuggled into the United States from China as automotive parts.” 19 mins premiered July 18th


WarRoom Pandemic Ep 282

1 hour


++ UK Column live July 15th

1 hour.

Huawei, Face Masks and the moronic supporters of them when there is no evidence of any danger with Coronavirus, council paid money to care homes to take in covid-19 patients as happened in NY, while hospitals remained empty. Plus take note of what is happening in Germany.




"You have no right to refuse to be vaccinated."

first 10 mins.


For the People of the African Continent. The Mastercard Wellness Pass

21 mins. From VoiceTv Nigeria.


2 mins

President Of Ghana Blows Lid Off 2010 Rockefeller Report 

10 mins. May the continent of Africa resist.



This is good to pass on to your Indian friends. Good to see that activists in India are getting into this -

Globalist Takeover of INDIA's Health System - Interview with Kapil Bajaj

Obviously there is some iffy stuff going on in India with Covid-19 because anywhere there is a virus problem with 'bodies piling up' there is always a connection with the CCP and those with an agenda for control by 'Health Laws' - so the UK, the stuff which happened in the US like the NY hospitals, Italy, Brazil, Iran etc. This is an Indians soure who was investigating into the Gates Fdn. It is a long interview 2 hours.

Timestamp : 1:30 - Introduction to Kapil's background & experience 6:00 - Creation & founding of the PHFI (players include Manmohan Singh, Rockefeller frontman Lincoln Chen, Tata frontmen, Mukesh Ambani & his frontman, Bill Gates frontmen Ashok Alexander & Rajat Gupta, Narayan Murthy, Rohini Nilekani, Anand Mahindra, Godrej, Srinath Reddy, etc) 13:00 - The Great Reset 19:00 - Kapil's meeting with Rajat Gupta & Srinath Reddy 36:00 - Rajat Gupta's activities in India 38:45 - Honeycombing of Government people 45:30 - No documents to show that Govt bureaucrats have been authorised to sit on PHFIs board 47:30 - No govt policy on PPPs, how the Governing board of the PHFI is fraudulent 55:00 - K Srinath Reddy sending forged documeny to Kapil under RTI 1:00:00 - Poonawallas & their connection to Bill Gates 1:05:00 - How different state governments were on board 1:11:00 - Fraud at PHFI 1:34:00 - How PHFI people are driving India's Covid response 1:44:00 - How all Indian political parties are on board with Gates' agenda.


Italian Politician on Real Death Numbers for Italy

Video - 4 mins.


WarRoom Pandemic Ep 279 - July 14th live stream. Big wins. The right leader Duda wins in Poland elections. UK to ban Hauwei from the 5G network, and also the Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth super carrier to be deployed in the South China Seas.

WarRoom Pandemic Episode 274

1 hour Important content with Chinese billionaire Miles Guo and promoter of a New Federal State of China - a free China. Sometimes the speech is difficult to understand.

Plus the irony that the Chinese people want freedom and to bring down the exact same communist Marxist CCP system that the BLM etc with the CCP and 1% elite, want to create in the USA and free west to eventually be under the control of the NWO.


UK Column - Wednesday July 8th

The Web Government of Occupation in the UK - getting ready to take control.....

The Joint Bio Security Centre now replaces SAGE for dealing wih the next covid attack.

1 hour

Ref : SAGE.Over the course of the Covid-19 ‘crisis’, scientific and other 'advice' to the UK Government has been co-ordinated by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE).


UK Column - Monday July 6th

1 hour


Why Would Tik Tok be Spying on Americans?

15 mins.Tik Tok begins at about 2.40


UK Column Report.

1 hour. New episode -

Health Passport test for antibodies BUT it is T cells not antibodies that show immunity to the virus. Testing for antibodies for the 'health passport' mostly leave the body after 59 days. How will the vaccine be forced on you even though you have a choice?

PLUS the covid virus may not even exist but there is some kind of variation of usual coronavirus (with the caveat that it is important it does not bind with the lung cell receptors.)

Health Aids - Zinc and Vit. D activate T-cells.


War Room Pandemic.

Give this medicine within 24 hours and it is peer reviewed proven to work safely and quickly. Now hospitals can change their medical protocol and save patients instead of 'bodies piling up'- in CCP influenced Brasil and in the 'doctors didn't question using ventiltors' India. This also can mean that the CCP virus is easily managed and does not need lockdowns or vaccines.

Dr. Fauci expert on infectious disease was wrong -


America's Independence Day.

War Room Pandemic - President Trump Remarks at Mt. Rushmore

Shown live. CNN said this speech was 'dark and divisive'.


No RESET necessary!

Not if the jobs come back and there are no lockdowns.........

WarRoom Pandemic Episode 261 - July 2nd.

1 hour Tik Tok begins at about 2.40

This source thinks the virus is real and deadly and part of an attack by the CCP. Most agree it is an attack but the deadliness was faked.


Crossroads, Brainwashing. Emotions over Logic. 6 mins.


WarRoom Pandemic Ep 242 - The CCP's Information War Against the World

59 mins.


The Spiritual Awakening in the US Government   Crossroads Epoch Times



UK Column airs M W F at 1pm UK time.

1 hour -


Live talk show the War Room - Pandemic. Intelligent content.

- 2 separate 1 hour shows. Live 6 days a week at 10 am Washington DC time. Recommended.


Intelligent, educated people of colour don't support the vandalism and Marxist goals of BLM. Their voice is censored - because those wealthy 1% who are financing BLM for their agenda, do not want you to hear the reality.

Here is an intelligent website Conservative Clergy of Color and Bishop Aubrey Shines.

What The Left Won't Tell You About The Plight Of Black People And The Myth Of Systemic Racism

12 mins. National Pulse. - alternative to Twitter.

Citizen Free Press

Federal State of China to replace the CCP. Miles Gua.


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