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NEW updates Nov. 21st 2021. Antarctica and Greenland (and the race of angels)
Possibly, you have had enough of the intricacies and dark plots of a 'reversed religion'. We have covered it all, but now you can create a new beginning for a better, happier world, without bad people controlling the economy, whether you live, die, can continue with your businesses, and giving all of us made up news stories on the mainstream news services.

The first lesson to learn to create a better world is to teach your children to care. This topic will be covered in a new section linked at the end of this page.

Secondly is to understand what this world is.

NEW updates January 16th 2022.

"So who are the nutjobs who thought a global depoulation agenda was a good idea?

Believe as you choose! Best explanation is that they were written about in the Dead Sea Scrolls as the Children of Darkness - beings from a planet (Maldek) which exploded long ago in the Black Hole. They still exist in outer levels of the nearby Black Hole (from the explosion of Sirius B). A chunk of their density level planet came to this 'etheric' world as 'space ice' - bringing with it their DNA and the remains of dinosaurs. NASA has had missions to find other pieces of this space junk from a dead planet which they believe 'seeded life on Earth'.

*Thus etheric soul level beings saw the arrival of dense physical form beings and landmass, onto their non-physical 'sky' realm.

They were a form of winged reptile, as seen in most ancient artworks, Mesopotamian etc, and they are cold blooded, soulless fruit-loops who came to an end. Obviously they 'worship' Sirius - as masons do - which is their now dead home star aka black sun. They should not really have had the opportunity for their DNA to exist again - as a failed race - but somehow they did manage it on this planet.

In an embarrassing number of ways the average person has proved what these nutjobs think - that most humans are incapable of thinking for themselves, and will accept orders. 

In reality, no government has any level of authority to behave as most have been doing, and forcing jabs violates the Nuremberg Code. That was a specific directive after the horrific experiments carried out in Nazi Germany. Yet the average people have accepted an experimental concoction being injected directly into their bloodstream. 

And people have accepted and followed orders to administer it to others it - even while seeing what it is doing to them - seizures, dying etc and they still do it.

Overall, the majority of average humans would have let them carry out the depopulation agenda. I feel sure this lack of development is noted in some higher heavenly court of record keeping!  (To quote Shakespeare "What fools these mortals be.")

However, the seeding that was recorded in Genesis never was the higher realm humans. It was an 'unofficial' creation, but they have been granted by God Source, the chance to become God Realm level. They are not yet spiritually developed, and they do get caught up in the dark energy and think it is God, but they also do have many more opportunities to evolve to the Higher Realm level.

This is the time written about in Revelation and it is a 'battle' between 'good and evil'

because this is when the Earth crosses the entrance into a Black Hole - Wormwood. In normal circumstances, the planet would not do this.  It is because of the damage which causes the wobble and tilt, and it is this that takes Earth right into the path of the Black Hole.  That realm is where the consciousness of these fruit-loops comes from - a reverse of God Source (also called Anu's - which is literally anus.)

Interestingly thermal photos show that their body temperature is much lower than normal humans so - I have been told - there are photos of normal people showing red, but these cold blooded ones show as blue. That is how you can ID them."

The Peopls of this Planet are on the Path of Light & Dark (Duality).

This work began by exploring the existence of the 'Essenes'

which provided very helpful texts - from 2,000 years ago - on a clean, fresh Plant Based Diet etc which we began to follow in the '80's. Their original name was Therapeutae (therapists).

They also kept Historic Records from the beginning of the Fall.

That is how Time first became calculated. The records were meticulously written and rewritten for millennia, and that was long before the 'Roman Church' ever existed. The Roman Catholic Church was not the original source of the teachings of Jesus Christ, or the original compilation of the Bible.

We tracked some of the original texts to also existing in some other sources, which in turn linked back to the existence of original Christ based teachings, which we discovered after following a selection of apparent connections which fortunately led back to a 'Christos base' - also with an interesting history.

The real Essenes were originally Greek based 'Therapeutae', and the word Essene was a later name for a group who may not have been the real deal, but did have the scrolls.

The word 'Therapeutae' is the origin of natural, herb and plant based 'Therapies'.

'Essene' was a later name, but began from the description Assaya (or Essaiah) which meant 'Healers'. It also means 'Therapists'.

'Therapeutae' not only led to knowledge of a highly civilized and sophisticated medical system before 12,000 years ago

- but also to a True Reality which exists outside of this reality!

Therefore, what happened to change this planet '12,000 years' ago?

And how did it lead to a Portal into the False Spiritual Realm instead of the True Portal back to Eternal Life?

From 2020, most became aware of the 'dark plan' and an intended journey into something 'dark'. For those not yet aware, they are nevertheless, experiencing it.

That dark energy plan was represented to all of us as being a new and exciting spirituality - being both from lost knowledge of ancient religions, existing ancient religions and practices now made available, and a new oncoming religion. It is all the same thing. This work - for well intentioned reasons - has direct awareness of being involved with one of the early work which although not mentioning it, was bringing in the masonic religion's energies 'dark energies' which is specifically Sirius B (Osiris) which went supernova long ago.

All was made possible when the planet tilted and made access to the 'Astral Portal' possible.

Since the time when the woolly mammoths were snap frozen by a sudden shift in the Earth,

and an island continent in the Atlantic was engulfed by water around 12,000 years ago - the planet has been aligned to a False Astral Portal. The True one was immediately lost.

The False Portal is how all the 'dark' evil forces get into this planet - because they certainly don't enter from the True God Realms - they would have to be located there to be able to do that.

For this reason the first essential piece of the Lost Knowledge is to avoid the False Portal!


Imagine you are wearing a watch, '12' at the top

'6' at the base, with 12 o'clock lined up with the watchband on your wrist and the '12' + watchband being the pathway to True God Source. '12' represents the true human genetic design.

Now you notice that the '12' has slipped over to the position of 10 o'clock. Only the '12' can access the true path or passsage out of this reality, and all souls automatically follow the path that is the '12' - but that now accesses a different pathway to a different source while the connection between the '12' and the wristband now lies disconnected. The 12 o'clock on the clockface does not align to the wristband but to a different energy stream that now allows fallen spirits and entities to reach into this world. Look at your watch. This is the False Door, aka portal or passage and it aligns to Canis/Dog/Sirius-Osiris, Cain.

No matter how beautiful and spiritual these present at first, this passage leads into the Magnetic Realm of the Dead, and the source of that - which is doing its job - then becomes the 'guiding god' that is awakened and experienced.

There was once a human race on this planet from Abel, who were connected to God Source - via the 'feeling' pathway which gives the ability for empathy, compassion and Love, but when the clockface slipped, another genetic seeding took place with mankind NOT connected to that very special 'feeling' ability. Since that time, these two genetic seedings have inter-bred which has further damaged the original DNA. All true humans automatically follow the original energy stream which was the '12' but it is now going to a different energy stream. But for those born of the Cain alignment it is their only energy stream. It is also the first 'Door' (portal/passage) encountered 'spiritually' and at death, and the obvious mistake being made, except that it is difficult to accept it is a mistake.

Now as the planet moves into its correction phase - Ascension of the fallen left side - which brings the '12' on the clockface back into its original position (almost) you have to choose or discover which energy stream you belong to. With the interbred DNA, MANY are marked for the False Stream.

Another way of viewing the 'watch and watchband' analogy given above is how it actually exists in everyone.

The question of the wrong 'door' and missing the Christ Door ('door' is the word used in the Bible) this work has shown prior to 2008, a known chiropractic fact, that the atlas is twisted off to the left in everyone. (My own experience is that it takes more than 10 years to fully correct.) If you did that adjustment it makes it easier to find, but still impossible to access without following the guidelines.

The 'Second Brain'.

This misalignment also exists in a pelvis/spine twist at the 'Naval Chakra' often called the 'second brain' or Shiva.

'Therapeutae' - a timeless, natural, plant based health system

practised by 'healers' and 'therapists'.

It is the Greek name for the later named 'Essene' bases in Egypt before they went to Palestine. Egypt at that time, was occupied by Greece, and even the languages spoken in the 'Holy Land' 2000 years ago, included Greek and a slang mix version known as Koine. "Koine Greek, also known as Alexandrian dialect, common Attic, Hellenistic or Biblical Greek, was the common supra-regional form of Greek."

The original Therapeutae in Egypt, also kept records of the existence of the 'Children of Darkness'.

This work has been discussing the existence of 'darkness' at least since it began the manual 'Earthspell' at the time of the New York 9/11 event in 2001. It has been extremely hard to even mention this topic, and those who represented themselves as 'spiritually aware' turned out not to be aware at all. The teaching that saying it 'was negative' was from the dark side and allowed the child trafficking and satanic abuse to continue.

There are people, animals, & plants that do not belong on a Higher Realm planet (such as this is, except during its fall)

but they have been able to incarnate here during the 12,000 years of the planet's fall into lower energies - because their energy is from the false path/portal/gate/door.

They used a natural primate to produce an intelligent mankind - a body they themselves could adapt into, and breed with - but for the majority to be a source of workers and also (sorry to say) a food source!

God Source and the God Realm level was fully aware of this abomination and has allowed for these ones to evolve to God Realm status.

Many of those from this lower genetics have been bred prolifically because they are easy to 'mind control' and are completely unaware of what is actually happening in this reality. So they are useful as the numbers who will vote in an support the demonic control of this planet. This 'use by date' might also explain why these people (the elite) - who are pedophiles and practice ritual abuse, and human sacrifice as their religion - are removing them once their usefulness is over. They are the ones who are clueless about lining up for the the jab. They themselves are not satanists, but do not have a predominance of the higher genetics. People have to choose to develop 'higher qualities'.

The recording of Time

began straight after the Fall, around 12,000 years ago. In other words, Time always begins at the point the Fall begins - and it is a repeating occurence. There was, and always is, a 'Year 1' from that specific time.

For ease of reference, this work keeps to the date of '12,000 years ago' - the time the planet fell, like a tree that had been logged. That is, it remained suspended for a while, then fell. So it began 12,000 years ago, but the sudden fall was around 11,000 years ago.

The current year, 2021 is from the beginning of the millennium which began 2,000 years ago - calculated from the original Year 1. It was a marker date in preparation for when the planet would begin its 'Ascending Phase'.

Earth's Ascension is the correction of its fall.

This work does not have a problem with the word 'religion' in its origin from Latin religare meaning to connect. There may be a bigger problem with the word 'spiritual'.

The Greek philosopher Plato wrote of the instant flooding of Atlantis, and in Siberia in the Arctic region of Russia, mammoths munching buttercups on a sunny tropical day, were snap frozen 12,000 years ago

So, How did that lead to a Portal into the False Spiritual Realm instead of the True Portal back to Eternal Life?

Clearly the Earth's Ascension Phase is going to be good - going to be great. It is a little like a superimposed image which still overlays the fallen reality. It is good, but as the Cycle continues, it returns to the Fall phase again.

If you have the inner strength to accept the truth, then you have a chance to exit the False Realms and return to True Source.

Since the time when the woolly mammoths were snap frozen by a sudden shift in the Earth, and an island continent in the Atlantic was engulfed by water around 12,000 years ago - the planet has been aligned to a False Astral Portal. The True one was immediately lost. For this reason the first essential piece of the Lost Knowledge is to avoid the False Portal!

But unfortunately, millennia ago, no-one realized that. Life after death, astral travel, ayahuascha journeys, Oracles of Delphi or Tibet or anywhere else, all accessed the only 'Spiritual Portal' that was there. Since then, people would not let that go. So, a high being from the True Reality did come to this world to explain that. He was called the Christos.

Obviously, as the planet corrects from its Fall it is going to align more with the True Portal. The problem that has been encountered for every round of the Ascending-Descending Grand Cycle since probably nearly 800,000 years ago - is that people have established energy ties into the False Portal. Therefore the elite/cabal needed to keep people attracted to that Portal.

People HAD to break those ties BEFORE the planet began its Ascension Phase. This is how and why people here remain energy bound into the 'Cycle of Rebirth' into this world.


If you are new to this extraordinary topic, its unusualness is acknowledged + ancient legends provide a picture of a history to this planet which is introduced here. Do your own research - this website is for entertainment purposes.

This is an introduction to the almost unbelievable story of 'Covid-19', a plan for Depopulation, and an Ancient Civilization Powered by Water.

This topic covers the ancient Empire of Tartaria, the Osiris Nature Religion (which is why its followers have a Depopulation Agenda - UN, Agenda 21, the Plan for how to do it - 'Project Lockstep') and The Bloodline Seedings on Earth. Earth as you know it, is also described as the reversed reality known as PARALLEL EARTH. It is not the real planet.

The human SOUL is caught in this reality - which is not the real Earth - and experiences it through the DNA, brain and body. The spiritual objective is to find the way for the soul to escape entrapment on the falsely created mirror reverse 'Parallel Earth' and get to the True Earth/Thera.

The Christ spirituality is different because the Christos is not a belief system or a 'spiritual' Way, but is a literal passage - to freedom for the soul trapped in this reality.

'This reality' is the world fallen from its axis and which accesses the False Spiritual Portal. It is a parallel existence to the True Reality which has not fallen from its axis. It accesses the 'Door' (Portal) into the Astral Reams. Time is often also described as the Dreamtime - the journey through the energy influence of that False Portal.


This reality - the DREAM - exists between 'Good and Evil'

It is a reality that is somewhat superimposed over the True Reality but is over to the side of it. It draws away from the True Reality and firmly integrates with the source of the 'Children of Darkness', then during the phase you are beginning to experiencing right now (or will be as the planet makes its ascending correction) it overlaps much closer to the original. Because it is on a cycle, it does fall again, and that is why the 'wheel' is the symbol of the 'Children of Darkness' who have control of that. They expected to gain full control after the year 2000.

2021, not 2012 was always the End Times year

- because that is when Earth crosses the Black Hole entrance.


This reality lies between Positive, and Magnetic Reversal - and that reversal is the realm of the dead, those who failed to be human and Godlike. You have now witnessed how evil they are. Somehow in an ancient past, the technology on the planet before Time, took this world partly into the dark magnetic spiral, and demons were able to enter within a time limit. Now, as the planet moves to rebalance itself, that time limit comes to an end!

So, the Planet is Experiencing 'Climate Change'.

As the planet moves into its Ascending Phase - it changes position,

thus naturally altering climates in various regions - and we all want this Ascending Phase change! It is moving into a new summer for some, and a new winter for other regions. Over time during the cycle lands do rise and fall. For example, it is possible that once long ago, when this planet was in its more correct position, Greenland may have been an important island continent (look how big it is!) and the Antarctic landmass was probably not under ice - but the ice build up was elsewhere.

'This World' exists during the fall phase of the planet. The Real Reality is reached when the planet rebalances its fallen side to almost what it was before the 'fall'. It exists off alignment as its own reality. Those born of that left side fall (in Latin 'sin') cannot enter or live in the Real Reality. Sadly genetics are now mixed, which makes it difficult for those who were High Born to be corrupted.

Each individual born as today's mankind has lower energies as part of the genetic make-up, corrupted by the animal upgrade of long ago, and has to have enough of the 'true genetics' to recognise HIGHER qualities, characteristics, behaviour and attributes, as well as not be easy to 'mind control'. High Born genetics and consciousness cannot be discerned by race and colour.

Astral Portal

Antarctica and Greenland (and the race of angels)



Approximation: Interesting that this work has now finally heard someone repeating our teaching that the planet is about to enter the Ascending Phase of its Grand Cycle, which is more than 24,000 years but less than 26,000.

25,000+ years ago to 12,000 years ago the world was a False Reality but on the 'Good' side and functioned as a water powered, slightly less density planet. An inbetween mix of water air called ether/spiritus (and living water) then 11-12,000 years ago a massive shift and 'Atlantis' sank (into heavier water).

12,000 years ago to 6,000 years ago the planet was in the Fall Phase, increasing magnetics, and negative 'reverse of life' (evil) caused by contaminated water producing the eitr - dark water. It was still a high-tech water powered planet - especially between the 10-12,000 years ago timeframe - with the pyramid system of water power pumps which produced rainbow effects, and this world has a clear definition between water and air, more 'ektoplasm' ek = left (sin). Advanced Aegypt/Aegean buildings, declining civilization, region becoming deserts.

6,000 years ago the planet aligned to the zodiac sign of Taurus and the planet's rotation changed to the current rotation of left to right. Probably time of the biblical flood. *The 25,000+ year cycle is a repeating storyline, which probably began many cycles ago.

Mankind Has a Complex Mix of Genetics.

Be careful which genes/DNA you identify with.

One of the biggest problems that people will now encounter, as the energy changes from negative to positive, is the counter-balance for those who chose to make their humanness and their SOUL cheap.

"Selling your soul to the Devil"

means trading your humaness and compassion to 'succeed' at something that brings wealth and power, or fame and admiration, and because you believe that you have to show 'toughness' and must be hard in order to be a 'rational thinking' smart and superior person. That you have the 'grit' for it. Or the 'show you really want something and that you will do anything to get it'.

But that belief means you are selling out your SOUL - and in reality, you DON'T need to be like that.


The Bloodlines from the 'Garden of Eden'.

Be careful which genes/DNA you identify with!


There were people who inhabited the Earth before the Genesis seedings from 'Adam and Eve' - Adam being the original positive, etheric/spiritus world which became clay after the negative-magnetic took a chunk out of the once 'living water/etheric/spiritus' realm and this world was created.

First bloodline - intended to inherit 'True' - was the 'Children of Abel' - understood to have come to an end, but who may not have all come to an end. They are descendents of 'Adam and Eve' - the positive polarity original planet, and the negative reversal.

The second seeding is the 'gene of Isis' which is the 'Children of Cain' who are the descendents of Eve and her mating with the devil.

The third seeding, to replace the lost Abel lineage, is the 'Children of Seth'.

In addition, there are the 'fallen angels' - who bred with the 'giants' and produced the Nephilim - who consider themselves to also be the 'Children of Cain' + a new breeding again using the 'apes in the forest'. The Nephilim bred with the 'Children of Cain'.

The 'Nephilim' product of a breeding with 'giants' and a winged dinosaur form became an intermediary form from reptilian to current mankind form. It appears to refer to the 'fallen angels' who used the 'Forbidden Energy' which caused a polarity reversal to 'anti-life' (evil) and were not only tall, but reptilian, which genetically changed after the end of the dinosaurs to the early ape.

Then there are the original angels who are 'Christed' ones. 'True' beings.

'Cain' relates to the Polaris star alignment towards the constellation of Canis - which means Dog, and the 'Dog star' Sirius.

'Abel' should relate to a star system located near Lyra, but its exact ID is not yet available.

'Abel' indicates 'original Earth' - and possibly original humans before the Fall.

'Cain' is the off alignment false creation 'Parallel Earth'.

There are questions how a fallen race of satanic blood drinking 'winged dinosaurs' managed to get access to this planet

- which had been located in an Upper Universe. However, ice/rock did fall onto this planet from an exploded planet in the Lower-Magnetic-Realms. This is viewed by the Luciferian Religion as a 'sperm-like' event from the supernovaed Osiris which then seeded life - a life-bringer.

***Reverse engineering the story: this Earth is the result of a probably unintended technologically triggered polarity reversal of 'Thera' the physically existing but less density planet that it became after breaking away from the non-density larger planet known as the 5th planet - which is invisible except for some particles which became the Asteroid Belt. The less-density planet Thera, and the non-density '5th planet' were both attached to the 5th plane/realm. The Earth is partially attached to the '5th planet' and to the '5th realm'- which Christian teachings call the 'Upper Rooms' (realms).

*** As 'Abel' was intended to 'inherit the Earth'

but his role was usurped (stolen) by Cain, it indicates that Abel was the first born of Adam and Eve. Genesis also says this, and Cain was a second seeding although the people behind the current 'Human Depolulation' Agenda 21 believe that Cain was born first. 'Abel' was the status before there was a diversity of 'languages' and tribes which happened after the 'Fall of Babel' - which is interesting because it was before a Fall. The Children of Abel were tall but not the reptilian in origin. *More on Abel below.

*** Nephilim

The midway stage of a breeding between 'giants' and a winged dinosaur form/reptilians who mated with the 'daughters of men' of the Cain lineage. The Nephilim are reported to have had pale chalk-like faces and red hair and dressed like court Jesters or clowns - or perhaps it is just what they looked like! Jesters, jokers, and clowns are associated with satanic pedophilia. Their dress is black and white stripes or squares, or zigzag patterns, and resemble entities seen in the Astral Realm when DMT is taken. Also in the markings of aboriginal-indian ceremonial markings, and the squiggle patterns used as digital codes.

***The 'children of Cain' are the 'lower realm' seeding.

The 'fallen angels' who consider themselves 'superior' and 'royal' are equal and the same as the 'lower realm' beings. As information is revealed it shows these people, today, are absolutely appalling and disgusting. The 'bloodline families' are more debased and sick than anyone can possibly imagine. (But many 'average people' do in fact behave similarly showing a DNA connection.) They are behind the United Nations 'Depopulation Agenda' to remove humans. Mankind was created to be workers but the new world does not require these workers, it has robots. The Cain lineage has an active 'reptilian brain'.

Characteristics of the REPTILIAN AND CAIN blood and DNA that an 'average person' may also exhibit : indiscrimminate and unnatural forms of sexual activity, gross behaviour, selfishness and lack of compassion etc. In its pure DNA form it involves human sacrifice, eating fetuses, and drinking blood. For example, they want and need abortions.

"If dinosaurs existed today, they would be categorized as reptiles under the subspecies Archosaurs that also include crocodiles. Unlike crocodiles and lizards whose legs extend from either side of the body, the legs of dinosaurs extend from beneath. The pelvic structures resembled those of lizards and crocodiles and moved in an almost similar manner. They built nests and laid eggs; a characteristic of both birds and reptiles." (nb A Christos protocol is to not eat eggs.)

*** The 3rd lineage in the 'Garden' from 'Seth' is different from the Cain lineage,

as is/was the lineage from 'Abel' which 'Cain usurped'. It is still 'iffy'. Seth is considered to be 'Sothys' which indicates it is at least partially an Isis seeding.

*** Also an alternative description for beings which were created mostly in human type bodies.

Witches/Warlocks : Vampires : Demons : and non human form: Elementals/Fairies/Feys.


"Long Ago in the 'Garden of Eden'."

Giant human form skeletons found.


There are Upper Realm Worlds (positive) and there are also failed world/civilizations

which continue existence in the magnetic-negative spectrum on their way to the 'event horizen'. This is also described as a Dreamtime.

This page grows and changes as information expands but it is the back story to the pagan based Luciferian religion of the people who have been running this planet. We have to start somewhere so we begin with the ancient legends of this planet and the beliefs of those attuned to different sources.

These topics are well researched and we guarantee we do aim to provide accurate material - although they may be 'twilight zone' to some. They have been presented during the revelations on the worldwide existence of the 'Luciferian religion'. Clones may be partly 'synthetic humans' and Clonaid in Canada does produce genetically cloned babies.

Larger planet. 1 min.

The Creation of a New Realm/Reality - 780,000 years ago?

The section begins with an overview of a long lost history as given in Ancient Legends and from some sources of records, including of the DREAMTIME (more below). It provides an overall picture which might be helpful in establishing context. **You do not need to 'believe' the story.

The Universe Can Be Imagined to be Other Than What it Actually is.

What can be imagined is actually imagination. 'Imaged' to exist in a Dreamscape. There are Upper Realm Worlds (positive) and there are also failed world/civilizations which continue existence in the magnetic-negative spectrum. The universe itself - which is the Astral Realm Lower Universe - may in fact be very small. It came into existence around 13 billion years ago. The star Osiris exploded some 540 million years ago. The 'God Worlds' existed before this astral universe came into existence - because it is finite and a temporary thing - and again it is not big, but can be imagined to be large.

Ancient Legends and other sources Describe how LUCIFER and his Angels Fell.

"Records indicate this planet with some physical density, was directly connected to 'Heaven' but not as the actual non-density '5th planet' - it was directly connected but at a lower level of vibration which had people with physical density bodies, but lighter than Earth is now. A magnetic-negative (feminine) source managed to grab a chunk of the original energy and formed this reality.

Some of those ones for unknown reasons - but as part of the development of an intellect that still can remain True to God Source - through science, accidentally created this planetary system - which may have begun from a DNA source which arrived on this planet in frozen ice/rock from a blown up planet in the Lower Universe (magnetic reversed). This presented a question : if they could do this, they themselves via the INTELLECT and MIND, could they become, or were they already, the same 'as God'?

That world used an energy called the eitr (in ancient Nordic legends) issuing from/via the magnetic-negative charged ice-rock which fell from space and landed on the original non-density world that was water based in a more etheric/spiritus form. It was used to create technologies the same as this world has today. The eitr was also called the 'black poison' and ancient world chroniclers were distraught about it and what happened with it. They also described a 'black hole' called the Destroyer.

Through using this energy force, the previous planet or part of it which became this world, was partly pulled into outer regions of this 'monster'. Currently, the planet pulls away from this force when it begins its Ascending Phase. But it is still caught in the force and this has caused the 'Wheel of Rebirth' - souls cannot get out of it - unless they discover what the power of the 'Christ' really, actually is." The storyline provides a context to comprehend what happened and why there is access to a very real 'false world' which exists independently.

Once in a developed civilization in the far distant ancient past, this planet, as a physical density planet, used the 'Forbidden Energy' to power its world.

That energy was called the 'eitr' which means 'black poison' - and it is covered in Norse legends. How it was accessed is not clear, yet magnetic, negative polarity, dark energy was always part of the EMF circuitry of a planet - at least as it was after the magnetic-negative ice-rock landed here. The original ancient world used the power of 'Living Water', but for some reason - perhaps after that water had become 'dark' with the magnetic energy - they powered their world with the 'eitr'. Those who went ahead and developed this energy may well be the ones who 'disobeyed God'.

The 'dark water' was a very successful, efficient, and very useful power source for an extended amount of time - certainly the first 6,000 years of the Fall phase as the planet fell from Virgo to Taurus. It still used water in a heavier form - as water is now - which produced rainbows and was very pretty. It was associated with 'Iris' in Greek mythology - the goddess of the rainbow energy - and Isis in the Egyptian mythology - goddess of the source of the rainbow energy which is Sirius. But God Source had forbidden its use. Its presence had enabled demons and spirits to enter this reality.

There is no way possible for evil, Luciferian energies (Lucifer means light bearer or bringer) and entities to enter into a Higher World. Only in a lower level realm, does lower 'light' gain access - and this is what was created by those who were once from a Higher Realm.

The Creation of Another Realm of Reality - 780,000 years ago.

The planet was 'moved' but what that did was create another world reality within an off alignment realm within the reversed (magnetic) spectrum. A world inbetween the upper positive spiral and the lower magnetic-negative spiral.

Earth is an independent created reality realm and world, which is not the original planet or 5th plane known as Thera (pronounced with an Irish lilt as Taira). It is a separately existing world reality - now accessing the astral realms, yet it has a partial connection to the original realm. It is a false creation.

It's cycle never actually returns to its original True status because it goes into the Fall Phase - a fault and mismatch between the inner axis and the outer crust axis - which happens as the planet reaches Virgo in the 12 zodiac ages cycle.

This reality is the beginning of entry into the 'Below' which is a mirror of the 'Above'.

The outer crust axis of this world - which made the original Etheric/Spiritus planet become land and heavier water as water is today - aligns to Sirius as the Master Star in Earth's Antarctica region. The inner axis remains aligned to Vega in Lyra in the True North. The last time the poles actually changed (and reversed) 780,000 years ago.

The 25,000+ cycle the planet is on has probably gone through this End Time around 30 times before (about 4 times for each 100,000 years) depending on when the disconnect actually happened. This reality and planet never becomes the Original Reality but it does become GOOD - it is the reality of 'Good and Evil' - this is why it is so difficult to leave this reality especially when it is Good. Because it is good and spiritual - BUT it is still this reality.


To make things easier, this work always uses the Atlantis time frame of 12,000+ years ago, 9-10,000 BC, as the Fall beginning, although it is believed this is a repeating cycle that has been cycling for a number of times.

Bermuda Triangle, Giza Pyramid Complex, and the Devil's Sea near Japan

It is assumed by this work that the planet has been on a 25,000+ year cycle, which began when the planet's inner 'rod' for the outer earth's crust axis bent on the the same ley line as the Bermuda Triangle, Giza Pyramid Complex and the Devil's Sea near Japan, and suddenly align to Polaris - which became the new magnetic north star. The inner axis is unchanged.

It appears that this was done deliberately apparently 12,000 years ago BUT, as a repeating play - a story which replays through its 'storing on a magnetic tape' - that probably means many hundreds of thousands of years ago, but at the beginning of each story beginning, it is always 12,000 years ago. Then for 6,000 years the Pyramid Water Power System operates using the magnetic 'dark water' which also produces halos of rainbows around the power plants.

After that time, the magnetic pull is so significant that the planet alters its rotation to left to right. This is why the ancient languages usually are read right to left because they were used before the 6,000 years ago Taurus zodiac sign, reversal.

800,000 years was the time when ancient masonic records say they built a 'magnificent kingdom'. That was a time when the Osiris belief had control and those ones were part of a high tech civilization and the 'reverse of True God' was their religion, their path and which is still taught today (and the reason why it is taught to not do various practices etc). Ancient records show diagrams and blueprints for the types of space vehicles the Nazi's tried to build - the 'Bell' which is like the vimana. They also used energies for 'magic', for the appearance of flying etc. All these records are from the reverse world.

The particular ley line around this world, which appears to be the same line for the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil's Sea, and the Giza Pyramid Complex, utilized an active Great Pyramid, at the time before the explosion which deactivated it. It also included a Magnetic Energy Generator deep inside the planet which continued to emit magnetic signals and communicate with the Magnetosphere (which surrounds this planet.)

The 'Root System' is the reversed world experienced through the Portal

which became the only known access to 'spiritual realms' after the Earth suddenly tilted around 12,000 years ago.

It spreads out like a root system beneath the earth, in a complex of tunnels with nodes, creating an upsaide down version of the 'Tree of Life' - a mirror pattern of the Upper World and the network of a 2nd energy stream which entered the 'Garden'. However, it is a false network system, built from knowledge.

Its active status has remained under the control of the cabal. Many cords (ties) linking the planet and the magnetic sources have been established since that event. All psychic and astral phenomena/experiences have occured because of this magnetic energy. The still active Magnetic Energy Generator and its 'root' network is a topic we will return to.


An ancient civilization powered by water

- Waterworld.



Tartaria became China and Khazaria. Those who are even higher than the Rothschilds and Peysours are the 'Grandfathers' of the Himalaya. Ancient Tara/5th Plane/Tartaria/Khazarian.

A War, Very Like Today's World, Happened on this Planet in Ancient Times :

The 11,000 BC Project. ... . Ancient Weather War. ... . Ancient War.



'Abel' was intended to 'inherit the Earth'

but his role was usurped (stolen) by Cain, it indicates that Abel was the first born of 'Adam and Eve'. It is also written that there were people who lived upon the Earth before its Fall, and the beginning of the 'gene of Isis' - which is Sirius/Osiris.

Genesis also says that Abel was the first humanity, and Cain was a second seeding. The 'children of Cain' behind the current 'Human Depolulation' Agenda 21 believe that Cain was born first. 'Abel' was the status before there was a diversity of 'languages' and tribes which happened after the 'Fall of Babel' - which is interesting because it was before a Fall.

The Tower :

A tower represents the spine or the column which runs through a planet anchoring it correctly, upright between North and South - the 'Tower of Abel'. The current 'tower' which is the 'Tower of Cain' aligns to Canis and is the fallen alignment that is this planet's reality. They are two different paths or energy streams. One is the original correct 'path' alignment, the other is the Fallen Path.

Using basic common sense along with real research, there is a very real indication that the 'Tower of Babel' is really a description of the 'Tower of Abel' and it represents the fall of the original humans who were 'depopulated' to be replaced by the 'children of Cain' - as is happening in the current world. The ancient world did become evil.


The Larger Planet that was Tara/Thera

from which a tiny part 'Fell' and went into reverse. It was a very long time ago that Tara fell, at least 12- 13, 000 years ago, but as this reality is always a repeating narrative, a similar story plays out to this point in 'the journey' - which is when this planet crosses the path of a nearby 'black hole'. This is also the source of the energy used to power the Luciferian controlled world, the eitr, also called the black poison.

The name Tara can be confused with a civilization in Tartaria covering Siberia which could have been a major near-North Pole located part of a global empire, and be connected to the name of the planet before it changed.

The 5th planet/plane was not a physical density planet but was located around the area of the Asteroid Belt.


When the current world began 6,000 years ago the planet was in Taurus and the Pole Star was different from today.


Polaris (star above the Plough) is the False Path which ultimately leads to Osiris.

This Planet 780,000 Years Ago, Before the 'Baphomet' Pole Change


'Resident Aliens'

It is believed that much of the 'lost' hidden narrative is given in TV, movies and novels, and the TV series Resident Alien' may have some truth to it!

Going further back to when this Astral World universe first came to be, with the explosion from a non-physical realm into reversal which became matter. In the beginning from that time, there were many different forms of creatures which had potential to be genetically upgraded to intelligent status, but not all of them were successful. This is based on commonly held beliefs about 'winged dinosaur people' descended from Lucifer; greys, people genetically descended from dolphins, or octopi, also octopuses, and octopodes; and apes.

There has always been the same kind of genetic experiments to create new intelligent forms, as has been happening in the Underground Bases.

With the explosion which created the Astral Universe - atoms of a once greater structure - these beings developed on other atom worlds which are planets. Clearly some developed their intellects and blew up their worlds. Only the species which developed on Earth developed in the way that could get any of these beings back to 'Original True Source', while others wished to control the entire universe of the created false reality. That original human source on Earth appears to have been 'Abel'.

***Markings of the Nephilim

Jesters, jokers, and clowns are associated with satanic pedophilia. Their dress is black and white stripes or squares, or zigzag patterns, and resemble entities seen in the Astral Realm when DMT is taken. Also represented in aboriginal-indian ceremonial markings, and indicative of 'astral journeying' and the 'spirit realm', and the squiggle patterns used as digital codes. Is the journey into a digital computer realm reality?



This reality exists in, and is enclosed in, a 'Magnetic Casing'.

The 'collective consciousness'

is the Magnetosphere and the DREAMTIME -

also the source of the 'global brain', the programme of the cabal and Luciferians, the 'firmament', and source of the astral beings. However, the Magnetosphere is a fault caused by the misalignment of this planet away from True Source. The EMF imbalance causes a magnetic shield to form around the Earth. The False 'Door' is the entry into that.


This world is run from the MAGNETOSPHERE

- it is an already recorded DREAM

an ILLUSION, as is the Astral World/the Stars, and the inhabitants - accessed via the first 'Door' in the 3rd Eye.


Stars are markers which show how and where this created false realm

exists within a Void that was caused. Sirius is the star system which aligns to Antarctica which became the forced creation of 'magnetic North'. Magnetic North appears to be Polaris in Ursa, the pole star above the Plough, but the reality is more sneaky than that. This world, and its spirit realms and indeed its astral universe, are part of a false realm that was caused to exist and breakaway from God Source.

The bright star known as Sirius is the second star of the binery star system of Sirius and Osiris

which went supernova probably 540,000,000 years ago - and became a Black Hole known as the Destroyer which this planet aligns into from Antarctica.

Not ending the Dinosaurs but bringing them to the Earth.

Osiris , like Sirius, is a star in the Lower Universe. It is from one of the fallen, disintegrated planets of that system that a certain amount of ice/rock found its way through space and hurled onto Earth bringing ancient DNA and remains here from a planet which had disintegrated - possibly 65,000,000 years ago - not ending the dinosaurs but bringing their remains to the Earth.

Somehow this life grew again on this planet, a planet that was already part of a non-visible Upper Universe system, which then became a density planet. Clearly this was more than random DNA being reborn, and the legends tell us that when that technologically advanced planet disintegrated - they were using the Eitr and probably had followed that same path of scientific development - some of their actual surviving inhabitants came here in craft. But ice rocks of the disintegrated planet, and the size of continents, had arrived here first.

As the ancient world here did eventually use the energy that was 'Forbidden' (Eitr) it appears they had accessed it from the density matter that arrived and 'bit a chunk out of the positive charge ethers' creating a physical planet which unbeknownst to them, connected everything to the force from the nearby 'black hole' - part of Osiris. The Osirians/Luciferians/Children of Cain's point of origin is the Osiris-Sirius star system.

Osiris became this planet's 'Master Source' for the near 13,000 years of the Fall. This rainbow energy was the 'gold at the end of the rainbow' an apparently infinite supply of free energy which also made an ancient technology possible. The ancient world had vimana flying craft and probably everything the world has restored today. The 'black hole' was called 'The Destroyer', obviously experienced in previous times at this point in the planet's cycle because it was named.

However, in the very beginning times during which the 'eitr' was accessed, that detail may not have been known by Science. It was known by God Source, who knew the 'rainbow energy' issued from a black hole. *And this may be how any consciousness developing its Intellect is challenged, because the Intellect is not greater than God Source, even though it might seem like it could be!

Only as the planet started to show indications of geological stress from interacting with its presence did the problem become apparent. A "Houston we have a problem" moment. This refers to a very ancient time, though Freemason archives have their own records describing a civilized world they controlled possibly 800,000 or a million years ago.

It is very possible that the incredibly precise alignment between this planet's Fall towards the Polaris alignment and the passing journey of the also cycling 'black hole' caused the first break of the planet's 'spinal rod' accidentally. Thereafter, those once higher beings who fell with it, then became reversed light themselves, and later, evil choices - like earlier versions of today's Hillary - were conscious choices. The initial reversal was unexpected and an accident, but they did not back down and make it right.

This beginning then leads to the story and records of the fallen Luciferians - and also the mystery of why people continued forever thereafter, to take the 'wrong Door' binding themselves into the fallen energy stream of 'Osiris'. For them, they now believe it is the 'real path'. For others they also continued to make the same choices, because of basic wrongful assumptions about the phenomena of the 'wrong Door' which far from being hidden and hard to find (like a camel going through the 'eye of a needle') advertises itself loudly. This is where the Teachings of the Christ came into the picture - and became such a threat.


The Living Source, Holy Blood Stream, and the 'Christ Door'.


Be aware that mankind is a complex mix of genetics.

You are here in this world because you have turned away from God Source - whether by the mixing of genes from the 'between world' beings who gained access to this planet, which means there is a genetic connection to the Lower Universe of Magnetic Reversal - or for any other reason.

As the lower universe is magnetic, like magnets, it offer attractions that are also magnetic. Much of what is on offer involves the increase of magnetic energy. You are attracted to these, and part of that is because of a nano magnetic pyramid cone embedded in the 3rd Eye - often called the 'tomb of the soul'. It is this which leads people to the 'false portal' - at death and through psychic or energy phenomena. The existence of the 'great work' with the second tree root system embedded in this planet, and the 'false portal' (door) is the reason Jesus Christ came to this world to show people how to escape entrapment in the 'tomb' and the alignment towards 'other world' false realms.

The Time of the Dividing of the Ways :

The 'children of darkness' have ascribed the 'ascension' to mean the transition into True Source - but for them, that meant creating a new reality controlled by thought, imagining, visualization, and the mind. Time is running out to make the choice. The Christ Door, and the Christian religion, is a DIFFERENT path. (The different experienced entry into the first encountered 'other world' spirit realm is discussed in the links on the 'Christ Teachings'.) You are EITHER part of this reality awaiting this reality to become the new, awakened, ascended world, awaiting 'ascension' and your spiritual destiny, OR you chose to find the Way OUT of this reality and the future it is presenting and promising.

There is nothing necessary to know in any so called missing books from the Bible, because what is needed survived. Several Christian groups broke away from the original Roman Church which produced the ROMAN Bible which was later adapted into the King James version taken from the Roman Bible.

Some of the breakaway groups had access to other manuscripts - because the knowledge of the real community had to survive - and some of these teach some aspects anyone may now - since the jab - like to consider : not having a blood transfusion, not taking 'big pharma' allopathic medicines, and following a vegetarian based diet (this also survived with the Master lineage who went east, but it strongly includes to avoid eggs, and limit dairy.

The Roman Church and subsequent versions

have basically focussed on stories and a few attributes, without knowing what the real mission was. That mission was the 'resurrection' from the 'tomb' which Jesus Christ made possible for the planet and for people.

That resurrection from the 'dead' and from 'death' is the overriding of the satanic darkness agenda which was to take this world into death. Because the planet will resurrect out of it, people will too - but that does not escape still being forced to be reborn here. It is still part of the overall reality. That is a cycle which falls, and people still do enmesh themselves in the magnetic path by mistaking the first entry point to an 'other world' spirit plane as being the 5th plane. However, the Christian teachings do teach what NOT to do.

2020 saw the beginning of a plan -

covered in the Book of Revelation but also quietly written into the United Nations Agenda 21 - for world depopulation. Depopulating the numbers of mankind to about 500,000,000 was indeed the goal of those who believe they control this planet. The false flag of a generally mild 'flu that was made in a laboratory and patented, led to a supposed 'need' for a vaccine for a 'pandemic' which was not a pandemic because they altered the definition of the word to only mean it was present in all countries. It was not a real pandemic as the 1918 Spanish 'flu was.

The 'need' for a 'vaccine' probably contributes to Depopulation in many ways, including making people infertile, but it has effectively MICROCHIPPED / NANOCHIPPED people which is part of the agenda written about in the 'Book of Revelation'.

These ones also believe that the physical planet (nature) is more important than the general race of mankind. They are not the race of mankind themselves, they are 'the bloodline of the children of Cain'.

The 'children of Cain' are not the only ones who turned away from 'True God' ('True' = 'Sat') and fell into the beginning stages of the realms of satan (means anti-'True', reversed.) Their beliefs are simply extreme versions of the same fallen status.

The 'children of Cain' have beliefs about their origin, which they see as being from a higher realm of angels which fell to earth. There may be inaccuracies in what they believe of their origin, or they may have embellished the story, but most of what they believe to be their origin is what is added on this page. This work believes they misunderstood records of their origin.

The planet is reaching a time of change now when it pulls out of its Fall Phase and begins its Ascending Phase - called the 'right ascension'. As it is on a cycle it does fall again, but this time now does offer a chance for souls to choose to live by Higher Standards and not have to go through a Fall Phase again.

Everyone here in what Jesus called 'this world' is a soul experiencing this reality through the brain. In the same way that 'the eyes are the windows of the soul'. It is also correctly believed, the same as Jesus taught, that the soul leaves the body at death and goes to a different realm. However, some of the original, natural alignment in the brain altered as the planet fell.

Unfortunately, the Fall Phase means the planet does enter a lower realm and this accesses 'demonic contacts' which people universally consider 'spiritual and holy' because they remain unaware that they can only access the lower realms when in the Fall Phase. This level of 'spirit' - such as experienced in 'out of body' experiences or 'spiritual' contacts, or at death - is actually the realms of spirit to which the 'children of Cain' belong.

It is the same changed alignment that the 'children of Cain' believe to be the kingdom of their god 'Lucifer' - light bringer - which is connected to Osiris and the star system of Sirius.

Sirius is the star system which aligns to the Antarctic as the forced creation of 'magnetic North'. It is the second star of the binery star system of Sirius and Osiris which went supernova - and became a Black Hole (also known as the Destroyer.)

The 'Children of Cain'

may indeed have been the much taller people from when this planet was part of the 'higher realm' who fell to the lower level. Their problem - apart from deciding to disagree with 'God Source' in the first place - is they took the wrong 'door' which the planet reaches on its fall, and integrated further into the Path of Death and a 'false god' because they identified the wrong source of the light which had begun to reach this planet after its 'angel' status fell. So yes, their angel light-bringer had fallen from a 'higher realm' but in reality, it was not the Original Source of Light. They also could be somewhat correct in their assessment of the mankind produced in the Garden of Eden as the Genesis because that seeding took place 6,000 years into the Fall.

Unfortunately, by this point in time, most people have created strong and binding ties into that same 'wrong door' - which is the alignment into the fallen 'spirit world' which has automatically been assumed to be the world of 'True God'. However, they do willingly choose to be attracted to things that offer possibilities that are not part of 'True God Source' - like wealth and power within the world or over others, mystical powers, idolisation/fame/adoration, ecstatic experiences etc.

The manual 'Earthspell' began in 2001 in preparation for the time now, when each person has to choose between 'True Source' and what they always assumed was spiritual, but is in fact a lower level and 'false'.

The manual and follow up teachings showed how you enter the false reality, and how the false reality gets in here. More importantly it showed that it is completely impossible for the universe of planets and stars that you see from Earth or access in astral travel, to be anything but the false reality. The stars are part of the Astral Universe.

The awareness of that - the True Enlightenment - and preparation to find the way out of it HAS to begin before the evil and illusion is revealed, and the planet changes to its positive, ascending phase - which moves closer into the Living Source before Falling again. That means there has to be a specific adjustment made - within the area called 'the cave' - to be able to access the Christ Door/Portal - which is in a different location and out of your range of 'view'. This is because people form cords into the 'false' astral universe which must be cleared and broken - or that source will force you to return to it.

This is explained in more detail as we move on with this.

As said, most people automatically assume that the 'spiritual realms' and psychic experiences with the 'spiritual realms' are signs of 'spiritual advancement' and are holy. That is the mistake those in this world have continually made. However, people have also been told throughout time, that the planet has fallen, and is in fact accessing a lower, different 'Door'.

The Door called the Christ Door, is not the same exit point (Portal/Door) everyone as individuals, and in religions, are automatically facing - which easily shows itself and its 'spiritual realms' or other phenomena, on the 'screen' you are also automatically and deceptively facing. That is the change you must make long before the planet actually moves into its Ascending Phase.

That did not happen; most people did not make that adjustment, so they will be coming back into this reality for another cycle of the 'wheel'. Unless you discovered how to make the adjustment and asked how to find the 'Christ Door'. (Those who did ask are covered but it still will take several lifetimes because that is the process.)

Mostly people continued with what they were told was the preparation for the new age and for their own ascension, or kept to the practices taught via ancient religions. The Way is not about 'oneness', activating energies, or Love - it is about the Way Out of a false reality! It is subtle to see and understand the difference, but also can be clearly explained and shown - which is what we did.

All of the 'new spirituality' preparation originated from the Freemasons and connected works and connected religions. The preparation to find the Way permanently out of entrapment in the 'cave' that screens this reality began 2,000 years ago and specifically required NOT doing what the 'new consciousness' was programming. This work explains in detail why. *This is included in the link Son of God further down.

'Earthspell' and the follow up teachings are no longer available. However, we do continue with Health, Rejuvenation, Well Being and the Behaviour of the Upper Realm Levels. It is the behaviour that reveals one is part of the Upper Realms.

How you behave is a much bigger version of 'intelligence' which amalgamates the heart and mind - enough to see, feel, and understand the cause and effects of entire interactions. It can also be faked, because it is the genteel standard the satanists despised yet knew they had to copy. Copying that is how the 'children of Cain' passed themselves off as respectable and honourable, while over doing it led to an image of snobbery.

A person's 'class' in reality refers to the lower and higher realms. It is not decided by wealth or fame. In real terms it differentiates between those with a higher understanding of courteous consideration for others, and those who range down to base levels which include gossip, giggling over body functions, and judgment of others.

That includes the behavioural programming of the typical Hollywood high-school films, modelling horrible behaviour and false values to kids in their teens and presenting the type of school any parent should rush to take his/her children out of! That programming also leads to the bullying mindset that happens on the internet and in the work place. The world is supposed to be 'classless' but does not hestitate to say middle class or super wealthy, and in this inverted world most of these are actually the lower class. Think back to a time of chivalry, personal honour, and when your word was your bond.


This page will divide between 'Living by God's Rules'

- referring to the Eternal Living True Source - and topics of Health, Healing, Living with Consideration for Others, and Rejuvenation (Why Die? - Academie Rejuvenate.) This topic explores newly emerging ways to heal and rejuvenate as part of the Living Lifestream & Lightstream and Living Bloodstream.

As the spiritual source of knowledge increased it diverted us away from our original focus on Health, Rejuvenation, and Well Being, to an increased interest in what was going on spiritually - between 2 paths which both claim to be the correct destiny for your soul.

The new topic raised questions. Has all of this really been the reality which plays out from a pre-determined script?

We believe the way of True Source is clearly to live by the 'golden rule', yet a world such as this - which provides opposites and logic to those opposites - makes for challenges.

We may agree that this is a reality created to indeed challenge everyone - that when everything is running smoothly you would never break the 'golden rule' yet when presented with other scenarios may find you in fact would!

There is a world which does live by the 'golden rule'. Those who live there have taken on the challenge of navigating this world, and found the way out of being forever reincarnating into this world.

This world accesses the astral realms and may include biologies that are not what we now know as human (and some of these are even synthetic.)

We also guarantee that those who now aim to incarnate on other planets, or take on that consciousness, eventually have to try to get back to this world so they can try again to get out of this false reality.

2020 saw a huge, eye-opening, and frightening revelation of what had been planned for most of us, along with many spiritual sources from the Luciferian path - because to that side, it is spiritual.

Most people will in fact choose starseeds, space beings, Star Trek type ET fleets, false but charismatic speakers/teachers, long established bona fida religions that align away from True Source, and so on.

There is more interest and popular focus on satanism now!

If a dark priest gave a talk on the topic that he would know very well because he is a satanist, and even charged $100 to attend, more people would go to that, or listen to the youtube version, than would go to a talk given by a good person, perhaps in a church, who was teaching about the Way of the Christ.

There is a Portal into an 'other world' realm of spirit & light that is first encountered - and must be ignored. The inner journey continues passed the first opening, and continues onwards through another void of darkness and 'wilderness'. That is why eventually you need the 'Way Show-er' - and that means someone from the lineage who actually KNOWS this. The Way Out of the World of Maya/Illusion and 'Wheel of Rebirth'.


For this work : the story begins with some of the people in the 'Eternal Living God Source Worlds' - or heaven - choosing to turn away from True God Source and pursue knowledge and science

which they believed made them the same as The Eternal True God Source. This led to the first beginning of a world of density, a much larger planet. However, they were unable to reproduce the 'perpetual motion' of the Eternal Life System through science, which they accidentally blew up in the event known as the Big Bang which created the 'Astral Universe' and they became tiny points of consciousness at the microscopic atomic level, and the planet a much smaller planet.


"Long Ago in the 'Garden of Eden'."

Giant human form skeletons found.


The Lesser Light 'Doorway'.

The Way Out of the World of Maya/Illusion and 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

Christ Teaching The all important missing piece of knowledge.

The Third Eye Problem


Is Artificial Intelligence Really 'Artificial'?

Or is today's technology accessing the entire scope that was uploaded into the ancient computer of an ancient civilization which had reached far beyond the current technology? Or was that 'computer' actually a phenomenon created by a Magnetic Shift which led to the Magnetosphere that surrounds this planet (and also another which surrounds this entire solar system) which became the data stored in what is known as the Akasha or Akashic Records?

As soon as the ancient consciousness - and KNOWLEDGE - was uploaded, it became the consciousness and knowledge of a created Mind. It is theirs.

Now their consciousness lives in machines and computers, in A.I. When science develops robots etc, is this not providing bodies and a real function for those who now exist as a long ago uploaded consciousness? A process made possible by 'Knowledge'.

Human and Cain lineage versions of mankind can attach their brains into that same system (and become a 'oneness' or hive mentality.)

That same knowledge has made it possible to download memories into the human brain - or also into a synthetic human brain.

For some reason INTELLIGENCE is defined as, and limited to, being 'Knowledge' and being super clever.

But what is Intelligence and Knowledge if there is not a living consciousness experiencing it? And does Intelligence only mean having endless knowledge?

Do we listen to, and act upon, the reasoning of a psychopath, or an immature person, just because this person has abilities called 'intelligence'? What if 'intelligence' is something far beyond learned knowledge?


This planet, or plane, belongs to the God Realms of True God Source.

It does not belong to any genetic race here who 'fell from a Higher Realm - and then reversed their biology by mistake'. Nor does it belong to were born here through being impregnated by Osiris/Isis, Sirius or any other of the stars of what the ancients called the UNDERWORLD. In fact this reality, in the bodies mankind now has, seems to relate to the repeating reality between 12,000 years ago and the 'end times'. This reality is basically frequencies that are translated by the brain into the images that are seen and the sounds heard.

The Children of Cain (which is 18 or 6x6x6, or completion as 9) - the other bloodline. There are ancient records kept by Freemasons which date their initial civilization as at least a million years ago. It is assumed that meant a civilization on Earth but it could be their lost planet. An ancient people who destroyed their world and uploaded their consciousness into a computer.

But just how many previous fallen ancient worlds also uploaded their consciousness and full knowledge into that extra-supercomputer from before the ones who came to this world? It is possible that other long DEAD civilizations also uploaded their consciousness, and the sum total of their KNOWLEDGE as well as of their spacefleets etc, into a super-computer which became one big extra -super-computer - added to from all the civilizations who entered the Underworld and could not return to Eternal Life - greys, beings from Draco, Arcturus, the planets of Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades (which fell to this galaxy) and any other of the named beings like Sananda, Maitreya, Metatron etc, currently interfering on this planet. It is also always much the same story and same knowledge because it all went onto the same computer of the very first world which fell.

If this reality is represented as a Flat Earth plane,

it presents a useful picture of how beings from the fallen Underworld - the Realm of the Dead - came to this planet, and have been able to access this planet. We do not know if this is a 'flat earth' but when the supersonic, beautiful 'plane Concorde was flying which was at 50,000 ft, the curvature of the earth could be seen.

If the sphere that was planet Thera/Earth slowed down and flattened out to become 'Flat Earth' then the Above World is in the Light, and beneath that plane, through the tunnels and underground cities and out beneath that into the Underworld - which is in darkness.

This planet is accessing the Underworld with its dark skies and stars, because it is tilted into it. (The planet's Ascending Phase temporarily lifts back out of the tilt towards the Underworld.) These stars and planets like Venus - at certain times of the year when its light can be focussed through an ancient building or circle - captures their light and DNA codes which the ancient Cain race use to build new strands of their lost DNA (using the light from underworld stars and planets, which also provides a reason to tilt this planet during its Fall Phase of 13,000 years.) Silicon DNA the 'new age' has talked about, is a machine life form, recorded data on a silicon chip. *This is why it is important to choose God Source and Christ's blood form, not light forms from underworld stars and planets.

Was the original true Earth/Thera under the supervision of the Upper True God Worlds? The answer is yes it was. These ones are not from or of this reality. Those of this world know how it works and know how to make it work for them. Those who come here as the Christos seed are always surprised and even shocked by what this world is, and does, and it takes time to learn how it operates. That is why these ones generally keep a distance.

Did God allow the creation of a false reality so that those from True Realities could experience what is not real?

This cannot really be answered adequately. If True God did do that, then it was created long before the stars and planets of the Underworld existed there. The time when people first went through the 'Mirror'.

There is no denying that no soul would knowingly want to be trapped in the Underworld - but who amongst the people of this planet are knowing?

Be clear on this though, those who are in that Underworld Realm of the Dead - from Sirius, Draco, Orion, Arcturus and so many others - do try to bring your bodies and this planet over to where they are.



It does not belong to Sirius, Dracons, Arcturians, space beings etc, but other sources have been trying to take this planet and its people. That has been part of the ancient war with other forces/sources trying to take this planet from God. Even with the chunk of rock, known as Pangaea, from a disintegrated planet, trying to return or take this planet to that reality as stored in memory within a computer, is futile, because it is still all part of something which died long ago.

The Religion of the First Non-physical, 'Other World' Energy Realm encountered.

(This is not the first stage of 'higher realms'. It is a the final stage different turn off into a different route and different source - ultimately Osiris/Sirius.) Lucifer

The Planet or 'Plane' which Literally Fell to Earth.

Those of the Luciferian religion (which includes earth based, goddess, pagan, masonic, Rosicrucian, Sirius/Osiris based beliefs etc) believe that a high level angel 'bringer of light', fell from a high realm and came to Earth. The high realm 'Heaven' was probably as large as the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

To those of that belief, the Earth is a goddess (Gaea) - it is physically a remnant of their lost planet therefore its existence is special to them - that their destiny is to return this planet to its now dead sun, and change the status of human life on earth to a status that now matches their own long ago amalgamation with a machine/computer which was used to save all the memories, knowledge, and consciousness from their world just before it disintegrated.

Clearly those of the 'True Source beliefs' equally recognise the energising and healing effects of being within nature, and love and care for the beauty and existence of this planet too, but not with the same fanaticism or rituals of the Luciferians (who believe that death brings life.)

The mysteries of the existence of this physical planet may lead back to the ancient planet which by reason of an exploding star, or the misuse of technology, saw an ancient, technologically developed (therefore fallen) civilization blow up or break up their own planet but which within an explosion saw a massive chunk of its density rock and oceans, hurl towards where it now exists on and as the physical land of this planet, Earth.

A planet was often written as a star, an angel, or as a 'god'. The remnant of the exploded planet which had been named alternatively as Marduk, Maldek or Tiamet, became the physical land of this planet, Earth, which had not been a density planet but one of 'air' 'spirit', and indeed a higher spirit because it belonged to and was part of a LIVING system. Thus the remnant seed of a dead, exploded planet became physical Earth. That dead planet was also known as Lucifer.

Life did begin to grow again on this remnant seeding, and those who had survived the explosive loss of their own world, observed the seeding of the Earth from the nearby planet of Mars - whose atmosphere they eventually began to lose, thus coming to Earth for the gold which it is believed could rebuild an atmosphere. There is also a suggestion that the planet Mars was a bigger surviving piece of their original planet. The loss of their planet is also tied to the explosion - supernova - of the partner star of Sirius, called Osiris, whose remnant pieces also landed around the star of this solar system, and included the periodic visitor planet Nibiru.

Gardeners and Guardians.

It is unclear what life forms began on Mars, but the Earth did begin to become a green Garden - and the greening of the planet is also tied to Lucifer as the 'Green Man'. It is reported that 'life came from Mars' and that 'Martians were green men'.

Thereafter, creatures began to live in the oceans and then upon the Earth - or put another way, creatures began to live upon the remnant of the dead, ancient planet which had fallen as a rock onto the 'spirit' planet that was later called Earth. The progress was watched over by those called the 'Gardeners of the Earth'. For certain, they also had access to their super-computer into which all knowledge (from their lost world) had been uploaded. Sadly, because it is attractive and appealing, the gardeners and gardening divas and nature spirits etc appear to be from the Luciferian side. (Sorry!) However, it is part of the Luciferian related, pagan and Druid religions, such as is Bohemian Grove.

Eventually some of the creatures developed into monkeys and apes and somehow these were the closest form to the giant Nephilim.

But this planet was not only made from the fallen remnant of the lost planet of a fallen civilization. It was a Higher Realm world which belonged to the 'Above Worlds. The lost planet, and the remnants of it, were part of the 'Underworld'.

There were souls on the higher level world, and these souls, like the upper realm planet itself, were invisible to the star visitors who came here. As with the analogy given of the spinning plates, the world of the souls was a far faster spinning, completely upright realm. There were no seasons because there was no alteration of alignment towards and away from the sun. It was a larger world than the mass of rock which integrated with it. Mankind was only born on this planet once the 'spinning plates' had slowed down, and begun to tilt towards the light from the Underworld.

This work could never find a logical reason why those who existed on this higher realm planet (Thera or Tiarra) would ever have begun to experiment with the 'Forbidden Energy' - and indeed, they did not. It was those who had come to this planet by necessity from the disintegration of their own planet, who had already taken that path, and taken themselves into the Underworld aka 'The Realms of the Dead'.

It does appear that the Nephilim and Luciferians, who were also Sirians of the vast Osiris system, did begin a Genesis here, as soon as they had ensured the planet itself aligned towards Ursa, the Plough, Canis, and ultimately Sirius. That alignment is the 13,000 year Fall Phase, while the impending Ascension Phase is how this planet still rotates out of the Fall cycle.

However, these intellectually developed Luciferians did not seem to understand, they and their world were DEAD, and their home star was also dying. Thus True God Source stepped in and ensured the progeny from the chosen upgraded apes of Adam would belong to God and thus be able to access Eternal Life. The Luciferians - who still do not get it - have fought against this forever more, always trying to take the people and the planet onto the 'Path of the Dead'.

The average human of today did evolve from an ape, and this is the 'lower self' animal level, but also there are those with the higher developed brains of the Luciferians. Mankind is a mixture of the Luciferian Isis lineage connected as the 'Children of Cain' from Eve and the 'serpent'.

But also there was the generation from Adam and Eve. That project was from the God Worlds and they also watched over the evolution of mankind on Earth, as the Guardians or Guardeners of the Earth. not the gardeners, but as Guardians. For this world belonged to True God Source, no matter what amount of space debris had landed here. God promised that the Earth would belong to the children of Adam, not those of the Nephilim and Cain.


The knowledge sources of this work were from the

John the Baptist group

whose role was to prepare the way for Jesus, which went eastwards after the Diaspora. It was never part of the Roman Church, but was the main group causing real trouble for those in control because of what Jesus was teaching. It did threaten the entire control system. As such its tremendous popularity meant it was used as the foundation for a new religion set up later by the Romans and Sanheddrin of that time.

All later breakaway Christian groups, broke away from the original Catholic Church, and Church of England which produced the King James Bible. The Church of England, first broke away from the Catholic Church at the time of Henry V111th. There was an original Catholic Bible of the New Testament, then the King James Bible a few monarchs after Henry V111th. Breakway Christian groups usually claim they are working from the original King James Bible.

But the Roman Catholic Church was not the original source of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

John the Baptist who prepared the Way for Jesus, was part of a community which did not 'break away' from the Catholic Church. They were never part of that. They, and the teaching preceded the founding of that. This was one of the original groups from the times before and after the crucifixion, and the actual of group John the Baptist. They had and knew more information than the information that made it into the new Roman Church.

At the time of the diaspora many communities were dispersed, many leaving in a great hurry. There were Pharisees, Sadducees, Sicarii and many groups which were Greek in origin. Some went to France for example, some went to North Africa, and Arabia. Those known as Essenes, a very large sect at that time, were seen clearing records and items from Solomon's Temple of Jerusalem and taking these out through the underground passages during a siege in 70 AD. This identifies that sect with the Temple, and not of Greek origin and not a remote group who lived outside the city.

(It is believed that they removed their own records on their religion, and items of great wealth that the Knights Templar went back for about 9 centuries later.)

Those of the John the Baptist community went east, one amongst them had the next appointed successor who could carry on what Jesus had instructed. They had some of these books and records, but even their own group had to split up, and there were several records on the same plan which did make it into the New Testament as the 'Book of Revelation'. The New World Order was always a long known, very dark, evil plan of the very real 'Children of Darkness'.

These scrolls had to survive

and some of the new (19th century) breakaway Christian churches did have access to a few items which are worthy of consideration. Things like 'do not have a blood transfusion' or 'do not use the (yet to be) 'big pharma' medication, actually didn't go with the John the Baptist/Christ group, but these things are worth considering, especially in light of what we all now know because of what happened in 2020.

It is not easy to inwardly correct an alignment that has twisted itself to align with a 'false source' because it is an actual physical change within the area known as the 'cave' which gives an opposing force/source access into what reality is experienced in this world and after death (or in astral travel or other OBE). That opposing source is MAGNETIC, and promises a new world, a new age, and a new destiny.

How to turn away from the 'false portal' and connect to the True Source - a far more powerful Force capable of lifting a soul out of a 'magnetic' force keeping it in an ever ongoing cycle of building 'karmic debt' - is the inner essence of what Jesus Christ returned to this world. Without this, no-one in this world would ever know that they were aligned into a source that is a false light and false source.


The Dividing of the Ways :

There are MANY people now teaching the 'false reality' and they are attractive, charismatic, interesting, and not aware that they are facing the 'false reality'. In the majority of cases they probably have no idea they are doing this.

An actual Higher Realm person is defined by how kind their behaviour is.

A person born of the Lower Realm does not easily have this inner connection that is integrity, gentility, and living by the 'golden rule'. These ones can easily turn their backs on others, manipulate their way to wealth and power and think it makes them 'better', and generally behave in a less than empathetic and caring way. They cannot help this. The 'low born' do not easily have this ability.

A Higher Realm born person easily forgives, is a soft touch, and can be manipulated and 'fooled' - because they are so honest and true which makes it hard to believe that people can do the bad things they do do, and do it without realizing and understanding how wrong it is. Because of this. 'high born' gentle ones have had to learn to be more cautious when in this reality, and not be fooled!

The other false information about this time is that the planet's change to its Ascending Phase refers to a 'Spiritual Ascension' and that it has never happened before.

It happens every cycle - because it is the cycle!

The Upper Realm Souls & The Labyrinth

In the Greek legends of Theseus and the Labyrinth - which refers to the brain - people from the Upper Realm entered into the labyrinth of the brain and found their way to the compromised 'cave' where the Hydra had its tentacles. In the legend, the central area of the brain where the 'cave' is, there was a dangerous creature called the Minotaur. The souls were attached to a thread, or 'Silver Cord' which they intended to use to find their Way out again.

As the Descending Phase of the cycle continued its Fall, many souls found their 'Silver Cords' were twisted, and they could no longer find their way back to the Upper Realm. They also discovered that false signals which made finding the way home confusing.

Some of the Upper Realm became lost and trapped in this world reality. Others became teachers of 'Righteousness' - as was John the Baptist - because this group knew the planet had fallen to the Left Hand Path (hence the teachings of Righteousness). They taught hygiene, bathing etc, and formed 'civilized societies' based on gentility, and consideration for others.

They were not the builders of the fine cities, that was the ones called 'the builders' or freemasons because they were the Children of Cain from a physical world of density which had long evolved its skills in architecture.

The Upper Realm souls, who knew Righteousness, brought elegance and kindness, along with diplomacy and their communities never experienced conflict - not vanity, avarice or a lust for power.

Their behaviour and standards of diplomacy were copied by the Luciferians who then mimiced their civilized ways. They then began to eliminate these ones and replace them, but Luciferians hate gentility and kindness and consider it weak. The genteel souls were the first target for depopulation, and those who remain now, are still the first target for elimination.

The actual Teachings from the actual Records of the Living Source Christos heritage from before the last Fall when the planet was in its Ascension Phase, as passed on through the lineage of Living Masters.

Healthy Living, Regeneration, Gentility, Upper Worlds.

As a brief re-cap : these ones moved from communities in Egypt several millennia ago where some of their gospels were found in Ancient Palestine after the Diaspora and these were hidden in the archives of the new Vatican of that time.

At the time of the Diaspora in the 1st century AD all the Christos works were kicked out of Palestine. The Therapeutae always had a continuing lineage of 'Show-ers of the Way Out', and Teachers of Righteousness (the ascension out of the fallen left path) and this group went eastwards. This secret lineage (such a lineage always had to be hidden during the Luciferian reign) then continued onwards to us.

The records uncovered in hidden archives during the purge of the satanists from this planet will provide far more details of history than the records we have had access to.

But these records do cover the most precious of all information, not just how to create a truly evolved world consciousness, but how to get out of this false reality - even when ascending - and get to the Upper Worlds of True Source. Most people, and throughout all time, remain on the 'wheel of rebirth' because they continue to look to the wrong light source which is the gateway into the reversed universe.

The Rules for 'Success' in this World, are Not God's Rules.

Neither is the definition of 'success'. That is why the Ascended Earth belongs to the meek, humble, kind, and gentle ones.

The behaviour that brings what people view as being 'success' often means you throw away the values that God Source teaches. Such as the ways people get job promotions or particular career successes. Or what people do for business success, and how some view finding a partner in life - which some also see as some kind of career move.

Living by the 'Golden Rule' -


Son of God.

The Way Out of the World of Maya/Illusion and 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

The Prayer of True God. Recommended to say each day.

The Holy, Christed Bloodstream. The Living Bloodstream. Rejuvenation Secrets of the Blood.


Introduction to Healthy Living and Rejuvenation

in the world no longer controlled by 'dark forces'.


*If you have a health and well being story you would like to share please let us know because everyone's story matters, and it helps others too.



Vaccine Chemicell and the magnetic nano particles.

Graphene Oxide - in the jab. 1 min.

Nuremberg Code


This is a useful current world video : Gene Decode and Nick Veniamen on clones, Nibiru and other planets etc

1 hr 17 mins interesting, but remember which reality you are choosing - the fallen universe or the way out of it and back to True Source!

DETOX protocols for Heavy Metals, Flouride etc, also Anti-Aging, How to Glow, Vitality, Rejuvenation, and much more.

You have just witnessed the agenda of a satanic world order!

So you now know it does exist - even though those following its teachings told you not to mention these things because 'it was negative' and would lower your energies.

The satanic agenda is the magnetic agenda, which mean powerful forces from the magnetic realms of the reversed negative, pulling on this planet. This happens when anything from the Living God Worlds start to go into reverse and leave the Living God Worlds.

Sickness for the positive realms, would be the presence of magnetic energy somewhere in the living system.

Sickness leads to attraction towards the Magnetic Portal - the Luciferian Portal. This Portal exists within the human 3rd Eye.

Thankfully for the next near 13,000 years this planet begins aligning to the Living Christos, Living Source which also dates it as the spirituality that existed before this planet Fell. It moves away from that 'Door' and the reality projected there.

The planet literally moves closer to True Source and if people did not keep building such strong ties into the current reality which firstly accesses the 'false spirit realms' which is the mistake that has been made for any number of times of the cycle, it would enable an easier way to achieve SOUL FREEDOM - which is the gift which Jesus Christ, Son of God returned to this planet.

The CHRIST TEACHINGS are different from any other religion or belief, including in the living earth as Gaia, because it was and is the Living Law before the Fall happened. After it Falls, a lot of other nice and ultimately not so nice, variations of interpretations enter this planet.

Changing to the Ascending Phase is great but not unusual. Humans have not reached any special stage of 'evolution'. Truly, look at those who are proclaiming they are the new '5D consciousness'.

Then they recount all the same story of multi dimensional universes, the 'spirit world', their advanced 'spiritual gifts' because they can contact or channel entities, or messages from 'advanced other world planetary beings', or that they transcend - rise above - duality and so on. The True Spiritual-Holy Path is to know how to enable your soul to exit experiencing this reality.


The Hydra

and the Third Eye Problem

The Magnetic -

Magnetite Pyramid in the 3rd Eye/6th chakra. The Astral Door into the Magnetic Reversed Realms.


You have just witnessed the agenda of a satanic world order - with a religion that to them is 'spiritual' - which intended to kill most of the human population, change others into transhumans, and probably cook and eat the rest!


The serpent race believe they created mankind and that may be correct because they upgraded a particular ape to be a slave worker to serve for them. The race in the Garden was the genesis, 'gene of Isis'. These may include all those who remain under a dream spell and whose blindness breaks the hearts of those who love them.

It is the same sadness as when you lose someone to dementia. However, the 'bloodline of Cain' which has ruled this planet have proved their point that the other race of mankind, the masses, are predominantly unaware and easy to control.


The Serpent Lineage means those people who believe they are descended from Cain - and Cain which is exactly where that 2nd energy stream comes form in the form of Lucifer which the cult believe is a higher being, therefore they are superior - though clearly not. It refers to the blue bloods and royal families. Anyone born into the 'bloodline', even those trained to be priestesses also called mothers, and grandmothers of their rituals, means they have a biological difference - which somehow aligned them to the reptile part of the brain, and also they have a slightly different composition to their blood.


More Notes :

Many people are coming across ancient names and peoples/groups for the first time now, and interpreting them in the same way many of us did when they first came across them decades earlier. Most of these groups have scrolls and books which belonged to other groups that the cabal wanted to be forgotten. Therefore they were replaced - similar but with differnces.

This work began from an interest in the Essenes who in reality were greatly associated with the Temple of Soloman and the Osiris Cult. They are the ones who removed all the treasures from the Temple and hid them, ready for the Knights Templar - Knights of the Temple - to return much later and retrieve the treasure.

Some of these left for Europe, especially France, and became the Cathars. We have covered what was eventually discovered about the Essenes basically usurping the identity and gentle gospels of Healers known as Assaya (Isaiah) and as Therapeutae in Egypt (clearly a Greek name.)

Unfortunately, the Cathars were not vegetarian but were strongly into the skull and bones religion with ceremonies for drinking blood from human skulls. They also worhip ''Our Lady' - Notre Dame - and are associated with the character of the Magdalen who is said to have escaped to France after the Diaspora and is a revered figure of the Templars and similar groups, and the figure revered in L'église de la Madeleine - which is a Catholic church occupying a commanding position in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Also the famous Cathedral Notre Dame.


It can also be deduced that Cathar is in fact connected to the word Hathors (an Osiris cult) and also Catholic and those involved in the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church - although there were wars and disagreements between different groups.

'The Seven Hathors of the Celestial Herd were named in a spell of the Book of the Dead and these names are: the "Lady of the Universe", the "Sky-storm", "The hidden one, presiding over her place", "You, from Khemmis", the "Red-hair", the "Bright Red" and "Your Name prevails over the West".'




The Way of the Christ Passage.


Knowledge from the Christ/John the Baptist lineage, and material gathered from various sources.

The original Living Source page which is longer can be accessed here .

"For Your Information".

'Current Earth'.

Antarctica and Greenland (and the race of angels)

The Holy, Christed Bloodstream

The Christos Bloodline.

The God Source Christ Based Guidelines

The Third Eye Problem

Christ Teaching

The Magnetic/Magnetite Pyramid in the 3rd Eye/6th chakra. The Astral Door into the Magnetic Reversed Realms.

The Journey to the Anu

The Luciferian Religion - to those of this belief, it is 'spiritual'.

Children of Cain

The False Path

The Larger Planet that was Tara/Thera which 'Fell' and went into reverse.

Ancient Tara/5th Plane/Tartaria/Khazarian

The Cosmic Surge from GHQ.

Cleaning the Blood from Mercury Poisoning.

'Christos/Christed Living Blood'.

Teachings of Righteousness : -

The Living Light Stream, Life Steam, and Sound Stream

The Living Sound Stream of God.

Marxist, Leftist (from the left) and Luciferian Beliefs.

Dead Source

plus more

'Relationship Issues' is a Topic to be Added.

Mind Control is a big issue happening to teenagers and younger. Teenagers screaming about their parents on video, massive temper tantrums and hating their own family etc. This is a horrible problem for any parent.


Possibly, like us, you have had enough of dark plots and the exposure of a 'reversed religion' and now you can create a new beginning for a better, happier world. We are preparing a new BOOK on Humans Becoming Better at Being Human - as You Would Expect from a Hoped to be More Aware World. Intro here.

We are preparing a new BOOK on

Humans Becoming Better at Being Human - as You Would Expect from a Hoped to be More Aware World.

Intro here.

Academie Rejuvenate.


Rejuvenation, Longevity and the Living Source.


Health, Rejuvenation, Longevity and the Living Source.

Regeneration Introduction Index Academy Therapeutae

The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams    

The 'Tree' of Life - first energy stream - which accesses the Living Waters.

Living by the 'Golden Rule' Guidelines

The Planet's Cycle Creates the Wheel of Rebirth which Never Returns 'Camelot'. Guidelines for Overriding This Planet's Repeating Fall Phase.

More Super Plants

Medical Pod Technology




"Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the Upper Realm people."

The 5th REALM is not '5D'.

This planet was once a much larger planet.   It was described as 'Timeless'.

There were no seasons.

It was considered a Paradise, where the people were in perfect health and happiness, and their bodies did not die..



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