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FEATURED SONG. "Here, There and Everywhere".

Ths page is also introducing points that indicate there is a 'fake Paul', a person who was meant to cover the tragic time after the real Paul was killed, so that fans would not kill themselves through grief, and then he was supposed to fade away.

The current topic is The Beatles and Paul McCartney. This is a song I wanted to add because of the feature on the real Paul McCartney. This is Paul's song for Jane which he recorded when he was 23 on The Beatles last album together 'Revolver' which I decided to listen through. Jane was 20 They had been together since just before Jane's seventeenth birthday. In June 1966 Paul was Jane had moved into Paul's new house in St. John's Wood, London, still living together, and they were going to marry.

FEATURED TRACK - 'Here, There, and Everywhere'

Watch Video 'Here, There and Everywhere' (Paul's song for Jane).

By the way, this is what loving someone should be.

"To lead a better life I need my love to be here Here, making each day of the year Changing my life with a wave of her hand Nobody can deny that there's something there There, running my hands through her hair Both of us thinking how good it can be Someone is speaking But she doesn't know he's there I want her everywhere And if she's beside me I know I need never care But to love her is to need her everywhere Knowing that love is to share Each one believing that love never dies Watching her eyes and hoping I'm always there I want her everywhere And if she's beside me I know I need never care But to love her is to need her everywhere Knowing that love is to share Each one believing that love never dies Watching her eyes and hoping I'm always there. I will be there And everywhere Here, there and everywhere."

NEW The real Paul's song for Jane is a very beautiful love song, and not just 'beautiful' but is speaking about something very special. Yet this is supposed to be the same person who wrote the psychotic lyrics in a jolly little song about murdering someone with an axe. (Which raises a question about how he knew about it, doesn't it.) *This murder song is very well commented on in the next section.

In addition, those who gravitate to the Luciferian mindset, like the 'coneheads', and those who have been indoctrinated from childhood, do not have the ability for empathy, compassion and feeling, the kind of feeling humans have the ability for, and also astrologically, a very 'water sign' ability.

In a youtube video, the current 'fake Paul' claims this is his favourite Beatles song, as if was for John Lennon, and obviously it was for the real Paul. The song captures something that real humans will automatically understand, but those programmed into the current sex motivated lifestyle will not. In 'fake Paul's' decription of this song, he does not understand it! He compares it to a style from the 30's or '40's and completely misses what the real Paul is actually saying in this lovely song. Isn't that interesting! The song is actually not like the style he says. Those of today's world also do not know or understand that relationships are not just about sex. They don't know that. There is 'something else' to look for, something more, and more valuable. Something that most now do not have the ability to understand.They cannot feel it.

In today's world, everyone has been carefully guided into a mindset that locks them into the concept of Time.

It is assumed that life has progressed forward, and yet it is the opposite. Take away technology and you will see a very backward and undeveloped society in front of you. Keep the technology and you see the tools which have made that possible! Today's world has gone backwards. It is far less developed than before the 'programming' began. It is undeveloped, not very educated, and it is immature - precocious, but very immature. That is, not developed into participating in a more 'Positive world'. There is in fact, a reality model that works, is positive and is what was intended. The agenda has been to take reality into reverse, to go backwards. The purpose and reason is covered in the linked pages like 'Awake' and 'Asleep', and the topic of Code, Witchcraft, and Casting Spells.

We've covered the different stages of development of humans, for example out of a world population of over 7 billion, it is reported that around 5 billion did get the jab, without questioning it, and presumably fully understanding that it was experimental, had not been tested, and the official literal and ads clearly stated that it did not make anyone immune from the covid virus. So if I said to one of the near 5 billion that they had been 'mind controlled' etc, they would only refer to the source that is controlling them and do what they have been told to do - not question anything, and that such an idea as 'mind control' of the population was silly.

You will always get the question 'who are they?' - as if a 'they' could not possibly exist. Of course, these shadowy people can now be identified. But the attention span of people has been shortened, which is one of the alterations to the brain, so that has to be addressed too! The fixation with the cell phone has done that - and it happens while the brain is developing, so that is the way the brain has then been trained to funstion. Its a 'catch 22' (a paradox). The next thing I would have to draw their attention to is that this is part of the goals for introducing the Luciferian Religion - as mentioned this has been through popular TV shows and films about friendly witches, including the first satanic wizard and witchy thing in the Beatles' 1967 'Magical Mystery Tour', and through the Harry Potter movies etc.

They will only begin to 'get it' when they see the actual operation of this satanic agenda and realise what it is. Then it is possible for them to understand what has been taking place. But of course, as said, the human brain takes about 25 years to mature, from the obvious needs of a toddler and child under 10, to the less obvious but still continuing need for 'correct programming' through the teens. The 'programming' and 'mind control' gets to programme children's brains from the beginning, including with now well programmed, immature parents. This has been how it is for decades. It is designed to break up families, encourage divorce, and take everyone in a particular direction. Ultimately that direction is the desired outcome of the programming, which includes pedophilia.

The world has been taken into the worldview of an ancient religion - the 'ancient religion'.

If you lock yourself into concepts of TIME and a false assumption that humanity has progressed in development, then you will miss most of everything around you, and the fullness of your own life. You will miss it all, because you will be seeing 'reality' from an Illusionary but intended and expertly guided pespective. The topic of the 'bad seed' is in one of the linked pages,

This page is actually researching a possible murder, but is going back to when the programming for the current world really took off.

Some of these points include the gradual slandering of the remaining 3 real Beatles. When dealing with a sociopath, they can be very charming, and clever in the devious way that criminals and lesser level people believe is 'superiour intelligence'.

There are things that need to be mentioned. Some of the topic of the killing of the real Paul McCartney in 1966 which was on this page has now been moved to "Why the 3 remaining real Beatles did not want to work with the 'fake Paul' (Time). Much of the unfolding story which follows the appearance of a major tragedy, death or murder in September 1966, ends up with John Lennon and George Harrison looking churlish and other negatives which are ostensibly about 'business differences'. But knowing the true story - the 'bigger picture' -explains why the real Beatles did not want to work with the 'fake Paul'.

After The Beatles did their last concert of the North America Tour on August 29th 1966 they had a 3 month holiday break.

This is a new point. They returned to the UK at the end of August, and John Lennon soon left for Germany to begin filming 'How I Won the War' for 6 weeks. He was not at the Music Award show on Sept. 6th, the week before the car accident took place. Presumably filming in Gemany, then Spain was going to be an interesting thing to do, and a break for 6 weeks. Yet shortly afterwards Ringo Starr goes down to Spain where John is filming, to be with him because he was 'lonely'. Like all of the band, Ringo was enjoying his holiday with his wife and recently born son. But he goes to be with John in a situation that sounds much more like being there for a friend in mourning.

The story includes the fact that this replacement person's ex-wife Heather FOUND the information on this. There are also a few more untimely deaths connected to this too, including the roadie Mal Evans.

Thanks to the research of Richard Balducci, and the autopsy photograph, we know the real Paul McCartney, after the forced car crash, was struck 3 times on the head with a specific Celtic hammer/axe made of silver, as part of a satanic pagan ritual.

Fake Paul wanted this murder track to be released as a single, 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer',

and it should be mentioned that the nutjob satanists love to decieve, flaunt their deceptions, and love to display their 'successes' in everyone's face. Had this been released as a single, then everyone would have been thoughtlessly participating in a jaunty singalong song about, or is a very similar topic, to the real Paul's death.

What's The Story Behind 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer'? The psychopathic story of a murderer.

This is about that song with some interesting and observant 'comedy' commentary. This is a very sick song. Watch Video.


The Beatles throughout their career to 1966 were entirely positive and a powerful influence for good.

Maybe this topic has to become a book, but more hopefully it will motivate others to do some research too. 'Fake Paul' very much seems to be a sociopath. There is just so much that does not feel right, about this.

For example, does it seem likely that he would be writing something as meaningful as the song for Jane, and at the same time meeting another woman named Maggie - who was a girlfriend (of Billy's) from 1966 to 1968 - and telling her he was going behind Jane's back and didn't want her to find this out, so keep the affair very quiet? Is this the type of person the real Paul McCartney was? In a significant romance with a very nice girl, and yet he would go behind her back to sleep with a number of groupie slags and the girls of a very different type to Jane? I don't think so, and a lot of this situation is slandering and tarnishing the real Paul. Something is definitely wrong

The 'Paul McCartney' issue looks like a number of very real crimes were commited here.

We know for a fact that "Paul" did do something that cheated the other Beatles and it ended up with him getting more money than the rest of the Beatles. He became a billionaire, and that was long before he ever obtained the royalty rights back supposedly in 2017. The only way he could have done that is because he already had more royalties. And yet he probably would have made so much more had he continued as they had been, with him being very likeable. Why would he change so much, in looks, personality, viewpoints, and behaviour, from early September 1966 to mid-December 1966? He would become a shallow, money grabbing individual willing to cheat the other Beatles for his own gain, cheat on his girlfriend, and throw away his loving bond and friendship with the other Beatles? *From what I can see, Paul was a down to earth 'good lad' brought up with solid values, who would always put family first and value love and friendship.

I also checked the videos of song tracks for after 1966, and while the studio recordings do sound like The Beatles, and are okay, the videos are definitely off. I didn't know there were any videos of some of the tracks from 1967 but there are. Everything they did from 1967 was "'Paul's' idea" starting with Sgt. Pepper which is all about death and drugs, and then the TV film Magical Mystery Tour which was not much of a success even though the music was. The film lacks the energy and charisma of their earlier films, it is lacklustre, and this would appear to be because 'fake Paul' has none of the charisma, and also because the remaining three real Beatles don't like him, and are if something has happened to Paul, they would still be grieving for the real Paul who now has this jerk portraying him, and they have to go along with that. The reason is because they agreed to it.

When I looked at the video for 'Hello, Goodbye' it is almost like an early AI recontruction of Paul with his face superimposed

over the person (Billy) who was actually there for this. To me, it does look odd, particularly when you look for this. His neck and head in some angles seem added onto the body. Also George's face seems to say it all! (He's in the salmon colour). It is like the finished version of the 'Paul' character was added afterwards. It probably requires one viewing watching George's face, and another looking at 'Paul'.

Watch Video.


Why the 3 remaining Beatles did not want to do the Sgt. Pepper album.

The general story put out (by 'fake Paul') about the work from 1967 onwards and the 1967 Sgt.Pepper album is that John and George partcularly, were being too apathetic to get on with recording a new album and 'fake Paul' had to become the leader to make them work.

This image definitely casts Lennon and Harrison in a bad light. In reality, they were in mourning for the real Paul, and this 'fake version' had taken the situation of being the 'new Paul' and it had given him the right to 'rule and take charge of The Beatles. They could not say anything, they had signed official documents. They did not want to work with this person, they did not like him, they were grieving for the real Paul and here was someone who was now pretending to be the person they loved. This is another reason why the truth needs to be made known. Saying these things is slandering the real Beatles.

They were not being petty about 'business matters' although those issues were serious. They were stuck in a terrible and emotionally devastating situation - and could not dislose why.

The album is great because it is produced and mixed as a Beatles album and because of the contribution by John.

It is the John Lennon tracks which stand out, like 'Lucy in the Sky', ''Mr Kite', and 'Day in the Life'.Also Harrison's 'Within You and Without You'. In Lennon's later solo song 'How do You Sleep' his introducing words are "So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise". Most of the really great tracks on Sgt. Pepper were John's even though the 3 real Beatles expressed no liking for the album, and it was a 'fake Paul's' project.


Much of this looks as if the fake Paul is making The Beatles' legacy all about him.


I would like to show a short video that someone has compiled which features Paul, and if you just focus on the fun of the music and stage performance of basically a club or pub band who play entertaining rock and roll - not the timeframe of the '60's - then you will see how appealing, charismatic, and nice the real Paul McCartney was. Watch Video. I came across this recently and the performance shown always makes me smile. It is 'feel good' and positive. This is the original and real Paul. The fake Paul, never exhibits any of this charisma.

This real issue here is that Paul McCartney was loved,and is an icon. The people need to know that the person they loved died in 1966.

NEW. *I also found a video where 'Paul' is in normal conversation but it is not the Liverpudlian accent that is usually heard. I have to find that to check it again.

*Another video is a Howard Stern Show interview where he is really rubbishing the remaining 3 real Beatles. Obviously Howard Stern was given this story by 'Paul' What was 'Paul' thinking releasing his solo album at the same time as The Beatles. Watch Video. 1+minute

I have found photos of 'Paul' and Jane which have been photo-shopped with 'fake Paul'. Some faked pictures are on the John, Paul, George and Ringo page. The video clip of the full version of 'Now and Then' done earlier disappeared from the internet the same day as the release - but luckily someone else put a copy of it back up. And I found interviews which make the remaining Beatles' seem not so nice, including a 1 min interview with Howard Stern which I have added.

Introduction and Overview to this Important Information 'John, Paul, George and Ringo'. :
Why the 3 remaining real Beatles did not want to work with the 'fake Paul' 'Fake Paul' has said in interviews that he is not the original Paul McCartney. Read More.
McCartney Murder page :


On Sept. 16th 1966 there was a meeting in Paris

between Lennon, 'Paul' and Brian Epstein. There is a newspaper article on this meeting. It is 5 days after Paul has died, and shortly after his funeral. The meeting is for John Lennon to meet Billy and approve him as the replacement 'Paul'. They all understood it had been a car accident, 5 days earlier, and this was the recommendation of British Intelligence to prevent unknown numbers of female fans committing suicide in grief. They have all signed documents which meant they could never disclose any of what this is. Billy goes there to that meeting with his girlfriend Maggie, who thinks he is the real Paul. She has written her recently released book from that perspective. This shows the meeting was with Billy.

Or, if it was the real Paul McCartney, then for some reason he brings along his secret girlfriend Maggie, He told her at the beginning that he wants to keep their affair secret..But she was okay about secretly starting an affair with another girl's boyfriend! Maggie has met up with the current 'Paul' in recent times, so this is the man she is talking about. She also says she spent many nights at his house in St.John's Wood, which is where he (as Billy) did move to on returning from Kenya the day before the first TV interview on December 20th 1966. On moving into that house in December, he immediately fired Paul's butler.

In reality, about 12 weeks before that meeting in Paris, the real Paul and Jane Asher had moved into Paul's new house in St. John's Wood, London.

That was around June 1966. He had also bought the farm in Scotland, recommended to him as a business investment. He and Jane made a flying visit to see it together on June 20th 1966.

If this was the 'real Paul' and he had wanted to keep this affair with Maggie secret, he would not have taken her to a meeting with Lennon and the manager Brian Epstein. The video also shows his long torso and shorter legs, and indications of his height of 6'.2". Maggie thinks this is the real 'Paul' and John has agreed to accept Billy as the replacement, but doubtful he went for walk with them, . Watch Video. (short)

* The second Paul has to have his hair in the layered cut version of the 'Beatles' 'mop'' becauseif he wore his hair as original Paul did, he would not be able to get away with that.

*This video shows that he did care about his family, and bought a house for his dad. It also shows inconsistencies with the later 'Paul'. It tells us that none of them had plans for solo recording careers. . Watch Video (When Paul's father died in 1976 he did not go to the funeral. His dad's wife told him not to 'dare come to the funeral'.)


The death of Paul McCartney in 1966 does at first seem to be one of those silly stories that sometimes happen.

People can get caught up in the 'car crash rumour' as a sort of jokey thing, but apparently it was not simply in a car crash - although the car crash aspect was the reason the remaining Beatles agreed to delay the announcement. They thought is was an accident.

In reality this looks like a murder by unknown numbers of people, with research indicating it was a satanic ritual. Satanism controls the 'entertainment industry' and the reasoning for most of what they do is bizarre, psychotic and bonkers.

It also involved additional separate crimes of cheating the Beatles out of their royalty rights, and eventually impersonating Paul, the understanding of the remaining three Beatles, being that this was just meant to be a temporary thing until the death in what they believed to be a car accident, could safely be announced without causing chaos and tragedy amongst grieving fans. As mentioned, this was announced on the news in the USA, and I believe it was in the UK too, then the story was pulled on orders from British Intelligence and the Crown.


On the next linked pages we come to the murder of Paul McCartney in 1966. He was led into a car crash, the same as happened with Princess Diana. The autopsy photo and the research of Richard Balducci indicate a 'silver hammer' was used to strike Paul's head three times.

By the time The Beatles were recording the track "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" the remaining 3 Beatles were aware of what had really happened to Paul.. John had drawn a drawing of the head wound. It is no wonder that Lennon wanted no part of recording this sick song.

But yet again, because the real story is not known John's grief at the real issue of Paul's death is used to represent him as a mean and petulent person. The reality is, this is a terrible song that appears to be about how the real Paul McCartney was murdered.

Again the representation is slandering John Lennon.

How The Beatles Recorded "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" | The Abbey Road Sessions Watch Video

Watch Video

By the way, listen to how this 'fake Paul' speaks in this irritating way. The photo of him at the end shows it is not the real Paul because of the eyebrows.

A number of short videos have been included showing the real Paul McCartney to 1966.

Paul McCartney is LOVELY. Look at 'the person behind his eyes', his smile, his entire demeanor, everything.

I am going to add that in watching the early Beatles up to 1966 the real Paul McCartney is absolutely fantastic!

They all are wonderful together, just so special. You can not only see the energy and the happiness, you can feel it as an infectious joy. He is simply sensational.

The jerk we had in 'Wings' and still going today, is not the same person.

Introductory link John, Paul, George and Ringo'. The Fab 4 were Scouse likely lads from Merseyside. As I am English I know what that means, but that's what they were. They were fun, and in all their videos to the last one 'Rain' in 1966 you can feel their happy vibe. Then I checked the videos from 1967 for Strawberry Fields Forever, A Day in the Life, and Penny Lane, and there is no happy vibe. *I have never seen the videos before, I didn't know there were any. ** In watching the original videos to 1966 and their last ever song together 'Rain' I am getting to really love these guys. They are really great. Really special.......

For the research and references please go to this page : McCartney Murder page


:Code, Spells, Witchcraft and Symbolism.: Introduction and Overview to this Important Information 'John, Paul, George and Ringo'. : McCartney Murder page .





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