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This planet's damaged axis causes it to access the fallen Astral Universe, a Lower Universe where all the other civilizations in that universe exist. They all pursued developing intellect and technology, using the laws and physics of True God as a way of becoming or replacing God - which they cannot actually do, or replicate, because doing that goes against God's Law!

They misused technology, including the development of AI, and ended up in this universe - which Earth temporarily accesses on it's 'wheel' cycle.

They are not part of the Higher Universe.

This is a Torus.

It is basically an energy field that has flattened and gone into reverse.

An ancient pre-diluvian (pre-Flood) civilization built a power system across the planet called the Pyramid Network.

It was a system that used the energy of the star Sirius and is the reason this planet was damaged.


The ancient scientists of an ancient Earth were certain what they were doing was okay.

Yet others on the planet warned them not to continue. Sirius was not ever the Original Power Source for this planet. It was a 'smart ass' idea from those who thought they could disobey what the God Worlds require, and they could replace it with the energy from Sirius.

That energy was called the Eitr (the black poison).

It is understood there was an explosion within the Great Pyramid which tunnelled right down into the centre of the Earth and damaged the axis in exactly the point where the tilt issues from. That caused the Fall. It also caused the Great Flood like emptying one bowl of water into another one. Tectonic plates crashed causing mountains like the Himalayas to rise. Therefore, before that, there would have been a greater expanse of land, and a bigger planet.

It all appears to have happened around 11 or 12 thousand years ago, but is believed to have really been a far more ancient time. This is when Earth began its False Cycle , the Great Cycle of 25,000+ years. Immediately after the planet listed over and things settled, the Ancients were out measuring the Earth and trying to establish what damage had been done.

This was caused by the misuse of technology. That is how the once higher beings FELL into this universe. The ancient world thought they were doing something okay but they were wrong. It caused the problem this reality is in.

The cycle is the reason why the Zodiac (which is the stars of the falsely created cycle) is a false science, and it is wrong to celebrate the equinoxes and solstices. It also created TIME.

The Pyramid Network of the previously Higher World planet from which the "angels fell", accessed the energy of the star SIRIUS

which can be seen from the South Pole of this planet off Antarctica.

This location is where the planet that is now Earth went into reverse, like the torus shown above. It seemed to have opened up a 'Portal'.

However, it also may be that when the explosion occured and tunnelled through the planet, it came out at the South Pole where a large hole has been discovered, larger than the US state of Maryland.

This is the damage 'they' did to this planet. Not just a hole, but one that links to the energy streams of SIRIUS and the 'Dead Star'.

This is significant damage to this planet, It means this planet could be pulled into a nearby 'Black Hole' which can be seen in the skies off the coast of Antarctica and has been passing by at this time. Probably 'Wormwood'. It is the reason the 'cabal' wanted to take the planet at this time now. They are still trying to get it back to Sirius (as Osiris) and trying to steal the Living Energy to sustain their own dead systems. (As this work has always said, 'they' want the planet not the people.)

The 'Portal/Stargate' did allow 4th dimensional dark spirits, entities, and demons to enter this planet. These are different from the Luciferians who came here because they had colonized this smaller aspect of the larger ethereal planet, because according to Egyptian legends, they believe the physical planet is part of the body of 'Osiris' which broke up into 14 parts.

It is hard to know why Higher level beings on a Higher Realm planet would ever disobey God's Law and the Eternal Life System of the God Worlds. But that is what happened on the planet called Maldek which was in the Sirius System. In the Sirius System one of the binery -twin - star system went supernova and if they were attuned into that, it would explain why they became 'dark' like the 'Dark Star' they had received the life energy from. That is why it is thought they used that 'dark' energy (eitr) on that planet which eventually blew up. Those from that planet, once high angel beings now called Luciferians, ended up here on Earth (with part of that planet; itself part of the 'body' of 'Osiris')

The Luciferians were the ones who set up the Pyramid Energy System on Earth. They were probably, or possibly, this mystery kingdom of Tartaria, which may have been Star-taria.


Sirius could be the "inner sun" accessed from Antartica via "inner Earth" that was reported.

But it could also be an effect caused through water at the centre of the planet which creates a kind of star! Earth may have a sono plasma core called sonoluminescence

However, there is also some kind of Portal at Antarctica which lines up with 'Wormwood' (which means 'bitter' and could describe a nearby black hole). In the Grand Cycle of this planet, which is about 25,000 + years and moves through all the signs of the zodiac, there is a time when "Wormwood" reappears. This is when the Luciferians try to take this planet.

"Wormwood" identifies as a nearby Black Hole which is incredibly close at this time of the cycle. But does Wormwood really mean Wormhole?

Does it mean a Portal which returns into the Sirius System? At this precise time in the cycle the Luciferians do try to take this planet through that Portal. In mythology or legends of Ancient Egypt of Osiris, thhe original planet broke up into 14 parts and the Luciferians who 'fell' with that planet (Maldek) are always trying to put the broken pieces of that planet together again. They do that by taking the remnants back through the 'wormhole' into the Sirius System energy stream. It is an energy stream or energy pathway, and is the False Pathway. This is what 'they' do all this stuff for!

(The Sirius System is a dead system, which began when its main star went supernova. This is why its energy is contaminated and called the 'Black Poison'. It is 'guarded' by Anubis the Dog which is a star constellation on the pathway to Sirius. It is where the name of Cain comes from, and the Luciferians are also known as the Children of Cain. In short, that means they are from the false energy stream. When the Canaanites were thrown out of Egypt over 3,000 years ago, they went to the Americas, especially what is now known as the USA,)

*The 'space aliens' and 'spirit beings' are not that. They are inter-dimensional demonic beings which managed to get into this planet after the damage was done from the 'Pyramid Free Energy Network'.


As for the larger planet or etheric heavenly body that Earth is part of, that was known as Thera.

It was and is inhabited by people of the 'God Worlds'. This planet is on its way into the 'wormhole'. Not this time round, but eventually the Dark Force of the Death Star will pull this planet into and through the 'Wormwood'.

This is the reason all people on this planet have to find the Way OFF this planet and its cycle, called a 'wheel'. The Way to do that is follow what Jesus Christ taught and not keep adding more and more energy ties into the parasite energy stream.

Even now, after the Luciferian Plan has been revealed to those who are 'awake' to see it, even now, the people are STILL doing everything that was taught by Jesus, NOT to do!

They will go on into the Future, Ascended Earth, but they will be forced to return into this phase of the cycle again, untill they can break FREE and get off this 'wheel' (this planet. You have to indentify with your SOUL body - which is not your astral body - and 'escape being caught here. That SOUL then returns to the Eternal God Living Source System and then lives within that system - which is probably planets but under the LAW of God/Eternal Source.

Getting off this planet, of course, does not mean go to other planets etc in this universe. It also does not mean an 'alternate universe' or a creation of Plus Ultra or another dimension.

It means getting out of this False Reality. Those who are seeing with the astral dimensional vision are not able to see this.

People are so fascinated with the 'magic' of the false energy stream/dimensions/other planets/channellings etc, that this time round, most of the people still missed it - again. Even now they are still tying themselves into, or creating ties with the false energy stream. This is why we have the videos of Jesse Czebotar former 'Mother of Darkness' explaining everything that comes under the satanic, reversed reality including that Looking Glass, and Voice of God projects were Luciferian project, . meaning they were run by the Luciferian Government which existed alongside the usual government. (There are more videos to upload, not always great interviews, but they do contain this information.)

Perhaps the most important point to remember now, especially with all this stuff about Tartaria. is that the ancient high tech civilization is the one which "Misused Technology" and caused the Fall

- which is significant damage to this planet and every person now caught on it. Their 'Free Power System' was Luciferian.


The world of the 1800's was not an undeveloped place. Some people show the buildings that were built in the American 'wild west' which were bits of wood nailed together, and they had dirt roads and carts. But that was only in the 'wild west' of America! The rest of the world had all the magnificent architecture of stunning cathedrals, palaces, cars alongside the carriages, cobbled roads, underground train systems. It is very 'uneducated' not to know this! People are making fools of themselves saying things like this. In the 19th and early 20th centuries they did have magnificent ocean liners - what do you think the Titanic was? - and they also did have Zeppelins as a form of air transport.

We tend to think this 'universe in reverse' originally first came about on a different planet in the Sirius System known as Maldek. The 'angels' fell. and ended up here, where the main chunk of their blown up planet landed. They started up this Pyramid Network Energy System across the physical planet (which landed within a much larger ethereal 'heavenly body' that belongs to the God Worlds). They had been allowed to come to the planet but were warned not to set up the system. This system exploded and that is what tunnelled into the Earth and damaged the axis. The tilt does align exactly and precisely into something that is pulling all such similarly angled worlds into it.

This is also part of why the spiritual goal is to become FREE of being caught on this damaged planet.


When people enter into an agreement with the 'cabal' for their careers to take off into the stratosphere, or they use "energy" for magic and witchcraft, and other spells which might be called 'white magic', or do certain 'spiritual exercises' and activations, they are using the SIRIUS energy and this is what takes them further donw the 'rabbit hole'. It is then very difficult to get out of it, or clear all the karma caused by it.

If they go too far, they go into reversal and break the 'silver cord' connection to Eternal True God Source', and that did happen to many who then have to keep doing this satanic stuff to try to survive, but knowing they can never return to Eternal Life even though they do try to steal the energy. Going into reversal is also what people are doing to themselves, if they do what they think are 'spiritual activations', channel 'spiritual beings', or use that energy for 'healing' or whatever.

They never believe it is what it actually is, and it is only revealed to be what it is at a time like this when the planet begins its Ascending Phase.

Those who continued now cannot exit the 'Wheel' because they have still created energy ties to the false path which will bring them back despite the planet moving into its Ascension Phase. Most people cannot see other than what they think are 'spiritual realms' and other planets in the galaxy (or beyond.) All of that is still the Astral Universe.

If you followed what this work has always taught, and stopped doing the things warned about, and did practice how Jesus taught us all to behave, then you will be alright for NOT having to return on the 'Wheel of Rebirth'. (Christianity does teach NOT to do the things warned about.)


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The Canaanites Thrown Out of Egpyt over 3,000 years ago who built up America. Children of Cain.




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