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This work is following the situation as a guideline for the dates when the expected 'end game' events will transpire - to prepare for the 3-10 days when there are expected blackouts, coms down etc and to have enough food, water, medicine and some cash on hand.

RECOMMENDED Videos Forbidden History etc : Watch Video 14 minutes. Includes the first ever Bilderberg Meeting. Luciferianism the 'old religion'. Mysteries that don't add up about WW2 : Recommended Videos Forbidden History etc : This is the Astral Universe. It is the 4th realm/plane/universe. Continue . : . How Do You Choose the Christos Eternal Life Reality?.,,,,,...............


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The Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland - also as featured in the film The Da Vinci Code - was a Knights Templar chapel.

The Knights Templar preceded the Freemasons. It was part of the earlier Luciferian System, it is about witchcraft. I was looking at the chapel website for some research and looked at the kids page. Here is their heading photo, and one other. Does anyone else see a very weird bunch of kids here!

Once you understand the structure of the Luciferian Rulership on and in this planet,

and you understand the almost infinite vastness of what it covers

including psychic contacts and how to enter 'gateways' into human bodies etc, then you begin to see how almost impossible it is to avoid being caught in that system, not only in the physical world, but in the astral, and the world you go to after death - because it is still the Luciferian 'spirit realms' you go to.

It is SO IMPORTANT to understand how massive and deceptive the Satanic Energy Structure actually is.

JESSIE CZEBOTAR, a former 'Mother of Darkness', born into a hierarchy Lucifer worshipping family,

now working for the 'white hats', is an important source of information on the entire existence of the Satanic Government which has existed alongside, throughout thousands of years on this planet, and inside this planet. She is credible and presents the information with detachment and intelligence.

HOWEVER, she also discusses the types of occult things that people just can't stop themselves wanting to find out about. Occult things, and fascinating 'skills' like transforming the body so it can pass through walls, so called magical skills, and 'sovereign' (Luciferian) government projects like Looking Glass, and Voice of God.

All these fascinating things are what attract people onto the Luciferian Path, and then they cannot get out of it. This is how it works! It is how the 'dark side' do it. Please be aware of this!

It offers alien contacts, psychic skills, healing energies with a few magic powers added. And it offers more worldly things to get people that way. Power, Money, Fame, exploits Vanity, Ego, Lust and so on.


The Americas was actually set up as the new land for the Canaanites who were thrown out of Egypt over 3,000 years ago.

They are the 'Children of Cain'.

The Americas has always secretly been 'Israel'. It has always been inhabited - by them - since the time these Luciferians were thrown out of Egypt. People who are worshippers of Satan. This work has covered, long before 2020 when more information came out, it has always covered how these people went to the Americas thousands of years before the 'official' discovery and play act of setting up a free America. (See the Tartaria and Khazarian section a little further down on this page.) The Knights Templar used to trade between the continents during the first millennium after Christ, also taking people across to move there.

As you know, the 'Deep State', the secret government, literally had its offices set up underneath Washington DC (and all across America, and the world!!) It was set up to become the 'new kingdom' after the world apparently supported Israel's current war, with Israeli soldiers on TikTok laughing at killing Gazan babies and children. In fact, most of us know that the Hamas attack was staged and have seen the Israeli soldiers standing by, doing nothing. It is very possible that Salt Lake City in Utah, which is considered to be the real 'Jerusalem' in the Mormon scriptures, is actually the real 'Jerusalem'.

How the System which has been Running this Planet is Structured.


Watch Video 16 minutes. When it gets to the song it is just the usual ending of these vodeos.

Jesse is an excellent source of Luciferian information. No question about that. She has also stated that pretending to be 'good' and God, and other experiences associated with channelling and 'galactic fleets' etc are THEM fooling you. Jesse has said that.

There is an issue that some people will want to find out about the 'gateways' and portals and things to do with that system - and that means they start to learn and get into that energy stream.

This work suggests you let any desire to do that go. It does not matter. This work has already told you that exiting this body via even the highest 'gateway' of the Luciferian knowledge system, takes you straight into their reality. Astral Projection is the main example, or shamanic journeying. With all due respect from what he has said, David Icke has taken this route. Sorry but that is a fact. It also shows how difficult it is not to get caught.

FYI 'gateways' are taught in the Chinese 'chi kung' system, so we know what they are. Its not important! Work towards the only 'exit point' that gets you to True Eternal God Source. We have always taught that.

Mentioned (by Jesse) of interest. The way Luciferians choose people for certain roles is very similar to how they choose high roles in the Tibetan system, which is based on the ancient religion and not so much actual Buddhism. She also describes the Tarot and some other forms of divination as 'witchcraft'. She describes that there is a Light Side and a Dark Side to the System. The Golden Dawn is the light side of the System, and the dark side is called the Phoenix. The Order of Melchizadek is above both of them. It is the false Order of Melchizadek which did include the Nazis.

Beyond the 3rd degree (recruiting levels) of the Masons are speciality groups, such as magic groups, the Rosicrucians which founded Findhorn in Scotland, and many other named groups like Elks, 'Tall Trees', Hibernians etc and in these circles they are taught either white magic or black magic or grey magic. You also have to be aware of the 'grandmothers' who come forward now. All of it is the same system, and is the false reality. All of it! ve hidden among us (in the Vatican), that they handle world politics, and that they could be alien-human hybrids.

For those looking for the people who once had a civilization across the entire planet, 'Tartaria', these are the ones who had that. Like the planet that was blown up, these people operated entirely from a cold blooded high intellect without empathy, compassion and feeling. It is said they went too far with science and in believing they could be 'god', that they were equal to True God and therefore could create reality, a universe that rivalled and could even replace God's creation. . God's creation is the Eternal Life System which continually renews itself.

How Do You Choose the Christos Eternal Life Reality?


The writing of the Book of Revelation was at the time of establishing America and the creation of the King James Bible. 1600's The versions from 2,000 years ago were something else entirely

If you have done the practices that the Christos warns not to do, like activating Kundalini, or getting involved with 'channelling' etc then you have chosen the Luciferian Path. These people are not condemned to hell, they will come back again and get another chance when it begins again maybe that's 18,000 years away. Take a look again at what the Talmud teaches. The Jewish religion has two main books the second is the Torah which is in the first 5 books of the Christian Bible. The topic of the Talmud must be on the 'old religion' page link, but basically is this :

"The Bible states that we should love one another as fellow brothers and sisters, that we keep our vows, have high moral and relationship standards, do not have 'temple whores', or condone prostitution, are against sodomy and beastiality and sacrifices, do not lie, or cheat others and do not go round killing others or everyone who is different etc. The Talmud however, teaches that all of these are okay including to deceive and practice usury.ach other, and absolute bs being given out as 'news'. Here's one. Ivana Trump, Donald Trump's first wirfe, was born into a Catholic family and her religion was Catholic. While not great, she was a Christian all the same. Not a Jew which some are now saying, making the first 3 Trump children, Donald, Eric and Ivanka, out to be Jewish. They are not. Nor are any of them, quote, 'frequently seen at the Wailing Wall'. Ivanka did convert to the Jewish religion when she married Jared, who is Jewish. The implications of this talk seems to be to imply that Donald Trump is in with the Zionists.

- The Story of Tartaria. There is nothing unusual about the technicality and architecture of the buildings attributed to Tartaria. Of course they could build buildings like this in the 18th century! St. Paul's Cathedral in London was the project of Sir Christopher Wren built in various stages but to the 1690's. Many people commenting on Tartaria are so unbelievably uneducated about this world to say these were "too advanced". Cambridge University was earlier than this. Some of the oldest parts of Westminster Abbey date to 1070. On the morning of June 30, 1908 the Tunguska event happened in Siberai. It was an approximately 12-megaton explosion that occurred near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Yeniseysk Governorate, Russia, It was like a nuclear explosion. Guess this also caused one very big 'mud flood' The 'mud flood' said to have wiped out Tartaria was either in the 1800's or the 18th century which are different time periods not the same thing.

- This planet and true human DNA are from the Higher Universe but slipped into the current Astral Universe, the 4th Universe. Beings from this lower universe - a considerably less developed level than the 5th, have been using Human Biology because their lower level has been able to incarnate in genetically altered and corrupted Human DNA. They stole the use of true Human biology. This does not continue as Earth regains some of its Higher Status. Being able to produce advanced technology is not in any way connected to being more Highly Evolved.





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