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Future Timelines, Sound Frequencies and Missing SOUND Frequencies. Future Earth, Future Consciousness, Lost Chord.


.......This reality is part of the Astral Realm, which also relates to the Mind.

..........It includes all the 'astral worlds' which means star worlds and planets.

..............'Astra' means star. Plus, the pre WW2 NESARA introduced in Germany.

This is the Astral Universe. It is the 4th realm/plane/universe.

The next universe up is called the 5th Plane. Its the next universe up. It is not the Astral, and it is not any of the cultures or civilizations which are believed to exist within the universe (Astral Universe). . This means there are not stars and planets or civilizations from those planets in the next universe up. It is something different.

Pleiadians, Arcturans, Andromedans, Nibiruans, and so on, are in this universe. Most are in this galaxy. The galaxy and other galaxies like Andromeda etc, all exist in the Astral Universe, which is the 4th Realm regardless of multi-dimensions, parallel existences, and multiverses etc because they are all part of the 4th Realm too. When the planet switches into the Light and positive, as is happening now or soon, that change is still taking part in this universe. So, it is easy to miss access to the next universe up.

Flat Earth is interesting. There is no way for anyone, or science to know if Earth is a sphere unless they can send something high enough to see if it is. So we don't actually know that there is proof of that. However, it is moving on an axis (it has two, one inner and one outer). There are untrue statements asking if the Earth is a sphere, why haven't the star constellations moved for thousands of years. They have moved.

If there was one thing the ancient world did keep track of, it was the position of the North Star! So we do know that the constellations have changed.

This becomes a very important point, because it is this movement that takes the Earth - whether flat or a sphere - into the mirror reverse 'underworld' for many thousands of years, and this is how the cabal, satanists soulless people, whose brains are probably wired into a computer god, managed to get onto this world. That actually tells you something very important about what is 'North' or the North Star, because from that, you can work out which star is the 'North Star' when the satanists are in this world. There you go for Polaris!

The cabal and its globalists are the opposite of national sovereignty, and in pattern with that, are anti family units or your children belonging to their parents until they are grown up. For globalists everything belongs to the 'whole' - and they control the 'whole'. The 'whole' is the 'oneness'. mostly because we're all supposed to be one Mind - controlled and instructed from the mainframe computer. You see, when these ones went into reverse and became Anunnaki, they not only severed their 'silver cord' connection to the Living Soul, they did something with their brain wiring too!

So, these ones came to this planet, probably being the ones who blew up their own planet. There is plenty of evidence left in stone (buildings) that indicates an architecturally savvy civilization existed on the Earth many thousands of years ago. That ancient civilization was probably Tartaria, given that the location of its centre is in today's Kazakstan. but ofcourse, Atlantis was another known name - and that civilization was lost in the Great Flood because it was called the predeluge world. The lands known as Lemuria come from the vast Lemur colonies across the Pacific and Asia, where genetic experiments were being done to create a slave-worker for the 'Star Visitors'. Lemurs are a kind of human looking monkey.

The next thing to ask is who were these people, because we already know to identify them as 'reptilians' or 'reptoids'. Thing is, as you can see with the consciousness being pushed now especially for homosexuality, all human brains have an ancient reptilian brain - and this is activated by homosexual practices, specifically anal sex including in a heterosexual relationship. It activates a nerve pathway which has been identified with the infamous 'black eye' or 'panda eyes' which is a required ritual of the elite for all those in the entertainment industry who signed the 'deal with the devil'. It is required, Everyone is to activate that reptile connection in the brain.

It is part of the satanic rituals, or degrees. otherwise known as Freemasonry. The Freemasons actually have records going back hundreds of thousands of years, and they were very proud of their buildings.

Also, for the record, and to be very clear on this, it was the Freemason ancestors who were kicked out of Egypt over 3,000 years ago, and they recorded their journey by sea, to the Americas. This journey is written in the records discovered by Joseph Smith of the people, one or more of the '12 Tribes', who came to America over 3,000 years ago and eventually became the Mormans. There were other branches too. But when people comment on the similarity to Egyptian things found in the Americas, it is not a surprise is it. That is where they had been when they were banished in the Exodus.

Of all continents in the world, pretty much the ONLY 'spirituality' in the Americas is the 'cult of the dead'. That, and spirit journeying through the Astral universe - which is the 4th universe. The false one.

As mentioned there are ancient records which explain who the ancient world civilization was, and it was the ancestors of what today is called the Freemasons. The ancient Freemason Records clearly describe that they were the ancient advanced world. Their special star is Sirius. Sirius is not a thing for HUMANS.

However, there were some real Higher Level HUmans that ended up here - and 'here' is the land shown on the Flat Earth maps, and they came from the other terrain shown beyond the Astral ring, which is the second ring shown. They took an interest in the Earth too. But one third of those from the HIGHER Level also ended up here when the Earth went into the 'Fall' - because it was a very dramatic Fall which saw oceans emptying enough to bury a continent like Atlantis. That is when they became stuck here. But they still built their civilization on this world a Christic civilization, and opposition to the reptilians. Plato recounts this and the dates line up with about 11,000 years ago - when Tartaria flourished.

This then leads to the Lemur colonies because the 'reptilians' - those who had activated ancient reptilian brains - were using these monkeys along with captured human DNA to create slaves. They didn't want the HUmans on this planet, they wanted to corrupt the HUman DNA and have them as slaves. They are the white race with blue, green, violet or gray eyes.

So how about we look at WW2?

Firstly these Zionist-globalist-cabal-elite destroyed excellent existing Empires which were of benefit to the world . They destroyed the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Russian Empire removed by Jewish-Zionist Bolsheveks following Marxist Communisim (the same depraved satanism) , and they destroyed the British Empire. Couldn't have any of these existing when they wanted their own 'New World Empire'.

This is why this work is looking very much more closely at that war and what National Socialism was about. Because what was achieved in Germany after they came to power in the 1930's following the disatrous WW1 which ended in 1918 (when the globalist-cabal had successfully destroyed the Austro-Hungarian and the Russian Empires). It kind of looks like we have all been given a false narrative on that. The National Sociatists restored Germany and did everything that NESARA is about to do for the world now these monsters of darkness have been removed. The Nazi's were implementing pretty much exactly the same as NESARA/GESARA.

WW2 and the British PM Winston Churchill son of an Amercan Zionist's daughter who changed her Jewish surname to Jerome, Jennie Jerome. Churchill, clearly rejecting peace, siding with the Soviet Communists, and doing everything possible to make WAR.

Best to watch some of these recommended videos first or the last one would come as a shock!

CHURCHILL'S WAR BY DAVID IRVING - Forbidden History RECOMMENDED https://www.bitchute.com/video/wJBDcBx799Xg/ How Churchill was controlled by US President Roosevelt and made the British PM. It was these two who knew about Rudolf Hess's peace flight to the UK and acted without telling Parliament, to imprison Hess - who wanted peace with Britain. He also wanted a safe country to send the arrested Jews to . They (Churchill and Rosevelt) refused to help.

More information is being released about the real (and forbidden) history of this world.

Recommended Videos Forbidden History etc David Irving.

IMAGINE THE IDYLLIC NATION [2023] - GOTT MIT UNS - the National Socialist verson of NESARA Watch Video





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