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Earth is Caught In the Path of a Dwarf Star


A Q-info source - the good side, quantum computer, has said in a recent video : Earth is (like it is) part of a binery star system - the sun and a brown dwarf star somewhere else which pulls it off in a sort of oblong shape orbit. Then it straightens up again. This strange orbit is the 'false path'. But it is also the source of most 'spirituality'. It is a spiritual path too.

This is what we have been explaining for most of the last 20+ years but Earth is not meant to be part of that dead star. This dwarf star is pulling on the planet until the planet in its cycle, gets to 'straighten up' again. That is when the planet lifts upwards from the downward pull of this dwarf star. That is what the 'ascension' is.

As it does 'straighten up' - which it does - then the Earth becomes cooler again. However,if it was aligned correctly to the 'Living Waters' the Eternal Source, there would not be an 'ice age' or upheavals in 12,000 years time.

The current 'Ascension' of the planet is when it draws away from that oblong orbit which is pulling Earth into the path of a dwarf star. This cycle has happened any number of times before, so this time now is NOT the end of the story. It is just the safer part of the Earth's cycle. That means the planet still returns to that false path/oblong orbit.

Eventually the dwarf/dead star is going to pull this planet entirely into its orbit, at which time those people/souls who are still aligning that way will not be able to get to an 'eternal life' system, but will be drawn into the dead star. That remains at most of the population of this planet. This is why both the good and bad side are looking for other habitable planets, because Earth will eventually be lost. Even the 'good side' of this is not the spiritual path.

The 'good side' spokeperson specifically said it was a brown dwarf star, and Sirius B is a white dwarf, but in our understanding this brown dwarf is associated with the nearby 'black hole' also described as The Destroyer and 'wormwood' in the Bible. This second path is full of dead stars, that is why it is the path of death. From ancient knowledge we know it is associated with the Sirius System.

"The ancient 'Egyptians' were very knowledgeable indeed about binary stars.. Both Mayans and Egyptians were very curious of the star Sirius.

We know the israelite-Egyptians went to the Americas and seem to link in to the existence of the Mayans. The term 'Isrealite-Egyptions' refers to the mix in that country of the Giza pyramids which was called Khemu/Khemalot, so 'Israelites' were one of the 'Egyptian' people there, not slaves used to build pyramids.

Sirius is the counterpart or the dancing partner of our Sun." Needless to say, it shouldn't be. This is more the scenario of another star 'stealing' a planet.

Why were they curious about Sirius? At some point in the use of their undoubtedly sophisticated technology, they damaged, or consciously altered, the asxis of this planet towards the star Sirius. It is the 666 alignment. The New Order - also Anu Order. 666 is the calculation of the Earth tilt which it still ascends out of during its cycle, then returns to. The ones who wanted this alignment are the 'Children of Darkness'. Those of the 'Dark Star'.

Thereafter, the planet has been pulled towards the 'Dark Star' which is 'death', then pulls away from it to the 'Eternal Living Star'. This is two separate paths that the planet is caught between.

Fortunately there are possibly a billion years or so of cycles of this planet for people to understand the need to align to the Eternal Source - but they have not understood that yet.

< This is why the EU flag has the circle of stars, and also why the zodiac/astrology is a false science. The circle of stars shows the 666 supremacy of the successful capture of the planet.

If this planet was on its correct orbit and aligned to the True Living Star System, there would not be any precession of stars or the equinox and solstices. These are satanic celebrations of the false path. That people keep doing this also shows the success of the ultimately enduring success of the cabal side.

The spititual answer is different.

The searching for another planet is the story that happened on the planet which blew up.

The soul can get out of this dilemma, and find freedom within the True Alignment that this planet is almost attaining when it goes through its current ascension change. Almost because it does not ever return to that Source.

The pull into the dwarf star is an energy stream. It is a path which leads to the dwarf star - dead star.

The spiritual practices that seem to be 'upright' are in fact angled towards the oblong path of the dead star. Everything is at that angle. That is why we have always taught this, and not to do certain practices.





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