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More on the '3rd Eye'.

Music does not only mean 'pop music'. There are different forms of music, and sometimes one of those different forms takes off in popularity. Led Zeppelin were very much musicians and it was about music. Current music is pop music, catchy etc. The Beatles were poets and creators of composed songs and music.


....................The Original Beatles as a Force for GOOD.

It has been mentioned that the three original Beatles John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison were high level 'soul brothers' who came here as a tremendous force for good.

It was the time of the lead in to the planetary changes that are happening now, where two differnt and ultimately opposite energy paths separate. The planet was always going to move into its 'Ascending Phase' BUT there was also the possibility that the 'dark side' could prevent that. That 'dark force' could also always ensure that it kept and took a great mass of the population with it. I'll explain that in a minute.

John, Paul and George did not come here as ;'spiritual teachers'. They came here as musicians, to be The Beatles and to have an unprecedented influence on the entire world for positivity and good. It would have helped masses of people. That is the reason they were targeted.

People do not necessarily understand why they were such a phenomena. Firstly they were the first to be writing their own songs. That has made a difference for all 'popstars' and bands which followed. But they were selling phenomenal amounts of records each week, something that had never happened before.

It does not happen now either, because artists don't actually necessarily sell many records. They get stuff downloaded and views on youtuibe, which are in great amounts. However, that is only views, so not really significant except the 'artist' makes a great deal of money from those views. The videos are monetized. They also make their income from concerts and from royalties, if anyone actually buys their songs. They don't necessarily write anything good, just some lyrics and then the producer and the mix etc create the sound.

Unfortunately The Beatles were targeted for exploitation and then for removal. They went through unbelievable trauma with what happened to the original Paul, and they were also ripped off by everyone. It looks like that also includes by the 'replacement Paul'.

The Beatles had a unique sound, firstly because of the blend of their voices. John, Paul and George produced a kind of electricity with their harmonies. They also played their guitars in non-conventional ways, not unconventional, but not text book.

Their greatest contribution to the world is in being who they were, which was fun, natural, level headed, great sense of humour and so on, but didn't take any nonsense from people/reporters. They did not come here as 'spiritual teachers', they were a positive energy, and in their short lifetimes, for all of these three had short lives, they did not necessarily choose the, right key to the lock' to get out of this insane, backwards reality.

But they DID give this world what it needed, and that is what was taken away to be replaced by what the world didn't need.


The original and true Paul McCartney died at 24, and that does look as if it was a murder, the same as with Princess Diana. Paul McCartney was an equal status with that of Diana, and had his death been announced the world would have seen the same outpouring of grief. In his case, it would have brought a number of suicides from grief.

This work has covered that the current 'Paul McCartney' is not the same person. Certainly he has changed his name to that, and taken over everything that belonged to Paul and should have gone to his family. The replacement did a good job musically as the continuing Beatles, but not necessarily as a better musician, not at all. The real, original Paul McCartney was far more special than the replacement, and that is what the world lost. You also don't hear any dominating 'Paul McCartney' voice in the Beatles recordings to 1966. From 1967 there is often a more noticeable 'McCartney' voice even in backing tracks.

This man completely took over and dominated - and it is our view that should not be allowed to be the legacy of The Beatles.

Then the world lost John Lennon, again by murder. His murder date, and the method, also seem to have been foreshadowed by the cover of the EP 'Magical Mystery Tour'. and its particular release date. George Harrison survived a vicious stabbing attack which just missed the main arteries of his heart, but he did die about 3 years later.

How many members of other bands have lost three quarters of the band by murder and murder attempts?

That the current Paul McCartney is a replacement is not an unusual thing. It is the circumstance that the original died at all, that was far too much to make known to the public at the time. But there is also the issue that the 'replacement' is a replacement!

The replacement Paul was and is a Freemason and a follower of the 'occult' which sounds innocent until you learn what it means. It is 'hidden knowledge' but what is really hidden is that it is the second energy pathway that is the famous 'duality'. This is why that level of consciousness sees that there is no 'right or wrong'. The 'god' of that pathway is the one written of which requires human and baby, and child sacrifices. It is a real thing and covered on the 'Code, Magick and Spells' link. People go to that path because it is their level of consciousness. It also includes all the indiscrimminate sex, as the consciousness change was taken over by the 'false consciousness'. It has led to children without fathers, which has also led to children who are taken into 'protection' by the State - and these ones are often lost in the system and used for the satanic rituals and pedophilia. That is part of what is wanted to happen. 'They' also encourage abortions because 'they' enjoy eating the fetuses. That is a big part of what it is all really about.

People perceive a reality from a starting point of reasoning. If that starting point is wrong, then so is the consciousness which results. At this lesser level of awareness people think a number of ways which hurt all society, but one of the interpretations is about being 'free' and the biggest joke of all, is 'uninhibited'. That is considered a consciousness 'development'. But these ones do not understand something more meaningful.

Please tell me, when was wanting to find True Love, to fall truly in love, and establish a beautiful relationship with someone who has reliable integrity, and respects the meaning of the commitment to each other, both as a partnership and as a parent to future children, was not 'developed'?

What was 'undeveloped' about that?

Sadly we do have the world as it is today, with broken relationships and children without (usually) their father.

Unfortunately, the people who resonate with that level of consciousness, as written above, cannot go on into the future of this planet. because the planet is entering its Ascension Phase which means it gets far closer to the other 'energy path' which is entirely POSITIVE and good. If POSITIVE is your choice then there isn't a 'good and bad' a 'right and wrong'. It is a different path and it is only good, positive, honourable and beautiful.. The current consciousness is the path is a duality - and you will get duality with it, which means bad and negatives. The positive path is entirely good.

The people on the 'duality path' mostly all got themselves jabbed, so they will be dying off, and/or unable to procreate, even if that means further down the line. . They mostly don't think for themselves and were easy to 'mind control'. But dying is not the end, it is just not being in a body. However, it will be a long time before thay can incarnate on this planet in a body again, but that TIME does come round again, and they get the chance to exist in a body again, and the chance to choose their energy path again.

I’m Only Sleeping

Watch Video and TIME.





The '3rd Eye'


The pictures of the 'single eye' relate to the 'Master Gland Complex' in the centre of the forehead which is where the SOUL experiences the life in a human body.

However, it is also the area that was corrupted by the false energy path which leads into reversal and completely away from True Source. So it is more complicated to get to 'True God Consciousness' than appears on the surface. It is the location of a multi-headed parasite called the Hydra. Once you are caught in the Hydra, and you remove some of its hold, new tentacles just return and you are still caught in it. Those tentacles' are part of the hold of any 'dark force'.

So we actually don't do some of the practices that have been "taught for 5,000 years" because that is the problem which happened to this reality. We don't do 'tantra' and we don't do Kundalini activation. The reason is, put simply, the lock that the 'key to liberation' fits into, moved out of position. It is now very difficult to find the key to the Way Out.

This means that one of the best keys to accessing the '3rd Eye' is NOT to do certain practices. Another thing is to realise within yourself what is actually GOOD and POSITIVE.

That is probably all I am going to add here, except that knowing that current pop music has had satanic rituals performed in its creation, means be careful what you listen to. We had the SOUND PROJECT to provide music that helped 'clear darkness'. There are so many current artists who have no option but to perform the satanic agenda, and some others who have willingly embraced it - like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Billie Eilish, Sam Smith, Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Adele, most/all rappers, Jay Z, Travis Scott, also Drake, Usher, Celine Dion, and so on.

The list goes way back too, like Frank Sinatra, and Hollywood from its beginning, but it includes entertainers in all countries like Louis Miguel, and people you've never heard of who are stars in their own countries.. Unfortunately it includes Mick Jagger (and some of all and any of them may also have been involved in the actual murders of babies and children to enhance their careers). Bob Dylan a ''60's folk singer has spoken openly about 'selling his soul to the devil' to get the record contracts. By the way, some of these contracts require that the source of them owns that person's soul throughout eternity. And these satanic crazies really do mean it There is a track by The Eagles 'Hotel California' which describes the hellish dilemma most of those with these contacts found/find themselves in. Also David Bowie and other genuinely talented good artists, and also those (many) without much talent, which includes people like Beyonce and the band Coldplay. There are heaps without taent. Even Harry Styles, he just has sex appeal and that is what the music/entertainment industry wants to profit from.

The Beatles also had to have one of these contracts. That is why a lot of their "fake Paul McCartney" music has satanic influences, and why this work is highlighting only the work of John Lennon, the real Paul McCartney and George Harrison.


As this work is using the real Beatles as a Force for GOOD,

Beatles tracks or lyrics, quotes etc are being used.


Music with a POSITIVE energy ::

'Here, There, and Everywhere' Watch Video - FEATURED TRACK . I Me Mine. Watch Video...............


The Beatles as a source for 'spiritual awakening'.

NEW MUSIC Isn't it a Pity Watch Video.

It's about the words.


'Nowhere Man'

Watch Video

It's still about the words, and also the harmonies.

Doing those harmonies came naturally and was not at all hard!

But that was with the real Beatles, and the remark comes from 'replacement Paul' speaking in the intro to the song.


"The purpose of life is to find out 'Who am I?', 'Why am I here?' and 'Where am I going?'"




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