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Future Timelines, Sound Frequencies and Missing SOUND Frequencies. Future Earth, Future Consciousness, Lost Chord.



This planet Ascends which means it enters a world that is a Higher Consciousness.

Actually it means that both Consciousness+Intelligence is 'Higher'.

It also means that it is Ascending out of a Lower Realm where the Consciousness is LOWER, as is Intelligence, even though intelligence does not necessarily mean 'Intellect'. When you see the "phenomenal kids" who sound more like a computer, these are faulty kids with a problem. They are rarely of 'high consciousness' Nor do they know how to behave with Love, Empathy and Humility!

But the point is there are TWO very different types of people on this planet. Real humans, Hu as 'God' as mankind. And a level of mankind that do not meet this standard. The standard is basically those who live by the 'Golden Rule' - 'do as you would be done by', and that further means 'don't do anything that harms or embarrasses others' (and we look at some of the harm caused a little later). The intelligence part is that those who are the 'Higher Realm have an ability to see a 'bigger picture' where the others mostly only see what's in front of them, and everything is about them (they always have an ego issue)..The 'lower level' can also descend to all kinds of rude, inconsiderate, to downright perverted, freaky behaviour.

We have a western world specifically, and eastern countries aiming to be 'western', who have been 'mind controlled' and trained into the Luciferian ideals. Even with that training and being more easy to 'mind control' higher humans still have the ability to question what is being taught. These abnormal behaviours are also being modelled, and kids are basically forced into bad behaviour in order to 'fit in' and conform to others. The thing is, if you are a Higher Realm human - one who is going to go with the planet into the future, then you simply do NOT behave as has been programmed.

There is so much to the topic of the existence of far more 'lower realm' people existing on this planet who outnumber the 'Higher Realm' people. They cannot go on into a Higher Realm future planet. There has been a rfecent Tik Tok phenomenon featuring the 'slags in Manchester England (just as an example) going for a night out, dressed as sluts and looking for sex. There are men now who are very concerned that they are not able to find or meet the types of girls they would want to marry. This is something that girls have noticed long before. A 'date' almost always means pressured into sex, when really it should be about getting to know the person with a view to a lifetime partnership. Why? Because eventually people have children and children should be brought up in stable, loving and loyal families! Without this, the society falls apart, and eventually so does the civilization. That is exactly what has been planned to happen - and is.

The reality is that a HIGHER REALM planet - where this planet is ASCENDING to - cannot and does not have people who are attracted to and who embrace Luciferian consciousness! We cannot say we are all the 'same' or even 'equal' or you are saying that someone like Jesus is on the same level as the celebrity Madonna..

It is perfectly fine to have races, groups, people who are developing, but it is important that they are guided to develop into Higher Consciousness and educated into Higher Intelligence (which does not mean arrogant intellect).

Who do you think should be those who guide?





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