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Do You Want Ascension and a Return to Light?

If you do want the Ascension then the planet and its climate are going to change.

You can get a globe of the world and align Alaska to True North and see for yourself how the planet's position changes. This is the planet's Ascension correction. Currently the poles align into the darkness.

In fact on the planet's literal journey (through its cycle) it has been lining up with the nearby Black Hole which is the 'portal' the satanists and 'dark forces' have been trying to open up - because the goal has been to take most of the population through that hole and into the 'Metaverse'. This is what 'brain programming' projects like MK Ultra have been for.

The Metaverse is the appearance of ongoing reality, but it is a digital reality. Entry into the Metaverse for real, involves the current alignment of the poles. It is the new vision and 'the future'. However, the planet will move passed this vulnerable point.

Once the poles return to almost True alignment the polar regions will probably be aligned to Light - which may be warmer and there may well be no ice there.

'Being spiritual' has NOTHING to do with so called psychic gifts, which can also be defined as tapping into the digital data base (in this planet's Magnetosphere.) Spiritual qualities are in the high level of your own personal integrity, compassion, and a genteel, gentle nature which sees a bigger picture to all interactions, and relates to inner qualities, not outer feelings (all of which can be exploited by this world.) And, the change to the planet shows how leaving the body accesses the wrong portal. The reason people keep being reborn here is because they keep creating energy ties to the wrong portal.

Reincarnation is a curse that keeps people incarnating into this false reality. It is not proof of 'eternal life', after all, this reality is a false reality. Reaching Ascended Realm status is not easy.




The dark agenda is to take this planet into the Black Hole which is the source of the energy for 'digital realities' and the METAVERSE. (The word meta in Hebrew means death). Children have had their brains conditioned for this for several decades, including through pop culture. *This video may take a religious approach that is not your view, but the information content is right on target. 35 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/xtVVSKIvXzW2/

Some of the Major Underground Cities for Satanic & Child Trafficking, include:

Getty Museum, Playboy Mansion, White House in DC, similar house in Germany, Cern, 3 Gorges Dam, Buckingham Palace.

'Portals' to 'other dimensions' are actual entrances into the dark/magnetic/reversed spectrum and not really 'other dimensions'. Currently this planet is lined up in close proximity with a nearby black hole accessed from Antarctica for a specific time. CERN is identified as part of the satanic network, the death force, and

the attempt to take this planet through the 'portal' into the nearby Black Hole.

*Earth at Antarctica, is currently lined up with a nearby black hole. 13 minutes. WHY IS CERN CONTACTING SPIRITS? https://www.bitchute.com/video/z3ijGB0Aivia/ *This is the first 'door' that everyone encounters and believes is 'spiritual' - so this is a very, very dangerous, ongoing situation, as it always is, and people are still on the 'wheel' because of this. People don't necessarily go through that 'door' but they have created energy ties which bind them in to further reincarnation in the false reality, and missing out on 'soul freedom'.

"A team of astronomers from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and other institutes has discovered a black hole lying just 1000 light-years from Earth. The black hole is closer to our Solar System than any other found to date and forms part of a triple system that can be seen with the naked eye." The black hole can be seen in the night skies off the coast of Antarctica (as the Earth shifts in its cycle.)

People are being Diagnosed with 'Climate Change'.



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