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The New World Order

and the

Davos Global RESET

are the

Nazi World Order of the 4th Reich.



As the revelations of the 'Qcue' operation are slowly released in a manner that the public can take on board, the Christmas time releases tell us that the west did not win WW2.

Although the allies were able to move into Germany a strategic withdrawel was set in place whereby Hitler and his wife (and daughter) very easily left Berlin to go to a pre-prepared location in Argentina.

The Nazi's were involved in some serious high-tech flying craft development, which they were progressing with in a base in Antarctica. While the idea of Antarctica seems unlikely, it is not only an icecap. It is an actual continental landmass, and ideal for building a massive underground base/city - which is what they did. The Nazis were also developing the A bomb. WW2 officially 'ended' on August 14th 1945.

The United States then detonated two nuclear weapons - A-bombs - over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945, respectively.  They had the technology from the Nazi Germans - and that means the Nazi's already had the Atomic Bomb and they could have used it to 'win the war' in 1945.

But they did not. They made a strategic withdrawal instead.

Despite that the 'war had ended' the US sent a massive naval fleet to that Antarctica base under Rear Admiral Byrd.

They encountered craft that they were in no way able to identify or engage with, and that massive naval fleet had to retreat.

The information on the advanced technology that the Nazi's were developing

under the power source called the 'Black Sun', was contained in the books kept in the Austrian Secret Societies to which the Nazi leadership belonged and religiously followed.


* Trump and the 'cue' operation have been dismantling the 4th Reich.

* Hitler and Eva Braun left Berlin in the end days of WW2 and went to Argentina with their first daughter who was born in 1942.

* It was a withdrawal in order to continue the plan from Argentina and the Antarctica underground base at Neu Swabian. (See links above.) The 'base' is the continent. Earth has 6 inhabited continents, not 5.

The information comes from Navy intel.

* As mentioned, former Obama Sec. of State John Kerry visited the Antarctic Base on the day of the 2016 election.

* Prince Harry visited there at a separate, earlier time.

* Hitler and Eva are reported to have had 3 more daughters all born in the 1950's, one of whom is Angela Merkel.

* Hitler was the illegitimate son of the man who employed his mother in Austria. That man was a Rothschild. This is credible, as she did work for a Rothschild and Hitler's birth surname was not Hitler.


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