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The Titanic-

White Star Line




The disaster of the White Star Line (Sirius) 'TITANIC', was covered in a book called Titan about 12 years before the event. Had the disaster been a genuine accident this novel would have seemed like an amazing coincidence and a prediction.

* The Titanic had 2 additional twin Titanics built by The White Star Line which was indirectly owned by banker J.P. Morgan. Morgan wanted to establish the Federal Reserve but there were 3 bankers, who were amongst an elite group of the worlds richest men, who were against establishing the Federal Reserve.

* The twin of Titanic, which was launched in 1910, had a major accident which caused a gash that is later reported as happening to the Titanic by 'hitting an iceberg'. The ocean liner which received the gash was the Olympic.

It would seem likely that Morgan would have wanted to collect the insurance and was very willing to let many people die in order to do so. In fact the Titanic - launched 1912 - on its 'maiden voyage' was actually substituted by the damaged Olympic - launched 1910 - and it is this ship which went down.

This removed the 3 bankers who were the opposition to establishing the Federal Reserve - and left the White Star Line with two undamaged Olympic class Titanic ocean liners, and presumably, perhaps, some insurance compensation. These were the renamed, the substituted Olympus which was the real undamaged Titanic and the Brittanic.

J.P. Morgan is the person who suppressed the work of Nikola Tesla and left him in poverty.


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