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Sept. 17th 2021.

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The Ancient EMPIRE OF TARTARIA and the



This great civilization existed across the Earth until around 13,000 years ago,

until the massive lurch of the planet when the axis was first broken.

That was a time when all the waters and mud of the earth really were displaced in a Great Flood - which happened for a reason.

The planet had already been operational under the pyramid/eitr energy system for unknown thousands of years before that happened.

The ancient empire resurfaced as known empires - during the last 6 thousand of years of the Fall, and they were an advanced civilization 5,000+ years ago. Only two civilizations have that history - China and India. (Absolutely does not mean the general people there today.)


Approximation: Interesting that this work has now finally heard someone repeating our teaching that the planet is about to enter the Ascending Phase of its Grand Cycle, which is more than 24,000 years but less than 26,000.

25,000+ years ago to 12,000 years ago the world was a False Reality but on the 'Good' side and functioned as a water powered, slightly less density planet. An inbetween mix of water air called ether/spiritus (and living water) then 11-12,000 years ago a massive shift and 'Atlantis' sank (into heavier water).

12,000 years ago to 6,000 years ago the planet was in the Fall Phase, increasing magnetics, and negative 'reverse of life' (evil) caused by contaminated water producing the eitr - dark water. It was still a high-tech water powered planet - especially between the 10-12,000 years ago timeframe - with the pyramid system of water power pumps which produced rainbow effects, and this world has a clear definition between water and air, more 'ektoplasm'.

It was an advanced Aegypt/Aegean world, with graceful buildings, declining civilization, eventually the region becoming deserts. Geologists can provide the accurate dates, but around 10,000 BC it was a tropical region, a very wet area, with pyramids located on waterways, and lakes beneath the pyramids (a large freshwater sea still exists beneath Libya) and this all began to dry up as the earth shifted.

6,000 years ago the planet aligned to the zodiac sign of Taurus and the planet's rotation changed to the current rotation of left to right. Probably time of the biblical flood. *The 25,000+ year cycle is a repeating storyline, which probably began many cycles ago.


The ancient empire resurfaced during the last 6 thousand of years of the Fall, and they were an advanced civilization 5,000+ years ago. Only two civilizations have that history - China and India.

However, neither of these two great civilizations - whose records indicate they had flying vehicles and other high-tech - Egyp/Tibet/Himalayas both have the Book of the Journey of the Dead, Tibet is strongly connect with Egypt, and India has many records of the technology they had, such as Vimana which became the Nazi Bell flying machine.

But they were not powered by water.


An ancient civilization powered by Water.

Water is considered to be ether which may have been contamintaed when the 'ice rock' from a blown up planet landed here - making it a dark water known as eitr - both of which are pronounced as eter or aiter - and refers to dark energy.

Some of these systems/structures may well have still been in existence, during the initial millennia of the Age of Taurus and something was still existing in 1908 with the Tunguska Explosion in Siberia.


TARTARIA includes Khazakstan, and today's CCP-China, and the Indus.




51 mins.

The Hidden Hand behind all of the global agenda and Luciferian religion.


TARTARIA was wiped out long ago, but it returned as China and Khazaria near Turkey.

The name Tara can be confused with a civilization in Tartaria covering Siberia, Russia, and indeed if this existed 12-13,000 years ago, it certainly could have been a major near-North Pole located part of a global empire, and be connected to the name of the planet before it changed. Some of these may well have gone south when the pyramid explosion hit the planet, and become the Khazarians - the bad guys associated with the cabal. This landmass included Turkey (Boris Johnson's ancestry.)

.........."Tatar, also spelled Tartar, any member of several Turkic-speaking peoples ..... lived mainly in west-central Russia along the central course of the Volga River  and east to the Ural Mountains. The Tatars are also settled in Kazakhstan and, to a lesser extent, in western Siberia."

Tartaria, as a vast Earth controlling empire, was not wiped out as some claim 'just over a hundred years ago'.

There was a massive explosion in that region in 1908 at Tunguska.

Just over a hundred years ago covers the time of the Russian Revolution for example. Also Rasputin, Napoleon's attempt to invade Russia in 1812, and even a boyfriend of mine whose grandfather was a Russian prince and they knew their ancestry lineage. Tartaria in the region of Siberia did end in the 19th century, but as an advanced empire which was long, long ago, it was not wiped out a couple of hundred years ago. But it did exist, and was lost, in a far more ancient time.

There are ancient maps which show the Earth landmass before the worldwide Flood - which was caused when the Earth's spine was broken and fell.

That Fall changed the Magnetic Fields and Created this World where a False Magnetic South Pole Rules.

Therafter, in the time after 11-12,000 years ago, Earth becomes a smaller, but more density planet, land and separated oceans, distinct difference between the the oceans and the air which is also a form of water. *Currently we do exist beneath the waters but in the form of air.

It is understood that 12-13,000 years ago the Eitr - black poison - water based energy system - which the ancient world had been warned against because it used 'Forbidden Energy' - did flip the EMF's into reverse and created this world.

This would be the time when Atlantis sank.

The Bible also reports on a Flood event which if the dates are correct, happened at the time of Noah and his Ark, around 6,000 years ago.


Tartaria appears to have been a significant player in the fallen empire which used the 'Forbidden Energy'.

Historically we might see that it was divided between good and bad people.

The bad people became the Marxist-Leninist-Communists known as Bolsheviks, which is the same ideology of the Great Reset Agenda which began with 'Covid'. Communism has led to total control by government and as demonstrated by the CCP (model for the cabal's reset world) derive power and wealth by 'state owned/run capitalism' - in other words taken away from the people.

Some - of the same groups - became the inhabitants of Khazaria - now clearly connected to the satanic agenda and to the existence of 'vampires' and 'witches'.

The ancient area includes today's CCP-China, and the Indus.

Possibly a good side was involved in the 1908 event which appears to have used the current 'white hat' super weapon 'Rods of God'.


Some sources believe the empire was lost just before the 19th or 20th century

but this is part of Russia, and Russia has a long and known history.

This does include the Tartars and the Bolsheviks and those involved in the Russian Revolution.

The murder of the Russian Royal Family is one of the saddest stories in history. Four very young women, a little boy, and their parents. It should not be assumed that all royal familes were bad. It is also likely they were connected to the good citizens in the empire of Tartaria.

The Bolsheviks were also descendents of the Tartarians, and they murdered the Russian royal family.

The Bolsheviks (Russian: Большевики, from большинство bolshinstvo, 'majority'), also known in English as the Bolshevists, were a radical, far-left, and revolutionary Marxist faction founded by Lenin.

It is disturbing that Britain's King George V, Queen Elizabeth's grandfather, did not provide asylum - refused asylum - for the Russian royal family.



However, Tartaria was not an empire in recent centuries. Sometimes people forget that for those from nearby northern hemisphere countries, we have connections from grandparents who remember their grandparents who remembered their grandparents etc which goes back to those times, and even before.

Also these northern hemisphere locations have the ancient historic architecture still standing,

buildings that are Tudor, but also much earlier castles.

There are also records of the history. History as presented by the Roman Church and pope, is several centuries after the Romans for example - and Roman architecture still exists, not only in Rome, but also in the UK.

History is not only recorded by historic records. It also exist in the literature, the artwork, the architecture and so on. Jane Austen wrote 'Pride and Prejudice' at the beginning of 1800's Regency time, and Shakespeare wrote in the 1600's, as examples. They are not part of a made up history.

There were no 'masses of children brought to Australia in the 19th century' to 'repopulate the earth after a worldwide mud flood' - and this is an incredibly ignorant thing to say (as a man in Australia has said!) Australia was connected to the Asian continent and the ancient kingdom of that region before the deluge that did wipe out the population of the world, in a war that ended around 12-13,000 years ago. It also has artifacts connected with Ireland. But Australia was not populated by colonists after a mud flood a few centuries ago, and the name Tartaria could have been connected to Tara.

It can be a surprise to those not familiar with a continent like Europe, to discover just how magnificently ancient its buildings are.

After visiting Krakow in Poland in 2019, I wondered why anyone would leave these beautiful places, like Budapest or Prague etc and go to Australia? Well, of course, the Iron Curtain and Marxist communism were the reasons, but that is no longer how it is - and of course Australia has some splendid beaches.

The 5th planet/plane was not a physical density planet but part of it was a lesser density than Earth is now as the planet Tara. It t had density and physicality because it was that world which used massively large masonry, to build.

That planet was located around the area of the Asteroid Belt where an explosion did leave a small amount of physical matter, and, it is reported, the planets Earth and Mars. Continue with the Living Source.



Given the recent 'Weather War' attack on the US, especially New York

it could be interesting to review the ancient history from Plato, and info on an ancient war which included an EMP attack and flooding etc which is a repeating story of this reality. The 11,000 BC Project.


Rods of God and the 1908 'Tunguska Event' (massive explosion) in Siberia - which led to interest in Tartaria.   


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Based on the interesting content of the video, the book 'Tartar Treachery' may be of interest.


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