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From Egypt to the Americas

You think the Americas was colonized only a few hundred years ago, but that is not true.

When the Exodus happened 3,500 years ago those people sailed across to the Americas and others of them went to Palestine later to claim that land as Israel.

They were the 'free' builders in Egypt later called Freemasons. This was the origin of the Freemasons and of Zion.

The sea maps for this route existed from long before that time.

The maps were from the Phoenicians - the 'Sea Kings' - the name from a seafaring people who once navigated the world.

More people went across at the beginning of the last millennium, 2000 years ago, and for the next 1200 or so years the ships of the Knights Templar sailed between the Americas and Europe.

Only after the Knights Templar were almost eradicated and the leader Jaques de Molay executed, those same maps went to those who later sent people like Columbus to "discover" the Americas.

Long before the Spanish went to the Americas, the 'Israelites' were already there by over 3,000 years! They are America's 'secret government'. The people who went to America with the Mayflower etc apart from a few Christian groups, were all peasants.

Whoever these hidden people are, they are the ones behind all the wars that America has waged against other countries - Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria, the former Yugoslavia, and now it is against Russia. The same as they were doing in Egypt and again in Palestine at the time of Jesus.

Always causing wars.

When the US gets a President it also gets a bunch of people who really run the country and these are from those families who secretly went to the country 3,500 years ago, and they were not kicked out of Egypt all those millennia ago for no reason.




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