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Have You Ever Been to Rome?

There are a number of videos about, expressing surprise that the architecture for the 19th century, the 1800's, is like it is/was and they are very sure it came from an earlier civilization.. Do you know Buckingham Palace in London, England. It was built in 1703. Windsor Castle was first built in the 11th century after the Norman Conquest. And no, it is not just 'what we are told'! We have generations of people who lived before who knew these buildings and wrote about, or made paintings of, them. Our local church was also built by the Normans who conquered England in 1066. How about the houses discussed in the works of Jane Austen in the early 1800's? When do you think the British Houses of Parliament were built?

How about the Palace of Versailles just outside Paris? That was the famous palace of the famous Louis X1V and the dates for its building are between 1661 to 1715. It is not unlike St. Petersburg in Russia. If unsure about the types of buildings in the 19th century (1800's) you can see early film of some major cities, and certainly there were photographs. It was very normal to have an underground cellar area. The later 1800's also had an underground rail system. There are also the ancient ruins of the Greek island of Rhodes or Santorini from around 5,000 years ago. Some well known names in the alternative media have expressed that these buildings could not have been built when they were in fact built. The problem is not that history has been kept from anyone, it is that the actual reality of history is not taught. People get their degrees and most are supremely not educated! This is what has been hidden from you. Education.


More news from 'alternative sources' on the 'lost history'. At last we now know that the Cherokee Indians of North America were the real Romans.

So it was the Cherokees who invaded Britain 2,000 years ago and built those amazing straight roads, the most famous of which was the Watling Street. And all those 'Roman' artifacts we used to dig up, and coins with emperors and the language of Latin (an extremely complex language incidentally as anyone who has ever learned it knows) were all from the Cherokees. They showed what they looked like with their statues and artwork (mosaics) but so too were the mumified bodies from the Roman town of Pompeii after the volcanic eruption destroyed it. Just think, they also built the Colosseum in Rome and produced the entire culture of that time. Like the 'Meditations of Marcus Aurelius', and also had control of Ancient Palestine at the time of Jesus.

It was the Cherokee Indians after all. Watch Video.

This is what the ancient "Cherokee Indians" looked like! (Apparently)..

History is not just what is written down as history. There are paintings of the time, books written which reference what was going on, and also music, like the 1812 overture for example. Not only that, people who are old now, had great grandparents they even knew who remembered what their grandparents had said to them about the past - and that does all cover the 1800's.

This work does find though that North America was inhabited because at the time of the bibical Exodus and Pharoah Akhenaten around 3,500 years ago, boatloads of people escaped Egypt and sailed across to the Americas.

There were more who went there 2,000 years ago after the Diaspora. For a thousand years before the official discovery the ships of the Knights Templar were sailing to their compatriots who lived in the Americas then back to their bases like Roslyn in Scotland. They have been the secret 'rulers' or 'controllers' of the Earth throughout.

One might imagine what they built in the Americas during the 3,500 years they have been there, especially as they were builders in Egypt. This is information we never hear about.

So there was a developed civilization there at the time of the War of Independence against the British, but the British were facing much more than immigrants who had gone to a new land a hundred years before. This was rather unfair to the British, and a very different story to what you have been told.

It is likely they are the ancient Kazarians. These are the ones now known as the cabal, and also the Freemasons. It is noted that the Khazarians went to Egypt and made up the ones involved in the Exodus. Yet the records of Joseph Smith (Mormons) tell us clearly that they sailed to America 3,500 years ago, and again 2,000 years ago. These records telling of this, were found in America.

Perhaps "ancient Tartaria" was really "ancient Kazaria"?

It should be mentioned that there is a far bigger story to what this planet is, in that it was a different planet which its misguided people blew up.

Physical Earth is a remnant of that planet which blew up into 14 pieces. In that reptilian world, inhabited by an intelligent reptoid type being, there was sophisticated technology and great architecture, and the records of the Freemasons describe such a world. That is the history that exists on this planet now - which is NOT their planet, but is something else that enables people to get out of that particular energy stream and onto a different but Eternal path.


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