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Future Timelines, Sound Frequencies and Missing SOUND Frequencies. Future Earth, Future Consciousness, Lost Chord.

In reality 'Future Earth' is not the Path to Eternal Life and the Soul's FREEDOM from 'entrapment'. Yes, we will tell you!.

CURRENT UNFOLDING WORLD NEWS for RESET is added on the NEWS intro page.


NEW : Mars, Antarctica, the Planet which was Blown Up,

and the Recording that Is Perceived as Reality Happening Now!

Those who do not go onwards and upwards with the planet's natural cycle, go into the provided Matrix (movie trailer 2 mins. The information is not from any movie though, the movie just covers an interesting perspective.

It looks like it has to include the majority of the world population. This is not in anyway unexpected because they are already dead. This is the 'realm of the dead'. They died a long time ago. This is what Mexico celebrates, their whole 'traditional ceremonies' are around the 'Realm of the Dead'. They just don't know that THEY are in it.

This reality is a recording which plays out and is translated by the brain. Ask any scientist. For real. It is translated by the brain. But it is actually a recording.. Even next time round it will play the same story - and the actors will play their parts. Like the movie 'Groundhog Day'. Or Shakespeare's 'All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man, in his time, plays many parts'. See, you are playing an already existing script. Means you are not in control. If you wake up, you won't have to play the part given to you.

How is this a 'recording' and how are you in this 'realm'.

It is because you are born into this body. The brain is your headset which perceives this reality. The universe seen in the skies is all in the brain. Those who for whatever reason, but possibly because they were the people who lived on the planet which blew itself up - living in a high tech world just as it is today - are here probably because of that. It was a planet which devolved. The technology didn't devolve, the standard of the people did. That is how they took a course which blew up the planet. The stories (Sumerian Records etc) say they came here. They did, as frozen DNA in the parts of the frozen planet zapping through space. That trajectory also brought them here as physical beings in their craft.

Where is HERE?

'Here' you are technically part of what is known as the '5th plane' or 5th realm. This is where the chunks of the blown up planet 'landed'. It is also said that Mars was part of that too, and was inhabited until that planet lost its atmosphere. But 'here' is where you are. You are in the 4th Realm, the Astral Universe You ended up touching the 'Eternal God Realms'. You are not in the 'True Reality', you are in a created reality which is knowledge that comes from the records of the civilization on the blown up planet.

How did these Records get here?

There once was a failry nearby planet which the people of that world blew up - living in a high tech world just as it is today. It was a planet which devolved. The technology didn't devolve, the standard of the people did. That is how they took a course which blew up the planet. The stories (Sumerian Records etc) say they came here. They did, as frozen DNA in the parts of the frozen planet zapping through space. That trajectory also brought them here as physical beings in their craft.

Mars, Antarctica, the Recorded Reality You Perceive as Current Reality.

'Here' there was genetic engineering to create modern day mankind, and it did involve using monkeys. Although after the dinosaurs died out their species did change into some kind of monkey precurser. This may have all happened on the planet which blew up!

'Here' there was a civilization which existed in what is now Antarctica. There was no ice because the planet that was here had no seasonal changes and did not tilt over into the force of the 'Black Hole'. That happened when the asteroid size chunks of the blown up planet hurtling through space hit here. Technically that is about 12,000 years ago. But it is always about 12,000 years ago because it just repeats. "Groundhog Day" (Film trailer below.)

So most of the people on this planet, or in this reality, come from the exploded planet. The story of what was happening on that planet is the recording or movie that plays here. Of course, everyone on that exploded planet died. There are no realms for the soul to go to once the planet blew up, and also there is not a pathway to 'Higher Up', especially if that planet was part of the twin star system of Sirius (which it probably was because that is the ancient belief system/religion.)

They technically live again each time this current planet falls into the negative realm. That is, we think, for about 6,000 years out of the 25,000+ cycle this planet is on. This planet rises upwards for half that time and changes back to 'positive' - which is what is happening now - then it falls again and becomes 'negative. It goes into reverse, the planet rotates counter clockwise as it is doing now, and then those people who died on the blown up planet come back into these bodies and experience a reality that is received and translated by their brains. It is the recording. This reality is called the 'Realm of the Dead'.

During the lifetimes here there is the chance to get out of this prison and return to LIFE. But the hypnotic attributes of this realm - called the Dreamtime - mean people are asleep, entranced, in a trance. BUT if they begin to WAKE UP then there is help to get this person out of this 'false existence'. As for the movie trailer idea of reliving something that has already happened, you can't actually do 'anything you want' because that isn't how you get out.

Groundhog Day (1993)

Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers






*There is a wonderful change taking place at this time, on the 'Path of Good and Evil'. There will be a new financial system, and we are told, also free energy (Nikola Tesla's system) and incredible Healing with Quantum Energies, and more.

These are good changes, but it is still not the 'Path of Eternal Life'.


The 'Dome' that Humans are Imprisoned in is the Skull - the Head.

This reality takes place within your head. Even ancient writings tell you this is the 'tomb'. It is also the description that Plato gave of the 'Cave' where you are trapped. This is why you cannot easily get out.


So we will show you the two paths (or 'Trees') which are energy streams to this planet - the two 'Trees' in the Garden of Eden.

One accesses the highest universe - the 5th plane.

The other accesses the Astral Universe - the 4th plane. Astral means the unviverse of planets and stars - astra = star.


Antarctica is not just an 'Ice Wall'

It is in fact two islands. There are very ancient maps which have to relate to before around 12,000 years ago when the 'deluge' happened and continents squeezed together forming the Himalayas etc, and also areas suddenly became frozen ie Siberia and the Antarctic continent. The maps belonged to a seafaring civilization with advanced mapping skills and most of all this civilization is understood to be the identity later called 'Aryan'. The deluge event which disabled the planet around 12,000 years ago is what dispersed that civilization, sending them northwards to Britain and Scandinavia, and Germany.


It also apparently introduced the Nephilim and/or Annunaki to this planet. It is also believed that this is when the chunk of a blown up planet hit the Earth - at that time called Thera (reverse Earth). It is believed that giant chunk of rock was not a comet but the remnants of a planet that was blown up, and it was that which brought the remnants of dinosaurs and strange looking skeletons. .Antarctica.

You will see that it is not as obvious or straightforward as it looks to actually exit this 'false reality'.

The Original Humans 'True' Human DNA

This planet and true human DNA are from the Higher Universe

but slipped into the current Astral Universe, the 4th Universe. Beings from this lower universe - a considerably less developed level than the 5th, have been using Human Biology because their lower level has been able to incarnate in genetically altered and corrupted Human DNA.

They stole the use of true Human biology.

This does not continue as Earth regains some of its Higher Status. Being able to produce advanced technology is not in any way connected to being more Highly Evolved.

This work does provide the necessary information for free. If we are able to produce books, courses, workshops, lectures, and include other topics such as health and rejuvenation, then this is obviously part of the work we love, and also each one of us has to earn a living.

Its not like we are financed by the government, the church, or the Davos Economic Forum!

Having said that, we have neverthless provided the information on this website for free and not had anything up to buy, for maybe 10 years!

No-one can get to the True Reality - 5th Plane simply by knowing about the misalignment and how this planet accesses the Astral Universe. You have to earn the acceptance and you will be judged. Oh yes, you will be judged!


There are 5 Universes.

The one You are in is the 4th - The Astral.

The one this planet never actually reaches is the 5th Universe - a Higher Level. The planet was supposed to be in the 5th Universe but after it's axis was broken it slipped into the 4th, the Astral Universe. The planet does not ever reach the 5th universe by its 'Ascending' as you know it falls again and continues its cycle.  

The Astral Universe is a different physical structure, so can have multiple dimensions and 'omni universes' but they are part of the 4th Universe. The Astral Universe. There are also many different alien races in this universe as the star systems can be inhabted. Most of them are ;highly developed' with technology because they use the eitr the 'black poison' energy from the black hole to create their technology. That is why they are in the Astral Universe and also why it is called the energy stream or Path of the Intellect. It is filled with AI.

The spiritual path is to get out of the Astral Universe. The 5th Universe is not filled with myriad forms of star beings with 'advanced technology'. They used the eitr (black poison) to create their technology and that is the reason they are in the Astral Universe.


The Eitr (black poison)

is the energy from the supermassive black hole at the centre of this galaxy. The galaxy is a spiral with an Upper Side and an Underside which is in reverse sometimes called 'mirror reverse'.

This planet was originally in the 5th Universe but caused to Fall (tilt) into the 4th Universe. How do you think this planet is accessing the evil (reverse of life) dark energy? How do you think it is. Seriously!

Original humans are a much HIGHER level DNA than anything in the 4th Universe (Astral)

Along with all the ones involved in the covid agenda, who then identified themselves, there are people activating who are run by 'the Astral Worlds' and this is their cue to speak up - just as it was for those involved in the covid agenda, so they are identiying themselves. .When a person activates something it seems like an amazing thing, and this is all new to them, (in fact most of the 'new voices' are very new to any of this and that maybe something to consider.). There is a spiritual side to the evil that has been on this planet and evil is also represented as the 'Trickster'. Anunnaki people are now identifying themselves. This may indicate that care should be taken with testing out any 'quantum med beds' which are not physical beds, but apparently working on 'quantum levels'. Most would not want to donate the details of their biology to the Greys for example and you would not know what you are connecting yourself into. "Ms Thornton now dedicates her life to serving ‘the greys’ — a “peaceful alien species” she claims to have a contract with."

If this was made public knowledge there would be mass panic. But it is also just as likely it would go right over a great many people's heads. So those in charge are not telling you this part. But hey, what do you think the energy source of these evil ones is? Seriously! So many people choose to be naive about the level of 'darkness' that exists in this world. While you can pretend it is not everywhere, does not exist etc - it does exist! Pretending does not make it go away, Instead it gives it the freedom to flourish.

Soul Project - Capture of the Soul.

This is something everyone needs to be aware of.

Earth is being pulled towards a 'Black Hole' which is incredibly close, about 1000 light years off the coast of Antarctica............


A brief look at some of my own experience with the 'Dark Forces'.


Again, the 'Dome' that Humans are Imprisoned in is the Skull - the Head.

This reality takes place within your head. Ancient writings tell you this is the 'tomb'. It is also the description that Plato gave of the 'Cave' where you are trapped. This is why you cannot easily get out.

< Do this and you will remain on the 'Wheel of Rebirth' - and never find 'True Enlightenment'.



NOW is the time when you will seal your future return to the world when it falls again. So pay attention!



A new book/course is expected soon. Here is a brief intro to topics and chapters. It is specifically how to avoid the trap which takes place right now and will keep you stuck in this lower realm.


The mission to get you off a damaged planet.


"Tapping into a higher level of reality." The music to help clear Darkness and Uplift is Pink Floyd Project Higher Frequency sound : Other music is also added.

'One of These Days'

"Pink Floyd, one of the most Third Eye openers !!!" (***Use Extra Bass.) In the improvised section with just the bass, do you, like us, think it seems to sound like it's saying 'Happy People'? That bassline kicks ass!" "Pink Floyd, the 8th wonder of the world!" 3 months ago. Photo is of David Gilmour. This is our recommended WAKE UP song.

Sound Project - You owe it to yourself to have BETTER music!

"Music Sucks Now" 30 seconds.

Even though the satanic run 'music industry' messed with music, it does not mean that people did not produce good music even if they had to use some of these idiot's symbolism. Now we listen to the music but turn that b/s back on the nutjobs.


As many have noted, music is not very good these days. This work features good music. Understood that we all have different tastes, and we have not yet added classical or opera. Higher SOUND frequencies have been blocked from this planet, some of this music accesses those missing freqencies.

FEATURED TRACK : Nothing Else Matters This is beautful.

Internet Comment :

"Gives you goosebumps because of the 432 hz they use, the Buddhists use 432 to heal the heart".

Internet Comment 2 weeks ago.

This is metal band Metallica doing something very unusual and gentle.

*They are nice guys in interviews, and James is the writer of this song which is sensitive and has depth. They are nice..They look like bikers but are actually nice. They are described as "level headed family men". These are the most famous tracks of Metallica. Intro is a little like a Chopin Prelude.

And a jab death. There are many of these tragedies happening.

Was this man also jabbed? These sudden unexplained deaths are now called SADS - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and this category has increased by 162% across the world since 2021.

Internet comment. "My wife died in my arms three weeks ago at the age of 28. It was a sudden medical event out of the blue and despite my desperate attempts, I couldn't save her. Needless to say, it destroyed me. For the first three days I was completely inconsolable. After a week I started to function again and I turned the radio on for the first time since she died.

This (Nothing Else Matters) is the song that started playing right from the very beginning. It was like hearing it for the very first time. I don't know what my future will be like, but what I do know is that until the day I die I'll always remember her when I hear this song. Thank you all so much for your kindness. I've received messages of hope and encouragement from every corner of the globe and it staggers me to know that so many people care. I truly mean it when I say that these kind thoughts of yours are keeping me going from one day to the next." 3 months ago.

Given the number of people who went ahead and were jabbed, sometimes multiple times, the tragedy above is going to repeat often. People are going to be losing loved ones 'unexpectedly' but they too have been jabbed. How do we help these people when this really hits home?

People (in general) have been completely unaware of the reality. Almost everyone is jabbed and now guaranteed to die many years before they would have done. They don't know this yet. The jab was to ensure that humans start slowly dying off, with less births and more miscarriages. Then 10 years from now it will be "oh look what is happening. no doubt due to 'climate change'." *The jab was the real thing because those involved had to commit the crime in order to be prosecuted. **We are keeping note of jab related deaths. But everything was done to get the information out so people would know not to do it.


Just found this :

"Hitler knew the power of music....... and made sure that music in Germany was keyed at 432hz."

The link to Advanced Nazi Technology in the 'chapters' section does question what was really going on in WW2. This undoubtedly was a positive frequency.

"432 Hz, otherwise known as Verdi’s A. It is widely considered a superior tuning that is also said to have a positive influence on the mind and body due to its relationship with our planet. It was not as some internet sources state, the standard tuning prior to 1940."

"The 528Hz frequency has been given the name, "Miracle Frequency", "Healing Frequency", "Creative Frequency" and others reflecting its amazing qualities. This from the Solfeggio Scale - sounds that were removed by the Catholic Church. John Lennon tuned his guitar to this frequency."

(These frequencies are not what this Sound Project work is referring to, but that is a topic we will get to later).


MORE MUSIC : Nirvana. About a Girl.

This style of music was written when people really did want to get in touch with nature and a more honest way of life. They capture something 'real' that the current diverted world has lost.

America - Ventura Highway

Bread - Make it with You.

Eagles : I Can't Tell You Why

This is a lovely song, after a lot of talking first. .

Eagles and 'America'


So, you are not Mind Controlled?

Have you ever had a tattoo? Or have you ever done that hand symbol with the little finger and index finger pointed like horns, and thought it was cool?



NEW How to be a Truly Free Soul.

The world consciousness is going to change. NEW


There is definite access to another realm for those who are creative;

you do indeed tap into a higher level of reality.

But then it is also the same for those who appreciate it, because they too 'see' and experience the reality of what it is. Just think about it. It brings a Higher Realm into this world, into this level. SOUND, an actual level of vibration or frequency. It a feeling level - yet something that not everyone has the ability to access. However, to be truly human that is one of the levels of ability we do have. That is why the current pop industry has tried to destroy it.

Some real jamming music for the appreciation of real musos. Music to make you FEEEEL

And yes, this is definitely something you can get stoned to and fly. The brain is so tuned out and dulled down now, can people actually listen and get 'stoned' on the music??? I'm just using these words as a way to explain what anyone should be experiencing with real, actual music. To me this is fantastic stuff. (Can't hear it properly just through the computer, needs good speakers or headphones.)

Jimmy Page solo No Quarter 5 mins. This is for real music enthusiasts. The sort of thing you'd hear if you went to a real jazz club or in Bourbon Street, New Orleans where real musos just jam together. "When music reaches such a height that one cannot distinguish between art and the Tao in motion, it transcends all genres, time periods, and cultures. This music........ could be any of the decades up until now. Very special stuff." Internet 2 years ago. "Most people don’t understand what makes Page truly great is his relentless push of the boundaries of music. His music is all about discovery, adventure, taking risk and the moment of enlightenment that comes from that journey." Internet comment 2 years ago.

Jimmy Page solo live at MSG. HD 5 mins. This is for Jimmy's solo, begins around .30 seconds.

"When bands weren't afraid to jam out for 30 minutes and people actually enjoyed music." "There never was and never will be another band like Led Zeppelin. It's amazing how JPJ and Bonham get along and don't miss a beat while Jimmy is playing on another planet ... and there will never be another guitarist like Jimmy: talented, charismatic, creative, so handsome, devilishly sexy and seductive..."

Led Zeppelin - No Quarter (Original Solo live from Madison Square Garden 1973) [REMASTERED]

13 mins. EXCELLENT.


You will not find how to get to the 'Path of Eternal Life' easily available anywhere.


The World in Reverse - Backwards.

The ZEN of Sheep

Ancient Legends of a Planet that was blown up by the 'Misuse of Technology' Remembered as 'Atlantis'.

The existence of the city/island 'Atlantis' was first recorded in Greek philosopher Plato's Timaeus and Critias. Stories of a planet connected to Sirius and an early Egyptian civilization as well as 'Egyptian Magic' etc exists in Egyptian Records including artefacts found by Howard Carter who discovered the intact tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun in November 1922. Most information on the exploded planet Maldek comes from Mesopotamian Records.
65 million years ago ended the dinosaurs but also their remains arrived here on Earth in a massive multi-pronged 'comet' which hit this planet, bringing much of the debris of that ancient planet to here around 12,000 years ago. The 'war in heaven'. Science believes that life on Earth was 'star seeded' here via this incoming space debris (not a comet but the remnants of the exploded planet). Earth appears to be the central part of that much larger planet and it still carries a damaged axis. The 'Death Star' is Sirius B. Mankind on Earth began again around 6,000 years ago. Mankind on Maldek existed - in some form - long before that.

The mission to get you off a damaged planet.

Nazis and Advanced Technology.

Music : "Waiting For The Worms" Pink Floyd from the film 'The Wall'

The Creation of Mankind, Neanderthals, and Monkey Man.

Music : A Dream Within A Dream

The Ancient World - astronauts in Sth America, high tech?

Should the Created 'Mankind' Continue?

A higher civilization.

What is Reality?

Duality and the Fall to a Lower Realm.

The 5th Planet/Plane. The ethereal, invisible to us, higher frequency planet.

Health & Skin Damage from Mercury Poisoning :

Academie Plant and Health Intro Index.

All the linked film and TV clips, 'robots' and 'ET aliens' etc are on this page.

Almost everyone now, is a dutiful follower of a religion.

But they don't know that, because they have been successfully programmed.

The world has not progressed and 'moved forward' into its 'future'. It was diverted onto a different and lower path - by design.

For generations the average masses have been prepped to think and behave the way those who 'control' that religion WANT them to behave.

The religion has offices attached to the United Nations. It was originally registered and written about by its actual name, then changed to the Lucis Trust.

We are not going to put any images of that religion up here.

This has been MIND CONTROL.

*The aim has been to guide people to behave as monkeys would, and prove the point (to those behind this) that they are inferiour and not civilized. In fact people will eventually defecate in public to prove they are 'free'. That is Mind Control and 'Behavioural Programming'. Those behind this have enormous contempt for mankind.

Those behind this believe you are animals, and set out to show that that is how you will behave.

In fact the test to identify those people who can be guided to behave like animals, may be a 'test' from the Higher Realm.


Also, frequencies have been blocked and reduced particularly during the last decades, so the frequencies being looked for to WAKE UP were mostly brought into the planet before recent times. That is the music we look for. People made 'devil deals' in Frank Sinatra's time, and before, but not all artists had to follow that route. They became successful despite the music industry machine. We hope to include music and it has to be about actual music, and specifically not the altered sound frequencies of recent years.

The music added here, specifically Pink Floyd, IS to take you to the cosmos.

'One of These Days'

"Pink Floyd, one of the most Third Eye openers !!!" (***Use Extra Bass.) In the improvised section with just the bass, do you, like us, think it seems to sound like it's saying 'Happy People'? That bassline kicks ass!" "Pink Floyd, the 8th wonder of the world!" 3 months ago.


Another name for the Luciferian religion is 'Sirius'.


The Spiritual Way is about being in the Soul Body and a different, but Real Reality.






'One of These Days'

"Pink Floyd, one of the most Third Eye openers !!!" (***Use Extra Ba



This page is under construction.

Charlie Puth : Nirvana & Soundgarden Grunge Rock : Metallica : Chicago Big Band Sound. : Linkin Park Alternative Rock : Enigma : Silk Sonic : Moody Blues : Sade : Led Zeppelin : Led Zeppelin Jazz Jam : Santana : 1 Giant Leap & African : Iron Maiden : Music Industry: Really LOUD Rock : The Beatles & MK Ultra/music industry : Eagles & America : Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' : More Pink Floyd + albums : New Music Page and Links Begins here
Health Intro : Herbs & Plant Healing : Guidelines :


When you hear and really listen to Pink Floyd, you can clearly see you are accessing a higher level of SOUND. This and the next 3 tracks added, clearly show a very noticeable difference. That is also like the difference when you access your own Higher Self.


Health :

“Current levels by laboratory analysis shows 3% RNA and 0.3% DNA in Chlorella which would make Chlorella one of the highest known food substances in nucleic acids. Used regularly Chlorella would assist in the repair of damaged genetic material in human cells, protecting our health and slowing down the aging process….When our RNA and DNA are in good repair and able to function most efficiently, our bodies get rid of toxins and avoid disease. Cells are able to repair themselves, and the energy level and vitality of the whole body is raised….Chlorella has 5 times the RNA and DNA of canned sardines.” – Dr Bernard Jensen, D.O., Ph.D.

It is now interesting to look at foods which can repair RNA and DNA like Spirulina, and certain Salt from ancient pure areas.

Herbs & Plant Healing


Pink Floyd is the recommended High Frequency. It is recommended to choose what you like from Pink Floyd and listen to that perhaps daily.

'Sound'. Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness'


The Path of Duality currently becoming the GOOD side, is still not the Path of Eternal Life. Not the same thing!


..................Pink Floyd - Surfacing (2014)

3 mins. A different version of the Grammy Award winning Marooned. This shorter track has a very uplifting video.

'Surfacing' presents you with a choice similar to that of the 'Dividing of the Ways'.

'Surfacing' speaks to the soul, the heart, the Higher Self, and the innocence of a lost and actually future world. The world we have today is none of these. The world depicted in Surfacing would be claimed as a 'heritage' park you pay to enter. The world of today, by deliberate design, is superficial, and empty, to be filled only by the comforts and practicalities of the body, emotions and mind. It tells you there is no need for depth of meaning in anything that makes up your life, and that you do not need or have feelings........


On this site, there is high frequency music, dance, movies etc all of which can raise the spirits and energy. We are not using negative music or films etc.

There is far worse now in pop videos and movies which are the normalized rendition of abnormal behaviour. Nice music tracks , as an example, like 'Take You Dancing' by Jason Derulo yet full of absolute shxxxt sexualising everything, and even these idiotic lyrics have to be about the bedroom not dancing. Then there are the truck driver dancers they use, and flicking their backsides to look as much like monkeys as possible. It is stuff like this - ruining a nice pop song - that is doing and has done the real damage. And the 'nice girl next door' Kylie Minogue on stage and turning to bend over and present her bottom to the audience. They also do this in the 'Take You Dancing' video, it probably began when Rhianna first did this. This stuff is damaging, extremely negative and abnormal. It is the same as Sam Smith dressing as satan.

Bands like Led Zeppelin were not like this and you may be surprised to know that the lead singer Robert Plant at the band's height in 1973 was actually happiy married with a 4 year old daughter who was the light of his life. Nothing like the image. Sure they did some stuff, and Jimmy Page has always been fascinated by the 'occult'. and my guess is that few, including him, ever really know what the 'occult' delved into actually is - because you don't know until you are well into checking it out. But they did include what was required of their 'deal'.

But there are other bands who definitely carried a literal message for bad.

Even the Beatles did a lot of harm clearing the way for chemical drug taking and some utterly stupid behaviour. . As you already know, that is what most of them made deals with the devil to do, because that is how they were able to work and gain fame, including many without all that much talent. So long as they promoted some of the Luciferian ideas they were promoted. Others were involved in actual child trafficking etc. There are far more so called artists now who are real messengers of the 'dark forces' because others gradually introduced the acceptance of this stuff.

The world has lost high level expression of the arts, so we will be including more than music. The planet needs to get back on track! The page specific for 'Clearing Darkness' is Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness'. Don't be surprised if we use unexpected tracks. These are fun, energy tracks. We do explain some of the 'negatives' because sometimes that is in the audience etc.


We use items that inspire, are high energy, raise frequencies, are informative, are about 'dreams', are fun, or are beautiful.

Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' Higher Frequency sound :
' Part 1 : The Situation with the Jab. : Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' : Guidelines : Health Intro : Herbs & Plant Healing




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