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Health & Skin Damage from Mercury Poisoning :

When working in Canberra, Australia an incompetent dentist inserted the mercury amalgum filling into my gum. That is also curious because I would never have had an amalgum filling at that time, so it is not clear what was going on there. This then began to poison my entire system and was discovered much later when I did a very advanced health test in Singapore.

Really hard to get this stuff out of your system. It mostly stays in the skin and I used a banned product which over a course of 5 years successfully got it all out. Despite living a super healthy raw juice, plant based diet lifestyle, with very high ORAC scores (high antioxidant levels) I tested so badly for toxins that it was thought I must have been a very heavy smoker and meat eater etc. *ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) units,

Needless to say, this poison damaged my skin as if I had been a smoker! Now I have some treatments available in Mexico which will remove that damage.

This will be reported on later.


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