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A truly Peaceful, Happy World only exists when its Citizens are Taught, Understand, and Follow the 'Rules of Civility'.

It becomes civil - ized.


This is a topic of the new book.

It is very simple, yet not implemented. Courtesy and consideration for others creates a smooth running, civilized society. In Mexico, (where we are staying but definitely not residing, and this is why it is mentioned in this section) there is no former culture that was here which taught these things, nor basic respect and humility as is the case in Buddhist and other cultures in Asia, where there are thousands of years of a respectful and well considered culture. Instead, there are some very strange and not very smart 'shoot yourself in the foot' attitudes and responses. (I do it just to test them sometimes!) There is an underlying resentment and it is not hidden.

Yet, why? Look at the vast amount of territory that the Spanish took possession of in the Americas - so much - yet they are all 'banana republics'. Whose fault is that? The British teritories were the USA and Canada (a Commonwealth country) with a small French presence, but only the model for the USA moved ahead, and we suppose Canada, like other British colonies, it prospered. Americans used to be called 'Gringos' which we understand was not a compliment!

Looking up the meaning for 'Gringos' was interesting - were the Spanish speakers really calling foreigners the Spanish word for Greeks? Using the expression "está hablando griego" (“he is speaking Greek"). Or was it that the foreign soldiers wearing green uniforms led to ''Greens go Home' - hence gringo - but why say it in English? Mostly the Mexicans resented the 'westerners' yet many now want to be exactly that. So, there are some things you need to know.

Never in a million years will someone who does not know how to behave with civility and respect for others ever be accepted or considered as 'developed'. Never!

The 'secret ingredient' that raises a person to the standards of Higher Civilization is knowing how to behave in a civil manner (civilized manner).

This is the difference which makes you accepted into the world of those who are perceived as so called 'higher' up the 'social acceptability' scale, no matter what colour your skin or even your level of education. The first key is to know how to live and relate with civility. This then makes a 'first world' society, and ultimately a 'first world country'.


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