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Future Timelines, Sound Frequencies and Missing SOUND Frequencies. Future Earth, Future Consciousness, Lost Chord.

*These pages are extended into chapters for the book.


World in Reverse - Thinking in Reverse.

The World consciousness is going to change -

especially in the western countries, because they have 'lost the plot' about how to live and relate to each other.

The colonial countries never really understood the higher levels of civility and civilized development of their parent countries - the US has not got there either (Ask any high level European or high level English! But we also have to remember that it was hi-jacked in 1861 and sent in a different direction.)

Or listen to the 'Newsroom' clip below.) What developed is still finding its way towards being civilized - it is not how real people behave.


Almost everyone now, is a dutiful follower of a religion.

The world has not progressed and 'moved forward' into its 'future'. It was diverted onto a different and lower path - by design.

For generations the average masses have been prepped to think and behave the way those who 'control' that religion WANT them to behave.

The religion has offices attached to the United Nations. It was originally registered and written about by its actual name, then changed to the Lucis Trust. We are not going to put any images of that religion up here.

This has been MIND CONTROL.

*The aim has been to guide people to behave as monkeys would, and prove the point (to those behind this) that they are inferiour and not civilized. In fact people will eventually defecate in public to prove they are 'free'. That is Mind Control and 'Behavioural Programming'. Those behind this have enormous contempt for mankind.

People can easily be guided to do what Mind Control wants because they think the reason for something is based on 'hang ups' and not being 'free'. It means they don't know or understand that that is not what it is about.

Since Mind Control seeks to show that you are indeed an animal,

then that control begins by providing you with a FALSE belief about behaviours from what was once a highly developed and more civilized world.

And Mind Control is right, isnt it. The majority do not think enough for themselves so they believe the reasoning given, and will behave exactly as these bad forces (could be AI) wants you to.

The end result conclusion starts from a FALSE understanding of a situation.


We all have our relationships, but there is a big difference how that takes place.

There are 8 billion people on this planet, and we all know how they got there.

Most were happy with the process involved. So, what is under discussion is actually your ATTITUDE to everything about that topic.

Monkeys don't care. Lower developed beings don't care. It is just a basic act.

For developed, civilized humans it is far more than that.

Having integrity, self-respect, respect for others, and discretion - the ability to keep your mouth shut - are all appropriate. If you care about someone, or ever did care, then you do not discuss your relationship with strangers, or anyone actually. Unless of course, you wish to trash the person.

So when you discuss private things in public, remember it is with people who do not give a damn about you.



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