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Original Humans on the Original Planet.

A brief, generally easy to follow overview of what happened, although some of the star names and energy streams could be a little hard to follow. * Picture on the left is Minoan (Greek islands) wall painting, around 6,000 years ago. This is a close likeness to 'True Human' DNA.

Around 12,000 years ago something happened to this planet which caused it to fall off its axis and begin a gradual journey into a lower universe. Before that time this planet was some kind of etheric-prana form of matter, located in the highest of 5 levels of universes. It was within the 5th 'plane'. The outer borders of this planet apparently existed in some kind of overlap into the next universe level down, the 4th universe also known as the Astral Universe.

So we will start somewhere around that point in time, where a High Level world with a developed civilization, experienced a catastrophic event which caused a massive flood and squeezed continents together, which at that time formed the Himalayas and other mountain ranges.

That event was identified as supposedly being a comet, but in fact was the remnants of an exploded planet in the Astral Universe. This is covered in ancient records such as the Epic of Gilamesh and so on. But the purpose here is to give a basic picture of what happened.

Therefore we have a high level planet with density, but less density than exists now, that had existed in the '5th universe' - the highest level. On that planet there was a very developed civilization of humans - with fair skin and blue, blue-violet, violet, green, and blue-green eyes. This is an identifying characteristic. It is important to get the overall picture.

They were highly developed in sciences like astronomy, medicine, cartography (making maps) geology, literature, arts, music, and so on, and they were a seafaring civilization who travelled the world by the sea. But they, or others, also had the flying craft known as Vimana (building plans of which were found in India) and evidence of other developed craft. However, this civilization did NOT use the 'eitr' - the 'black poison' that was used for energy in the next lower universe, the Astral Universe. They did not have and did not need the kind of technology used today.

There is a curiousity found in Archeology that the further back one goes, the evidence of a Higher civilization exists. More difficult to construct stone buildings etc. However, there is not so much made known about the period from 6,000 years ago to 12,000 years ago. .

Evidence of these people is found in the records and architecture of Ancient Greece, with 'Ancient Greece' stretching back to an advanced civilization thousands of years before the one of a few hundred years BC which preceded the civilization of the Romans (both of these only account for maybe the last 3,000 years). It is strongly believed the advanced knowledge of Mathematics, works of Pythagoras, Archimedes etc were from that earlier time, then asigned by those who controlled history, as being merely centuries before the Romans..

They were the Minoans whose archtectural ruins still exist on the islands of Crete and Santorini etc. Santorini was earlier known as Thera and it was from here that the words therapy and therapeutics began. This picture is from the wall paintings of ancient Thera either 5,000 BC (7,000 years ago) or 5,000 years ago. 'Forbidden History' shows that 'they' don't want you to know how developed these civilizations were, and they are not even the original much higher developed ones who produced the maps of the planet showing continents as the landmass before the time they became covered with ice.

As mentioned in the Antarctica section, they are the ones who once lived on the Antarctic continent before the sudden catastrophic event which instantly caused ice to cover places like the Antarctic and Siberia - where ancient woolly mammoths were snap frozen still chewing buttercups on what had been a hot summer's day.

There are characteristics mentioned about these people as recorded by natives in lands they later visited. First and foremost they were courteous. This is a very significant point to know, because the advanced nature of these people did mean they were refined and understood the role of 'diplomatic relations' for maintaining peace and respect.

The catarophic event - hit by a massive chunk of an exploded planet from the Astral Universe - made their world shift off its axis. This difference is shown in the diagram used on the Antarctica page. This shift forced their world to fall and enter a lower universe and then access a second 'energy stream' called the 'Tree of Good and Evil'. That energy stream was and is a duality. It is also the 'false path'. The events of the current time are just at the point of moving to the good side of that duality - which may have run the planet from 12,000 to 6,000 BC. For our current world, until now, the world has been under the 'dark side' - satanic.

The story of that blown up planet is indeed 'another story'.

This is what brought the Nephilim and 'Anunnaki' to this planet, and according to Egyptian records, they came to collect the 14th chunk of their original planet, which landed here around 12,000 years ago. That is the Egyptian story of the 14 parts of OSIRIS - the 'god' of the Ancient Egyptians accessed via the pathway of Anubis - aka the Dog Star and the Dog Constellation. The 'Dog Star' is Sirius and the Dog Constellation is Canis, and is the portal into the energy stream via the false North Star Polaris in the Plough - the alignment of this planet up until now, at this time when it changes.

From that point there is a 'starseeding' here from another planet which had taken the wrong direction with technology and is probably why it was located amongst the lower level planets which are ALL in the Astral Universe. These ones, on their own planet, had used the 'eitr' the 'black poison' and the nature of that energy is from a Black Hole, so in short, although it provided for great technology including AI, is was ultimately fatal.

Our understanding now is that when the 'comet' aka chunk of a blown up planet hit the original world, part of that original world broke away and became this planet Earth. Part of it also became Mars. This would suggest that not every original True Human from the True Original planet, ended up in this world. One third of it was caught and fell, two thirds remained in place.

Now our picture is of a slowly falling planet - Earth - after the 'worlds in collisions' event which happened when debris from an exploded planet hurled through this solar system around 12,000 years ago. The biblical Flood written of is a record of that. On this planet are the original True Humans who are courteous and refined, genteel and highly civilized. Also there are the other things that came here, which looked like the next picture.

There are now, after the event, also remnants of long lost dinasaur bones, unusual skeletons of tall beings, and actual people who came here called Nephilim, as unusual looking as the skeletons, possibly reptilian in biology, and very tall - but unable to live in those bodies on this particular planet (or Mars).

These are in fact the ones written of in the Dead Sea Scrolls, mentioned in the Antarctic section, who were called the Children of Darkness. As they are from a binary star system in which one star died and became 'dark energy' (eitr or 'black poison') there were also their opposite called 'Children of Light'.

And thus began a war for ownership of this planet.

Because the planet fell from its axis, it went into the lower universe territory of those who came here. They did establish their cities etc, while the original True Humans had been displaced from Antarctica and began to travel northwards, with many battles along the way.

Those who came to this planet are the ones who did the 'genetic engineering' to create a slave/worker race to basically work in the metal mines. They stole True Human DNA and mixed it with the DNA of apes. They also did genetic engineering to create a body that they could breed into.

This is why their bloodline is a copper based blood that under the microscope looks like a crown, and is more blue in colour. These are the ones who worship Lucifer as a 'fallen angel' and is the reason for the symbol of the wings, like 'angel wings' but are the Luciferian ID.

Additionally, they wanted the True Humans out of the way completely so there was indeed a strategy to ensure interbreeding which at the same time would eventually breed out the True Human Race. For that reason, everyone became 'equal' with the created monkey-human. The damage has been to all human DNA and the human body now in no way reflects on the level of the soul.

At the current time, following the fake pandemic, the intention was to commit genocide on all of these.

Of course, no Higher Level Upper Universe was going to let that happen,

nor was the good side of the duality going to let that happen. The 'good' side of the Duality 'energy stream' is indeed working with the 'Higher Universe' at this time, and are on the side which put a stop to the cabal's murderous plan. The aim is to allow the people to still evolve enough to get off this damaged planet and be 'pure' enough to go to the Original Higher Planet - which most have never actually been part of, but have the opportunity to do so, providing they do not get caught up in the many teachings that are of the Polaris alignment which is the other 'energy stream' that this planet fell into and accessed.

The ones who did get jabbed did not have enough awareness-development to remain with this planet as it it moves to a higher level - although that level is NOT the 5th Plane. They, at their soul level, go into a Matrix world - back into the 'computer box' until they can incarnate on this planet again in about maybe 18,000 years time, and try again. For now, they will all die sooner than they would have, that simply cannot be changed as it is a genetic alteration that has targeted their DNA. There already are less pregnancies, more miscarriages, and inherant weaknesses or illnesses like cancer, are accelarated, greatly accelerated.

The fall off the axis led to the 25,000+ year cycle through the Zodiac - because the planet's 'North' is travelling or moving about - and this is what creates TIME. It also travels backwards.

The original planet has a stable, unmoving, fixed North (which may have been located in Antarctica) so does not travel. This is why the original planet and True Reality is TIMELESS.

MUSIC : Human - Daft Punk Human - but the audience are robots.

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Antarctica. - ancient but advanced humans 50,000 years ago before Antarctica was under ice. (Book Chapter)

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