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Antarctica is not an 'Ice Wall'.


It is an Ice Dome and what that means is that beneath at least one mile depth ice, and sometimes 3 miles deep, there is a land continent. Within that land continent are geysers which bring up hot steam from further down, weher water hits moltn rock and forms the geyser. The hot steam rushes up into the ice, and melts some of it forming ice domes.


This is where the Natzi's came to in WW2 and built at least an under ice base. But there is evidence that they went right through the ice to the actual rock landmass below, and using tunnelling equipment which was available at that time, they created the same kind of underground bases that other governments, including the US government, have built all over the planet.


One source says that it is in fact two islands. There are very ancient maps which have to relate to before around 12,000 years ago when the 'deluge' happened and continents squeezed together forming the Himalayas etc, and also areas suddenly became frozen ie Siberia and the Antarctic continent. The maps belonged to a seafaring civilization with advanced mapping skills and those skills included making maps of the Earth flat, but included the Antarctic continent as the centre of that flat map. Also these maps show Antarctica as North. Most of all this civilization is understood to be the identity later called 'Aryan'. The deluge event which disabled the planet around 12,000 years ago is what dispersed that civilization, sending them northwards via Mesopotamia to Britain, Scandinavia, and Germany.


That event also apparently introduced the Nephilim and/or Anunnaki to this planet. It is also believed that this is when the chunk of a blown up planet hit the Earth - at that time called Thera ( Earth is the reverse of Thera). It is believed that giant chunk of rock was not a comet but the remnants of a planet that was blown up, and it was that which brought the remnants of dinosaurs and strange looking skeletons.


This work has an original planet and people here who were 'ethereal' but it also seems they were in higher level physical bodies and specifically with Violet Eyes, Blue-Violet Eyes, Deep Blue Eyes, and Green Eyes. Even now there are only something like 2% of the world population who have Green Eyes (according to Simon Parkes who also has Green Eyes) and Blue and Violet are equally or more rare. My grandmorther and mother had Violet Eyes, while mine were Blue/Green.


'Aryan' as an identity only became known as that a few hundred years ago, according to sources, but clearly was based on exactly what that is described as, by whatever name.


A very advanced civilization was in existence some 50,000 years ago. We can now regard these as those who reseeded themselves on this planet. The Higher Realm Humans actually came here to watch what was going on, and provide a higher example.. In this scenario we have the rock which formed the physical planet arriving from the blown up planet. It is covered elsewhere that this was an ethereal planet but once the rock arrived and seeded the life, those from the Upper Universe came to this new world in created physical bodies - in order to watch over what was going down here!


It is also important to understand that even though DNA was corrupted, it does not mean that the SOUL is lesser. The DNA of the original human race was ruined - because the 'cabal' made sure the ones with monkey genes interbred. That is quite possibly the story of 'Samson and Delilah'; but regardless of that, the ones called the 'Children of Darkness' or Annunaki (and now 'cabal') wanted to destroy the higher level human DNA, so they could control these people. .


The Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient scrolls found near the Dead Sea hidden in caves, clearly describe people called the 'Children of Darkness'. The monsters came to this planet and eventually became today's 'cabal' and 'Dark Ones' who were themselves displaced from their home planet (that is from actual records) which they blew up and a chunk of it 'star seeded' on this planet - a starseed is not anything anyone wants to be. The 'starseed' is far LOWER than the 5th Plane humans who were here. The 'monsters' did engage in genetic engineering taking True Human DNA and using monkey DNA to create a worker-slave race. The only reason there is fake info on the 'advanced nature' of starseeds is to hold back the True Human and make it seem a lesser level.


With the two islands located at Antarctica it makes it less likely that this is an ice wall around a flat planet, but does not mean that this reality is what we are told. It certainly exists within the outer areas of a massively greater, ethereal '5th planet'.

One really important aspect to take note of especially in light of the knowledge of TWO different energy streams - a True One and a false path, is this. Can you see the two paths?? If you can't, look again at the line under the word 'of' and the other line under 'Earth'. The line under the word 'Earth', which is an energy stream - aligns to Polaris as the magnetic North Star aka false path.  First one is the 'Tree of Eternal Life' and the other is the 'Tree of Good and Evil' (Duality).

To get to the 'True Energy Stream', it goes without saying that you cannot align with any 'starseed' or anything that teaches the Polaris alignment because that is a different energy stream. Solstices and Equinoxes can only exist because of the damage to this planet which has taken it to that 2nd energy stream, so both of these belong to those who follow the satanic path. This planet also travels off its axis which is why there is a zodiac - another false energy - and is why the True Reality is TIMELESS. It is very likely that most have been blinded by the word 'starseed' and 'ancient spirituality' etc and completely ignored those who taught or showed how to get to the True Path.


Famously the National Socialist movement in Germany identified with the 'Aryan' race and also the Antarctic continent. They had Ancient Records kept in their Societies specifically kept by the Hapsburgs of Austria whose extremely important Austro-Hungarian Empire was removed from existence by WW1. (The assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo was a factor in triggering WW1.) The 'cabal' without question wanted to get rid of them, and get their hands on the ancient records kept by the Hapsburgs, because they detailed all the technology from before the 'accident' made the planet tilt off its axis. That is a reason why those two world wars in the 20th century still should be researched and questioned. The 'Nazis' had a submarine base in Neuschwabenland  Antarctica. It is believed that this certainly led into buildings or a city carved into the rock which lies beneath the ice. That was common place, it is how they built cities. 12,000 years ago, there was no ice there - but there was an inhabited continent.


Actual film of the warm area land discovered on Admiral Byrd's expedition.

Nazis and Advanced Technology

The Original Humans 'True' Human DNA

Interesting to consider who may have been the ones who calculated and created the 'false spiral', the Fibonacci attempt to equal and replace God.


Homo capensis: presumed hominid with a large brain and an IQ of 180. It would have maintained a world hegemony since ancient times. Researchers like Dr Edward Spencer have exposed archaeological evidence of these hominids with elongated skulls from around the world, evidence from 50,000 years ago in South Africa, and even people like Akhenaten, the Egyptian pharaoh. Many believe that they still live hidden among us (in the Vatican), that they handle world politics, and that they could be alien-human hybrids.





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