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Full on programmes for 'altering consciousness', 'behavioural programming' and 'mind control', have been in force for quite a number of decades by people with a very negative agenda which is part of their 'religion' (Luciferianism). Much of this has been through the Music Industry. Although all of this has not yet been made public knowledge, it will become public knowledge fairly soon. The majority of the human race possess a brain that can easily be programmed, that does take in information including subconsciously presented, and then adapts that information into its reference for 'reality' - which is not actual reality at all. People say 'it depends what you believe', but it isn't that. It depends what your source for news is. What makes the difference is when you begin to think for yourself. Why just accept what you are told?



Dumbing down through the music industry.

"We are seeing a society with a lot more people of lower IQ and a lot fewer people of higher IQ, in other words a dumbing down of society.....

The more dumbed down people are, without them being aware of it, the more the cult can get away with it."


Dumbing down through the music industry.

TODAY'S MUSIC INDUSTRY and satanism. >

The world has not only been dumbed down, but deliberately made less civilized

- and that is considered 'the way it is now'. This means that some societies that were civilized are now no longer civilized societies. Both of these are powerful ways to undermine and control societies.


It is supposed to be difficult to get any film of The Beatles 'Revolution' live, but this copy exists.

This is with 'Paul McCartney' who is left handed playing his guitar with the right hand - as the person who replaced Paul McCartney is right handed. The 'music industry satanic cult' always have film and photos of the real story. Heaps of photos of current pop stars with full on satanic symbolism because that is the deal they all had to make to become famous. 

This is The Beatles playing live at the Savoy Theatre. There are no live performances listed for 1968 when Revolver was released, or for 1967. They were a studio band from around late 1966. This performance is believed to be one the 'cult' required because things like 'Paul' being right handed are used to ensure these bands do what they are told to do. So, what is the story here? The real, original Paul McCartney did die in a car accident in late 1966? The band continued with a replacement who was also a musician and looked very similar. This is something said to have also been discovered by 'Paul's' wife Heather who said she discovered that she was not married to the man she thought she had married. Also this 'Paul's' DNA did not match the DNA on record in a country they toured and he spent some time under arrest.




9 mins.


Your elected leaders would never lie to you would they? 2 mins.


PEDOGATE 2020 PT.3 - Symbolism & Pizzagate 2.0

42 mins.


A depopulation agenda is written in the United Nations Agenda 21 - 30

Letting this part of the plan go ahead meant many people are going to die, but significantly less than if this coup d'etat had been addressed by military action, civil wars (this was an attempted coup in every country) and WW3 It also revealed everyone who was involved in what is in fact treason. Massive as this coup has been, it is completely invisible to those who do not have the DNA capacity beyond a narrow bandwidth. *Explanaition is written a little further down.

Known and monitored since the time of CCP Chairman Mao Zedong, and Henry Kissenger's secret visit to China in 1971.

The US would fail and it and the rest of the world were to be placed under Marxist-Communist CCP control which answers to a higher group, requiring the USA fails and falls, the dollar crashes and the world reserve currency becomes the Yuan, digital based 'social credit score'. This is now almost completed. We absolutely do not have any knowledge of when this will happen, just that a sequence has been set in motion and has this as the end result, like dominoes falling.


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