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Future Timelines, Sound Frequencies and Missing SOUND Frequencies. Future Earth, Future Consciousness, Lost Chord.

Full on programmes for 'altering consciousness', 'behavioural programming' and 'mind control', have been in force for quite a number of decades by people with a very negative agenda which is part of their 'religion' (Luciferianism). Much of this has been through the Music Industry. Although all of this has not yet been made public knowledge, it will become public knowledge fairly soon. The majority of the human race possess a brain that can easily be programmed, that does take in information including subconsciously presented, and then adapts that information into its reference for 'reality' - which is not actual reality at all. People say 'it depends what you believe', but it isn't that. It depends what your source for news is. What makes the difference is when you begin to think for yourself. Why just accept what you are told?


Carlos Santana. Born Autlán, Jalisco, Mexico. Mexican-American. Great guitarist.

From his early work - young, fresh and enthusiastic Considered as a 'spiritual' album. "

"............this album, a very cosmic feel to it." "The guitar just soars as the band rises up to meet it".

"México tiene uno de los mejores guitarristas."

................... 'Caravanserai'

Waves Within

The track above can change your eyes.


Every Step of the Way


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