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Full on programmes for 'altering consciousness', 'behavioural programming' and 'mind control', have been in force for quite a number of decades by people with a very negative agenda which is part of their 'religion' (Luciferianism). Much of this has been through the Music Industry. Although all of this has not yet been made public knowledge, it will become public knowledge fairly soon. The majority of the human race possess a brain that can easily be programmed, that does take in information including subconsciously presented, and then adapts that information into its reference for 'reality' - which is not actual reality at all. People say 'it depends what you believe', but it isn't that. It depends what your source for news is. What makes the difference is when you begin to think for yourself. Why just accept what you are told?



The genre is Alternative Rock.

Linkin Park

have released a new, old song on Feb. 10th or 11th 2023 featuring the late lead singer Chester Bennington who died in 2017. The song is giving them their first new hit since 2017 - made its debut at #1 on all rock charts. From their first album Linkin Park were always stand out good. Like most of their songs, this new/old track does seem to highlight much of the trauma he went through which led to his suicide. It is understood that he was one of the victims of ritual abuse. Chester and the band are much loved. (I'm a big fan - but did not listen to the lyrics before). Picture is of Mike Shinoda (left) and Chester Bennington. This section may be a little sad.

Linkin Park cover the important issue of mental and emotional health, and they do so in a way that those who are their audience and may have these issues, can relate to, and can become comfortable with finding ways to deal with these things.

They are good people which is evident if you listen to their interviews, and their aim is to help by discussing an issue they clearly also had to deal with.

This has been an opportunity to listen to much more of their music than I did before, and I now wish I had done so before. There may be a page for Linkin Park's work.

Here is one of their best. Their first mega hit.

In the End

New track

Lost Great track.

Lyrics - 'the damage I received'. This is just one reason why, regardless of what this story was, we cannot stand by and be silent about the topic of 'ritual abuse' that continues without challenge because ordinary people think it is a 'conspiracy theory'.

"The way Chester delivers the lines "but I'm tired, I will always be afraid" especially the "but I'm tired" part breaks my heart. It literally sounds like he's crying his voice breaks a little. What makes it more heartbreaking is how relatable it is on a personal level. I love you guys please take care of yourselves. I will too!" 7 days ago.

Mike Shinoda and Crowd Pay Emotional Tribute to Chester Bennington (In The End) 3 mins.


Given Up [Official Music Video] - Linkin Park

This may sound a bit like some kind of heavy death metal, but it is still the genre of 'Alternative Rock'. Linkin Park are a great band. 3 mins. Again the lyrics reflect the trauma Chester was going through. It was real. Yet also, Linkin Park are a great band. This is Alternative Rock. The song and lyrics are credited to Mike Shinoda, but it is unlikely the words of the experience did not come from Chester.

The song is added for the lyrics "Looking for help somehow, somewhere and no one cares". It seems that no-one cares mostly because people do not understand, and do not realize what someone like Chester was actually going through because it is not within their experience. .Yet unfortunately it is the case that many literally do not care.

Chester is singing about bipolar/manic depression (a better description) but the words that stand out to me are 'and no-one cares'. I know what it is to go through a run of terrible traumas, including but not limited to deaths that should not have happened - family, friends, one by suicide, one by a mistake, misreading the information on a medicine bottle, and even more than these. All are bad enough. But then to also have no-one around who understands or cares - it is that which makes it so much worse.

"No other music band in the world can express depression like Linkin Park." 1 year ago.

Featuring more tracks from Linkin Park

This band, which is part Japanese (Mike Shinoda is part Japanese) Linkin Park have produced a lot of good tracks. Really like their work.

Castle of Glass [Live from Spike Video Game Awards 2012] - Linkin Park

Bleed It Out [Official Music Video] - Linkin Park

Linkin Park - Crawling (Live with Chris Cornell) Chris Cornell also committed suicide in 2017, in May.  Best known as the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and primary lyricist and songwriter for the rock bands Soundgarden and Audioslave. 

Chester Bennington - in-Memoriam - Numb


and something to remember from Sting -


"To whoever is listening to this song now, wherever you are.... Sending you love, peace, healing and all good wishes. May your life be good." 2 months ago.


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